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Alison Lundergan Grimes Fights For Voting Rights In Kentucky Coal Country

Oh, no you don’t Senator.

Right when Mitch McConnell (R-KY) finally got a lead in a poll, the Republican Senator did what his campaign seems best at doing this election cycle — they took a long walk down Fail Avenue. McConnell’s campaign went dirty and by many accounts illegal, and thus gave themselves negative press.

On the heels of illegal McConnell campaign flyers sent to targeted Democrats in coal country, the Grimes campaign is demanding that Mitch McConnell answer some key questions:


1) Political pundits and the media have said this campaign tactic appears to be an intentional attempt to mislead voters. Do you deny that your mailer is falsely designed to look like an official government document?

2) Why does your mailer cite a postal statute that threatens fines and jail time? What other purpose could this serve, other than attempted intimidation of the recipient?

3) Given the massive confusion among voters, who are contacting county clerks with questions about their eligibility, will you publicly clarify to Kentucky voters that absolutely no one will be in legal jeopardy for exercising their right to vote?

4) Did you personally authorize this voter suppression campaign, or is this another example of a “Josh question” (or perhaps a Jesse Benton matter?)

5) Reports have surfaced that you issued a similar mailer in the Republican primary. Is this why Matt Bevin refuses to endorse – or even share a stage – with you to this very day?

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) was the person who refused to answer the question about who she voted for in 2012, a refusal that many disagreed with at the time, but now, given McConnell’s attacks on Democrats, it sort of looks prescient. Our right to cast a private ballot is a core freedom.

While this is going on within the framework of a campaign due to Mitch McConnell’s obvious fear that he must drive down the votes in Kentucky’s coal counties for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the larger picture is one that is non partisan.


It’s ironic that Grimes is the Secretary of State, and has a record of fighting for voting rights of all Kentuckians. She has fought for the voting rights of troops overseas and more. She has been nonpartisan in her championing of voter rights. That is how our public officials should conduct themselves. They should all support the people’s right to vote for their opponent without intimidation. This is a core value of a democracy.

Mitch McConnell has some explaining to do, and Alison Lundergan Grimes isn’t going to let up until he does it.


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    • I'm pretty sure this is illegal an McConnell should be held accounted by an charged as any one else would be for breaking the law.Who responsibility is it to bring the Voter Fraud Charge's in Ky?

  • Okay a flyer was sent out that if not read properly may intimidate some people. So what should be done.
    And ad bringing out that your right to vote is secure even if you received one of these fliers.

    A letters and phone calls to local papers in KY pushing the fact that the flyer is FAKE.

    Phone calls to Democratic Party voters telling them the flyer is a fake. There are things that people can do. Facebook pages, tweets so on. Decide which you are willing to do or better yet do all of them the more action against the flyer the better. The louder you get the better! Inform all you know that the flyer is a fake!
    Here ya go list of KY newspapers hit them with all you got people do something besides complaining!! and VOTE!!!

  • Excuse, me, but McConnell has NEVER led in the polls. The Bluegrass Polls have been inaccurate all year. This stunt by McConnell proves it. If you are winning, you don't need to use voter intimidation and suppression. Just go with the flow!
    What I want to know is, what will McConnell's punishment be? Having to wake up looking and Palin's face in the morning? Moving in with a black family in the ghetto? Working at Wal-Mart for $7.25 hour?
    Having to live on food stamps and using the bus system every day?
    The punishment has to teach McConnell a lesson.

  • I'm waiting for CHUCK TODD to say that this action disqualifies Mitch McConnel from being reelected to the U.S. Senate.


  • Reply to maximumrider at 5:27 pm

    If you are winning, you don’t need to use voter intimidation and suppression.

    If you're winning, you don't need to file last minute lawsuits.
    Silly legal complaint is silly....
    details of which are best read while enjoying a chilled adult beverage.

    Anybody can file a lawsuit over just about anything and like it or not...candidates have a legal right to lie to voters just about as much as they want. There is no federal truth-in-advertising law that applies to political ads, and the very few states that have tried such legislation have had little or no success.

    This is nothing more than politicians being politicians. Boring. Wake me up when We the People can file a class-action malfeasance suit against THEM.

    • Seriously? When something is done as illegal as what Mitch did? You are willing to just let them walk? Bullshit.

      There is a vast difference between the two statements. I hope you can figure that out

      • Seriously? When something is done as illegal as what Mitch did? You are willing to just let them walk?
        I never said I liked the game the way it's allowed to be played.

        The mailer uses nothing more than a time- worn tactic that has been used since forever. It contains no threat of legal action and it includes the information that the ad is being “provided as a public service.”

        Illegal? No.

        We, as a nation, have decided to allow politicians to run for office with absolutely no standards of competency, morality, honesty or ethics and we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.
        Maybe we should be shooting ourselves in the head for our own stupidity.

        • Uh...who wants to tell Jenny that being pre-occupied with the messenger means you don't have a rebuttal to the message or you just missed the message entirely.

          I don't make the rules, Buttercup.
          I'm just telling you what they are.

        • No we as a Nation haven't allowed it. Corrupt dishonest Republicans who can't win legally or fairly have allowed it. From putting laws in place via the corrupt conservative supreme court to sending out illegal documentation. The thought of them controlling anything,should send a shiver up the spine of anyone in their right mind.

  • When I received one of these flyers it made me mad. I knew it was fake & I thought Mitch needed to be held accountable. Glad Allison filed a suit. Everyone knows Mitch plays dirty but honestly this is a new low for even him!

  • The BEST thing that could happen right now is for a Federal Marshal to hold McConnell responsible for running afoul of election law. And come up to him, read him his rights, and arrest him.

    He may escape (he probably would -- he'd blame it on someone else... probably Mr. Obama). But the publicity would be fantastic.

    The BIGGEST problem right now is that the damage is done. Some number of voters in the infected counties will fear running afoul of the law, and stay home on Tuesday. There is no press and no TV that can undo, in three days, the damage that's been done.

    McConnell and the GOP must be held accountable, BIG TIME, for this atrocity.

    And the GOP wants us to be afraid of Ebola? The Kentucky scenario is a cancer.

  • Mitch McConnell is legendary for these sleazy election tactics but he's gone much too far this time. I am pleased to see Allison Grimes calling him to account and I am pleased to see her lawsuit and injunction against him being widely publicized. For anyone in America to accept his actions as simply normal political campaigning and to blame the voters for being stupid and/or gullible enough to be fearful of his intimidation tactics is deplorable. Mitch McConnel needs to be held accountable for his desperate and despicable action.

  • What McConnell has done shows how the Republicans will stoop to do ANYTHING legal or illegal, underhanded, low-down, dirty-rotten just to win an election! Old turtle face wants that Senate Majority leader's position so bad, that there is NOTHING he won't do to get it!!! The Koch Brothers have probably warned him he BETTER WIN OR ELSE! I'll bet they've sunk millions into McConnell's campaign already!!! The Koch Brothers are now in charge of the Republican Party so they call the tunes on all the GOP candidates!

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