Two Days Before Midterms, CNN’s State Of The Union Devotes Entire Show To Republicans

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As we head into an extremely important midterm election that will decide who controls the Senate, CNN’s State of the Union decided that they would give an inordinate amount of airtime to the Republican Party. In the show’s last broadcast before Tuesday’s elections, host Candy Crowley spent the majority of the time interviewing Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and former Secretary of State James Baker. The entire first half of the program was devoted to an extended interview with Paul, despite the fact that Paul was also scheduled to appear on two other Sunday shows (NBC’s Meet the Press and CBS’s Face the Nation).

In what could only be described as a fawning tribute to Paul and his potential Presidential run in 2016, Crowley spent most of the time in her interview with the Republican Senator providing him with setup questions so he could make his case that he is a populist who is interested in transforming the GOP. While she would ask topical questions of Paul regarding Ebola and Ferguson, she didn’t really grill Paul. Instead, she allowed him to respond with prepared answers with nary a tough follow-up to be found. In essence, the ‘interview’ was nothing more than an extended campaign commercial for Paul and Republicans.

Showing her true colors, Crowley discussed the midterm elections with Paul. She asked Paul if he felt that the elections would be a referendum on President Obama’s policies and his general unpopularity if the GOP takes over the Senate. As one would expect, Paul felt that the elections were all about the President. Crowley then jumped in and agreed with Paul.


CROWLEY: Let’s talk about 2014. You have been out and about, more than 30 states, as I understand it. Will the Republicans take over control of the Senate?

PAUL: I think, in all likelihood, yes. I think the wind’s at our back. I think this election is going to be a referendum on the president. Even he acknowledged his policies will be on the ballot, and he will be indirectly on the ballot.

And there’s a great deal of unhappiness that feels like our country, that he promised he would be beyond things, that he was going to be a uniter, not a divider. But, you know, I called him a month ago, and I said, Mr. President, I will work with you on criminal justice. What I want you to do is try to help me bring American profit home, so we can create jobs here.

He voted for this in 2005, lower the tax rate, bring money home, create jobs. It’s a win-win for everybody, both parties. But I was disappointed that he chose to attack American corporations, attack American business, instead of saying, you know what? I will help you bring jobs home and we will do it together.

CROWLEY: You are right. Certainly, there are a lot of circumstances that, if you’re a Democrat, you’re looking at them and think, you know, unpopular president. History is generally against the party that has a president in a midterm that holds the Oval Office.


Later on in the interview, Crowley let Paul slide on a complete contradiction. While talking about his ideas in comparison with Democrats and liberals, Paul claimed that the high tax rates and “big government way” in the United States was leading to companies doing business in places like Canada and Europe. However, Paul and other Republicans have constantly railed against European Socialism, claiming that Obama has tried to lead the country down that path. Below is the exchange between him and Crowley.

CROWLEY: So, why did do you this? Why did you make such a big effort, if not to set up a presidential run?

PAUL: Well, I won’t deny that it would help me, if I do decide to run for president, to have traveled to 32 states and to be part of helping the Republican team on board.

But I also do it because, whether I run or not — and I haven’t decided — but whether I run or not, I do want the Republican Party to be bigger and more successful, because I think our philosophy will help the country more. I think we have tried the big government way. We have tried the big tax way. We have tried all these regulations, but we’re suffering now because companies are actually fleeing America.

It’s actually better to do business in Canada in many ways than America. It’s better to do business in Europe than America. We have to change that. And the Democrats have said oh, no, we don’t care. We’re just going to call American companies unpatriotic.

That, to me, is a disaster for us, and people should reject that wholesale.

Not one follow-up question from Crowley regarding his apparent contradiction regarding Socialism and high tax rates. Apparently, versions of Socialism are fine for Canada and European countries, since businesses are leaving the States to set up shop in those countries. At the very least, Crowley could have said to Paul, “Don’t those countries have generally higher tax rates and more liberal, socialized governments than we do?” Or even perhaps, “Does this mean you support universal health care, like in those countries, which is one reason companies move there?” Instead, nothing. Crowley just allowed Paul to use her show as free advertising for the GOP and his likely Presidential run.

