Politicus Podcast: A Real Liberal Election Night In America



Tired of media babbling? Jason and Sarah bring you Election Night PoliticusUSA style.

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  1. (CNN) — Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell has won re-election in Kentucky, staving off Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes, according to a CNN projection.

    Republicans expect McConnell to lead the Senate if his party wins control of the upper chamber.

    McConnell, who as Senate Republican leader is already one of the most powerful politicians in Washington, defeated his 35-year old Democratic challenger, in one of the most expensive contests of the campaign cycle. Grimes proved to be a surprisingly formidable opponent and was close in many polls throughout the campaign.

    Despite her political inexperience, Grimes forced the veteran incumbent to stay on offense throughout the campaign. Grimes got high-profile visits from top Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

    But President Barack Obama was the Democrat who McConnell tried to associate mostly with Grimes, arguing she would be a rubber stamp for his policies, many of which …

  2. It won’t be goodbye KyNect, Democrats will hold the Senate. Considering what we were up against, we will do OK. Of course it would have been great to send Mitch down the road, but all is not lost.

  3. It looks like that bald Richard has carried Florida. How can people?… But, since I dragged my puking self to the polls and voted, I know it’s not my fault.

  4. yo fellow comrades.

    tonight we begin the offical near completion of the coup d’etat by our pals lenny and squiggy koch.

    the good news is, things are going to be so messed up, and really bad for the usa, that it might get people to rise up. i doubt it though unless the fascists turn off the interwebs.

    now we must learn to love our dear leaders, and bow down.

  5. Corbett went down in flames. last I heard, votes were running 2 to one against him. wonder what the final percentages will be?

  6. America lost tonight. I guess people have not been screwed enough yet. Maybe after hundreds of thousands more people die and work for low wages and no benefits for two more years they will finally get mad enough to do something about it. Sad day for the people we can only hope that soon the anger will be directed where it belongs.

  7. I don’t know why army vet was pre-filled. I didn’t notice until posted. You should check out why others info is pre filled. Thanks

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