Alison Grimes Files For Injunction Against McConnell For Illegal Voter Suppression Tactics


Grimes McConnell debate

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes has filed for an immediate injunction to stop Mitch McConnell from sending out a mailer that is designed to keep people from voting on Election Day.

Here is the mailer that McConnell is trying to use to suppress the vote:



The letter:

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The mailer looks like an official document, but it’s not. The presentation is designed to scare voters with “ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE” in all caps across the envelope. The letter warns the recipient that, “You are at risk of acting on fraudulent information.” The mailer is clearly voter intimidation and suppression tactic.

The Grimes campaign has responded by going to court to force McConnell to stop the voter intimidation tactics. Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst said, “Of all the terrible things Mitch McConnell has done during this 30 year career in Washington, this last-ditch campaign he authorized to intimidate Kentuckians and prevent them from exercising their right to vote is unquestionably his most despicable.”

McConnell’s voter suppression effort has caused election officials in Eastern Kentucky to issue an alert, “Tonight, an alert for Eastern Kentucky voters. The Perry County Clerk and others called us today concerned about a campaign flyer mailed to folks across the coverage area…Perry County Clerk Haven King says you should not worry if you received one of these. “This means nothing; I don’t know what people are trying to do. There’s nothing fraudulent to my knowledge going on and the people in Perry County if you are registered to vote, you will be able to vote and you will be able to vote at your precinct.”

It looked like Mitch has taken the lead in the Kentucky Senate race, but his voter intimidation efforts are certain to backfire, and give Alison Lundergan Grimes the opening that she needed to seal the deal with Kentucky voters. McConnell may have saved his biggest mistake for last as the Kentucky Senator might be in the process of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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  1. That POS has to lose this one. Even if he wins be a squeek, the illegal mailer will call into question the veracity of the vote and will end up being decided in a court of law. How dumb and desperate can this idiot be?

  2. This is the act of a desperate man. McConnell knows his number is almost up. This is the first Senate race in which McConnell has actually had to campaign for his seat. This is also the first time McConnell has had a challenger whose treasure outmatched his.
    This is voter suppression at the 23rd hour. If he thought he was winning, he would not be trying to suppress votes at this late date

  3. Still 4 days to go, and this is the best he can do? I’d have thought he’d go whole Klan with a noose on the envelope, and mailed to black voters. He must be slipping.

  4. I know the latest poll gives McConnell the lead, so it seems odd that he would resort to this. Sure, most Republicans are capable of such an act, but only as an act of desperation. Maybe he doesn’t believe the polls, even though they are favorable to him…

  5. And his likelihood of winning will never wane. Because here in Kentucky? We are dumb. We would elect Jack Kevorkian as the surgeon general*. We would elect Charles Manson as head of the Board of Education*. We would elect a semi-spoiled avocado as president*.

    (* as long as they’re republican and wave a gun and a bible around)

  6. He’s not leading. That was the Bluegrass Polk, and it has been inaccurate all year. If McConnell was winning, why try to suppress the votes at the last minute? This hurts him as well. Republican voters would get mailing as well and think they committed a crime.
    I don’t know what McConnell is thinking. If he did win, Grimes would want a recount. This could drag on for months!
    I like the integrity of the people in KY. Alerts are being sent out to warn citizens. I can’t imagine County Clerks in TX, VA, N.C. GA, WI, OH, FL, and a few other crooked states issuing alerts.
    McConnell is outta here! This latest stunt should be the nail in the coffin!

  7. There are more registered democrats in Kentucky than rethuglican, yet we keep reelecting this guy. We’ve figured it out when it comes to governor, but this guy keeps repeating like bad sushi.

  8. So voter fraud is ALIVE after all! The rethuglicans always accuse the Democrats of the skullduggery they are up to themselves.Elections must be federally run and set up to a nation wide standard.

  9. Nice that it points out the lie about the pay at Allison’s dad’s restaurant. Local ads say that ‘GASP! They only pay their staff $2.13 an hour’, then this piece of crap says ‘other staff was paid less than minimum wage’. Yes, $2.13/hr (which is the Federal Minimum Wage for service staff/waiters) IS less than $7.25/hr. Good math, bad lie. I can only hope that people see through you, McConnell.
    Republicans have worked (on the behalf of restaurant owners) to keep the minimum wage for wait staff that low for the last 23 years.