Considering that she was going to devote so much time to Paul, you’d think that Crowley would have pushed for a Democrat or non-partisan guest to follow. Nope. The next guest was Baker, who served as Secretary of State under the first President Bush, as well as Chief of Staff under Bush and President Reagan. While Crowley seemed to have a more constructive and fair conversation with Baker, it still was telling that the shows one-on-one interviews, prior to a huge election, were devoted to Republicans.

The show ended with a panel discussion. The panel was fairly divided between Democrats and Republicans. However, former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a Republican, dominated the discussion, seemingly with help from Crowley. Watching the entire show, you got a sense that CNN and Crowley were pushing the likelihood of a Republican mandate in Washington and portraying the Democratic Party as floundering. Whenever you hear about liberal media bias, I always wonder where it’s at. Because I’m certainly not seeing it!


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  1. Did the White House NOT invite her to one of their Dinners? So, now she has a bone-to-pick with them? Woman scorned? You know the rest. ;)

  2. Myvette, I’ve never understood why MSNBC doesn’t compete equally with the enemy. But I don’t understand the Chuck Todd connection either.

  3. Gee, what a dull surprise…

    American’s CNN, et al are sounding more and more like the old Soviet State-owned television news…”All glory to fearless leaders of party line; now we drink together, eh comrades?”, Crowley coos to Paul and Baker.

    They really think they’re sittin’ fat and pretty on this one…we’ll see.

  4. The media has pitched the 2014 Republican Wave for many months now, so are trying to push the gop over the finish line to make their prophecy come true.

  5. So Rand Paul says, “He [Mr. Obama] promised he would be beyond things, that he was going to be a uniter, not a divider…”

    Sen. McConnell stated, in an interview in the National Journal (10/23/2010) that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

    In the same interview, Mr. McConnell also stated, “We [Republicans] need to be honest with the public.”

    Mr. McConnell fails on both counts. He fails on a lot more counts, too. The GOP complains about Mr. Obama acting “like a dictator” — and allows crapola statements like this from one of its biggest mouthpieces.

    Time to relegate Mr. McConnell to the dustbin of history. Mr. Paul, clean up the GOP garbage before you worry about Democratic garbage.

    Quotes, sourced:

  6. 3rd quarter GDP grew at a solid 3.5% we found out Thursday, a strong 4.6% over the summer months. This has been the strongest year of payroll growth since the last Democratic president was in office back in 1999. US unemployment has fallen from a peak of 10.1% down to under 6% currently, and the deficit has dropped at the fastest pace in two years since WW2 more then cut in half. And with all those AMAZING accomplishments from our Democratic president the American electorate and media on Nov 4th look poised to give him and democrats a big middle finger. If I didn’t say it you can slap me right here.

  7. Honesty and principles are whatever the GOP and the media says it is … at this point Republicans could commit mass murder – line Democrats up and shoot ’em and as long as its media shills don’t get caught in the crossfire, they’ll totally ignore Republican demagoguery and lies and persecute in comparison, Democrats.
    BUT … Democrats have been nothing if not spineless cowards, for years now, silently slithering away from any confrontations and standing up to the media and the D.C. establishment.

  8. His doing three Sunday shows might be actually good for Alison here in Kentucky though. I mean they didn’t have Mitch on to lie and possibly get caught. The rationale being that they want Rand to be the Senior Senator when he runs for President.

  9. I stopped watching CCN years ago. It’s becoming another Fox News. With that fat Candy and that old geezer Wolfe, and not to mention Anderson Popper(Not because he is gay, I’m gay but he is just another GOP cheerleader).

  10. Luckily, Turner Broadcasting pulled all their channels off the air on DISH, because of a money dispute.
    Most of us out here in rural America use satellite for TV.
    So, no CNN!

