Hey Republicans, Hate and Bigotry are not Values, They’re Character Flaws

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People mistake how things have “always” been, that is, in their lifetimes, or that of their parents and grandparents, as “values.” But racism, religious bigotry, and misogyny are not values. Neither is the habitually dishonesty we see from the likes of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. Ethnic nationalism is not a value, unless you’re a fascist.

They are character flaws.

When we try to cope with conservatism’s devotion to the status quo, this is what we are dealing with: A group of people who believe that negatives are actually positives. The corollary to this is that they think positives are negatives. Thus, as we continue to grant rights to people, Republicans cry tyranny.

Just the other day, Rick Santorum claimed during an interview with the Christian Post, that we are becoming Nazi Germany. I can tell you right now, having studied Nazi Germany and read Nazi newspapers, the Nazis were not giving rights to anybody. For example, they weren’t expanding the voting franchise, as Democrats have been doing in this country for decades.

The Republicans want only white Christians to vote, and they’re pretty vocal about it. Similarly, the Nazis not only restricted the voting franchise to ethnic Germans, but they made elections meaningless through employment of the Führer Principle (Führerprinzip). This was a leadership hierarchy with Adolf Hitler at the top, once elected but never to be elected again, for the simple reason that people weren’t going to be allowed to vote again. You don’t get to vote against what God has ordained. Sound familiar?

In Nazi Germany, the Führer combined in his person executive, legislative, and judicial power.

We see nothing like that here, of course. We are all painfully aware that we have a legislative branch independent of the executive, thanks to six years of obstruction and nullification and refusal to earn their pay, and we have been made equally well aware of our judicial branch through such catastrophic rulings as the Hobby Lobby decision and Citizens United. On the other hand, we are aware of our executive branch too, not only through the incompetent and even criminal bumbling of the Bush administration, but the heroic efforts of the Obama administration to keep America a going concern.

Rick Santorum made another claim worth mentioning a few days ago, and that is that by silencing the Church (by which he means himself and other Religious Right figures – remember, he believes mainline Protestantism is lost to Satan), “secular statists” are winning the Culture War. Yes, if only he hadn’t been persecuted into silence, he could have convinced millennials to be hateful bigots like he and his buddies.

“The arguments are being won among young people. We are losing in this particular area among young people not because we’re out there and competing, it’s because they have effectively silenced the church on a lot of those issues and young people don’t even know what the opposing view is on these issues.

Do a search through PoliticusUSA’s archives. Tell me if YOU think Santorum has been silenced. I think you’ll find there has been nothing forcing him to keep his tongue behind his teeth. If only.

Thanks to Fox News, the opposite of what Santorum insists upon is true. Rather than silencing his view, his view has become pervasive thanks to Fox News’ 24/7 made-up news cycle.

Even Business Insider ran with the story: that watching Fox News makes you less informed than if you had watched no news at all. That pretty much says it all. And a lot of people watch Fox News. It is hard to make this sound like either an accomplishment or confirmation of Santorum’s persecution fantasies. On the contrary, record numbers of people are having their minds poisoned by Fox News.

Just not millennials, who have other means of interacting with the world. Like the free and open Internet Republicans have come so much to hate.

Most of us see this as freedom of speech, and free speech as a good thing. Santorum sees the free and open exchange of ideas as some sort of rat poison directed at the “righteous” like himself:

“I really believe in this subject matter at hand with the gay community that a Judeo-Christian worldview cannot survive with a worldview that is as rabidly secular as this movement is.”

Rabidly secular. As opposed to rabidly theocratic? It was Santorum’s god who said that we shall not have any other gods before him. To be equally rabid, would not gay rights activists, for example, have to insist, “There shall be no other marriages than gay marriages”?

But nobody is saying that, are they? Heterosexual marriages will be just fine if gay couples can get married.

Here’s the thing that Religious Right figures like Santorum refuse to admit. They can keep their beliefs if gay people can get married. Nobody is stopping Santorum from thinking this is wrong. He’s free to go to a church that refuses to perform same-sex marriages. But if Santorum had his way, ALL of us would have to live by his rules. In other words, there wouldn’t be any churches where gay people could get married.

