Only 100 Show Up, 15 From Out Of State, For “Big” Rand Paul/Mitch McConnell Rally

Mitch McConnell

Amanda VanBenschoten, a news columnist for Enquirer Media from Kentucky, noted that there wasn’t much enthusiasm for Senator Mitch McConnell at Monday’s rally. The 15 or so young people may or may not be local, as they took off in vans with non-local plates.

Overall, the big joint rally with Rand Paul drew 100 people. Though Amanda VanBenschoten estimated the crowd at an even smaller 80:

And a lack of Tea Party folks:

And from their own mouths, Scott Hofstra, the Spokesperson United Kentucky Tea Party & Chairman of Central Kentucky Tea Party Patriots:

So maybe they hate Grimes enough to vote for McConnell but hate McConnell so much that they won’t show up at rallies for him. To bank on this, you have to put a ton of stock in enormous hatred. Much fear and hatred has been ginned up, but I wonder if it is as compelling as Republicans think it is. Liberals stayed home when they were not impressed by the offerings, and while Republicans don’t play that way, what other choice does the Tea Party have at this point if they want to be taken seriously?

The Kentucky Republicans claim no one showed up because they all had to “work” (yet another attempt to falsely paint the Democrats who support red states as lazy people who don’t work – nice try, but inaccurate):

NKYRepublicans, “@avbnky a number of our members were in attendance and many more would have loved to come but had to work”. Oh, of course. That explains paying people from other states to come. Not.

So the question is, as it has been for days since word first got out that McConnell’s events are sparsely attended and some of those who attend have been paid via travel and/or hotel expenses just to attend, who is going to vote for Mitch McConnell? Who is going to turn out for him?

McConnell has even tried to pass off his paid supporters as sound crew. McConnell has resorted to sending out illegal fliers to coal country trying to intimidate Democrats from voting.

This question has been plaguing me for days, especially as polls showed McConnell up in the last few days while on the ground, it looks like only money can buy him a semblance of love. Yes, there are folks who hate Obama so much that they will show up to vote against him. But why aren’t even a small portion of actual Kentucky residents showing up at McConnell’s events, and how many of them will turn out on election day if even a small percentage of them can’t be bothered to show up?

Is the Tea Party holding out against McConnell or have they slid into irrelevance in Kentucky? If McConnell can’t count on the Tea Party vote, whose vote can he count on? McConnell had to use a Pennsylvania woman in his ad on how he’s a great Senator for women, so even with money, he can’t drag Kentucky women in front of a camera to vouch for him.

Meanwhile, in the face of grim polls, Alison Lundergan Grimes continues to express her faith in Kentucky voters (over dark corporate money). And on Monday, she told a crowd, “You are the messengers that Mitch McConnell can’t buy. He can buy the airwaves.”

And that is really the point that has been bothering me about the polls. Only people can vote, and while we expect the negative ads against her to take a toll, she and McConnell were tied days ago. Suddenly she’s dropped in the polls for no reason, and yet her events are packed and McConnell has to bus them in and pay them. This simply doesn’t make sense.

Something odd is going on in Kentucky. Fifteen enthusiastic young people brought in a van with out of state plates do not an election win.

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  1. Rallies mean nothing in a way, especially since with Mitch and the other Reich Wingers their votes are bought and paid for well in advance so I don’t see a victory for Alison.

  2. Fact folks polls can be manipulated to show an outcome that the poll organization wants. The real count is the actual votes, they are what counts nothing else does.

  3. I live in Florida and we have a lot of Republican supporters on food stamps and medicaid and never worked a day in their lazy lives By the way their all white folks. It seems it is that way through out the south, a bunch of lazy Obama haters, that point fingers at minorities, and blame illegals, for taking the jobs their lazy white asses wouldn’t take anyway! They learned well from the GOP! By the way I’m a white democrat guy (from the North) that has worked non stop for 42 years,never took a penny from the taxpayers, and is getting ready for work right now, while the redneck neighbors suck on beers and smoke their cigars all day long! Why don’t the GOP stop their freakin lying for God sakes!!

  4. McConnell is going to flip out! His bubble is about to burst. His ol’ folk fan base have decided to not show support. It would be great to not have to look at that man’s face anymore.

  5. I clicked No Way on your post because I completely reject your pessimism. It appears to me you have swallowed the corporate media’s voter suppression effort hook, line, and sinker.

  6. We have the kind were you slide it into the machine. We are ok, no vote switching. I love how McConnell’s campaign is imploding. I have a hard time believing the media who claim this race is close. It can’t be close.

  7. The Republicans are acting to smug for me. Let’s not forget the Rove meltdown about Ohio. I hope I’m wrong but it feels like they have these votes already and the only way that can be is if they have the machines rigged again. Anonymous saved us the last time, let’s hope they’re still around!

  8. NO JOHN!!! I did NOT swallow a damned thing! And it’s not pessimism it’s REALITY!! I am not some idiot republican who is gullible and ignorant. What you seem to forget is that the Reich Wing will do anything to win! Perhaps it’s time you woke up to the FACT that the REICH Wing is flat out EVIL!!