  10. tim alison will win yes close but she will win mitch is a loser and how could u stand up for a man tim that would mail flyers out like that

  11. agreed shiva, i even read the article two times and the flyer mentions nothing about only the flyer going to registered democrats, that flyer went out all to all registerd voters, i think this stunt of mitch will cook his goose, I highly admire alison and i dont live in kentucky, in closing tim is lying

  12. Boy I am so relieved to read your posts and realize I’m not alone in the vast wilderness that is the internet. Why didn’t someone think of convening the Religious Left before? I’ve been afraid for the last few years that we don’t seem to be silencing or countering the outrageous Khristian Right’s tirades. Might there be some folks who actually believe those fanatics and haters speak for all Christians if we remain silent because we like our President and grow in our faith??

    Thank you!

  13. Clinton:

    You are making an assertion that is not true: campaigns have databases full of names, of voters and non voters. They know how the voters are registered. ( I know; I used to type names into data bases).

    It’s a trivial matter to select “All Democrats, Independents and non registered voters” as a software key to select names for receiving mail.

    Clearly you’ve never worked in a campaign, much less managed one.


  14. It is my understanding that if one sends mail using a reduced-rate Bulk Mail Permit (as this one appears to), they must be sent to ALL addresses in that zip code. Perhaps this was a calculation that some Dems might be intimidated, while some Repubs would get worked up over the perceived issue of voter fraud.

  15. I couldn’t find anything at to confirm that. I don’t believe that is a rule at all. Businesses buy bulk mail lists that target certain demographic groups all the time and they don’t have to mail to everyone in a particular zip code.

  16. These were not sent only to democrat voters. We are registered republican and got one of these in the mail. Registered republican but not voting for anyone who is a republican on the ballot.

  17. I can see it now — McConnell testifying that it was done by underlings and he didn’t know anything about it.

    The GOP has been screaming for years now about missteps and/or mistakes in the Federal bureaucracy. Every agency miscue MUST BE Mr. Obama’s fault. Mr. McConnell, you OWN this one. And it has “GOP” written all over it.

    It will be interesting, should you win this election, to see the Senate Minority/Majority Leader sitting in the dock on felony charges.

  18. Let the record show: I am a witness to this alleged crime and I am personally acting within the authority given me by the constitution, placing Mr McConnell under citizens arrest.

  19. Because she said the flyer is deceptive dosnt mean it is. The body of this flyer is the accusation of weather she told these lies knowing they were lies? That is totally sidestepped.

    Kinda like when you post something and the person dosnt have anything to change any of the facts you put forth, then they cry about your spelling or style of writting. Silly and deceptive in an of itself.

    Im voting republican all the way across the card. I know the democrats wont do what the americans want. LIke quit arming an funding terrorist, seal our boarders, and get the illegal immigrants out. At least by putting republicans in will possibly stop obama from destroying more of america, and if he does, impeach him.

  20. Good for you. Will you also add Koch to your last name?

    I have to love your thoughts on what the republicans will do. Remember, repub licans (and you) are owned by business and they want those illegals.

    No one is funding terrorists, although McCain wanted the Pres to do it

  21. BTW, what she said or didnt say has nothing to do with McConnell sending out the fliers. This was illegal as hell and you defend the corruption

  22. Somehow I think McConnell is going to win even though Alison is more popular because the Republicans cannot be stopped anymore. They don’t fight fair or honorably. They will probably steal this race because they have to have it and they will bend the public will to their own greed.

  23. While many may deem this ALLEGED action by/for the McConnell as distasteful is there anything factual about Grimes or her people that is truly positive by comparison?

  24. I am also from KY and sadly, I think you’re right in assuming he will win. People don’t understand just how deep the willful ignorance runs here, especially in the more rural parts of the state. They don’t really care about the issues. Many of them are just convinced that any democrat is a God-hating commie liberal. They hate Obama. They won’t watch any news but Fox News and think that everything else is “liberal media” and controlled by Satan. Critical thinking is the enemy here.

