Alison Lundergan Grimes Is Unfazed By New Polls And Confident In Kentucky Voters



In the face of polls that show them trailing, the campaign of Alison Lundergan Grimes is unfazed by the media talk and focused on Election Day.

Yes, there’s a brutal PPP poll out that shows Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) leading Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) ” 50/42, with Libertarian David Patterson getting 3%. In a head to head match up, McConnell’s lead is 53/44.”


But you have to wonder if this is accurate, and it does match up with the latest Kentucky Bluegrass poll, why did Mitch McConnell feel he had to violate election laws with an intimidating flier sent to voters in Eastern Kentucky? Seems we are not the only people wondering this.

Grimes Deputy Campaign Manager Phillip Thompson told PoliticusUSA that he has confidence in the voters, the ground game, and their internal polling, “We remain confident in the accuracy of our own polling, which for months has shown this race a dead heat. Mitch McConnell’s panicked $2 million check to himself and his sleazy, illegal voter suppression tactics suggest he sees the same. This election will ultimately be decided by voter enthusiasm in the final days and whoever best turns out their voters, and we have built the largest, most aggressive ground game in Kentucky history. On November 4th, we’re confident the voters will reject Mitch McConnell’s 30-year Washington record of failure and enriching himself on the backs of others, and replace him with an independent problem solver like Alison who will make Washington start working for Kentuckians again.”

This race was never going to be easy. Grimes is trying to unseat a Republican incumbent in a state where 60% of the vote supported Mitt Romney in 2012 and Obama still polls terribly. But for months this race has been tied within the margin of error. It’s unclear why races across the country are suddenly breaking for Republicans, especially in Kentucky where they aren’t even showing up to see McConnell and he is signaling his own insecurity with his loans to himself and the intimidation fliers.

The thing Democrats and Independents and moderate Republicans need to keep in mind is that people matter. Voters are all that matter on November 4th. People need to stay focused on turnout and worry about the results, if need be, on November 5th. Just show up.

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  1. They are scary, Politico’s Stepford Right-Wing Extremist Commenters. Their comments are all strangely the same. They seem identical but with different names. Who pays for them all?

    All these Commenters at Politico tell the same Big Lies: ‘Obama and his supporters are the real racists’, ‘Hitler was not Right-Wing’, ‘the Koch Brothers are selfless humanitarians’, etc.

  2. I know one thing. If enough republicans win, they are going to go nuts saying the people have spoken and start passing bills that will effect their own base as much as it effects others.

    The 1% wait for no one.

    Dont worry about what they do, the media will not be reporting it

  3. If Republicans win big, I will lose all faith in the process. Republicans are allowed to lie, distort and cheat with impunity. The truth does not stand a chance in this country anymore, and it will take the truth to get rid of Republicans. We will have to take to the streets to overcome the oligarchs because the media at all levels have been bought and turned into their personal megaphone.

    Sign me,
    Disillusioned American

  4. I have to believe that McConnell’s internal polls show the race is very close, otherwise he wouldn’t be resorting to trying to steal the election at the last minute (his latest voter suppression tactics in eastern Kentucky).

  5. You forgot to mention another thing that the Reichpublicans always have going in their favor–half of the voting public in this country is made up of willfully ignorant, uninformed, and in many cases, just plain stoo-pid people. Oh…and the “Praise Jesus that anything that has to do with science is a lie” group gets its own sub-category, but they still fall into the “Stoo-pid people” group (no offense to Jesus, just to many of His idiotic followers).

  6. I am confident too. I have met people on FB who believe polls saying McConnell is ahead 7-9 points, and they believe it! The man has to pay people to attend his rallies, yet he’s up 7-9 points. Really? I have been helping Alison with her campaign. She has this.

  7. I’m so disappointed in the local papers…I emailed them and asked them to run a story explaining to the voters regarding Mitch’s fraudulent mailer. Crickets…….in the Sunday papers.

