Women’s Greatest Enemy Is Evangelical Women, Not Republican Men

There is no valid argument disputing the simple fact that America is a paradise for patriarchs and, to a slightly less degree, champions of misogyny. What defies logic, especially in the 21st Century, is that Republican patriarchs are able to maintain their hold on political power when women make up 51% of the population. Even shaky reason dictates that a robust women’s electoral movement would cleanse Republican patriarchs from Congress, governorships, and state legislatures, and bring the Republican war on women to an abrupt and just end. However, that is certainly not the case and it is down to American women’s greatest enemy and it is not Republican men per se, but the evangelical women electing them.

Republicans have historically, and regularly, opposed any legislation aimed at granting women equal rights as American citizens, and although no Democrat or Republican has the courage to admit it, the unspoken and permanently entrenched “male supremacy clause” is founded in the biblical edict that women are commanded by a mysterious deity to be subservient to a man; any man, any time, any place, and under any circumstances. Although America is not a nation under bible, Republicans have had the greatest measure of success known to man in keeping women as subservient, second-class citizens in an nation alleged to be founded on equality, and their greatest supporters are not necessarily other patriarchs, but women who vote for Republicans.

What is stunning beyond comprehension is that women who support Republicans, particularly evangelical women, know full well that their support for Republican patriarchy is inflicting second-class status, and certain misery, on their own mothers, sisters, daughters, and other evangelical women. It leads one to assume that evangelical women either suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and adopted their patriarchal masters’ cult belief that women are born to be subservient to men, or they just hate other women; there can be no other explanations.

Republicans running for the Senate and House have made little effort to conceal their anti-women’s rights agenda; particularly restricting every woman’s right to choose their own reproductive health. In both the House and Senate, Republicans have introduced “personhood” legislation that, if passed in a Republican-controlled Congress, will effectively criminalize birth-control as premeditated murder; choosing when to give birth will be eliminated. Many so-called conservative Christian Republicans have more-than intimated that they are in strict agreement with Catholic doctrine that contraception is a mortal sin. And yet, even though over 95% of American women have used artificial birth control, including Catholics and evangelical Christians, at least half of them regularly vote for Republicans intent on adopting the Catholic prohibition on artificial birth control. Not only to force women into perpetual birthing machines, but to control them.

Evangelical women also dutifully vote for Republicans in state legislatures and Congress intent on abolishing women’s  access to reproductive health providers and advocates such as Planned Parenthood, despite the lion’s share of their work is devoted to family planning, pregnancy counseling, pre-natal services, birth control, and cancer screenings; all things Republicans are adamant that women, especially poor women, do not deserve and will not receive if they control Congress. One can hardly imagine that any woman, even a staunch evangelical woman who embraces her own subservient position, would advocate for restricting other women’s access to any healthcare, much less reproductive health care, but when they vote for Republicans they are willingly, and with malice aforethought, denying other women’s access to health care.

If a woman refuses preventative cancer screenings, new baby coverage, or contraception, it is their right to choose for themselves. It may be inherently stupid, but it is their right to be inherently stupid whatever their motivation. However, for any woman to give unwavering electoral support to Republicans who promise to deny every other woman that coverage borders on pure evil, whether they are trapped in a cult or suffer Stockholm Syndrome.

Look, any person who would deny women the right to any healthcare options is deficient of basic human compassion, and all Republican candidates, especially males, appear to lack any regard for women. One just expects other women to show more compassion than Republican males, but as the evangelical Republican war on women demonstrates, there is no difference between Republican patriarchs or evangelical women; they both lack compassion for women.

Evangelical women are also aware that many, many women, especially their evangelical cohorts in the Confederate Bible Belt, work to help support their families and either earn poverty minimum wage, or if they are very fortunate  to hold “professional” positions, earn 76-cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Republicans have not only blocked every single piece of legislation to provide women equal pay for equal work, they vehemently oppose raising the pathetically-low minimum wage of which women make up the majority of the workforce earning poverty wages.

When women vote for Republicans, they are voting against not only their own economic well-being, they are voting to keep all women economically disadvantaged. One might think that being Christians these women would be aggrieved at the thought of anyone suffering in poverty due to Republicans keeping wages low, especially other evangelical women. However, they must be  mesmerized by their cult’s demand that subjection to a man is a pre-condition to enter heaven to deliberately vote for Republicans pledged to keep women economically disadvantaged.

