Obama’s America: Low gas prices, soaring stock market, record private job growth and growing manufacturing

Republicans and the media are determined to label a midterm where Republicans are favored historically a “referendum” on Obama. Oh, god, the FAIL.

Obama is such a fail. Look at what he’s done to the stock market, the private sector job growth, and now manufacturing growth has exceeded even optimistic estimates (POTUS has been making a push for manufacturing in America for a while now, and he’s doing it directly with companies because the Republicans in Congress are too busy pouting and obstructing to want to help America be her best). Will Obama’s America never stop?

From CNBC:

U.S. manufacturing expanded far more briskly than estimated in October, fully recovering from the previous month’s deceleration to return to its fastest growth rate in three-and-a-half years as new orders rebounded sharply, according to an industry report released on Monday.

The reading exceeded expectations of 56.2, according to a Reuters poll of economists, topping even the most optimistic estimate of 57.3. A reading above 50 indicates expansion in the manufacturing sector.

Yeah, it totally makes sense that the people are up in arms about the low gas prices, soaring stock market, the record stretch of private sector job growth and a manufacturing growth that is above even optimistic estimates. Oh, wait. I mean it makes sense that people believe that because the media keeps informing them all about Obama’s fail. Can Obama save himself from the fail? The imaginary fail! It’s so close to Bush. Republicans are pleased.

You see, that Obamacare glitch and the general “lack of leadership” evinced in Obama’s personal failure to stop the virus of Ebola from darkening our shores. Never would a Republican allow an Enemy of the State like Ebola to exist. A war on viruses! Gather up, troops, we can shoot to kill all viruses because we are the “good guys”.

This election is not a referendum on Obama. That is the most desperate and frankly insultingly ignorant baloney passed since “Romentum”. That is like Democrats claiming a small win in the 2016 landscape as a total referendum on … well, Republicans don’t have a leader admired by enough people to be the focus of an alleged “referendum”. So, insert imaginary person. The point is, the 2014 landscape favors Republicans because Democrats are fighting for senate seats in seven red states that Obama lost in 2012. In 2016, it will be Republicans in the same situation.

Some mainstream outlets have pointed out, “Obama lost Kentucky by a whopping 23 percentage points. A Grimes victory would rank among the greatest upsets in modern politics,” the Associated Press.

Winning a state you were supposed to win is not a referendum on anyone. Republicans having to fight tooth and nail to keep Kentucky when Obama lost it by 23 points isn’t a referendum on Obama. Do the math.

I keep pointing out that a Democrat winning in one of the bluest states isn’t akin to a Democrat winning in a hostile environment. Same logic applies to Republicans. Republicans should not be fighting so hard in Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana… Nope. These states belong to them. This is like Democrats having to fight for California. Come on. This isn’t a referendum on anyone but the stupidity of our press.

There are states where Democrats should be doing better right now, and it’s unclear if the issue is polling or turnout. We won’t know that until after the post mortem. But what we do know is the 2014 midterms were a GOP “given” that turned into a battle. They have tried to make this about Obama, citing his low approval numbers.

The media never reminds anyone that actually, Congress has even lower numbers than Obama, and Republicans are at the bottom of the heap. Hello, logic and fact deniers.

If anything, voters are mad at the status quo and at the dysfunction in DC. This translates into anger at incumbents. The only people who think this race is about Obama are the people with a platform they are unwilling to share with the public until AFTER the election. Those are the same people our corporate media gives free election campaigning to on Sunday mornings.

God save us all from the absolutely intolerable and inexcusable stupidity being passed off as news right now. This narrative is as stupid as the narrative that Americans would reject Obamacare (aka, access to affordable healthcare) because the website had a glitch. No. Just no.

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  1. With Republicans, when America loses, they win. That’s why they hate President Obama and Democrats. America WINS under Democratic presidents and Democratic policies.

    When will all Americans learn that factual truth and vote Democratic Party?

  2. What a lot of bullchips. The Repugnican Party and their teapot cohorts wouldn’t know a good public policy if it reached up and bit them on the buttocks.

  3. Good news is not what the media is interested in. Bad news gets more hits on the internet.
    It is all about the hits!

  4. The height of hypocrisy! Gas prices down because of Obama’s policy? LOL!!!

    OIL/FRACKING are the reason for low gas prices. Are you really trying to sell that BS to a rational mind?

