Alison Lundergan Grimes Calls For Federal Investigation Into McConnell Voter Intimidation



With just days until voters go to the polls, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes is calling for a federal investigation into voter intimidation tactics that are being used by Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

The Grimes campaign has already filed for an immediate injunction to force the McConnell campaign to stop using deceptive mailings in order to discourage voters from voting, but they are taking it one step further. The Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate is also calling for a state and federal investigation into McConnell and his tactics.


In a statement, the campaign called for a federal investigation, “The Grimes campaign has filed for an immediate injunction to prevent McConnell from engaging in these unprecedented and shameful campaign tactics. We will also be asking both state and federal authorities to investigate what, on its face, appears to be a clear violation of both Kentucky and federal laws.”

McConnell is betting that by breaking federal and state law so close to election day, he will get the benefit that comes from his illegal activity at the cost of a slap on the wrist later. As the Michele Bachmann case illustrates, the federal government doesn’t take kindly to illegal campaign activities.

Sen. McConnell is taking a huge risk by openly violating state and federal law. The fact the McConnell campaign chose to go down this desperate path demonstrates that the election in Kentucky is very close. The race is so close that intimidating a few thousand voters into not showing up at the polls might make the difference between victory and defeat.

It isn’t surprising that the big champion of the Koch brothers’ efforts to buy the government is so willing to keep regular folks from voting. What is shocking is the brazen stupidity of McConnell’s tactics. Through his latest actions, Mitch McConnell has proven that he is only interesting in his own power. McConnell is more than happy to step on Kentuckians right to vote if that is what it will take to get him a shot at being Senate Majority Leader.

The problem is that McConnell is running against the current Sec. of State, and Alison Lundergan Grimes isn’t going to let him get away with destroying the rights of millions of Kentuckians.

Mitch McConnell is in a whole heap of trouble, and a federal investigation could mean that his problems may just be beginning even if he wins on Tuesday.

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  1. Glad to see that Alison isn’t taking this laying down. I hope that the voters of Kentucky don’t reward McConnell for using this desperate, despicable tactic.

  2. I so wish these articles were proofed before publishing, but other than that, “Go, go, Grimes!”

  3. McConnell is desperate, and willing to take this risk of federal investigation I’m sure planning to blame Holder and Obama of going after him. Those big bad dems.

    McConnell is a big bovating Kentucky jerk.

  4. call me crazy but I really think grimes will win the KY senate race- investigation or no investigation. people in Kentucky have had enough the rightwing bullsh*t and deserve a new and fresh start. mitch has been forced to loan $1.5 million to his own campaign because the big money dried up. mitch was also caught redhanded paying folks to be vocal supporters at rallies and even busing them all over the state. McConnell is in trouble. you start loaning money to your own race, and having to hire people to pretend they like you, things are getting pretty sketchy and desperate.

  5. Is there any truth to a comment I read on Mitch’s father-in-law’s ship was found in Colombia with 90 lbs of cocaine bound for the Netherlands. You might say well, that was his f-i-l and not him but he has invested in the business which is Chinese. No wonder he is doing all he can to hurt Americans and help out his wife’s birth home of China.

  6. Isn’t it a practice in the south to have necktie parties to eliminate problems? Old turtle head needs a little TLC about now. If the republican party thinks they can buy the election and buy the government, there is a 310 million armed civilian march waiting for congress when they are in full session.

  7. McConnell has never tried to suppress votes before. A candidate who tries to suppress votes at the 23 hour is losing. I think Grimes is winning by a larger margin than the polls are saying.

    If I am wrong, and I don’t think I am, if McConnell does win, he just created a legal quagmire for himself. You know Alison is going to ask for a recount, and take this to court. Desperate people make bad decisions, and McConnell is desperate

  8. I hope she wins but this article is missing an example of what was sent or even an explanation of how it was intimidating. What exactly was sent?

  9. The backing of the Koch brothers is tantamount TO PLEADING GUILTY FOR VIOLATION of civil rights. Their companies have been the subject of OSHA violations and other business requirements and have paid MILLIONS in fines. The penalty of fines is ludicrous as their billons can withstand huge withdrawals.Criminal charges with penalties with jail time would better serve our country. Seems we are too lenient when the rich violate our laws.The average person serves jail time for minor offenses with a well paid lawyer the sentence would be obviated~~

  10. I am rooting for Alison Lundergan Grimes to win on Tuesday, but this article is terrible– can we at least offer examples of the bad behavior that Mitch McConnell in which has engaged in Kentucky? I shouldn’t have to follow a link to Talking Points Memo to understand this article.

  11. Reading is important

    “Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes has filed for an immediate injunction to stop Mitch McConnell from sending out a mailer that is designed to keep people from voting “

  12. Even though young people did not vote in this election (only 1/3 of eligible voters!), still, the difference in many elections could have been RADICALLY DIFFERENT, had not voter suppresion tactics, such as these, and un-constitutional id laws, as wll as other “requirements” tantamount to the old “Poll Tax” tactics used for suppressing Afro American voters in the past. Our Democracy is nearing Spiritual Death, as Martin Luther King once famously prophecied.

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