Lindsey Graham ‘Jokes’ That White Men In Male-Only Clubs Will “Do Great” If He’s President


On Wednesday evening, CNN received an audio recording of comments Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made to an all-male Irish-Catholic organization in South Carolina earlier in the month. While speaking to the group at a private meeting, Graham stated that “white men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.” Graham also cracked jokes about Baptists and dropped at least one F-bomb. Graham responded by saying that he was only cracking jokes and making fun of the Hibernian Society’s status as an all-male club. He acknowledged that he did indeed make the remarks earlier this month.

CNN received the recording from two South Carolina Democrats who wish to remain anonymous. Both Democrats received the recording from an unknown source who sent it to them via a nameless Gmail account. The source told the two Democrats that the audio was of Graham speaking to an exclusively male club a few weeks ago. Obviously, the recording is legitimate as Graham fully acknowledges the remarks are his and volunteered when and where it occurred.

Below is a clip of the audio, courtesy of CNN:


The money quote is this:

“I’m trying to help you with your tax status. I’m sorry the government’s so f—ed up. If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.”

Graham has hinted that he might throw his hat in the 2016 Presidential race and his comments to the Hibernian Society shows that he may indeed be serious. Of course, those very comments may derail his campaign before it even begins. When you indicate, even ‘jokingly,’ that you are for the white guys who belong to exclusive clubs, you can pretty much kiss any large-scale support goodbye. Graham can try to walk this back and say that this was all in good fun and nothing more than a ‘roast’ type of event, but considering the GOP’s issues with minority outreach and its long-standing gender gap in general elections, any clarifications or half-hearted apologies are going to fall flat.

As one would expect, Graham was already taking heat from Democrats, liberals and progressive regarding the remarks.


These comments will follow Graham for a while and likely make him the butt of a number of jokes from the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher. In the end, it is just further confirmation that the Republican Party is the party of white Southern men.

15 Replies to “Lindsey Graham ‘Jokes’ That White Men In Male-Only Clubs Will “Do Great” If He’s President”

  1. Egads! and Heavens to Mergatroid! Did Mz. Lindsey just burst outta’ the closet!?…..Friggin’ Idiot!!!

  2. Graham stands about as much chance to be POTUS as Chris Christie. So he would be wise to not to hold his breath. Hummm, on the other hand …..

  3. My calendar says 2014. Graham’s calendar says 1814. This highlights the problem with the Republican party: they still rely on heterosexual, male WASP to win elections. This is why they are losing, exclusivity is out, inclusiveness is in.

  4. Comments like this from this redneck is not a joke. And you can believe he’s not the only one that has made comments like this. Except they are not stupid enough to open their pie holes about. In fact attempt to imagine what that group who met after President Obama won his first term to let him know they don’t plan working along with him. Can you imagine some of the language they spoke behind closed doors. They are going to find out Karma is bi#ch.

  5. First off, the government is f’ed up because of Graham and his obstructionist party.
    Second, get into the primary shuffle and the rest of his party will be working overtime to out him.

  6. Lindsey is just talking his she-man talk among his friends…didn’t ya know ?
    In other words (his code words for)=”I love white men in all male clubs.” Ooooooh! I do.


  7. You should be ashamed, putting that embarrassing photo of Lindy. Much too frilly and (s)he doesn’t look good, at it’s age, to be wearing such a short nightie. ;-) Of course it is hilarious…but wierd because this is the 2nd time I’ve read that sort of comment About him. Hadn’t heard it before today. Hmm. Just curious. =)

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