Obama Tells Republicans It Doesn’t Matter If You Win The Senate Obamacare Is Here To Stay


obama speech rhode island aca is here to stay

While speaking in Rhode Island today, President Obama made it clear that even if Republicans take control of the Senate, Obamacare is here to stay.



The president said,

So no matter how many times Republicans threaten to repeal this law, we’re going to keep it in place — because it’s working. (Applause.) Not only is it covering more people, not only is it protecting women and people with preexisting conditions from discrimination, but it’s actually been part of the trend that’s lowering health care inflation. We’re actually saving money because the system is getting smarter and there’s more preventive care instead of emergency care, and we’re changing how health care is delivered. (Applause.) Which is why I’m pretty sure that in 10 years they’re not going to call it Obamacare anymore. (Laughter.) Republicans will be like, oh, I was for that, yes. (Laughter.) That’s how that works.

Republicans blew a gasket earlier this week when Sen. Mitch McConnell admitted on Fox News that Republicans in the Senate aren’t going to try to repeal Obamacare.


McConnell said, “Well, it’s the top of my list, but remember who’s in the White House for two more years. Obviously, he’s not going to sign a full repeal. It would take 60 votes in the Senate. Nobody thinks we’re going to have 60 Republicans. And it would take a president — presidential signature. No one thinks we’re going to get that.”

If Republicans win the Senate, and that is to be determined, they will likely have a very small majority. Mitch McConnell has always been more focused on carrying out the Koch economic agenda than repealing Obamacare. For the simple reason that he understands that any attempt to repeal the ACA will go nowhere as long as President Obama is in office.

President Obama’s prediction about the ACA still being around in ten years also has a good chance of coming true. If the presidency is followed by a Hillary Clinton two term presidency, the ACA won’t be going anywhere.

The election on Tuesday is vital, but no matter what happens Republicans won’t be able to run wild because Barack Obama is still in the White House.

Democrats have the ultimate firewall at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If Republicans want to waste what little potential time they may have in the majority refighting the already decided battle over the ACA, President Obama will be happy to oblige.

The president’s message to Republicans was unmistakable. Don’t even bother trying, because Obamacare is here to stay.

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  1. Republicans want to pay double, triple for health insurance then have it rescinded just when they need it.

    Then they talk about American small town values like honesty, integrity – except when it comes to corporations. Then they vote for thieves.


  2. It is highly doubtful that the GOP will take control of the Senate. I think if anything the GOP will lose seats, not gain.

  3. #1 Reason to vote Democrat – Republican policies Kill!
    ACA – Obamacare Republican Solution: The ‘Good Old Days’ Before Obamacare http://wendellpotter.com/2014/10/the-good-old-days-before-obamacare/
    ACA – Obamacare Republican Body Count by State for not providing Medicare Expansion. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/03/30/1287923/-GOP-s-Obamacare-spite-means-death-toll-for-red-states?detail=email
    ACA – Obamacare Democratic ‘Medicare for All’ would cover everyone, save billions in first year: new study http://www.pnhp.org/news/2013/july/%E2%80%98medicare-for-all%E2%80%99-would-cover-everyone-save-billions-in-first-year-new-study
    ACA – Obamacare Democratic Petition: Expand Medicaid in ALL States http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/expand-medicaid-in-all?source=s.icn.tw&r_by=5108876
    Let’s share this message. #HR676 #Medicare4all #singlepayer. This is what we NEED!

  4. The President is correct, and here’s why:
    I’ve mentioned several times this year the reality of these mid-term elections…even if the GOP successfully defend all of their Senate seats (LOL, not happening) and took all of the 21 seats held by Democrats (LMAO, DEFINITELY NOT HAPPENING), they’d fall one seat short (66) of a veto-override majority.
    And, do you really see the GOP gaining the nearly 60 seats in the House they’d need for the 290 required votes to override vetoes there?
    All the GOP are going to do with the Senate majority is more of the same: Fascist, insurrectionist and seditious obstruction. Sure, they’ll try to take the PPACA hostage and even try another government shutdown to get it done. However, the President indirectly said that it’s too late for that. If the GOP did shut down the government, that’d be bad for them, even worse than last time. Imagine the outcry from millions if they succeed in repealing or defunding the PPACA.

