Mitt Romney Tells The Ultimate Lie: Democrats Are The Real Party Of No


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Mitt Romney can’t stop lying. On Fox News Sunday, Romney claimed that if Republicans win the Senate they will prove that Democrats are the real party of no.



In Romney’s fantasyland, Democrats will help Republicans get 60 votes in the Senate and pass bills that President Obama will sign.

Romney said,

The good news is that in many cases the president will sign them with regards to for instance the economy. The president has asked for trade promotion authority. Harry Reid won’t give him that authority. Republicans want him to have that authority. We want to see trade negotiations under way and see if we can’t find more places to sell American goods that will help the economy. The president will sign that.

When Reince Priebus talks about adjusting our healthcare system to make Obamacare work better, look, we’ve got Obamacare at least for the next couple of years, there are a lot of things a number of Democrats in the Senate agree with Republicans on. One is to keep the penalty for people who are in part time work from driving more people out of full time jobs. These kinds of changes I actually think you’ll see the president sign.

I am absolutely convinced that you’re going to see with a Republican led Senate, if we are lucky enough to get that, you’re going to see bills get to the president’s desk. He will sign some. Some he won’t sign, no question about that. He’ll veto some, but I think at that point we’ll find out who really is the party of no.

Mitt Romney was selling a package of rainbows and unicorns to Republicans. Here is what will really happen. If Republicans take control of the Senate, they will not have the sixty votes needed to pass legislation. At this point, you will see Harry Reid and the Democrats embark on a revenge campaign that would make Emily Thorne proud.

Nothing is going to get through the Senate unless it is something moderate that Obama and the Democrats want. There will be no Republican led flood of legislation hitting Obama’s desk. Within a month of taking over the Senate, Republicans will be moaning about not being able to pass anything.

Republicans in the Senate will try to ransom Obama by using the funding process to shut down the government. It will be proven the American people, once again, why Mitt Romney is a compulsive liar who is rarely right about anything.

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  1. One of the Republicans’ tactics is to accuse Democrats of the very thing they’re doing.

    The ease of manipulating large swaths of the American public is frightening.

    The only solution, imo, is to fight fire with fire because reason clearly doesn’t work.

    Of course they fight back even harder, meaner when we do making it ugly, but it must be done.

    Wish our D.C. Democrats cared, but their careers come first it seems, and big money rules.

    The amazing aspect to all this is the oligarchy has already won but never ending pressure to increase profits, along with psychopaths needing all the money won’t leave well enough alone.

  2. Reid agreeing with Romney? What was it Harry said about the tax returns? He heard a little whisper about how Mitt ducked paying? Oh, I must go Google that.

  3. Democrats are the Party of ‘No’…

    We say ‘NO’ to the right wing policies that help the rich while screwing the poor.

    We say ‘NO’ to the idea that corporations are people. They do not bleed. They do not have feelings. They have no emotions. They’re businesses.

    We say ‘NO’ to the idea that a woman is to be treated differently because she is a woman. She can do any job a man can do and deserves the same level of pay.

    We say ‘NO’ to the idea that religion runs all. No one should have to deal with psychopaths who do nothing but instill the fear of their God to force people into their side.

    We say ‘NO’ to a party who hates America! They hate America because it’s not what they want. Come Tuesday, make sure you vote… after Tuesday, the party of ‘NO’ will be seen for what they are: Scam artists who deserve nothing more then to join it’s conservative cause in the corner with a Dunce cap on it’s collective head.

  4. They ARE SCARY, the Stepford Commenters at Politico. Politico has all these Right-Wing extremist commenters all strangely the same. They seem identical but with different names. Who pays for them all?

  5. Politico’s Right-Wing extremist commenters all use the Big Lie. Here are examples. ‘Obama’s supporters are the real racists’, ‘Hitler wasn’t Right-Wing’, ‘the Koch Brothers are selfless humanitarians’.

  6. I am just sick of all the politicians. It seems all they want is to be reelected for their own personal benefit (bigger pension) not the citizens of this country. All the politicians are doing is this person lies that person lies, why don’t they all work together for us not themselves and their pockets.

  7. Then why didn’t the Democrats get anything meaningful done when they had the executive and both houses of Congress from 2008 to 2010? The reality is that the Democrats do NOT want to actually get anything done less they lose their base.