    The stock market is booming because for 7 straight years, QE has pumped between $40 to $80 BILLION in artificial money at TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS who routinely break banking laws. The rich get richer while you complain about Republicans being the party of the rich. But TODAY, before an ELECTION, you boast that Obama is the reason?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, you need low information visitors on this website, just like at the polls. What a ridiculous bunch of BS…

  5. 1 No where does it say Obama is responsible for gas prices.
    2 Gas prices are becuase of a glut of gas at the refinerys. Not fracking which poisons everyone water
    3 Big banks get tons of money no matter who is president.
    4. Stop embarrassing yourself. Learn to read in context.

  6. By this idiot Mark above you can tell they have a lot of people bamboozled that can’t even read a forecast or pie chart or simple numbers graph. I know guys that vote R and have nothing at all, just because their buddies do that they want to impress. Sad.

  7. You offer no facts. Just bullshit. Dodd/Franks is about to change the rules and investment bankers are dumping their oil stocks. The bubble is over. There has been a glut of oil on the market for years. Oil companies decided back in the 90’s that building new refineries was not in the best interest for American’s.

  8. Mark, most of the fuel mined in the US is sold abroad. The prices are set by a global market. That said, I agree that a presidents policies don’t effect gas prices. Not Obama’s, Reagan’s, Carter’s or any one else’s. That Obama’s policies did improve the economy in general and manufacturing in particular, is pretty hard to deny.

  9. Yes, Obama has accomplished some good things despite so many Pubs in this country hating him. But I still think Pubs taking the Senate is because even some liberals are mad at him for the things he does that seem to be republican. Too many people were disgusted and just stayed home. When Dems stay home you get what happened in 2010 and now in this farce of an election.

  10. The problem is that Obama and Dem politicians forget to mention this in their campaigning.

    Dem candidates were so anxious to run from Obama that they ended up running from the almost universally *good* things which have happened since The Village Idiot brought us the Great Recession.

    WTF is wrong with those clowns?

  11. Yes, things are definitely worse now than 5 years ago…lol, take a look:
    Then (2009) and Now (2014)
    —-Real (U6) Unemployment Rate
    Then: 17.1%
    Now: 11.8%
    —-Official (U3) Unemployment rate
    Then: 10.0%
    Now: 5.9%
    —-Jobs Added
    Then: Losing -800,000 per month
    Now: Adding +248,000 per month
    —-Dow Jones Industrial Average
    Then: 6,266
    Now: 17,365
    —-Gross Domestic Product
    Then: -5.3%
    Now: +4.6%
    —-Industrial Production Index, Manufacturing
    Then: 87.4
    Now: 107.3
    —-Consumer Confidence
    Then: 37.4
    Now: 89.4
    —-Average Home Value
    Then: $175,500
    Now: $214,000

  12. That’s a rather simplistic answer, Mark. Yes, there’s currently a glut of US produced oil on the market which is partly the reason that prices have fallen, but the other factors are that demand has gone down and the middle east is continuing to pump out oil. I believe OPEC is trying to regain power by lowering the price per barrel to levels that will make shale production unprofitable.
    The other thing that’s missing from the gas price equation is the impact on the environment of shale oil production. Consider that in 20 months between 2011-12 the US used 65 BILLION gallons of water to frack for oil and gas, half of which came from Texas. Now consider the state of drought that is occurring in much of the country, including Texas, with some dire predictions that it may continue for the next 30 years! Furthermore, fracking water cannot be recycled into drinking water.
    Will it be too late that we realize that the real precious commodity, essential to our survival, was water?

  13. Its ok, Texas has ted the anointed Cruz. god will provide for dying texans in the way of taking them home. god loves him some koch

  14. low gas prices thanks to the private sector, not the Gov., soaring stock market thanks to the Fed Reserve printing money like it’s Monopoly money. Record job growth? sure, to bad they are mostly part-time jobs. Also don’t forget those who have dropped out of the workforce and are no longer counted. check the real facts and you will see what a bang-up job Obama and the Dems have really done.

  15. This what makes you a dumbass hypocrite. If all that you pecked at your mommies computer was the opposite you be on here saying its all Obamas fault. Now go away liar

  16. So basically corporate profits do not drive the stock market. Gotcha.
    It’s a even playing field for unemployment stats. Unemployment is now lower then its been for 7 years. Why do you continue making a fool of yourself when you provide no stats?

  17. Hey dummy here are some FACTS for you. I hope you have some comprehension skills
    Government reports the economy added 214,000 jobs in October. Official jobless rate fell to 5.8%
    • Average work week for all employees on non-farm payrolls was unchanged at 34.6 hours.
    • Average hourly earnings of private-sector production and nonsupervisory employees rose 4 cents to $20.70.
    • Average hourly earnings for all employees on private non-farm payrolls rose 3 cents $24.57.

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