Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan Are So Scared Of Jon Stewart That They Won’t Go On The Daily Show

paul ryan and ted cruz afraid of Jon Stewart

In a new interview, Jon Stewart said that conservative movement heroes Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan have repeatedly refused to be interviewed on The Daily Show.

Transcript of Stewart’s interview in New York Magazine,

Is there any politician you really want to have on who hasn’t agreed to do the show?

No one, really. It’s not that people don’t refuse all the time. Like Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, they won’t come on. We’ve asked them a million times. Marco Rubio has been on a couple times. He generally likes to mix it up. The truth is, I’m not particularly hankering for a conversation with those guys. I always find it interesting how guys come on this show and they soft-pedal their beliefs. They’ve written a book called Liberals Will Fuck Your Dead Grandmother. You ask, “Why would you write Liberals Will Fuck Your Dead Grandmother?” “It’s not about that. We’re not that far apart.” Right. But then why would you write that they’re necrophiliacs? “Did I?” They completely back away. Jim DeMint writes a book that says, “This is a battle between socialism and free enterprise.” He comes on the show: “Oh, so you want to get rid of Social Security?” “No, that’s a great program.”

Both Ryan and Cruz are ducking Stewart for different reasons. Rep. Ryan (R-WI) is worried that his flimsy Randian economic theories will be blown out of the water as soon as they questioned by Stewart. Sen. Cruz won’t go near Stewart’s show because he is likely afraid that the Daily Show host will demolish the facade that the Texas senator has constructed that he is a president in the making.

Jon Stewart is one of the best interviewers on television, so it isn’t exactly shocking that two of the biggest frauds in American politics won’t go on his show. Elsewhere in the interview, Stewart made it clear that he was perfectly fine with red state conservatives not watching his show.

Top Republicans have retreated so far into their Fox bubble that they are refusing to be interviewed by a guy who would give them a fair shake. Stewart wouldn’t let them promote their talking points, but he would treat them fairly.

Fairness is something that Republicans no longer believe in, unless they are talking about the “fairness” of the wealthy paying less while everyone else pays higher taxes, or the “fairness” of billionaires being able to buy the government through campaign contributions.

It is not that Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz don’t want free media. The only logical conclusion is that they don’t want to answer the questions that Jon Stewart would ask.

In other words, they are afraid to reach out to an audience that might disagree with them. It is difficult to believe in the GOP’s rhetoric about strength when prominent members of their party are afraid of Jon Stewart.

30 Replies to “Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan Are So Scared Of Jon Stewart That They Won’t Go On The Daily Show”

  1. They don’t need to go on The Daily Show to be made asses of, they can accomplish that all by themselves. [wink]

  2. Cruz and Ryan are propaganda ministers for the Religious Right and the GOP. Appearing on the John Stewart Show is waaaaaaay to deep into enemy held territory for them. They’re not really interested in being interviewed. They just want a soapbox to unleash a barrage of unquestioned propaganda. I would like to watch Stewart reduce them on the air to the sniveling wretches they are but unless they grow a pair all of a sudden, it’s not going to happen.

  3. It’s exactly as this article indicates. These 2 morons know exactly the bullshit they are spewing and selling to the sleep walking and the rigid bigots of this country.

  4. Both Freddie Munster and Grandpa Munster are Fascist psychopaths. The only difference between the two is that Freddie is a Con and Grandpa is a Tea Partier.
    Psychopaths don’t like to be challenged intellectually, which is why neither one would or will ever make an appearance on The Daily Show. If they thought they could manipulate Stewart into asking the questions they’d want to answer and be a vessel for their Fascist propaganda, they’d go on the show.

  5. I want Jon Stewart to interview mainstream media tools like Chuck Todd, David Gregory, Erin Burnett, Jon Karl, etc..

  6. Since they refuse to be interviewed by Stewart, he should announce that he’s cloned them in the Comedy Central basement laboratory, and their doubles (two actors made up to look like them) will stand-in, and answer the questions the originals are too afraid to touch. Then have the doubles quote their past crazy assertions, and attempt to defend them, while Jon slowly and methodically picks them apart (literally) as prosthetic pieces fall off, and they try to act like losing arm, etc., is no big deal. At the end, they are carried away on stretchers, leaving the limbs, ears and eyeballs to be swept up by an intern.

  7. They won’t appear on Stewart’s show for the same reason they won’t appear on Rachel’s or Lawrence’s shows: they know they will be called out on their lies!

