Reince Priebus Admits That The Election Will Be A Failure If Democrats Keep The Senate

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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus admitted that if Democrats keep the Senate it will be another failed election for the Republican Party.



STEPHANOPOULOS: — if Republicans don’t take the Senate…


STEPHANOPOULOS: — on Tuesday, is it a failure?

PRIEBUS: I think we have to take the Senate. Yes, I would be very disappointed. But, you know, here’s the thing. I don’t know why Debbie keeps using this have your back line. I’m not going to go there again. But I — I — I would encourage the media to look at what the DNC is actually spending on the ground with this ground game. The DNC — in reality, in this mid-term is not our competition, it’s the Senate Democrat Committee that’s putting the ground game together, not the DNC and not what Debbie’s talking about. And we’re winning on the ground.

The last few days of any campaign are about the get out the vote sell. Republicans days before the 2012 election that they were winning. Remember Romentum, while Karl Rove and Dick Morris predicted a President Romney? Even when they are getting blown out of the water, Republicans claim that they are winning.

It would be nothing short of a complete disaster for Republicans. Even though polling appears to be moving in their direction, votes still have to be cast and counted. Priebus’ claim that Republicans are winning on the ground disguises the fact that in many of the red states where Democratic incumbents are fighting to hang on, Republicans should be winning on the ground. Republicans should win on the ground in places like Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, and Alaska.

If Republicans win in those states, it’s not some national wave against Democrats. Republican victories in red states with Democratic senators would represent a further strengthening of the national political polarization.

Republicans are betting everything on winning the Senate. This could turn out to be a foolish strategy as it looks likely that Democrats will take the Senate back in 2016. If Democrats keep the Senate, it could be years before Republicans get another shot at the majority.

A Democratic win on Tuesday wouldn’t just be a failure, it would be party crushing defeat for Republicans.

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  1. Don’t have a “sad”, Reince. Extreme Republican ideology and assertions are failure no matter who wins the Senate.

  2. Reince knows that the GOP is in real trouble. There are numerous races that he and the GOP claimed were easy wins. They have now seen that they have had to scramble and dump large amounts of cash in those races. Even with this done the so called easy wins are still very much in danger. The GOP has for the last several weeks been the party of panic.

  3. Well, I know what that means.

    Everyone, let’s make sure that this election becomes yet another failure for the Right Wing Anti-American Party!

  4. Then Reince Priebus should brace himself for an epic failure on Tuesday. The dems will not only hold the Senate, but expand their majority, as well as make gains in the House, if not take that over by a couple of seats. This election will be a democratic wave.

  5. This election year is the republicans wet dream: gerrymandering, dark money, voter suppression, and most states in play are the reddest and southern states….yet everything is a virtual tie…they have already failed, irregardless of outcome.

  6. I think all of the republican gerrymandering, dark money, and voter suppression is backfiring on them. It will be interesting Tuesday night. I think the GOP is in for a humiliating defeat.

  7. Well then, it’s time for gop voters to start using the second amend and blow their brains out. The GOP are about to loose 4 Senate seats and anywhere between 6-10 Gubernatorial races. Pride goeth before the fall

  8. What is it with the Sunday shows? I refuse to watch MTP because Todd makes me upChuck. I caught as much of Candy (creepy) Crawley that I could stomach, she had on 2 straight lying ass repubs and was stroking the GOP talking points.

  9. “…look at what the DNC is actually spending on the ground with this ground game…”

    I don’t know what the D’s are spending on the ground. Here’s what I DO know:

    My garage has been given over for the past three weekends and for the next three days by Democratic canvassers for my Senator’s campaign. There have been dozens of people coming and going for days, picking up pamphlets and knocking on doors in my District to get out the vote. I’m not paid a penny. They’re not paid a penny. We do it because it’s what’s right for America.

    Reince knows about spending money to get out the vote because that is what they have to do to get people to knock on doors for them.

  10. Judy,

    I feel the American people aren’t that stupid, and infact they have awakened to the stench of the GOP. The Dems have their grassroots game on, and their GOTV effort on. The corporate media won’t tell you this because they are fully vested in the GOP voter suppression effort.

  11. races will be close. that is why every single vote is extremely important. vote for democrats on tuesday!!!

  12. Republican spin:

    A. Republican politician gets pelted with a thousand rotten eggs.

    B. Right-wing press reports he received an overwhelming ovation.

  13. Uh… John, have you actually looked at any polls? I understand the optimism, but isn’t that pretty ignorant of you to make comments like this when all numbers say otherwise?

  14. judy thats what the gop wants to do is discourage democrats and i hate to say it judy but it appears the gop tactic of depressing dems is working on u,just do it judy and vote tuesday for dems ok, i encourage u to vote dems judy

  15. uhh anythony isnt it stupid of u to go by polls polls are wrong half the time, hint according to polls romney was suppose to beat obama 2012 and obama won also does eric cantor bring anything to mindi

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