Sen. Mary Landrieu Bravely Calls Out Southern Republican Obama Race Based Hate


landrieu calls out republican obama racism

In the middle of a tough reelection campaign, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) bravely told the truth about the race based reasons why Southern Republicans hate President Obama.



In an interview with Chuck Todd, Landrieu was asked why President Obama has struggled in Southern states.

She answered,

There are any number of reasons. You know, one of the main reasons is because his energy policies are different from ours. I mean, we are a pro-production state….He put the moratorium on offshore drilling, and our state was furious about that. Now he could have shut down the BP operations, but he didn’t. He shut down the whole Gulf. When you shut down the whole Gulf of Mexico, it puts a lot of people here at risk and out of business. That’s number one.

And number two, I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a positive light as a leader. It’s not always been a good place for women to present ourselves. It’s more of a conservative place, so we’ve had to work a little bit harder on that. But the people trust me I believe, really they do, to trust me to do the right thing for the state.

Sen. Landrieu’s honesty immediately caused Republican heads to explode.

Fox News responded with this:

Fox News, the home of racist and sexist political coverage, sounded the breaking news alarm to immediately tell their viewers that Mary Landrieu thinks that Louisiana voters are racist and sexist.

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is suffering from the delusion that the party of race based hate will make him their presidential nominee in 2016, said in a statement, “Senator Landrieu’s comments are remarkably divisive. She appears to be living in a different century. Implied in her comments is the clear suggestion that President Obama and his policies are unpopular in Louisiana because of his ethnicity. That is a major insult by Senator Landrieu to the people of Louisiana, and I flatly reject it.”

It takes a serious leap of logic to go from the fact that the South hasn’t always been friendly to African-Americans to Mary Landrieu thinks Louisiana voters are racist.

Sen. Landrieu stated a fact in the gentlest way possible. The South was the home of slavery and Jim Crow. It hasn’t been friendly to African-Americans and legacies from those policies still exist today.

Southern Republicans have been especially hostile towards President Obama from the moment that he was first elected. Has everyone forgotten Southern congressman Joe Wilson screaming, “you lie” at President Obama during the State Of The Union?

The American people and the media claim that they want to hear the truth from their leaders, but when Mary Landrieu told the truth, she was immediately vilified.

It took a lot of courage for Sen. Landrieu to answer Todd’s question honestly. She could have pandered to voters by endlessly bashing Obama. Instead, she pointed to a real source of policy disagreement (energy), and a cultural reality (race).

Sen. Landrieu is widely expected to lose her Senate seat in a runoff, but she is not going down without a fight.

Landrieu deserves praise for her bravery, but the lesson most politicians learn from this episode is that they should never honestly answer the question.

41 Replies to “Sen. Mary Landrieu Bravely Calls Out Southern Republican Obama Race Based Hate”

  1. Republicans argue racism is over because President Obama was elected.

    They don’t acknowledge those who did not vote for him. Many of them are racists.

  2. And if/when Landrieu loses, and the state is completely represented by republicans, will they be in for a big surprise on the issue of marshlands protection. Republican senators will turn their backs on the environment, and hunters and fishermen will get a front row seat, as their crops and wildlife are destroyed by surging seawater. Their ports will be submerged, their small-town lives will be upended, as related jobs disappear, and they won’t have a democrat to blame for their own short-sightedness, and feel-good bigotry.

  3. Having been born and raised in Texas, I’m very sad to say that racism is actually worse now than in the 1950s. I’m afraid electing a black President caused the hidden racism to explode like a super volcano.

    For me, it’s been a crushing disappointment.

  4. the south is still not the friendliest place for African-Americans. the usa is not the friendliest place for African-Americans!