  8. Glad someone is questioning why the polls are suddenly breaking for Republicans after months of extremely close polls. And I’m glad that you have pointed out Mitch’s sleazy and illegal tactics, which implies that Mitch doesn’t think he has a lead. Another good point is that Alison has drawn large crowds, while Mitch can’t pay people to show up and to be enthusiastic.

    Something rotten is going on, and it’s in America’s heartland, not in Denmark!

  9. Shamus you’re wrong about one point. There are more christians supporting Grimes than most people realize. Eastern Ky is small but most of us don’t vote anything but their conscience, christians included. A vote for McConnell is the equivalent of saying the only ones that matter have wealth. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put up a video of Randy Owens on youtube saying he was voting for McConnell. When several mentioned he couldn’t (he’s from Alabama) they changed it to supporting. I kept the original on my facebook page. I’m a christian & so are a lot of my friends & none of them are voting for McConnell. One Ky. reporter said that in all the yrs. he’s covered Ky. politics every time the incumbent is ahead in the polls w/i a week of voting he loses instead. He commented that he was just wondering why. Why did he give his campaign more money than he’d make as senator in 6 yrs. if he was re-elected? That makes you wonder what he really wants. [WINK]

  10. I wonder if Grimes pollster(Mellman) is going to release one last poll before election day.Her team keeps saying there internal polling shows a much more closer race.If that is the case they should release there internal poll.

  11. You would know more about your local issues than I would, and I’m not suggesting that all Christians are stupid–I was using a bit of sarcasm.

  12. Why should Alison’s campaign divulge to McConnell and his people what their internals show? McConnell would love to know what Alison’s campaign knows. These polls are ridiculous! McConnell hasn’t hit 50% in two years!
    And the races are only breaking if you believe the polling data. The polling data has favored the GOP from the get go! I don’t pay any attention to them.

  13. I am hoping and praying that this race will be closer than it looks… 11 polls, going back to the first week of October, all of which show Grimes trailing by 1 to 9 points. Even the Democratic-leaning PPP poll has her down by 8 points.

    Kentucky is a red state, only a touch of Blue.. This is one thing that the Republican sympathizers are forgetting… The tight, heavy-duty Senate battles are in red or red-purple states; it’s not surprising that the Dems are struggling. But if Grimes comes within 2-3 points of McConnell, the Repubs should start to worry.. It means that the Dems ARE making headway in red/red-purple Kentucky.

    I personally hope that she can pull it out. That would really be an upset!

  14. I have a hard time believing Mitch is ahead. I live in a solid red county in south central and there are more Grimes signs in yards, even in the gated and well to do communities. My Facebook friends, who are nearly all Republicans, well the local ones. They are all saying ditch Mitch, and a good portion of them are going to go vote for Alison, the rest are staying out.

  15. I’m voting for Grimes not Mitch the Bi0tch! He only cares about himself. Worried trying to fight Obama instead of focusing on KY. Giving himself 6 raises while in office….Time to get this loser out of office!

  16. Anybody remember what happened to Mr. Cantor? Who knew he was vulnerable? Well he got the shock of his life when he got the Pink Slip. Same thing is going to happen to Mr. McConnell. It will shock him and he might go into deep depression, then emerge like Mr. Cheney to throw mud at the President from time to time. It will serve him right. This ” We are going to make Obama a one term President at all costs”–FAILED. McCain Failed, Romney Failed. The polls were wrong then, and they are now…TODAY. Allison Grimes by a landslide. Watch Mitch’s face on November 5th, the blood would have been drained out, and his pasty look would worsen. The looks of a LOSER! There, I predict it.

  17. As much as I hate to say it, but that retarded McConnell seems to be the winner in Ole Kentucky !!! Makes you ponder just exactly what the voters in Kentucky are looking for, or not looking for in the case of Brainless (Goofy) McConnell….well, whatever Kentucky is looking for as far as intelligence goes, they’ve picked a real loser as far as looks go with that baboon McConnell – can you say ugly, lol…

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