The Same Voters Who Gave Republicans The Senate Are Ready For Hillary Clinton To Be President

Hillary Clinton Texting

Republicans are gloating today, but then they managed to take an election that favored them and after spending more than $94 million via dark money groups, they managed to win.

It’s a drag that the people are so easily fooled by what money can buy. But as we saw in 2012, dark money can’t buy the White House yet. And the blue wave is coming in 2016, with Republicans facing the exact same map situation as Democrats faced in 2014. And even worse, Hillary Clinton might be at the top of the ticket.

One of the interesting things that came out of last night’s blood bath was that even with Republicans winning, CBS Evening News’ exit poll showed that a by a large margin, the same voters that gave the GOP this win think Clinton will be a good president, whereas they were not so impressed with any of the Republican front runners.

Speaking of losers, this probably explains Senator Rand Paul’s (only 26% think he would be a good president) ugly tweet:

Republicans are really deluded when they are clinging to a win in Kentucky, a state Obama lost by 23 points and Mitch McConnell had to fight tooth and nail to keep, along with pouring millions of dark money into the state and sending out illegal fliers to intimidate Democrats. Yes, he won, but he is not well liked and the margin was not what it should have been.

So, gloat away, boys, but 2016… She’s a coming. In the middle of all of the chaos on election day, CNN dropped this little Clinton bomb:

But behind the scenes, her campaign machine is quietly whirring to life.

Clinton insiders have begun to approach Washington-based Democratic operatives who may play a role in a potential campaign and are soliciting their recommendations on other possible staffers, according to Democrats familiar with the conversations.

A number Clinton associates are compiling staffing lists, according to multiple Democratic sources. Michael Whouley and Minyon Moore of the Democratic communications and consulting firm Dewey Square Group are one conduit to Clinton’s inner circle and among the primary compilers of the campaign universe that will surround Clinton, should she run.

She’s coming for you, Republicans.

Winning an election that was an expected win isn’t a mandate on the Republican platform, especially not when raising the minimum wage won in four red states. (You have to love the power of dark money that fooled voters who are FOR the minimum wage into voting for a party that thinks we need to abolish it all together.)

So while House Republicans didn’t manage to pick up the 29 seats expected in a second-term midterm, they did manage to take advantage of the red wave map of 2014, and Republicans now control the Senate. However, they will only be controlling the senate for two years before they face the blue wave. And it will be even more daunting if Democrats have a strong front runner like Hillary Clinton on the top of the ticket, in a presidential election when more Democrats turn out.

Republicans are crowing now, but that’s what they do. In reality they should be looking at their failed platform and trying to fix it. Wins like this only exacerbate their inability to force their members and base into some semblance of reality that would win the White House. Democrats held 21 of the 30 six seats contested last night. In 2016, the burden of defending will switch to Republicans who will be defending the Tea Party sweep of 2010, with Republicans holding 24 out of 33 seats being contested.

In the Senate Republicans didn’t manage to do a lot of damage to states that will be in play in 2016. They picked up North Carolina, Iowa and Colorado (I posit that far right Tea Partier Joni Ernst might not help Republicans win Iowa over for the White House — familiarity breeds contempt sometimes and with extremists, this is more often the case). But Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia probably aren’t going to be up for grabs in 2016.

One imagines Ms Clinton texting last night, “GOP wave? LOL. See you boys in 2016.”

28 Replies to “The Same Voters Who Gave Republicans The Senate Are Ready For Hillary Clinton To Be President”

  1. Agree with some of this content, but what does it say about the schizophrenic electorate that wants particular items (raise the minimum wage, healthcare, jobs)but votes the very MOFO’s that would take it away? And have said so, LOUDLY, CLEARLY & repeatedly?
    Electoral problem isn’t apathy, it’s f’ing amnesia. Short & long term.

  2. I too find it strange that everything the gop is against like raising the min wage and legalizing pot passed on ballot proposals. Their personhood proposal failed big time.

    And yet the gop was elected to office

  3. I’m not as ga-ga over Clinton as the author of this article is, but I’m a realist when it comes to politics. We’ll need Hillary at the top of the ticket. Period. Republicans proved last nite (with the exception of Wendy Davis), name recognition is everything.

  4. I beg to differ. Republicans proved last night that they’re a bunch of sheep, and when it comes to local gerrymandered elections their church will encourage them to, and they WILL, vote for the person with the “R” behind their name.

  5. My question still stands to candidates such as Lundergan Grimes, how did the strategy of distancing yourself from President Obama work out for y’all?

    It’s obvious Will Rogers knew what he was talking about…

    “I’m not a member of any organized political party… I’m a Democrat.”

    “Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they’d be Republicans.”

  6. So what those voters are saying we will f@ck the country for the next 2 years because of the blah. Pathetic

  7. I believe that we (Liberals) failed our beloved President by not turning out to vote, I sincerely wish him all the very best in his remaining 2years……..sorry Mr President.

  8. Gerrymandered districts had nothing to do with state-wide races. Voter suppression played a role, but with President Obama’s 2 election victories, we proved that turnout trumps suppression. It’ll take a household name to come close to that level of turnout again.

    Yeah, Barack Obama was not a household name in 2008, but many of us knew who he was before he declared in 2007. My Daddy called me on the night Obama addressed the DNC in 2004 and said “that man will be the first Black President.” Who can you name right now, besides Hillary, that can spur that level of support? There is no one. Not even progressive darling Elizabeth Warren. Sorry.

  9. I’m sorry, too. Makes me want to cry. I’ll be fiercely doing all I can to help protect his legacy. Actually, that’s my #1 priority right now.