  5. my, my the old saying ‘the truth hurts’ is certainly evident based on the reaction from the reich wing & it’s propaganda machine faux noise

  6. my, my the old saying ‘the truth hurts’ is certainly evident based on the reaction from the reich wing & it’s propaganda machine faux noise

  7. I can certainly remember when Landrieu was a name you did not want to run against in Louisiana, and if it weren’t for Citizens United, you still wouldn’t.

  8. Please tell me, when have they ever took responsibility for any of their dumb s@#$.

    Taking your scenario one step further, when all hell break loose. The first thing they’ll do is blame Obama. Hell they blamed him for Ebola, ISIL, that slaughter Netayahoo did & dismiss what Bibi said & tried to play he said/she said game (MSM), Katrina, all of Bush’s failures, children on the border. & the media will cover everyone of these crackpots like they have a genuine complaints or facts.

    We can stop it b/c most (not all) slept the 2010 midterm elec.. Let’s not get caught up in the dumb s%^& that they put out. The only poll that count is the voting booth. GOTV 2014..

  9. When all that happens and you know it will, they get nothing from the Federal Govt to help repair all the damage they have caused. I do not want my taxes dollars paying for it!

  10. She’s just being HONEST & the
    GOP will have none of THAT!
    I’ve lived in the South.
    Racism is Alive & Well I
    guarantee you.
    Republicans are CONSTANTLY
    telling us there is no Racism.
    Those who live in the South
    must be shaking their collective
    heads & saying WHAT? Of course
    there is!!!!

  11. One of very few Democrats in southern states who stands with a firm backbone & speaks out about the disrespect & outright hate that so many southern conservatives have expressed towards the President. I would consider it a privilege to vote for her, if only… Mary Landrieu is a great lady, who loves Louisiana & her country. So proud to see a female politician south of the Mason-Dixon behave like a strong southern lady is supposed to. I’m very impressed with of you, Mary!

  12. Excuse my bluntness and use of a colorful metaphor but… Fuck You Bobby Jindal! Right in your pukey little mugg!!!

  13. Is not Louisiana the state that elected David Dukes or allowed him to have a voice of implication of racism.

  14. I hope she don’t try to walk back the statement. We need more whites to call out other whites for their racism if we are to get to some post racial America.

    The truth shall set you free

  15. Racism is a character flaw. It’s a mental problem too. It festers in Dixieland.
    What would Jesus say? Ha! These racist are so pious, but hate those who are not in their gene pool. What would Jesus say? I can bet you that whatever he said to them would have their heads spin. Hypocrites.

  16. Senator Landrieu spoke the truth. As I was watched the video, in my mind I could see Louisiana folks watching their televisions or pc monitors, snickering and saying “she’s right and we don’t feel badly about it!”

    Racism prevails, it always has, and it’s come to the forefront since 2008. Behind closed doors, not too many deny it.

  17. I don’t think he was elected to any office but if he did, I guess I could have not known about it. He sure tried to get elected…but when you are known for your close ties to the KKK, you just may fail. Even in Louisiana. [wink]

  18. Well, to begin with,Louisiana isn’t much different from any of the states in America. After Obama’s term is over I hope these so called Christians do some deep down inside soul searching. They have disrespected and falsely spread ugly lies and fears about our “majority” elected POTUS. And the conservative media LIARS (especially FOX news) played a huge part in the hate fest. They bombed Obama non stop 24/7. They and their followers have hurt this country more than they will ever know. They want their country back? Well now that they have skunked it up……. maybe we should let them have it back. I see it everyday on FB. Sometimes I feel I am the only person who challenges these haters, Where are the people who voted him in? Are they afraid to speak up? Are they also brainwashed now? I learned a lot about who’s who in this country,my family, and at my workplace. I got one simple message for the haters…..United we stand…..ya’ll know the rest…maybe??

  19. This hurts me so bad. As a Marine you quickly learn that racial prejudice is a waste of time. The color of one’s skin has nothing to do with their honor and valor. When you ass is being covered by another Marine..IT DOESN’T MATTER THEIR SKIN COLOR!!!! I’M FRIGGIN PISSED THIS “POS” WOULD CALL ME OR ANY OF MY REPUBLICAN FRIENDS RACIST!!!!