  9. DJ,

    I live in Illinois and there have been a few reports of this happening where Republican votes switch to Democratic votes and Democratic votes to Republican votes.

    It’s happened in Moline and Schaumburg that I know of, but it’s a calibration problem with the machines – and NO VOTES WERE ACTUALLY SUBMITTED FOR THE WRONG CANDIDATES.

    In each case, the election officials were notified, voters were able to get the right vote submitted (usually on the 2nd try) and then the machines taken out of service and recalibrated.

    It’s happened in Maryland, either North or South Carolina, and a few other places.

    It’s not an attempt to “steal” votes as Republican candidates alleged in a Robocall to Illinois voters. No votes were ever cast incorrectly and this kind of thing happens in every election where these machines are used.

    Also, it depends on where you live if you have this machine voting or not; it’s not in all polling places.

  10. Polls can indeed be tampered with, and a compelling reason to do so is so that, when the vote tally is hacked, it won’t look suspicious.

  11. It’s a pleasure to hear that McConnell has to make excuses for small turnouts at his rallies. If they are at work today, doesn’t that mean they will also be at work tomorrow? It’s poetic justice to see a man go down in flames when he thought he has bought an election just on name recognition. Maybe that name recognition isn’t all it’s cracked up to be since they can finally tie his words to a name. It gives me great pleasure to realize that the Koch brothers will have to find someone else to crown them king and queen of the USA after the election. It takes more than arrogance and self-centrist attitude to win when it is votes that count. The Koch brothers can’t vote for you. VOTE BLUE for ma and for YOU.

  12. well aren’t you just a bowl full of rainbows and sunshine!!

    that attitude is why mitch and the other worthless jerk keep getting reelected until they dry up and blow away!

    sure hope you’re gonna do more than piss and moan or cry on nov 4th.

  13. i don’t care what the polls say.

    they could all say that everyone was at 25% and that the repugs were 75% it still wouldn’t matter any to me.

    i will get out and vote on the 4th!!!!

  14. Accepting the corporate media propaganda, and voter suppression is not reality, it is a surrender. I agree the GOP is pure evil, but so is the corporate media whose job it is to brainwash democrats in to submission. Be stronger than this.

  15. I’ll agree that MM is “useless”, but “progressive”? Name one thing other than re-election that he has accomplished in the last 24 years.

  16. It’s funny how the only work Mitch McConnell has done the past six years has been trying to get people to hate President Obama. Well tomorrow Mitch will find out just how much he is despised. Reap what you’ve sown Mitch McConnell.

  17. Rallies mean a great deal, and is an indicator as to how much support a candidate has. Those that attend rallies, are staunch supporters, you know their vote. Remember when MCCAIN ran in 2008? He hardly had any support, until he put Palin on the ticket, then the crowds appeared.
    As for McConnell winning, I doubt it. If you don’t have supporters, how can you win?

  18. We have never had a problem with machines switching votes, so please don’t compared KY to IL. That’s akin to comparing Einstein’s to Palin, and KY is Einstein!

  19. I was watching Ed Schultz show, and the elections were being discussed! Todd and another do called “expert” called the Senate race for Mcconnell!! Not one vote has been cast, but they have am ready projected Mcconnell the winner.

  20. …I think you’re all a bunch of spoiled brats! Voting machines? Where I live it’s paper ballot. I actually have to use a tool to mark upon it. Next year it will likely be a rock, chisel and mallet. Seriously, is anybody here watching network news, t.v., etc. this week? I’m planning a Netf binge… I don’t care if it’s old Flipper episodes.

  21. Sadly they are the machines that Romney’s son owns. You mark your paper then slide it in and it supposed to get tabulated. Good news though, when my daughter came by to get the kids she said she and her husband would go vote for Alison. They are both registered Republican, but they see how Mitch and the others have gone off the rails of the crazy train.

  22. Romney came to KY for one day. The meeting was held behind iron gates at a horse farm where only rich people and selected media were allowed to attend. WTH were they afraid of? I NEVER listen to poll results. They’re usually way off base and the numbers can be tampered with easily. I have several Republican friends who are voting for Grimes because they’re done with McConnell. They see how very little he’s doing for this state and they want a change. I’m hoping for a big upset tomorrow.

  23. Well both of you are WRONG!!! Like I said and John ignores that I haven’t bought into the media or polls but it seems he can’t even accept honesty. Bowls of rainbows and sunshine although relevant to each other are non-sequitur and completely silly.

  24. Kentucky doesn’t use voting machines, at least not in Louisville. All paper ballots. We’ve been here 18 months now (from Maryland) and when we voted in the primary in May, we couldn’t believe it!
    Primaries are closed and there is NO early voting. Absentee ballots are severely restricted.
    Of course you’re required to show ID.

  25. I think it’s just the same silliness as with the Tea People calling anyone who isn’t a lunatic a “RINO”, or any media outlet that isn’t Hannity or Alex Jones is “Liberal”.

    He’s calling him “progressive” because he thinks that’s a scathing putdown.

    When you go that far down the crazy hole, everyone that isn’t as crazy as you, looks like a traitor.

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