Bad News For McConnell: Heavy Turnout Reported In Kentucky Urban Areas Likely For Grimes


Democrats seem intent on not repeating the stay home fail of 2010.

Kentucky politics expert Joe Sonka of Insider Louisville reported hearing that turnout has already hit 20% in some Louisville precincts.

Louisville and Lexington are likely Democratic areas where Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes will need huge turnout in order to have a chance at ousting incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

A Kentucky resident reported after voting that she saw huge turnout as well:

Another reported that after several weeks of “harassment” by the Republican Party, she cast her vote for Alison:

Turnout is already looking impressive and voters are enthusiastic about Alison Lundergan Grimes. Her Twitter stream is full of voters telling her they just voted for her and how much they support her. Grimes said that she expects Kentucky voters to surprise a lot of the nation, per Sean Moody of WKYT:

Kentucky is a state where Obama lost by 23%, so the fact that a Democrat is even within striking distance of the Republican Senate Minority Leader is incredible and is a testament to Grimes’ hard work and personal likeability.

No matter what happens, it’s inspiring to watch so many Americans take advantage of their right to vote instead of sitting on the sidelines and being willing victims. Voting is an enormous privilege and the one chance to make your voice heard.

Update noon eastern: Joe Sonka, “Franklin Co., Democratic stronghold—> #kysen // RT @DrewLog: Voting day 1/2 over and this precinct is approaching 40% turnout already”


43 Replies to “Bad News For McConnell: Heavy Turnout Reported In Kentucky Urban Areas Likely For Grimes”

  1. Barack Obama’s candidacy in 2008 and his re-election in 2012 showed the African American that our vote does matter.

    We will not turn back. Expect huge surprises tonite. Well, I won’t be surprised, but those who swallowed the MSM koolaid will be…

  2. I am holding out hope, I really want to see all the media naysayers eat crow big-time. This could be history-in-the-making. I’m on my way to vote now.

  3. Mitch McConnell says that this is our chance to begin to save this country.

    Wonder where he was when they let the banks
    destroy the economy and take us into the great recession and where they let Bush take us into decades of war sending the debt sky high! It took Obama to rescue the economy, save the car industry, bring some jobs back to the US, and gee – look at the stock market!

  4. Be aware of high absentee Ballots that seem unusually high or just usual. Mitch’s minions will try to steal this away from Alison.

  5. The right wing has done a very good job of trying to destroy her for no valid reason, such as she was fired by her Dad. All kinds of complete BE put out by the conservative brain dead media

    The people of Ky need to over come that and recognize Mitch for what he is.

  6. I knew it!!!!! I knew it!!!!! Black people are angry!!! I’ve been saying all year that blacks will vote this year!! I knew it!!

  7. CNN reported that McConnell promises a vote on the Keystone pipeline if he becomes leader.

    CNN forgot to mention that such a vote is meaningless since the pipeline crosses borders and Congress has no say in approving it at all.

    Once again, CNN carries buckets of water for the GOP.

  8. Wonder where he was when they let the banks
    destroy the economy
    On the phone with Bernanke to avoid losing money in the Stock Market during the Wall Street meltdown

  9. Here’s my unscientific assessment of who’s going to win (The Democrat or the Republican):

    Just look at the lines (or turnout). IF the lines are long, it’s an indicator that the DEMOCRAT will WIN! If the lines are short, or sparse…those are Republicans coming in to vote and most likely not enough Democrats abound. Then maybe, maybe: The Republican will be ahead or win. That’s how I see it. ;) [WINK]

  10. Just voted for Allison Grimes! My two kids voted as well. We need our young people to show up today. BYE BYE MITCH MCCONNELL!

  11. Damn straight, Maxie. We’ve watched the MSM carry water for the corrupt GOPTPers, the corrupt GOPTPers abuse their powers and Pres. Obama, and enough is enough. We don’t get a chance to say much in the MSM, but we do know how important our votes are. Our votes are our voices. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA’s largest newspaper, is reporting that there are long lines of people waiting to vote in several cities. I suspect these are democratic voters. I voted a couple weeks ago and have been asking everyone I know today whether they have voted.

