A Politicus Podcast Special: McConnell Illegally Tries To Keep Democrats From Voting


Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss Mitch McConnell illegal attempt to keep Democrats from going to the polls in Kentucky in this special edition of the Politicus Podcast.

Listen here:

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6 Replies to “A Politicus Podcast Special: McConnell Illegally Tries To Keep Democrats From Voting”

  1. McConnell must really be terrified of Alison Grimes!. This is the first time he’s ever tried to suppress and intimidate voters in KY. This too will fail, as everything McConnell tries is a flop! This just makes more people determined to vote.

  2. This is big! Why isn’t this a national headline? A voter suppression effort is not a political ploy; it is a criminal act. McConnell’s illegal activity demonstrates the man’s character, or lack thereof. Grimes’ contention that McConnell’s time has come is correct. He is a disgrace, a tired old criminal who is owned by the Koch Brothers. God help us all if this man gets away with this horrible action.

  3. One website says since he said he won’t be able to repeal the ACA, he has been smacked
    down by his paid bosses and now is saying he will go for a full repeal.

  4. I agree with you. All these shysters belong in prison NOT IN CONGRESS! We all have a right to vote and these desperate POSs should not be rewarded because enough Dems were kept from voting. In states where this is happening, their tally on election night should not count. Just skip over and don’t county any of their votes in those states. Send the ones allowing this voter suppression from the governors on down to jail.


  5. John Oliver was wrong. McConnell could and did lower the bar. Too bad that Grimes cannot air Oliver’s ad that correctly describes McConnell.

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