Republicans have made no secret of their economic agenda they claim appeals to women; but what woman in their right mind is attracted to earning less than a man because they are a woman, or loves earning poverty wages with no hope of an increase? Obviously many evangelical women do because they will help elect Republicans on Election Day. Also, what woman in their right mind embraces the prospect of perpetual pregnancy that Republicans will impose on them when they restrict access to contraception and a woman’s right to choose with a certain-to-pass personhood bill in a Republican-controlled Congress? Evangelical women, of course. It begs the question; are women who vote for Republicans’ anti-women policies devoid of compassion for their own mothers, sisters, and daughters, suffering Stockholm Syndrome, or brainwashed into helping force all women into biblical subjection to men? The answer is likely all of the above.

It is true that Republicans, primarily patriarchal males, are enemies of American women; of that there is no rational dispute. But without a majority of evangelical women loyally electing Republican patriarchs to positions of power, Republican men would be impotent to wage war on women; a war they could not prosecute without the loyal support of American women’s greatest enemies; evangelical women.


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  1. My sister-in-law is like this. Trying to reason with her is like talking to a brick wall. She is well-educated which makes it even more puzzling. I consider myself a Christian but have never embraced the Catholic doctrine. Considering the strides this pope has made in changing things, I wonder if he goes further and okays birth control and abortion in at least certain situations, whether the evangelicals will freak out. Could be interesting . . .

  2. On behalf of Michele’ Backitup, this is borderline “kinky”. Think about it, these GOP women that have this state of mind, are apparently submissive for some unknown reason. Very sad. Self esteem is low maybe?

  3. No doubt. Those ladies have been lying to themselves far too long to start trying to let anyone else be free.

  4. I wonder what big Pharma will say about the birth control thing? Maybe its not a big money maker for them and they can lay off some workers.

    But, the final conflict will be between the southern baptist thugs and the catholic “we got the next man down from gawd” guys. They may agree with each other on birth, but only one can hold power

  5. This has happened to me. I have gone out of my way, when I practiced law, to help women in divorce and child custody cases involving abusive spouses, only to have them turn on me out of this very head. One of them went so far as to demand who I was going to vote for, accuse me of voting for “the Antichrist”, and tell me that God punished women who were not content to be “helpmeets”. I really believe that, having accepted subservience for themselves, they are seething with jealousy towards “Jezebels” who aspire to any more meaningful life, but they don’t see themselves as envious, only virtuous, when they are willing to damage themselves to punish “those sluts”.

  6. This makes SOOOOO much sense; and while i’ve enjoyed reading columns here. I think what’s needed here is more info reminding us how pernicious evangelical influence can be.

  7. The desperate quest for validation and superiority.
    If other people have different beliefs, you are not validated and thus you’re in no way superior to them – you might actually have to face the fact that you’re nothing really special, and might actually be an object of scorn.
    Hence the pure, distilled, undiluted hatred.

  8. Maybe they think left wing people will stop procreating and there will eventually be only a republican country and a one party……oh isnt that a dictatorship?????

  9. …”evangelical women [either] suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and adopted their patriarchal masters’ cult belief that women are born to be subservient to men…”

    YES, no doubt about it! Many are born into these destructive cults and know nothing else but cult dogma/worldviews/rules and punishment. For these women, what else is there? They look at “the other” as not only less than, but as evil and put on the earth to seduce them away from superiority. They are no different than racist, just in a more perverse and distorted way. They are taught that they are to think of themselves as an extension of man; they would have no place in the world if males did not exist (classic twisted scripture).

    This is not just your basic dysfunctional self-esteem problem that can be over-come; this is mental illness that has been preserved, perpetuated over many generations through religious tribalism; it has only one purpose–chattel slavery.

    A cow wearing lipstick doesn’t know it’s a …

  10. Frist, who in hell would vote this article down? Some poor thinking Women that has bought the line feed her.
    second: there is a quote from the Torah that goes something like this. Just can’t remember the exact words. ” Women was not made from dirt of the ground to be used as a door matt, but from the side of man to be closet to his heart”
    Something most MEN forget!!!

    en nan

  11. Funny thing about republicans, they hate government and government regulations, yet they spend millions to get into government.

    When they get there they do not want to save our kids by letting them breathe clean air or have decent schools to go to, or even food for poor kids.
    They sure do spend a lot of time trying to regulate our womb and get between us and our doctors!

  12. There’s a lot of people born without that “compassion” gene. In a perverted sense, it’s a celebrated American value: the YOYO and the “I got mine”.
    Add religion, which traditionally does not give women equal footing, and Voila….their perverse ideology is justified.