  8. The carpetbagger speaks and its a lie.Romney should go back to stealing workers pensions.The country already voted a referendum on what he thinks.He should be ignored and placed in the dumpster of history along with all the other lying Republican/conservatives whose main value is greed.

  9. GOP A DEFINITE NO– to nearly 5M long term unemployed workers since Dec 28th,2013, House GOP even said NO to THEIR OWN PARTY (so much for claim that a new majority will stop the grid-lock) when Boehner wouldn’t ALLOW A vote for an extension bill (written and passed by Senate Republicans) more than 300,000 vets included lost benefits. It cost state’s economies $5 BILLION IN JUST THE 1ST quarter of 2014 according to the CBO. So here we are 2 days before election with close to 5M families impacted by GOP NOs to American workers who lost jobs through no fault of their own.… If anyone wants to blame Obama for unemployment,remember that –the GOP SAID NO and rejected the PBO’S American JOBS Act 2011. I certainly KNOW THE NO PARTY!! and they are NO FUN! thousands have been been forced into poverty.

  10. Reid relayed a claim he’d heard and myth robme could have proven him a spreader of lies, but he didn’t, did he? All rombe had to do was release his tax returns, but he refused to do so? One must wonder why that it…

  11. There are two reasons that the twit has emerged this year as a self-proclaimed pundit; he wants to be anointed the nominee in 2016….and the republicans still can’t use the village idiot bushie jr on the campaign trail.

  12. Republicans should take an objective look (not likely to ever happen) at the kind of people who are the “faces” of the GOP: desperate, lying Mitt Romney; shrill ignoramus Sarah Palin; bigoted hatemonger Rush Limbaugh; greedy egomaniac Donald Trump. It is truly scary.

  13. You’d rather have the poor be poorer as long as it means the rich were less rich. That’s what’s been happening. US average incomes are down and declining for all classes.
    Corporations employ 52 percent of the American workforce. How evil of them.
    I think you might want to check out just how many women your pal Obama has employed in his administration.
    Religion: Why not have the government run everything like in North Korea, China, Russia, Venezuela or most of the Muslims countries. Or maybe we can just have liberalism be the official mandatory religion and Obama can be the Savior in Chief. I think you forget that freedom of religion was one of the most prefunding principles that this country was founded on.
    Also, it was the “right-wingers” that said ‘NO’ to slavery. Remember that one? Probably not, but it’s ok. Most leftists have a selective memory.

  14. THIS from the man who said he thinks we need “16 more aircraft carriers…”, yet won’t even consider that, if we’re in a perpetual state of war, like the Right Wing wants, there shouldn’t be a War Tax to pay for this kind of asininity?

  15. Noticed a lot of downvotes, but being open and posting about their disagreements is, apparently, too scary.

    Rightly so, because for every argument the right-wing can come up with, we Democrats/progressives can come up with at least two as counter arguments.

    The Republicans have done enormous damage to this country. I’m not talking about any extremists, I’m talking about your average, every day Republican. Ones that may think their leadership is doing wrong, but out of fear of being openly denigrated, will say and do nothing, just go along with the crowd.

    Its funny, when Bush II was president nobody but people that agreed with him could send him a message on the white House web site. With Obama ANYBODY can send him messages; Democrats, Republicans, Evangelicals, anybody. And believe me they have. I know because I’m a single payer believer, and I bitched him out over Obamacare.

    These downvoters are just like that Bush. They don’t want to hear anything against their belief…

  16. Ah, I see Mitt is auditioning for Act III.

    He wrote off almost half of the country and we’re supposed to care what he says? I don’t think so.

    Go home, Mitt. The American people just aren’t that into you.

  17. Yeah, my little saying is: If you want to know what a Republican is doing just listen to what he accuses Democrats of doing.

  18. Mitt is helping us and don’t even realize it. I bet the powers that be in the GOP are hoping he shuts up. People will remember the train of lies that started when he was on the campaign trail, only to worsen after he picked Lyin Ryan as VP.

  19. Dont be fooled, he is right. The gop will pass tons of laws that are titled jobs bills, but do nothing more then cut taxes for the rich, cut benefits for the workers and cut environmental and other regulations.