  11. I still wonder how Candy Crowley got that job. Is she related to some big wig? Who did she sleep with (when she was yrs younger and weighed 150 lbs less)?
    What’s the deal with Rand Paul? Why would three different shows interview that slime ball on the same day.
    Thank heavens I didn’t see any of them. It’s disgusting enough just to read about these so-called interviews.

  12. Unfortunately,
    CNN has chosen to gravitate to the
    least common denominator. They used
    to be the ‘go to’ channel if you
    wanted the real news story. They
    have morphed into another National
    Enquirer like ‘news’ show. They are
    actually stooping to Fox lows and
    showing the Ladies legs.
    They have officially ‘Jumped the Shark’

  13. Crowley is a consummate insider in Washington. She gains access to people because they know she is going to throw softball questions at them. Not known for alienating her sources, people are eager to be on State of the Union.
    What is truly sad is that the Sunday morning shows all play footsie with the politicians they interview. No tough questions. No follow up to blatant misrepresentation of facts and, apparrently, no research in advance. Crowley panders to the wrong side; giving Republicans more attention than they deserve.
    I am not going to let the White House skate on this either. This administration has the worst media relationships I can recall. At least Reagan joked around with the media. Kennedy was a master at media relations. No drama Obama, is much too stiff with the press/TV than he needs to be because he has nothing to lose. He needs to get in their face and tell them they are being unfair to his administration in their coverage and it has to change.

  14. The news media is truly metamorphed into a gossip entertainment type of media these days. Playing to the money and not the news truth, and we all know who has the money these days Since letting go the likes of the O’Brien etc., CNN has become worst than Faux News. Faux know that they are unfair and dishonest and never pretend to be anything different. CNN on the other hand, under the false pretenses of being fair, accurate and honest, is just another way of getting the republican message out to those that find Faux News disgusting to say the least. There is nothing no worst than hiding behind false pretenses of being fair and honest. Our legal system has enough of that. Being always accurate in news reporting is never 100% when dealing with human beings. “We the people” get enough of false pretenses from our never doing nothing for the sake of the people, worth nothing for the sake of the people and is never having nothing for the sake of the people republican politicians these day…

  15. I suppose contributing half a show to republicans in contrast to almost six years of swooning over democrats and their policies is adequate “balance.”

  16. Perhaps what CNN is reporting is actually the truth with which you no longer agree? Arguably it’s painful if a news source reports, for example, that under Mr. Obama the unemployment rate among black male teens is at its highest level ever of 92%. That would be difficult to hear if one likes Mr. Obama and was under the impression he would actually help black people. None the less, that does not mean the statement is untrue and it takes discipline to obtain news from sources that portray stories with which you may not agree.

  17. 1. Lets see your data (92%)
    2. What would the republicans be saying if Obama worked to make one segment of the population better then the rest? Are you that stupid?

  18. Oh noes! Because that would defeat the purpose of fooling the American people – who still believe we have a viable 4th Estate – informing us!

    And then – *gasp!* – they’ll wise up to these billionaire fascists and their dream of replacing our Constitution with a Corporate Charter when they realize what a bunch of anti-American propagandists these America-hating 1-percenters really are!

    Can’t have that can we, Judith?

  19. If you’d unglue your eyeballs from Faux News Channel and rip your ears off of 24 hour right-wing lying radio, you just might discover what anti-democratic, anti-American tripe you’ve been buying into all these years and maybe, just maybe, have an epiphany.

    Don’t worry, though. I won’t be holding my breath for you to evolve.

  20. Outside of the United States, in countries where the people are politically-savvy and intelligent enough to know the difference between propaganda and factual news, CNN is the go-to place to get hard-hitting facts.

    It’s only in this country, where millionaires and billionaires see an advantage in dumbing-down the electorate in order to boost their bottom line and mega-bonuses at the expense of working America where CNN is no different than Faux News Channel.

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