The Likes of Mitch McConnell and Joni Ernst Leave America a Bleaker Place This Morning

We wake up to a different world this morning, one not of our making. We like to say, “Those Texans deserve what they get when they vote for Ted Cruz,” or “Those Minnesotans deserve what they get when they elect Michele Bachmann,” and so forth.

But the 2014 Midterms have come and gone, and I can tell you right now, having woken up to Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin, I don’t feel I deserve what I got.

Which is a reverse Christmas. One where they come and take all your gifts away from you. The simple fact is, as Jason Easley wrote here last night, that the Republicans conned America.

They did so with corporate money, with the money of the wealthy who love their tax cuts, with the complicity of the mainstream media (for example, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd claiming during last night’s coverage that both parties had equal amounts of money to spend).

And they did it by lying, almost nonstop, for the past six years, using fear to overpower reason and logic, to disregard facts and obscure them with doubt.

Oh sure, there are a few bright spots. That perpetual carpetbagger Scott Brown was sent packing – again – by Jeanne Shaheen, but he will almost certainly resurface in another state, and run for office there. Gary Peters won the senate race in Michigan, and David Ige won the governorship in Hawaii, but there is not much to be happy about this morning.

There is simply no getting around the fact that today, November 5, 2014, the world is a lesser place, a bleaker place, a more hopeless place, than it was last night.

We had hoped for a Democratic wave. Instead, Reuters is calling last night a “rout,” and David Axelrod a “Republican wave,” but it is not the kind of wave you surf. Rather, it is the kind of wave that ruins lives. It can only be destructive with victories by the likes of Joni Ernst in Iowa, Rick Scott in Florida, and Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback in Kansas.

You might remember that Pat Roberts is the guy who said if we go left, we go National Socialism (never mind that National Socialism is a right wing ideology), and that Sam Brownback drove the Kansas economy into the dust and wants to take that devastation nationally. And the Palinesque Joni Ernst…well, with her hard-core Tea Party line, she will no doubt soon enough give Iowans reason to rue dodging their polling places on Tuesday.

So no, we did not get what we deserved. The NFL can say of its teams that they are what their record says they are, but we are not what we voted, not when our votes were overridden with dark money and corporate-funded propaganda.

You have to remember the great efforts Republicans went to suppress the vote, both by legal and by extra-legal means (intimidation). You have to remember the voter fraud (though if you look for examples of voter fraud this morning, all of it accuses democrats rather than Republicans). These days, you can’t even count on your vote registering for the Democrat you voted for, or that your vote is being counted at all. That is how corrupt the GOP has become in 2014.

And many of us understood that these midterms represented a vote for or against Barack H. Obama, though he was not technically running. Some Democratic candidates cowardly distanced themselves from Obama, and my personal thought on that is that these people have earned their reward in defeat.

While I take no satisfaction in their karmic example, I do get a laugh at Reuters’ headline this morning: Tough road ahead for Obama after Republicans seize Senate.

What, he had an easy road before? Six years of obstruction and nullification and endless, racist attacks, and only now the road gets hard? Where has Reuters been hiding all this time? There is no hiding the fact, however, that as Reuters says, last night was a “sharp rebuke” to President Obama.

And a vastly undeserved one.

In the end, those who did not vote – and on the left, there were many – failed not only themselves but the rest of us. The millennials who failed to vote surrendered their hopes for prosperous careers; the elderly their comfortable retirement, and the working class their jobs, healthcare, and possibly, any hope of putting food on the table for their family.

Some Americans opted for economic ruination. Others had it thrust upon them. We have been sentenced to two years, hard labor. And there will be no escaping the results. Only 2016 can save us now, and the realization that only in presidential elections does the liberal and progressive electorate really shine.

We will have to tighten our belts until then, America. I will take heart from Alison Lundergan Grimes’ defiant speech – one can hardly call it a concession – her heart-felt rallying cry for tomorrow. A promise to be made good on.

Going forward, remember this, and take heart, and don’t forget the cowards on MSNBC who called her ungracious:

I, for one, like Grimes, am not in a forgiving or a forgetting mood, and though I don’t intend to grin, I will bear it. We all will, deserved or not.

83 Replies to “The Likes of Mitch McConnell and Joni Ernst Leave America a Bleaker Place This Morning”

  1. Dark age for America has begun. I’m totally dumbfounded at how gullible Republican voters really can get to be.

  2. They already have Chris Christie and Rand Paul on CNN. This country is screwed. I’m just totally disappointed. I have been waiting since Reagan for America to wake up and see the GOP for what they are, but to no avail. I thought there was hope with Clinton, but then Dubya was elected twice.