  5. He’s right. He will veto any bill that attempts to break up the AHA. Besides, the SCOTUS said it was legal. And how would they explain to the millions of Americans who now have healthcare they will take it from them. What would they replace it with? These people do vote.

  6. These are lies. They don’t want to scare away voters, so they’re saying Social Security and ACA will be untouched. Lies. McConnell has already been caught saying behind closed doors that ACA will be repealed, #1 on the to-do list.

    At the very least, they’ll erode it slowly so we don’t notice it when it’s gone.

    They’re counting on fear and paranoia and racism to carry them into the senate majority, and hatred of LGBTs to hold the House.

    Once they get in, all bets are off, and there goes our health care. Those with jobs will go back to the expensive substandard policies they had pre-ACA, and the rest of us will have no coverage whatsoever. I’m heading for the Canadian border if GOP/TP holds the House and the Senate. I’ll just get out.

  7. Obamacare is an attack on senior health care. He and his regime think living to 70 is long enough. Now die. Affordable Care Act is neither afforable nor is it caring. Read it – every word of it and you will understand. Obama’s evil, a monster along with his regime, and gays and lesbians and corrupt blacks he’s put in power. He hates the US, hates the Amerikan people, hates your lifestyle – and he’s remaking Amerika to HIS standards. Trust me, you ain’t gonna like what’s coming up, Socialist or GOP.

    Why does your govt continue to spray chemicals from unmarked white planes? They ain’t spraying for bugs, OK?

    James Foley’s beheading was faked. Obama knows this. Why?

    Wake up, people, before it’s too late.

  8. Thanks for the hilarious conspiracy’s. Certainly made my day to see how gullible some people are

    Keep your eyes on the sky, you never know when a chemtrail will come to your house

  9. a majority of people should know that the republicans tell lies for votes. remember the “jobs” they were going to create – blah blah blah and they didn’t work on “jobs” or anything else for that matter,. I am hoping that more dems get out and vote this election day. hearing that republicans are ahead in polls scares the hell out of me.

  10. ACA isn’t going anywhere and the GOP knows it. They are using it to galvanize their base – that is all.


    Takes a few minutes – GO!

  11. Republican voters are not voting with their rational minds. They are voting from anger and disappointment, because their lives haven’t turned out the way they thought they should and would. As we all know, the problems are unemployment, wages stuck at 1970s level, and, for many White Republicans, a feeling that minorities are getting all the help, leaving them with none.

    Unemployment, in particular, is a double whammy. Aside from the obvious effect of moving families suddenly to the brink of poverty, and sometimes over the edge, unemployment engenders lots of free time and many angry feelings. That is not a good combination for any human being. It leads directly to trouble.

  12. Obama is correct. we must prevent the republicans from taking the senate, BUT if they do take it, god help us all, they wont be able to touch obamacare anyway, specifically because of Obama and his veto power. if the GOP takes the senate, what they will do is impeach Obama as soon as possible. we cannot let that happen to our great president.

  13. the gop will start impeachment hearings as soon as they can if they take the senate majority. that is their number one goal- even more so than repealing the ACA… they are obsessed with destroying Obama’s legacy. and if they cannot stop or repeal or destroy obamacare, they want to smear obamas record anyway they can. impeachment would certainly do just that, even if they don’t get anywhere with it. Obama would have that asterix next to his name for all time. if we let this happen by not turning out on November 4th to support dems and Obama, then we deserve to reap the consequences of our inaction. get out on November 4th and vote for democrats!!!

  14. You may be overestimating the chances that Republicans, no matter what they take over, can actually change much of anything. The same is true for Democrats. The parties change places, but the dance is still the same. Nothing really changes.