  12. LOL!! well that’s not a lot of peeps since Kentucky has one of the highest unemployment rates. You need to learn to say Senator Alison Grimes

  13. Not so fast, troll. Wal-Mart employees and professional disability check cashers may not make it there before the deadline.

  14. Minority Turnout

    ….is a huge key for Alison. I hope they can put her over top. The late-voting working folks won’t necessarily all vote for Mitchy, so don’t bet the mortgage money on that group negating the minority vote. A good many Democrats work AND VOTE, too, ya know.

    Go Alison!

  15. And the people of Kentucky get what they want, a representative who works(admittedly) for the koch and not them

  16. in ur dreams gregg u will be surrised when alison wins, the gop has trouble coming now move gop crook

  17. you know joan that’s exactly how I feel and sometimes people can loose sight of the condition of the country when the president took over its like they forget go Allison grimes.

  18. I know my GF & her hubby in KY voted for Allison Grimes. They absolutely hate ole Mitch the turtle. Wish I had more friends in KY but oh well, their votes absolutely count. GO ALLISON!!!

  19. It makes me laugh when all of these teabaggers make comments Mitch will win when the working people get off work. I got news for you pal Libs and dems work to! A lot of teabaggers are lazy piece of crap who lives off the government! I’m about to go cast my vote for Mrs. Grimes so we can try to get that old ugly man out of office who has done nothing for the good people of Ky!!!

  20. Well I live where Mitch casts his vote. I have been going there for years to vote and today it was the most crowded and longest wait I have ever had. Grimes will overwhelming win his own precinct!

  21. the democrats have 6,000 people on the ground, which is unprecedented! high voter turnout is being reported everywhere!! no way mcconnell is going to win if the turnout is this high.

  22. I’m not a fan of Candidate Grimes; I don’t like how hard and how far she ran away from her President during her campaign, and I’m not at all sure I trust her. So she’s quite firmly in the land of ‘Show me’ at the moment.

    On the other hand, she’s running against Mitch McConnell – so if I have to choose between them…

  23. I want Grimes to win. But she doesn’t have a chance. Not in KY. Nate Silver has McConnell winning +6, a 98% of winning. And he is almost always right when it comes to election predictions. Only time he is wrong is when it’s a close race.

  24. He’s getting desperate. I got a call yesterday from a woman canvassing for for him. She told me she was a black woman supporting McConnell, and wanted to know if I’d consider him. I should have asked her how much he was paying her. Instead, I told her she would soon be considering her choice when her vote was being suppressed. I think I may have offended her.
    My bad.

  25. The Best thing that could ever happen is for the Democrats to win big and show these republicans that have destroyed our Country.I was so happy when President Obama won (2) Elections and the Republicans thought they had the 1st one wrapped up and to see Romney’s face was a pleasure that I will never forget, and also Mitch McConnell and John Boehner! I hope and pray that both of them get re-placed and I can’t forget Kasich. All(3) need to go!!!!!!!!! :-)

  26. Once Mitch loses, he better make nice with the gypsy that cursed him to turn into a turtle. Lol. Go Grimes!!!

  27. Who do you think knows more, Silver, or a person who is in KY who has been working hard to GOTV? High voter turnout favors Grimes, not McConnell. Please crawl back into the cesspool you came from. I am sick and tired of people not from her trying to play back bench politics, and that includes Nate Silvers.
    And when you crawl back into your cesspool, take Silver’s with you. Misery loves company, so you to should get along just fine.

  28. I’m very nervous, and hope McConnell is defeated. I’m very hopeful for a lot of surprises in this election. Go Democrats nationwide.

  29. I live 20 miles south of Lexington, Ky, and the poll workers ran out of ballots due to such heavy turnout. They did get more but said they hadn’t seen such a large turnout. Kentucky isn’t quite as “red” as you might think…we do have a Democratic governor. May be a big surprise for the pundits in the making!

  30. If it was suppression, it wasn’t very effective….only had to wait about 5 extra minutes at the most! Lol no one left the line.

  31. just in sad to say alison lost cnn projecting mitch won, I dont think now we will keep us senate

  32. You are absolutely right Gregg. Grimes is not right for KY. and the people know it. Tomorrow’s headlines will show who the voters want and it will be McConnell. No surprise.

  33. He has already won. And Kentucky will get the Koch treatment. Not once has Mitch done anything for Kentucky.

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