    The ignorance runs deep in this country. I am in ill health and I might be here for the next election, and I might not, but I am backing way away from politics, life is too short. I’ve been battling for Democrats for 35 years and I have lost faith as our leaders in the party are just a bunch of republican-lite cowards.

    I am now very concerned that I will lose the healthcare that I just gained this year, and that will be a disaster. If it weren’t for the ACA, my life would be miserable right now and my representatives decided to run away from the accomplishments of the last six years instead of highlighting them, they deserved to lose, the only problem is that the rest of us also lose.

  3. Double H, the Prez will be impeached by the House, but survive getting removed by the Senate. What the Democratic Party must understand is that ANYTIME a centrist member of their party wins the WH, they are marked for destruction. ..not just defeat.

  4. “Don’t you know, the darkest hour is always just before the dawn”

    Yes, Hraf, we will not forget, and we will bear it, just as we bore 8 years of Bush II – my deep concern now is what they might be able to do in those two years to skew the 2016 vote in their favor. It would be foolish in the extreme to think otherwise.

  5. I look at things and see that last night was an absolute disaster. It’s like watching a really bad movie… like anything that Will Farrell is in. It sticks into your memory for a little bit and then after some time, it leaves.

    We will survive these two years of terror and once it becomes 2016, revenge will be ours. 2016 is the Golden Goose, people. Remember that.

  6. Well get ready for the attack on social security and the health care law, also get ready for the keystone pipeline and the destruction of the clean air laws.Get ready for another crooked high court judge if we have a retirement from the court.Get ready6 for shutdown of the government and impeachment all the way.Get ready for us to become Somalia!

  7. Somehow, something smells. In no way do I believe that Florida freely elected the hated Rick Scott. His majority coming in late could be simply the Panhandle tally, but I suspect something else.

  8. It’s not just Republican voters, it’s Independents who voted Republicans. The democrats need to regroup. Badly need to regroup.
    It’s ironic that the states are passing progressive referendums and legislation that the Democrats advocated. (minimum wage) Very ironic.

  9. I was just reading an article on AddictingInfo and I guess there is one bright spot in all of this, now the GOP has to actually govern, they can’t blame Obama, they will have to put there name on the bills they try to pass.

    I know I just posted that I am giving up, but that might have been premature, I’m just going to take a break for a while.

    I hope this wakes up those lukewarm Democratic reps we have and motivates them to start making some bold moves and statements. We cannot survive being Republican-lite.

  10. One thing is clear. The balloting processes is different in different in each state and county. The ballot process needs to be consistent. Every state should have early voting. Every state should have a mail-in ballot not absentee ballot, but mail-in.
    Election laws should be consistent across the country — ID or no ID? The inconsistent election ballot process is what’s screwing up the election process, and the Federal Election Committee should step in at some point.
    Another thing — put a limit on how much these campaigns can spend. $100Mil is obscene!

  11. Right TerryLF. we have reason to worry. If rethugs keep their words, and there is no reason to doubt them. Medical coverage will be eliminated, Soc Sec. will be privatized, will be in another war or two, education funds will be cut. In five States they already have, the Keystone pipe line will be passed. This is just the beginning. Sounds like a very bright future doesn’t it?(snark, snark)
    In my state I was told yesterday, the Kocks spent three billion in two dist’s. to beat the Dems. Looking at the map of our country, it’s red. red. Not a good thing.

  12. I also think something smells bad in NC, Kay Hagan has always led in the polls but with the voter suppression and the machines that flipped votes and voting places being closed, I think the election was fixed for the hated republican who has destroyed the schools in NC.

  13. They will never impeach him. Oh, there will be the usual talk about it, but they’ll never pull the trigger on it. They remember what happened when they pulled that BS on Clinton.

  14. I went to sleep in America and woke up in 1930’s Nazi Germany. And there’s a person named John who post’s on this site who will be eating crow today. I knew this was going to happen, I knew all along that the inmates were going to take over the asylum.

  15. The gop now has to govern. The people of Kansas have given their governor a mandate to bury them in dust and debt. The states and the money have spoken.

