Wisconsin Governor Race Between Mary Burke and Scott Walker Remains Tied



With just a few days to go until election day, the race to be the next governor of Wisconsin is coming down to the wire. A new PPP survey found that Gov. Scott Walker and Democrat Mary Burke are statistically tied.

The PPP survey revealed that the vast majority of Wisconsin voters have made up their minds. Ninety-five percent of respondents said that they knew who they are voting for. Of those who know who they are voting for Walker leads Burke 48%-47%, but his lead is well within the poll’s margin of error. Four percent of respondents said that they remained truly undecided. It is this four percent who may decide who the next governor will be.


Scott Walker has a net (+2) approval rating of 49%-47%, while Mary Burke has a net (-3) approval rating of 45%-48%. Burke leads Walker by nine points among women (52%-43%), but Walker leads Burke by ten points with men (52%-42%). Walker leads with white voters (51%-45%), and Burke leads with African-Americans (84%-7%). Mary Burke leads Gov. Walker with younger voters age 18-29 (50%-33%). Walker strongest base of support is voters over age 65%. He leads Burke with older voters by four points (51%-47%).

The Wisconsin governor election is a nail-bitingly close contest. The breakdown of the electorate mirrors the partisanization and polarization that exists nationally. A deeper look inside the numbers reveals that the election in Wisconsin is about more than who gets their voters out. For Burke to win, she needs women and younger voters specifically to get out and vote. Walker’s leads with voters outside of white men are very small. Even if Walker’s base showed up, the governor would only have a two-point lead.

Wisconsin is literally a case where if Democrats show up even a little bit more than they did in 2010, Burke has a good chance of winning. Burke doesn’t need an overwhelming increase in Democratic turnout. An extra point or two would probably be enough for her to defeat Scott Walker.

Instead of a Republican wave 2014 is the year of the close election, and there may be fewer closer than the race for governor in Wisconsin.

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  1. I don’t believe for a second this race is tied. every paper/blog has the gop either leading or tied.That makes me suspicious. I believe Burk and the others are leading outside the margin of error, but the blogs/papers want a close race, so they lie.

  2. This time around, polls need to be monitored to guard against premature “election calling”, as what happened in the recall election. All voters must follow through!

  3. Maybe this poll was taken before they found out Mary Burke was fired by her Dad from her job at Trek Bicycles for being “over her head”. This after she touted her business experience at Trek and saying she was the next great hope for Wisconsin.

  4. No, she wasnt fired. Is this the kind of stuff World Nut Daily tells you? She left to be with her family and work with non profits, especially schools

    How stupid

  5. Burke Governor? Are you flipping crazy Dems? This is the best you have to put up to run against Walker? Your party is a mess and those that vote Burke are basically saying, we are not to bright.

  6. You are not too bright if you vote for Walker and his corruption. You will love your property taxes next year

    Hpow many people from his administration are indicted or under investigation? Most

  7. I will wait for your credible info On Burke. If its world nut daily dont bother

    I never heard the downsizing part. Its obvious you just pick up stuff you are told as a low information voter.

    I wouldnt vote for walker because he has told the koch he will do their bidding. And for the fact he is more corrupt then christie. He does nothing for you. But as a low information voter, you dont care.

    Get educated on the candidates or do everyone a favor and don’t bother.

  8. “Albers spoke to the AP after the allegation that Burke was fired was first reported by Wisconsin Reporter, a conservative website.

    The claim that Burke was fired goes to the heart of her credentials as a successful Trek executive and comes just six days before the election.

    Both Mary Burke and her brother John Burke, the current head of Trek, denied that she was fired from the job in 1993. They said Trek decided to reorganize its overseas operations, eliminating her position, at a time when she was ready to leave the company.”

    Strange, a conservative website started all this. And you suck it up like a sponge while knowing nothing of the circumstances. If you vote for Walker you prove you hate yourself


  9. The Marquette University poll, one of the most widely respected, had Walker up by 7% just Wednesday.

    BTW, watching Dems run away from Obama is great, but it becomes fantastic when you keep in mind that, by doing so, they are also running away from everything their supporters believe in. But they will continue to vote for them anyway.

  10. And you would vote for Walker and corruption. You know he is corrupt and has been caught cheating before, but you would vote for him anyways

  11. djchefron,
    I would vote for the exact opposite of what you would vote for. It’s obvious from your childish posts and petty name calling how you vote.

    BTW, you posted the other day that 7% is a [sic] ass kicking. Glad we both agree on that.

  12. Just like I thought a stupid ass who vote against their own interest. BTW you do know even though you are a kochsucker you are not in their wills

  13. I can neither confirm nor deny the cheating claim. I believe you’re referring to sometime long ago in college when he was young?

    Obama lied repeatedly about healthcare affecting millions of people. Walker’s alleged cheating absolutely pales in comparison. It’ like a knat in front of a 747.

    Obama has forever cemented his place as the biggest liar and divider in US history. However, people like you & djchefron would continue voting for him.

    It seems that Mary Burke would vote for these same lies and division as Obama did campaign for her, while other Democratic candidates are running away.

    Isn’t it ironic that Mary Burke accuses Walker of division while allowing the biggest divider in US history to campaign for her?

  14. No, I refer to running his own router in house system so emails would not be public and using staff for campaign purposes. Just look at how many of his staff have been indicted or are under investigation as he himself is.You have no idea what he is doing because your media wont tell you.

    The rest of your comments about Obama are just fluff. Things you are told to say

  15. Fluff. There is nothing in ACA that says you cant keep your doctor. The providers decide if they take ACA insurance. If not you get a new doctor. The huge part of people losing insurance was the plans were not updated by the insurance companys. They were all offered new plans.

    Mary Burke didnt tell the koch she would do everything they wanted her to do.

    Walker is still under investigation. As are many of his staff. Except those already under indictment or convicted.

  16. Some punk journalist called Scott Walker posing as David Koch. What part of the call proves some conspiracy?

  17. People that intend to vote for Walker and make less than one million bucks a year need to sign up for Obamacare asap because they’re going to need serious medical attention.

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