    The president will veto them and the right will then say he is the party of no. And the Dems are too sheepish to hold up the bills to the public and ask is this what you want?

  20. “US average incomes are down and declining for all classes.”

    Except the wealthy at the top. They game the system, then refuse to share.

    “Corporations employ 52 percent of the American workforce. How evil of them.”

    And wages have remained flat while CEO pay has skyrocketed. And corporations are more profitable than ever – thanks to their employees who are struggling.

    “I think you might want to check out just how many women your pal Obama has employed in his administration.”

    More than Bush Lite did.

    “Religion: Why not have the government run everything like in North Korea, China, Russia, Venezuela or most of the Muslims countries.”

    Your precious corporations have gamed the system enough that they’re the ones that DO run it…like it was their own little kingdom.

    “Or maybe we can just have liberalism be the official mandatory religion and Obama can be the Savior in Chief.”

    Now you’re just being silly. He’s gone in two years.

  21. “I think you forget that freedom of religion was one of the most prefunding principles that this country was founded on.”

    I think you meant ‘profound’. And it’s fact that once here, religious freedom was NOT what was was established. This is why we had splinter colonies all throughout New England, because church leaders couldn’t accept differing opinions. CF Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson…

    “Also, it was the “right-wingers” that said ‘NO’ to slavery. Remember that one? Probably not, but it’s ok. Most leftists have a selective memory.”

    Granted, but the Republican Party of the 1860s (or the 1960s, for that matter) was nothing like it is in 2014. You neglect to account for evolution and change within society…but then again so does the GOP these days.

  22. “Right wingers” said no to slavery? Lincoln was the most liberal of the new Republican party. That ship sailed long ago.

  23. First of why does the public have to continue to hear from these two bit losers. Romney lost people. Nobody really gives a crap what he say’s or thinks. So he can take his rich a$$ some place else. Do you really think a loser, that lost so bad is going to say anything different.

  24. Right, Mittens is being told what to say by the GOP again. REMEMBER MITTENS THINKS PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO OPEN AIRPLANE WINDOWS! SMDH

  25. “We want to see trade negotiations under way and see if we can’t find more places to sell American goods that will help the economy.” American goods made in China, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Maylasia, etc, to sell to “other” countries…you mean that will help our economy, or your economy, or their economy? Uh, no thanks.

  26. Wow… seeing this is like a greatest hits of Fox News fed lies. Let me handle these one by one so you can be reasonably handled with.

    1. It’s not about making the poor more poor or the rich less rich. It’s about those who are poor getting a chance to have a decent life. The rich shouldn’t just have all the money to themselves. That’s not fair to those who work for a living.

    2. 52%, huh? So, where’s the other 48% of that workforce, genius? Let me guess, you’ll bust out a ‘Romney’ and say that the other 48% only care about handouts and freebies. No… in fact, they work just as hard as those 52% that you love so much.

    3. I think TropicDave got this already.

    4. No. I didn’t forget. In fact, the idiocy is so rampant here that best way to deal with that is this: If I was in charge, every single one of you godforsaken idiots would learn their place in the world and that place is the corner with a dunce cap on. Conservatism has failed. DEAL WITH IT, JACKASS!

  27. President Obama was sworn in with just 58 Senators to support his Agenda. He should of had 59 but The Republicans contested Al Franken’s (D-Minnesota)Election – Franken did not get seated for 7 Months.
    Here is the Timeline:
    President Obama – Inaugurated – 1-20-09
    Sen. Arlen Specter – From R to D -4-29-09
    Sen. Robert Byrd (D)- Hospitalized- 5-18-09
    Sen. Al Franken (D) – Sworn In – 7-7-09
    Sen. Ted Kennedy (D)- Passes Away – 8-25-09
    Sen. Paul Kirk (D)-Kennedy’s Seat- 9-24-09
    Sen. Scott Brown (R)- Sworn In – 02-04-10

  28. Americans dislike pols who lie. They now realize they made the right decision in the last presidential election. Mittens is the biggest liar in politics today. He knew he could get away with it, too, given the forum and politics of the show host. Is this what is taught in the Mormom Church?

  29. The hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican liar Mitt Romney really is just that. The American people will never tire of rejecting him, he is not one of us. The people of United States of America do not like the hate mongering liar Romney, do not need the hate mongering liar Romney, will never accept the hate mongering liar Romney.