    The gop wont find it easy governing. The vetos will come as the senate tries to pass all the houses give huge tax breaks to the rich, and destroy all the environmental laws that will destroy the children the right is so worried about lives

    I would add one thing. All of the things the gop is against passed last night. All the states that votesd on raising the min wage passed it. All the states that voted on pot legalization passed them. The personhood bill the gop pushed failed again. All of those things went against the gop, yet their insane clown posse won. Money

    Time will tell

  16. The FOXES are in the Chicken Coop AGAIN! Who let them in?!!! Careless and blind Republican voters. Watch out, the eggs will be taken and the chickens will be devoured….only thing that’s going to be left are bones and feathers. We shall sow what the Republican voters gave us to reap.
    I foresee gloom and doom for the next two years. Ouch! This will hurt. Obama is in a world of doodo now.

  17. I disagree with AddictingInfo. Thanks to the mainstream media and Fox News, I don’t think they have to govern. I don’t think their base will even notice that they’re not governing, and we’ve already demonstrated that we can’t (or in some cases won’t) do anything about it.

  18. Wolf PAC
    To restore true democracy in the United States by pressuring our State Representatives to pass a much needed 28th Amendment to our Constitution which would end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in our country. There are only 2 ways to amend the Constitution. (1) Go through our federal government (2) Go through our State Legislators via an Article V. Convention.

    Wolf PAC believes that we can no longer count on our federal government to do what is in the best interest of the American people due to the unfettered amount of money they receive from outside organizations to fund their campaigns.

  19. Well we survive 8 years of Bush and we will survive this debacle.

    I just want to say as long as Democrats keep hiring the same CONsultants trying to win over conservative voters we will lose.

    As long as Democrats don’t tell the truth about republicans obstruction and outright treasonous behavior we will lose.

    I was looking at some numbers and only 36% of eligible voters voted. I saw this comment at Crooks and liars and a big H/T to Bill Lumbergh for breaking it down

    The numbers I saw showed younger voter turnout down 6% from 2012, black and latino turnout down about 2% each, but white voter turnout up 3%, and +65 voter turnout up 13% from 2012.
    So young and minority voter turnout didn’t really lose the election as much as terrorizing older voters about the horror of our scary future full of brown-skinned Democrats won it for the repukes.

  20. Once again all the voter surppression and very questionable voter machines in many states led to another stolen election. The polls were to close in many states for the rethugs to win with such high margins. Corporate america now completely owns this country.

  21. PBO is NOT a ‘centrist’ on policy. Neither are the cowardly Dems who refused to run on what he’s accomplished. The turnout was horrible for two reasons – voter suppression where the GOP could do it, AND voluntary voter suppression from lazy ass people who, Left and Center, could not be bothered to vote.

    But deciding this president is a failure or is just like the GOP is falling right into the RW meme. He’s NOT.

  22. So HOW will you put limits if the GOP control both states and federal power? There is no way other than a Constitutional Amendment remember? SCOTUS opened the flood gates with Citizens United, and ONLY an amendment can end that.

  23. I still cannot figure it out. I’m watching the news this morning here in Illinois and the graphic of Rauners win was immediately followed by graphics showing that the voters voted against everything Rauner stands for. How the hell does that happen?!?!

  24. Here in Illinois we had a lot of election judges who either resigned or were no-shows after 200 robocalls telling them they either needed more training or would get in trouble if they voted a certain way. Several places were closed because of it and there were lots of long wait times. The latest I’ve heard so far was people who got there at 4:30p actually got to vote around 3:30am.

  25. This older voter (I just turned 17– if you have dyslexia) dragged her gallstone-ridden self to the polls…in pajamas…and voted straight Democrat. My agemates are, many of them, the people who were active in the Moratoria. Now, if you’re talking about *old* old people (80+), you have a point, but there aren’t that many. No, I think we need to look at voter suppression and hacking.

  26. You’re probably right, I’m just looking for something positive in all of this. I just can’t wrap my head around it. And now, the big problem is, how do we change anything with the right controlling both houses of Congress?

    I’m afraid that Democratic pols will look at this and become even more timid, it does not bode well for America.

  27. . No, I think we need to look at voter suppression and hacking.
    That doesn’t explain why only 36% of the people voted. We didn’t turn out. The reasons are many from not running on our successes, running away from the President and I do blame the media for the narrative they pushed.

    I still cant believe the ass-kicking we received from people running on nothing but fear. We have become weak as a nation and people will rue the day they didn’t come to vote.

  28. we’ll see how much the cons love filibustering, when the tables are turned on them. nevermind the prez’ veto. its stalemate at best for the regurgitators… it will be an ersatz civil war played out in congress, and the coming rw clown show primaries that start TODAY!…

  29. You and Me both Dog. Changing these E-Voting Machines to non-Proprietary Software should be The FIRST Thing we accomplish. Not much else really matters before that if you think about it. Funny how accurate Exit Polling used to be before 2000. (For a Century almost) Shot, you hardly even hear about them anymore. OK, I just depressed myself further.