  8. When 2016 rolls around and Reince wants Fox or CNN to moderate a debate, say fine, b ut the last one has to be moderated by Jon Stewart. Watch them fold like a cheap tent.

  9. Because Jon Stewart would completely kick both their asses before those two clowns could begin a seriously lame spiel about trickle down malarkey, and he would use their rhetoric against them like knives, and Teddy’s and Paul’s fail would be epic.

  10. The con and the clown could never do a real interview. The cons budgets are always a complete piece of garbage, but his Republican associates fawn over it like a mother fawns over her three year old’s drawings. The clowns ego keeps him from seeing how ridiculous his whining sounds to everyone else. Stewart would send them home crying.

  11. Wow, really? They refuse to go on a show and they are afraid? Not defending the guys, but this type of conjecture – ‘they probably won’t go on because John will destroy them . . . ‘ Seriously, does anyone really buy this ramble? Must be nice to be a comedian, be able to joke about everything, yet still have people take you seriously as if you are somehow a legitimate source of information. Stewart and Maher are a joke alright. By the way John, Social Security doesn’t equal Socialism. Just FYI.

  12. Despite a few comments suggesting these guys are dumb – actually they are smart – in a political sense – and that is what makes them dangerous. They are the latest incarnation of the “con man” – and as most good con men have done throughout history – they know they must control the platform and the message.

    At least Jon Stewart will call them out.

  13. People are giving Stewart way too much credit.

    Watch his fawning interview with Eric Cantor where he calls him “delightful” after he lied his ass off. And then Jon compares him to & mocks DNC Chairman Tim Kaine whom he’d interviewed earlier.

    Jon Stewart did a magnificent job interviewing Jim Cramer after the 2008 economic collapse. Unfortunately, he read the RW press which attacked him for being so mean. Afterwards, he went all “both sides do it” with his Rally to Restore Sanity right before the 2010 elections. Small wonder the Democrats got creamed the following Tuesday.

    Jon’s too busy trying to be all fair and even, and his interview with the president showed how he can speak truth to power. Apparently, it’s only Democrats in power- because he’s so concerned that NO Republican will come on, he’s willing to go soft on them.

    Cruz & Ryan should go on his show- Jon will treat them with kid gloves- nothing sells better than a nutcase & no one is kinder to …

  14. Yeah, we totally buy this spiel. ‘Cause it’s 100% true. Ryan’s budget are a joke. He runs away every time anyone with a brain tries to ask him about it. The numbers don’t add up, and he knows it. Cruz? Well, no one with half a brain listens to a word he says anyway. He’s nothing but a typical RW con man. He knows he unelectable, but he also knows that RW dopes will make him very wealthy. Personally, I love Cruz. He’s the GOP’s worst nightmare, keeping them fractured and way too far to the right. The Christian Taliban he speaks to think he has a chance, and so will continue to vote for intransigent nut jobs who will stand in the way of any chance of a Republican Congress passing anything. The shoe will be on the other foot in ’16, there will be a Blue wave that drowns the Republican party for years to come.

  15. I live about 10 blocks from Paul Ryan. If you jump in MUD you get dirty. Jon Stewart is dirty. Common sense says to stay a way. Fear has nothing to do with the decision

  16. Dont you have that backwards? Ryan wants to crank up your taxes to make up for the rich, and you call Jon dirty? Hilarious!

  17. Jon Stewart is dirty. I’ve seen him use facts and everything to back up his arguments. That dirty rapscallion.

  18. Heubler347, that is a brilliant idea! Send it to Comedy Central and have them run with it. I bet it would be hilarious!


  19. Seriously? Hannity, the divinity school dropout? Limbaugh, who has a high school education, and problems with Oxycontin and divorce? They’re good at one thing only-bloviating endlessly about issues they have no real grasp of. That’s OK for their audience, the people that listen to them have absolutely NO grasp of the issues. What these hacks do is spoon feed hate and fear to poorly educated white people who will never bother to question what they’re told. Hannity and Limbaugh are nothing but paid spokesmen, actors reading the daily script of outrage put in front of them.
    It’s impossible, impossible, to factually defend the positions they take. Doesn’t even matter to the faithful. These guys would soil themselves if they had to debate one of my well educated sons, much less Stewart.

  20. Do you seriously think that those gays want Jon in their programs? They are not honest enough to expose themselves before their ignorant worshipers.

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