    To hell with the rest.

    Last night is still pretty raw. I’m sure I’ll mellow out eventually and fight the good fight and help GOTV for 2016, but right now, today, my thoughts are with Barack Hussein Obama and his legacy. He has earned to be looked upon and remembered with respect, admiration and fondness.

    To hell with the rest

  10. Yes this is curious, especially when every GOP ran against all of these initiatives. But I also, say the media played a big part, they covered for GOP, created the big fear factor (ISIL, EBOLA, etc). Today’re crowing big time w/ their narrative of Obama is/was the problem or Obama have a messaging problem BS.

    Fact of the matter is, that no matter what message Obama put out their the media have & does block it all. ex.: National Jobs Report came out this morning. Show 230K jobs added in Oct.

    Senior Al Qaeda leader killed by U.S. drone strike in Yemen:


  11. Black voters showed up, they made up 12% of the electorate, and went 89% for Dems. But Latino voters stayed home. They made up only 8% total of the electorate, and a third of them voted for the GOP.

    For those 35% of Latinos who voted republican or didn’t show up because the republican house failed immigration reform and your so called leaders told you to punish the President, I hope you’re happy because there will be no reform and the rethugs will double down on discriminating against you. Good job Sherlocks

  12. The Senate is naturally “gerrymandered”; has been since the inception of the country. That is, it does not provide anything close to equal representation. Small rural states get two Senators and big mostly-urban states get only two Senators.

  13. U.S. economy is on track for its best growth in 9 yrs.:

    Fed announced a end to its Bonds buying, cited jobs gains:

    Or that in Jul 2014 the gov’t posted its first 4 months budget surplus in years:

    But instead, msm feed the public fear, hatred, doubt, division.

  14. Back in 2010, Democratic candidates also ran from the president, and it helped to result in the ascent of the Tea Partiers. There are none so stupid as those who don’t learn from experience.

  15. I agree.

    Hills didn’t help- and maybe even hurt- the Democrats with her little book that dissed the president.

    Don’t expect my vote, Hillary honey.

  16. Ms. Clinton thinks she’s a shoe-in?

    Not on your life. PUMAs run both ways and she won’t get my vote.

    President Obama has been most gracious to her first as his Secretary of State where she lets her hair grow long and she looks dumpy. Then throughout her post-SoS where she write a stupid tell-all book while President Obama is still in office!

    No- Hills has done nothing but damage the Democratic party and she will not get my vote- I don’t care if it means a future President Rand Paul.

  17. Those candidates that ran away from the president got exactly what they wanted–they won’t be anywhere near him!

  18. All that tells me is that Americans don’t know what they want. It also tells me the majority of the white voters are dumb asses, seeing as they make up the majority of the republican party

  19. I have got to say something to those true Dem’s.
    So you would stay home and not vote or vote for the rethugs? I’d think that over if I were you.
    especially after the next two years….You may change your mind.
    The next two years are not going to be pleasant. Rethugs will see to that.
    They will send bill after bill to the desk of the Pres. Hoping for a veto. then…claim he is the one obstructing.
    All these bills will in one way or another be very helpful to the rich and people like the Kocks. THAT’s what you want?????

  20. They stupidly ran away from him because they thought doing so would enable them to get votes that they wouldn’t normally get. All they ended up doing was sabotaging their own chances at victory, because the sheep who vote for anything with R beside the name weren’t going to vote for them under any circumstances.

  21. That tells me that stupidity reigns supreme among too many Americans. What do they think would be accomplished with an obstructionist GOP Congress and a Democratic president? Right now, I am embarrassed by them and for them, because they make this country look like it’s full of a bunch of uneducated hicks. Their stupidity has been costly, and will continue to be even more so toward people who have to languish under the misleadership of the fools they put into office.

  22. “See, America is a Red Country” They tell people on RightWing Radio!
    Our local San Francisco Station was in heaven this morning.

  23. Can’t get over the voters who vote against their own self-interests and elect people like McTurtle.

  24. I’m not really a fan of people who use charged phrases on large swats of people. Americans, as in all? Hardly, some of us do know what we want out of this country, but you do have those who can form their own opinion on things while whining about someone else and doing nothing. As for the lot dumb enough to follow in behind the GOP, those sadsacks are lumped in with the folks who need the most help, and yet to f**king dumb to not vote against their best interests just so “them darkies and lazy folks” get off “welfare”. It will be hilarious when those assholes get down on their luck and there’s no assistance that will be coming their way.

  25. If people voting GOP like Hillary for 2016 that tells us a lot about her. I will not vote for in the primary if she runs but I will hold my nose and vote for her in the general if she wins the primary. Sometimes I think it’s us, the liberals, who live in a fantasyland, doing stupid shit like staying home, again, and pouting because Obama, not a liberal by any stretch, didn’t wave a magic wand and give us everything we want.

  26. Voter turnout in the state I live in ( a red state), was only half of registered voters statewide. That is pathetic. I know people that do not have the right to vote and wanted to, and all these people have the right to vote and don’t. They should be ashamed. They will be the very ones complaining about cut backs and they could have prevented it. I honestly thought that more people cared about their future. I was wrong.

  27. Exit polls from the 2014 mid terms showed that 52% of mid term voters do not believe Hillary Clinton would make a good president and that about 60% of them said the same thing about Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. So if 52% of the voters who actually turned out in a midterm are anti-Hillary and 60% of them are against the leading GOP candidates, I don’t think the end result will be what the media is predicting. Also, even if Hillary wins, the people who turn out in mid terms are already against her in 2014,it is doubtful she’ll have a friendly congress.

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