  30. WoW!
    They pulled it off.
    They convinced Americans that
    their lives are SH*T and it’s
    ALL Obama’s fault! That if we
    just gave them a chance, they
    could fix it all up for us.
    They will make our lives all
    Rainbows & Butterflies.
    (although, they never say HOW)
    They can now drop that FACADE.
    They will now begin to tear down
    any progress the POTUS has made.
    Any seeds he has planted will be
    ripped out by their roots. People
    will lose things they never knew
    they had.

  31. This result is a combination of voter suppression, money, and the homegrown ignorance that Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy warned would be the destruction of this country. I am sick to death of ignorant people who continue to vote against their own interests, because the results of that ignorance are long-lasting and widespread. I have no sympathy for them, and they deserve all the resulting suffering that will come their way. The rest of the world looks at us as a bunch of retarded morons, and other developed countries continue to surpass this one in key areas that measure the well-being of countries.

  32. The thing is, they were supposed to be hurt by the past two years. The “experts” assured us of that. But they not only did not get hurt, but gained ground by bringing our government to a standstill.

    I think we will have to endure and hope there is an opportunity for us to regain our lost ground in 2016. Perhaps Hillary can rejuvenate the cause, or perhaps it will be left to Elizabeth Warren.

    Meanwhile, the GOP wins this round, and their corruption will make it more difficult for us next time.

  33. The Wild and Crazy Bunch just took over the ship. The Captain is captive and will have to steer the ship under their directions. The only thing the captain can do is covertly send out S.O.S. signals. But who will see it and help? Not his woosies on shore that’s for sure. Their hands are tied up and will be operating out of fear. The Bullies will create all kinds of mischief now. Expect it. The crazies will be crazier. Lawd help us.

  34. Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews were mad that Alison didn’t fawn all over and congratulate Mitch and say something nice about him. I wanted to throw my shoe through the screen, as nasty, false and vindictive as his ads were and these two asshats wanted her to cozy up to the creep was sickening. I am glad she said it the way she did. I would bet she runs again against Paul in 16, if he doesn’t run for President, as he can’t run for both here.

  35. Good grief. The Republicans may be many things but they are not Nazis. I had three members of my family die in the Holocaust and I don’t appreciate the appreciate the comparison.

  36. Man, CNN can’t get them enough Chris Christie today. Almost all the people they have had on today are Republicans.

  37. Dave, first I’m sorry to hear of your loss BUT!!! Yes they are like the Nazi’s! EXACTLY like the National Socialist Workers Party. You must not be paying attention to what they demand for this nation. My father served in WW2 and fired at his own German bloodline so I’m well aware regarding family involvement and loss. And I don’t appreciate people who don’t accept the REALITY that in FACT the Conservatives and Republicans ARE the New Nazi Party! Wake Up!

  38. Aaaaargh!!!!We are now going to be in a world of S_hit! The bullies and crazies have taken over the Playground. The Principal will be battling the bad boys all alone. {{{ SIGH }}} His loyal students ran away in fright. Or did not show up for the fight. So what else could he expect from wusies. Those of us who did show up, where obviously outnumbered. Ce la vie. Now comes Gloom and Doom.

  39. With all respect, while you may not appreciate the comparison, one can quite easily argue that the Nazi era was presaged and underwritten by the very same brand of myopic and ignorant fear mongering and zealotry as has been perpetrated by the Republican/Tea Party in recent years.

    Empires come to an end and those still intoxicate and afflicted by notions of supremacy rise up as self-appointed Spartans to retain and reclaim past glory.

    The big danger with America is at this junction, she has more weapons than brains in office at the moment, as was the case with another once great nation…

  40. President Obama will just veto everything and the inept majority won’t have the 67 votes necessary to override that veto.
    They want to gut the EPA, IRS and our education system and bring all those “wonderful” red state ideas to D.C…so we WILL be bankrupt. But President Obama will veto everything and they won’t have the 67 votes to override that veto.

    I forsee a future of relentless hearings and bills trying defund EVERYTHING.
    All those ignorant tea bag and repubs on SS and Medicare who voted in these idiots will be blaming President Obama anyway.

  41. Dave, with all due respect, I do have to agree with Joseph on this one.

    My father was a holocaust survivor. The tactics that are being used here in the USA by the extremists and GOP, are the very same model that became the foothold for Nazi Germany. At this time now, I feel it has reached a little bit past the beginning line, but there will be more to come. I am sorry about your loss as well.