  20. Perhaps you spend far too much time in your basement. If you are trying to say there is no racism in the south, then perhaps you need to go outside more often

  21. No one here knows me, but I do try to reach beyond skin and aesthetics, and appeal to the spirit and/or soul in people because, after all, that is who we really are in the long term. With that said, try to remove your own race and gender from this subject. Act as if you are strictly spiritual and cleanly objective without bias.

    Do you really think that people in the South, especially Louisiana, are a pile of sexists and racists? Is it your own hate and/or animosities driving this? I think it odd that this is such a one-sided web site. I live in the heart of the most RED city in Louisiana, and I will tell you that people, including myself, only care about the job you perform, period. You do a bad job, well, I prefer someone else. My longest standing employee is black and was Obama’s unknown best bud until he wouldn’t close our borders from Ebola. Another black friend is tired of “race pimps” threatening him if he lacks support. (these people choose to be called black, n…

  22. I live in Knoxville and I can tell you that you are full of it. Certainly not everyone here is a racist. The only people who care what kind of a job you do is the people that work with you. That’s a severe minority. I worked for along time with younger people and some are pretty racist, as are their parents.

    The closing our borders from ebola is hilarious! Why isnt your bud worried about the flu? Vastly more people die from it, the people who had ebola here are now cured and your story is laughable.

    Move along

  23. My bud, doesn’t know any better. You obviously are showing the negative passion I speak of. You simply cannot respect his opinion, can you? He’s entitled to it.

    And I wish you wouldn’t find things so laughable.

  24. You are hilarious. Now you are saying your black bud doesnt know anything? You are so full of crap its stinks all the way to Venus. Go someplace else with this denial thing you have

  25. Shiva, It’s pretty obvious at this point that you can’t separate your emotions from cognition. So I invite you to end your conversation with me.

    No hard feelings.

  26. Thomas,

    I can only imagine that you haven’t visited New Orleans or Baton Rouge or Lafayette or Lake Charles or anywhere in Louisiana.

  27. djchefron,

    Well here’s the truth. I understand what racial challenges are and how they affect people. I get it.

    But Mary Landrieu’s statements are stemming from her loss of focus and her losing this race. This community has changed so much since Katrina, that to say we are a racist community, is a gross insult to who we really are.

    There are lots of black people here who aren’t on Obama’s or her side any more. And they have said that they are tired of “race pimps” calling them out if they openly say that they are against them. It’s just as bad as ganging up on a gay person in high school.

    It’s not right to label this community as this forum has been doing. You should come and visit and see for yourselves.

  28. cnucnme,

    Have you visited Louisiana as of late? If you had, you would know that this place has changed so much since Hurricane Katrina. Do you know that we are Hollywood South making more movies than California (hugely liberal)? Do you know that New Orleans is 65% black? Do you know that we had a flood of hispanics move in after Katrina looking for work? Do you know that our governor is Indian?

    Landrieu is simply losing her race and has now labeled her home and neighbors as racists. It’s an insult to me and all who live here.

    I invite you to visit and see for yourself how racist this place really is because it’s not.

  29. Shiva,

    Unless you have some facts or can “indicate” that you live here, please move on.

    Your hatred for my defending my community is similar to the same hatred that you fear in racism.

    So please stop.

  30. I live in Knoxville as I said. And I know there is racism in the south and I know it exists in the southern politicians. To deny it is to show that you are not grounded in reality. Move along.

  31. Except that Mary Landrieu is talking about the south. You are talking about one area and its obvious you are in denial of that area as well.

  32. Hollywood is not hugely liberal. It is probably more equal then you are willing to admit. And that has nothing to do with anything. Nor does making movies have anything to do with anything.

    The cops killing black people during Katrina does.

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