  13. Evangelical woman and the ISIS female brigades – anyone else see a parallel here?

    Third, and finally, ISIS’s female soldiers play a role in this as well. ISIS has multiple women’s brigades, essentially tasked with enforcing strict ISIS rules on other women. The group attracts female recruits — Sunni Muslims, and obviously not Yazidis or Shias — in a fashion that’s in important ways similar to and distinct from the way it recruits men. ISIS is a complex organization — but, most importantly, an awful one.


  14. Everyone is subservient to someone whether it be the government, in it’s many forms, or employers. The Bible refers to that along with woman are only to be beholden to their own husbands not to all men. That I believe comes from other faiths. With that this whole article looses. Go ahead look up the facts, I did.

  15. It is most unfortunate, but true:
    The older females, seriously brain-washed are the “sheriff” of the clan; and with the job comes prestige, status and the power to control others, and treat younger and lesser females as second rated citizens, and groom those who will become the future “pure and true virgins of the clan”.
    If there are those who speak agains the system, well…they become outcast and rejects who become readers of Politicususa for support…

  16. Well-argued and absolutely true… if you’re talking about 100% theoretical women. At the soup kitchen I used to volunteer at, several of the women volunteers would have described themselves as Evangelical. A couple of them leaned very far left, others had mixed views. None of them fit the hate-filled stereotypes being pushed here. The biggest problem in politics today isn’t that some types of people are horrible. It’s the ways we dehumanize people based on their race, religion, gender, economic status or group affiliation. When I see an article like this, I am ashamed of my fellow liberals. “Stepford wives,” “ISIS brigade,” “cult members” – if that’s all we’ve got, no wonder we’re not able to get through to some women.

  17. Describing ones self as Evangelical doesnt mean they are. Evangelicals are for the most part very right wing, very against birth control and in general usually lean towards dominionism. They are seldom liberals. There many women who are against women having rights and they are Evangelicals. Bachmann is a good example

  18. It’s obvious from reading these comments that few of you have ever sat down to talk to an evangelical woman. Many of us are very well educated regardless of what you have heard. We agree that much needs to be done to help the poor. We disagree with the way it should be done. We sit by you at soccer games. We volunteer at the same schools. We eat in the same restaurants. We are Americans the same as you with the right to agree or disagree with policies that are before us. We have the same right to vote. We have the same freedom of speech. Please do not insult us without knowing us or basing your opinions simply on what the media says or even what your own families say. We are not all the same. We are individuals. And guess what? We DO make up our minds for ourselves. And we have the right to find alternative ways to help those in need apart from the government. I am in partnership with my husband–not subservient to him. The vast majority of us think for ourselves.

  19. Morgan, it’s not a rant. It’s reality. Can you imagine how men would feel if they were in danger of losing their rights and becoming second class citizens?

  20. Maybe it’s time to let them have it:
    Your religion is not our government. It’s about the future of all women in our country and not just your views.

  21. So, your argument is, women should be subservient to a man because it’s a “natural”; “everyone” does it! (subservient meaning “useful” to men as an inferior position is natural) If that’s the case, then why do women have no choice and are “trained” by men, if being subservient is the “natural” within the female of the species? Are you saying that, allowing men to have total control/make all decisions in a relationship is “natural”? No human being can possibly “believe” that they are less important than/beholden to someone else, and, are willing to obey them with no choice. That’s not “natural”.

    This entire concept of modern day fundamentalism is rooted in a tribal culture that no longer exist regardless of religion. Actually, biblical fundamentalist base their concept on being “submissive”, not subservient, meaning, the premise is nothing more that an Church-ordered “Corporate Mission Statement” where a woman have no choice but submit or else.

    THAT, Krist…

  22. No Mary, no Jesus. Yahweh can not create a human life. Women do that. Phallic centered mythologies go to extreme lengths to attempt to remove women as the sole creators of life. Zeus hiding fetuses in various body parts (Dionysus, Athena), the ‘Holy Ghost’ – attempts to remove women from procreation. Frankenstein’s monster, Godzilla, the Blob are warnings of what happens when men try to procreate. As soon as the 3 Abrahamic religions kill each other off, we innocent bystanders may be able to rebalance. But the American Constitution trumps everyone’s ‘god.’

  23. Great! Drop the keyboard and get back to the kitchen! And don’t even THINK about voting!


  24. well Lynn, you seem to be in very short supply. My interaction with these Women has not been enjoyable. There is no way except theirs, they are always right, and you are going to hell if you do not adhere to their way of thinking, if you do not vote their way, for sure you are headed for ,hell. democrats hold a sure path to hell. Republican’s are the only way to truth. Let me refrain that, rethugs are the only way. Sorry Lynn, I have not seen or been exposed to the kind of Women you are speaking about.
    If you happen to be Catholic, there is no hope.