  15. I have Monday and Tuesday off so I can be the very first voter in line on Tuesday morning. I have been waiting for four long years to have this chance to fix the mistake a lot of us americans made in 2010. I am not the only one who cant wait to vote against the GOP. we must shut down the rightwing circus before they shut down the country again!

  16. One step at a time Andy,one step at a time. The GOP will definitely take control of the senate this time, but true they will not come close to 60 seats. However, if they manage to somehow repair some of the horrible damage done by BHO they have a good chance to win in it all in 2016 which is only 2 years away. Bush really hurt the GOP brand but Obama has actually been worse and given the Republicans a golden opportunity to recover. Stranger things have happened in politics.The strangest thing is how Obama fell so far so fast in just a few years. It’s almost as if he was trying. Seems if you gave him two wrong choices he would take them both. Rookie was probably the right word all along. But we,and the rest of the world will pay the price.

  17. Really? LOL!

    I guess thats why the economy has came back so well and we arnt losing thousands in GOP wars

    He hasnt fallen, but the gop sure has tried. Were you at the supper on 1/20/2009 when the decision was made to go against Obama at every chance?

  18. wrong geo, dems will keep senate new polls out tonight USA Today/PSRAI poll 10/23 – 10/26 697 LV rep 42 dems 43 Democrats

    FOX News poll 10/25 – 10/27 734 LV rep 44 dem 45 Democrats +1

  19. Do not believe for a second that the “conservative wave” is all but imminent. If we progressives GOTV and push up the voting percentages we win period. Let’s piss off the media on Tuesday night by shocking the world with a Democratic wave. If you haven’t voted yet do it, when you vote take your family, friends, heck grab someone off the streets get them to the polling booth to vote Democrats down the ballot. GOTV! Let’s do this.

  20. As an independent voter I disagree. I think GOP will pick up some senate seats this election, but Obama has done way better than Bush. The economy has improved, Unemployment is down, Bin Laden is dead. What happened during Bush, Economy fell off the sky, Millions of jobs were lost. Bin Laden was still breathing. Republicans can hate Obama because he is black, but they need to get their head out of their asses..and that noone wants to give the power back to big corporations. If Republican blindly do so, they are hurting the middle-class Americans. I may not agree with all of Obamas actions, but he is way better than any Repuplicans at this time.

  21. Nice article, Jason, but the last thing the Democrats need right now is reassurance that losing the Senate won’t matter. It will matter. Complacency is an enemy of success and with no counterbalance in Congress, they will pass many, many bills that will have to be vetoed in order to embarrass the president they love to hate.
    No, this election matters. Get out and vote Tuesday, rain or shine. Thanks.

  22. This is to geo……….Exactly what is this damage President Obama has done that needs to be repaired by republicans? And if they do win the senate (and God forbid they do) If they go threw with all of the things they plan on doing that the majority Of Americans oppose how do you think they will keep both houses in 2016? Plus there are more republican seats up for grabs than democrats. And this is also a presidential election year where there are more people voting and higher voter turn out always tend to favor democrats. So I would be careful what I wish for if I were ou.

  23. Well the senate will be dysfunctional anyway because you need 60 votes on everything just about except a few bills,the gop can use majority rules if they want to change the rules,but in the senate there other rules to shut the place down.Also,the gop will never get anywhere close to a 2/3rds majority to override vetoes or impeach Obama that will be for show,plus in 2016 senate gop are trouble they have at least 23 seats to defend about 1/4th in blue states so I dont think much will get done if anything.

  24. of course obamacare is here to stay, even if republicans win, for at this time there will be studies to be made to amend or repeal the obama care, and making the study and research and all will create expenditures…. and USA is not in the good position financially to spend money just to amend or repeal the obamacare, there are other bills to be passed which are more urgent than obamacare, and that is how can the government create jobs for the american people and how can the governments taxes can be budgeted for the welfare of the people, and how can the government can pay their huge loans from IMF.


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