  30. Who listens to two times LOSERS’ opinions. We know he is just projecting the GOP lie. Saying what the goobers on the Republican side want to hear—makes them glow in ecstacy at the put downs these failed politicians yell from the sidelines as though they are relevant. Sarah Palin for one? Chenney, another one.
    Donald Duffus Duck Trump the Birther in chief with Orly Taitz among others. What do they offer? Trash talk only. Nothing substantive.

  31. Let me see if I have this straight.

    For four years now the GOP House has said “No” to everything. They’ve been so childish about refusing negotiation and compromise that they actually shut down the government for a while.

    They now believe that [possible] control of the Senate gives them the right to dictate policy? That negotiation and compromise are still out of the question?

    So the President sees it for what it is — childish, churlish lawmakers still insisting that it must be their way. Or no way at all. But it will somehow become Mr. Obama who bears the label of “No”?

    Whatever happened to all those fine diplomats we used to have in Washington?

  32. When Congress said, “No”, the president just used “executive orders” to go around them. The reason he hasn’t done it with amnesty is probably because he wants to wait until after the election. I don’t think he’ll be a dictator- unless he gets popular again.

  33. Lincoln was the 1st Rep. pres.- but up until the late 1960s the Dems fought civil rights tooth and nail. Pres. Johnson said that they better recognize the n_____, since they’re becoming a large voting block. The NAACP was started by Reps.

  34. Well, Democrats _are_ the Party of “NO”… No on vouchers for Medicare, No on privatized Social Security. No on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. No on the deregulation of the bankster’s cartel. No on a toothless EPA. No on the mixture of Church and State. No on tort reform. No on a censored internet. No on taking government dominion over the vaginas of America’s women. No on destroying the social safety net. No on unequal pay. No on objections to a living wage… No on rewards for psychopaths… …Plenty more No’s…

  35. Same old crap. Every election time, no matter what the facts, the nation is in at least an economic hole and it’s always the fault of the republicans. I’m 81 years old and have been voting since I was eligible. I served in the military for 20 years, was a professor in 3 universities, have an earned PhD., was advisor for science and technology to 25 generals, and am in more than 100 management publications. But somehow, I must be dull-witted. How can the republicans have been responsible for national chaos through 15 presidencies and even more congresses? Please put away that old chestnut and come up with a new excuse. At least, be a little creative. Thank you.

  36. Yes, the Mormon Church itself is a lie. That organization was born from Joseph Smith, a greedy liar, adulterous and assassin. They lie about history, anthropology, theology, the origin of their “sacred” books and so on. Even more, they suppose to know that they are liars since they have their own “historians”. They contend that their Church came to reestablish the real Christian church with J.S. as their prophet but their doctrines and practices do not have anything to do with the apostolic preaching. -We can said something similar of the “conservative church- We do not have to be a Mormon to be a liar, but certainly to be part of religious institution with so much power and money, surely helps.

  37. I was gonna Tweet this then it occurred to me … I don’t give a good goddamn what this magic underwear wearing POS says about anything.

    So, sorry. No Tweet. Catch ya next time. ; )

  38. Just remember two things about MitNoTaxReturn and what his son said “Mitt Romney didn’t really want to win, his son Tagg Romney claims in a recent interview.
    “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life,” Tagg Romney told the Boston Globe. “If he could have found someone else to take his place . . . he would have been ecstatic to step aside.”
    The oldest Romney son said his father is a “private person” who wanted to help put the country back on its feet, but hated the limelight that came with presidential politics.
    Tagg Romney told the newspaper

  39. Really? This from a man who would scoop up the nomination from the rest of the dullards in his party’s clown carful of fail, malarkey, wack, woo, and outright cray-cray-crazy?

  40. Now with the Republicans in charge all the bills that are piled up under Reids desk should be hitting the POS POTUS soon. Lets see who is the party of “NO” [WINK]

  41. Robert, can we assume you are all for huge tax breaks to corporations, tax breaks for people in the upper 10% that YOU have to pay for? Getting rid of environmental laws that allow corporations to poison your water and air? Then you wan tthose bills to be passed.

    But further, and I know Fox doesnt tell you this because they want you dumb, all bills expire at the beginning of a new congress.

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