  25. We agree that much needs to be done to help the poor. We disagree with the way it should be done. … And we have the right to find alternative ways to help those in need apart from the government.

    Sorry, Lynn, you’re not a good person. See if you can figure out why.

  26. She wants you to give your money to the church so people will be dependent on the church and not government

  27. It used to be said that you can make a man do anything if you convince him it was his idea in the first place. I really don’t think there’s a corollary for women. Which makes republican women much scarier than republican men.

  28. Accusing you of tunnel vision in this article is an insult to tunnels. You pay lip service to other issues, but the underlying theme is always abortion rights. What you imply is that women who disagree with your utero-centric orthodoxy are worse than men, and men are pretty bad. Maybe if you’d listen to women (or men) who have the temerity to hold opinions different from your own, you’d find that many of them are not brainless Scripture-spouters.
    I’m not fervently religious. I love science. The earth is 4 billion years old. The science I love tells me that the fetus that your ilk is obsessed with is alive, and what religion I have tells me that it has a soul. And guess what? There are a lot of us out here. Dismiss or insult us at your peril.

  29. Please, clarify for this knuckle-dragger. Lynn disagrees with you, so she’s ‘not a good person’? Lynn finds ways to help people that don’t require governmental participation, so she’s ‘not a good person’? Seems like tolerance is in short supply here.

  30. There is only one way that Lynns church or religion can help people and that’s by getting money from the government. At tax time in a few short years I am sure in time you will see that clearly

  31. ‘Scuse. We’re not the ones obsessed with cnts, wombs, or fetuses. What have you done for a real, live child lately?

  32. Ever since people invented god, their different churches have been in the business of:
    1. controlling the masses
    2. controlling their after-death lives with fear of the unknown.
    3. making sure they had enough $$ to fight the church in the next county/ city/ state
    4. making sure to have plenty soldiers to do the fighting (therefore the population growth encouragement)
    5. burning the witches, those pesty females that asked too many questions and did not want to have a child every year.
    6. now we have more denominations, but the themes are constant, encouraging the virtue of poverty and obedience among their members, work good for any church.

    Where do I get my pastor ordination kit?

  33. Please note that nowhere does Lynn say that churches are the best, or only, source of charitable activity. You are all inferring that. There are many ways to help others, including non-monetary aid; and the contention that the only source of aid money is the government is just nonsense.

  34. I wish I could believe you, but I’ve read this site’s ‘Proof of the War on Women’. I came to it assuming that much of it would be about reproductive rights, which I understand. It’s a hot-button issue, and generally more important to women. I also expected to find some items related to other women’s concerns: cuts to breast cancer research, women or girls being denied access to education or other resources, even something addressing equal pay issues.
    While there may be a few of those things buried deeply in that material, 99.99999999% of the news items ‘proving’ the war on women relate to abortion. Please, read it yourself and tell me I’m wrong.
    I’ve done lots for real live children, thanks. What I hope NOT to do is leave them a bankrupt and ruined country.

  35. Wow, It continues to amaze me how limited in thinking some people can be! Regarding the article? Pure hogwash. As for most of these comments: talk about not having an original thought and not having compassion. . . sheesh! Since when should any US citizen have the “right” to kill another human being? This is not about birth control. The controversy is about a special “right” to murder one’s children, which (in most cases) one did NOT use birth control to avoid conceiving. Thinking women do not believe it should be a right. You want to kill people? Go to the middle east. You want us to vote democrat? Give us a reason. We do not like your platform. Period.

  36. I see you are in the camp that children are fair game to be starved or mistreated after they are born. Thank you.

    A fetus is the possession of the mother. Period

  37. I disagree on the tone of the article but really can’t disagree on the points overall.

    I’m so sick of these women acting like this crap has anything to do with scripture (No where does it say life begins at conception, that was made up by men to keep women barefoot and pregnant) and it CERTAINLY isn’t science related in ANY way.

    A fetus is a parasite. Some women welcome supporting this parasite for the 9 months they must incubate it for the reward of having the child they want, but you should NEVER presume to tell someone else what to do with their body. It’s wrong.

    I’m sick of this “murder” mantra. Murder is the taking of a human life. A fetus is NOT a human life, it is the POTENTIAL for human life. If you’re going to penalize women for destroying potential human life, you must also punish men for masturbating. Sperm is potential human life, as well. That, however, would never be supported. Why’s it ok to do to women what you wouldn’t do to men?