Somehow, giving gay people rights that are equivalent (at least in some respects) to rights Santorum enjoys, is a form of tyranny, a form of persecution. Because we won’t all do what Santorum says we must do, he stomps his feet and cries we are persecuting him. This is not only NOT a mature response but it is a wildly inaccurate one.

The conservative plan seems to be, if Lie X is not believed, then tell Lie Y and then Lie Z. And they have the Kochs buying up the mainstream media and Fox News already propagating these lies like never before in history, and STILL millennials are seeing through their bullsh*t and embracing true religious freedom, not to be confused with Santorum’s “religious freedom,” which is only White Evangelical Privilege in disguise.

That’s why Santorum is angry right down to the fibers of his v-neck sweater.

He can’t get it through his thick head that millennials don’t think treating their friends like sh*t to satisfy some religious dogma is a value. Unlike all the white folks in small towns across America, where you don’t see ethnic or religious minorities, many millennials have gay friends, just like they have atheist Muslim friends, and Latino friends.

They know their friends are people, deserving of equal respect and treatment, and all the lies Fox News can tell isn’t going to convince them something they know is not true, to be true. As a group, they are much more in line with the Pope, and his “Who am I to judge” than with the GOP’s “you’re all going to hell if you disagree with me” line.

And not only an open mind a value, but having one has another benefit: it drives the Ted Cruzes and Sarah Palins and Rick Santorums of the world crazy.

27 Replies to “Hey Republicans, Hate and Bigotry are not Values, They’re Character Flaws”

  1. Nice twisting of Rick Santorum’s words. His true message is voters are tired of big government telling them what is good for them. The current dictator power grab is taking away individual rights every day.

  2. Well, Ricky, the day politics is preached from the pulpit of my church is the day I walk out for good and, quite frankly, the “christian” example that Cruz, Palin, Huckabee, and you set is hardly worth emulating.

  3. Speaking of twisting words, Carl, the people who want to use government to tell people what to do is Santorum and his fellow Religious Right activists.

  4. First off, Carl this “Big Government” crap that your side keeps spewing is a bullshit talking point. Now you know damned well that if you point out that hate and bigotry are NOT values but in fact character flaws you will be pummeled by puerile petulance from these hate filled morons and they will accuse YOU of being the “hater” or “bigoted” because you pointed it out. The Reich Wing is just plain insane in the membrane.

  5. Name one. One right that has been taken away. One.

    And no, the right to be a bigot and not be called on it is not a valid whine.

    Nor is the right to be hateful, yet respected and loved for it. Nope.


  6. There is this sick group called Club for Growth that is funded by the Kochs as a means of avoiding paying taxes on Right-Wing election contributions, but it is likely that the main purpose is to defraud the elections throughout the United States for Tea Party and/or Republican candidates. It needs to be thoroughly investigated because its corruption seems all-pervasive.

  7. There is this sick group called Club for Growth that is funded by the Kochs as a means of avoiding paying taxes on Right-Wing election contributions, but it is likely that the main purpose is to defraud the elections throughout the United States for Tea Party and/or Republican candidates. It needs to be thoroughly investigated because its corruption seems all-pervasive.

  8. The sick group called Club for Growth is funded by the Kochs as a means of avoiding paying taxes on Right-Wing election contributions. But it is likely that the main purpose is to defraud the elections throughout the United States for Tea Party and/or Republican candidates. It needs to be thoroughly investigated because its corruption seems all-pervasive.

  9. Women are sure as hell tired of big government telling them what’s good for them, but somehow, Carl, I don’t that’s what you or Mr. Santorum meant.

  10. Good job keeping an eye on the Rick and his social conservative populism. The big test, and one of the biggest most important events, may be the test style of voting in Colorado where everybody gets mailed the ballots.

  11. LOL. The RWNJ Rule of MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY…and this President is an issue? I bet you I can make a long list of RW mandates to the people acting more like dictators than you can shake a stick at ! Quit being a sheeple and think for yourself..if it’s still possible. Bet the commenters here can add to that list if you’d like to see it..