  25. Friends, perhaps it is worth our time to consider the actual definition of voter suppression. According to Wikipedia,
    “Voter suppression is a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing people from exercising the right to vote. It is distinguished from political campaigning in that campaigning attempts to change likely voting behavior by changing the opinions of potential voters through persuasion and organization.”

    Friends, kindly show me the sentence where McConnell tried to prevent people from exercising their right to vote… He didn’t! He simply tried to change their opinions through persuasion, informing them that their opinions could have been influenced by a few of his opponent’s lies. As for the Election Violation Notice and the warning that they are in danger of acting on false information, both are true! When Grimes lies, she actually does put voters in danger of voting based on false information.

  26. As for the idea that McConnell must be desperate, why are even the liberal newspapers conceding that McConnell is opening a nice lead? Actually, if you think about it, you’d expect Grimes to be the one doing something desperate right now, like… filing ridiculous lawsuits. Hmm…

  27. I think the bigger question here is how dumb the voters are. Mitch seems to think they are extremely dumb.

    After all the voters have elected him over and over and over again.

    What has Mitch done for Kentucky lately?

  28. Ah, but if you read the letter, you will see that that was not his intention. Do you think anyone is going to just read “Election Violation Notice,” IGNORE the actual letter that explains it, and become scared enough not to vote? Far be it from the Democrats, those innovative preachers of progress, to do something so dimwitted.

    Grimes has resorted to ridiculous lawsuits in order to make headlines and fire her supporters up. Looking at her position in the polls, it makes sense that she’d do something desperate. Friends, please don’t fall for this nonsense.

  29. Where’s fox new’s Hannity, Bill O”Reilly, Magyne Kelly or any of them on this Voters fraud that Mitch McConnell Committed? What Excuse are they giving now on this out righ Illegal voter Fraud move his campaign an him committed? Were the Voters Ethic Commission hollering that Criminal Charge’s ought to be brought against Mitch McConnell his campaign? If this was Grime’s it would have been a 24/7 news cycle on Fox!! Fair & Balanced? When/Where?

  30. If it’s election fraud can They demand a New election is done with a over sight committee or the Federal Gov. brought in to watch at polling place’s an make announcements that those pamplets were Fraudlent an should never have been sent out. What is the Remedy of a Fraudlent Election like down in Ky, done by Illegal flyers in the last few days to the election Day? Surely there are legal Steps that can be taken when there is CLEAR EVIDENCE like this of election Fraud with in the state?

  31. Mitch McConnell has less integrity than Richard Nixon. Kentucky He is a puppet of the Koch Brothers and this how the Koch brothers do things. You’d better get used to living on slave wages, because by voting this creature into office again you just gave him permission to keep you in poverty. Good luck

  32. You nailed it. Grimes is smart enough to know that her lawsuit won’t hold up in court, but she also knows that it will make headlines nonetheless. And whenever headlines come out with “McConnell” and “fraud,” it will be sure to fire up her supporters. This is a last ditch effort to turn around an election that is slipping out of her control. Please don’t fall for it.

  33. McConnell has less integrity then Richard Nixon.

    Well, Kentucky—with the Fake Voter Fraud mailing you just learned how the Koch Brothers do business. Good luck living on slave wages because you just elected the guy that is going to keep you in poverty.

  34. Good luck Kentucky. You just elected the man with less integrity than Richard Nixon. McConnell telegraphed what he intends to give the Koch Brothers a few weeks ago. I hope you like living in poverty because that is what is going to happen.

  35. It is not a question of how dumb. KY has problems with extreme poverty and education. Many people there could be intimidated or frightened. Many people in rural areas already have a fear of the Gov’t. Yor remark is insensitive and elitist.

  36. Hopefully, all your spellings and usage errors are deliberate in an attempt to be sarcastic. However, your views and logic leads me to believe this is not the case. Your post only serves to validate the many opinions that you are an uneducated and socially inept troll. Keep up the ‘good’ work. I am sure you will convert many to your beliefs.

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