  38. You have a right to your opinion. You have a right never to have an abortion or use birth control. The issue becomes a question should Americans be in the position to decide if another American can have a medical procedure? And even asking that is wrong.You talk of science but if you researched abortion you would see the facts on reproductive health. You may disagree morally but the science shows that women need to be able to control their reproductive health. Finally you bring religion in with the soul. Not everyone believes this. In the end you are just some guy with an opinion who wants to force all women to be baby machines. You justify the article

  39. Disagree. Thinking people are able to see the gray, not just the black and the white. Thinking people are able to see every situation and every individual as just that and allow each person to make their own evaluations and decisions without judgement. They do not need a legislature to dictate something as person as reproductive choices and would trust that women can make this decision on their own with out government interference. People who use the terms you use are generally inflexible in their opinions, judgmental of others actions, feel superior, are intolerant and shame (killing reference and not use birth) to control. Your truth is showing.

  40. <>

    But there is. Evangelical women are at war to defend their status according to a cultural norm defining “wife and mother” as the highest possible honorable identity role for women. They have spent their lives trying to be wives-n-mothers according to the traditional role of the “good woman” and if women are able to do what that role forbids– for instance, have sex with anyone other than their husbands, or for reasons other than childbearing– and get away with it, then they see it as undermining the value of their identities. The crux of the wife/mother role rests on monogamy and compulsory childbearing for women, propped up by extensive “slut shaming” and depriving sexually autonomous women of protection from violence. Republican men may give this norm their public allegiance, but somehow the prostitutes are still in business; monogamy is for *wives*…

  41. Regarding evangelical women and their attitudes towards the rest of us:
    Sure, you and your fundamentalist husband are equal partners; you both agree that your place is the home, that women ought to stay home and bear children, after keeping their legs firmly crossed until the right husband proposes to you and proves himself willing and able to support you and the kids. I have see females who eagerly consented of their own free will to promise in the marriage ceremony always to defer to their husbands’ decisions, when their ownership was transferred from their father to their husband. I do not think I have the right to stop any woman from agreeing to this kind of thing, no matter what I think of it. What I DO know is that they cannot force it on me OR force our society to maintain its structures in order to support their notion of proper womanhood. Police your own oppressive marriage structures, we will not let you shape the state to favor your norms.

  42. I have two problems with evangelical women. The first is that they keep trying to force their beliefs on me.
    The second is, why does an intelligent, well educated woman want to follow a cult that is governed by a book that portrays women again and again, as evil seductresses. According to the bible, women will be submissive to men. If you are in an equal partnership with your husband, you are not following Christian Dogma. All you have to do is read the whole bible and you will find that it is very anti woman.

  43. This Pope says the 1st most important thing to Catholics should be the poor, and he wants to welcoming gays, pro-choice women and divorced people. He’s so determined to change the church that he’s demoted hardline U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke. He was 2nd most powerful man in the Vatican, head of the Court responsible for choosing all Bishops around the world – and specially in america. These changes are so important because the Catholics are the one who turned Evangelicals against us. Evangelicals were co-opted by American Bishops in the beginning of 90s, and turned them against abortion and birth control. Until then, Evangelicals leaders used to believe that those questions were a matter of personal conscience and considered them a catholic problem. They were afraid of JFK because he was catholic and could impose the catholic agenda to the country. Today they’re willing to do just that. Changes in Catholic church, will result on changes in American politics. I have hope!

  44. I’m just wondering how is that she helps? By praying, maybe? Sorry, it doesn’t help those who wants to go college, but can’t afford it. Prays also don’t help those who can’t afford to go to the doctor and see their children getting sick and die from a illness easily treatable. Oh, does she gives money to the church and the church helps many people? How many of them are not members of her church? How many those receiving help from her church are open atheists? And how many people one can help through a church? Via government we can help a lot more – and we don’t judge anyone before giving him/her the help they need. Oh, we also don’t expect anything in exchange besides for them to become productive citizens in our society. Shouldn’t be this a Christian goal?

  45. So we have no right to kill the unborn “babies”? How about the babies who are born with chronic which parents can’t afford to pay for their treatments – is it OK to let them die? How about those which families are too poor to afford a visit to the doctor? “According to Families USA between 2005 and 2010, premature deaths rose from 20,350 to 26,100”. What do you want to do about this? Should we, as a nation, do anything in order to help them? Some will say they can help from a church or charity – but those mentioned above ARE DEAD which shows that the help via church or charities didn’t work for them. Are those deaths OK for you? And most important: What would Jesus do before these numbers?

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