  12. Ok, Carl, I’ll bite; tell me one right the government has taken away from you.

    I’ll start off by telling you of two rights the government have taken away just from women alone. The government, in the form of SCOTUS, has taken away the right to choose their own birth control, instead have allowed their employer to choose for them. Republicans, like Santorum, Huckabee and Brownback (religious fanatics all) have blocked equal pay for equal work and well, I did say two.

    The burden is on you to demonstrate one right that you have lost. Come on you can do it, just one.

  13. What rights have you lost? Spell it out – not what’s gonna happen but what HAS happened. Cuz I’m not feeling the oppression here…

  14. Theocrats believe that innate human responses, are actually God-given, and just as easily God-revoked. They demand that all people conform to a narrow worldview that chooses winners and losers, simply on the basis of that conformity. But the problem is that humans can’t conform to such an outlook, simply because people don’t all experience the same things in the same way at the same time in their lives, and this simple understanding of circumstance negates any possibility of uniformity of thought. People have an innate psychological setting, to sympathize, and to empathize with others (The Golden Rule) that puts them at odds with dogmatic religious thinking, and theocratic demands for religious adherence. That’s why theocrats like Santorum will always fail. They can’t force thinking humans to do the Jesus Two-step, especially when they themselves constantly step on others’ toes, and demand people follow their lead.

  15. This “dictator” crap is getting too old to tolerate. Obama has used executive orders LESS than any President in modern times – especially when compared to his predecessor. You HAVE to know that! So can the dictator s#*t already!

  16. How funny that protestants love Santorum thinking he represents them without knowing he considers them satans children?

    Santorum wants you living not under Catholic law, but his law.

  17. I’m glad we purged Santorum from office here in Pa. When he first decided to run for President, I thought it was a bad joke. Then again, look who else ran in 2008 and 2012.

  18. Carl:

    What rights have been taken away from you? Name just one? It seems to me your brainwashing is complete and thorough. The right i.e. Hukabee, Palin, Santorum et al are the ones who want to takeaway and or deny rights. They want to take away a woman’s right to choose; tell everyone who they may marry.. Wake up from your coma Carl

  19. Yup, done exactly that. This was back in 2008, the pastor at the Calvary Chapel we were attending decried that Obama was a Muslim and voting for him was a vote for Sharia law in the US. I haven’t been back. Since then, the only ones I see trying to impose a Sharia law type of governance is the fundamental Christian right.

  20. Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum.
    Sharia lawman and the Taliban hardliner.
    Spoken in a different way in a different language….but they would act the same, if they had their way.

  21. living in the area where sick rick hails from,and having once had a one on one tak with him. I can tell you firsthand nobody can twist santorum’s words like he can himself.

    if you want the truth, take whatever santorum says and look at the opposite.

    as an example of what I mean, ricks kids were/are homeschooled. under pa law, the kids home school district has to pay the cost of this home schooling. a few years back, rick tried to get plum borough schools to pay for this home schooling, by claiming that his family (5 kids) lived in a 2 bedroom renatl house he owns in plum. needless to say, the school board balked, ad it came out his family was actually living in a %700k house in Virginia, and hadn’t lived in pa in years. and that when they DID live in pa, it was in mt Lebanon, not plum.

    perhaps, mr santorum doesn’t believe in the 10 commandments, specifically thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt not bear false witness.

  22. Yes, they would act the same, but happily try to kill each other because of their hatred of the opposite cult. Throw the Mormon cultists in there too & you’ll really see the knives come out.

    If they do achieve a Theocracy, there will be a civil war to rival the Sunni, Shia & ISIS wars. The Islam fanatics also act the same as ours. Isn’t religion grand?

  23. Rethuglican candidates and the party as a whole have run themselves crazy by the events of which they cannot control, such as a black man winning the presidency two times. It is more than they can bear. They are talking out of their minds and using religion to justify everything they say. It has gone beyond stupid and the worst part of it is the people that follow their lies and think it is right. They will be their own downfall and they don’t even realize it.

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