  42. Did you know California was the guinea pig for Reagans “trickle down” when he was our governor ’67-’75?

    CA governors – D-Pat Brown 59 – 67, R-Ronald Reagan 67 – 75. D-Jerry Brown 75 – 83, R George Deukmejian 83-91 and R-Pete Wilson 91-99 **these 2 R’s RUINED CA’S ECONOMY** D-Gray Davis 99-03 **this D tried to FIX the R’s MESS** so CA YET AGAIN tried the conservative idea under Arnold Schwarzenegger: during Ahnold’s tenure: CA went DEEP into debt, and recession at the same time.
    Yet what pulled us out of debt and recession is LIBERAL BLUE policies via Governor Jerry Brown.

    GOVERNOR BROWN IS NOW ENJOYING A 4TH TERM with our $2.5 BILLION state budget surplus.

  43. Shiva, I love your posts and your knowledge. I really wonder though, will the GOP have to govern now? In my opinion, I don’t think they will have to.

    They have done everything they wanted to destroy the country in 6 years, and have been rewarded for it. Why govern now? They have free reign.

  44. They will be saying take government out of my Medicare. If I was mean spirited I would advise the Democrats to grant them their wish. Then when they have to decide between their meds and catfood? I would suggest Deli-cat. It may be hard but cheap if you still have water just soak it for a few hours and you will be all good

  45. Terry, I understand completely about your fear of ACA being ripped out from under you.

    I need to sign up for ACA in November to be covered in January. I have a chronic disease and need decent insurance. My only thought is that Pres Obama is with us for 2 more years, he would veto anything dismantling ACA. After that, I will be a few years shy of retirement, but at this rate I will never be able to retire, financially it will not be feasible. Worrying is not good for anyone’s health, so try to give yourself a break for now.

  46. Unfortunitly things will MAY done BUT every bill will have riders on it defunding something and President Obama will veto it and they won’t have the 67 votes needed to override that veto.

    We “look” forward to endless hearings about everything…and Issa was voted back in, that part of BLUE Calironia is so stupid.

  47. This is going to be a rough 2 yrs.

    I heard The Turtle’s speech today that he wants President to work with this NEW Congress, I guess this means the way McConnell did in the last 6 yrs. LOL

  48. I’ll grant them that wish!

    These will be the same idiots that voted for McConnell who said he will repeal Obamacare but leave KYNECT intact…

  49. Welcome To The United Slaves Of Amerikoch

    Honestly, what can be said for a people who, for the most part voted in favor of progressive issues but elected candidates that would never allow any of those measures to pass? They are the slaves of the Koch brothers, the John Birch Society magnates who embody the most destructive interests for America’s majority.

    Slave labor wages, more pollution , more fracking, more restrictions on a woman’s right to choose and more private prisons are just some of the horrible causes the Kochs put their billions of dollars behind.
    Read More

  50. Hope you’re not in Texas that IS the shithole state.

    I’m enjoying living in BLUE California with LIBERAL Governor Brown who dug us out from the rubble and debt pile left by the previous dreadful republicans.

  51. And Perdue, who said he was proud of outsourcing jobs? Nothing adds up in this election, nor did I expect it to.

    I voted, but I knew this was fixed before we even voted.

    Koch brothers need to be in prison.

  52. We can blame the media, which I do and we can blame the Kochsuckers and the ones who suck their kochs but really only 36% voted. The blame lies with us for not articulating what have we done. We let and I mean the blue dog democrats their racism cloud their judgment and for that we have 2 years of the dark ages staring us in the face

  53. Yes, why didn’t the young people get out and vote??? They have student loans and will be enslaved to that debt before they even start a future, IF they can get a job.

    I don’t want to make generalizations here, but I do think a lot of young people just take our country for granted. They are self-absorbed and are uneducated about what is going on politically. NOT ALL OF THEM, I have young adult children as well. They voted and their significant others voted as well. Or, are there so many 1% young people that they don’t care, because they will always have more than enough of their fair share? It really disgusts me when people do not vote.

  54. The funny thing is they will wait in line for hours to get an Iphone or go to a midnight movie of the latest blockbuster, standing in line but cant take a few minutes to go vote. What a country

  55. What a sad day for America. I don’t think this is anyone’s fault. It just shows that we have a lot of really low information voters out there in red America. People are dumb and it would appear that they’re getting dumber. The Average American is soaked in this culture of fancy cell phones, reality tv and sports mania but they don’t give a damn about what’s going in Washington. I don’t think they’ll wake up until it’s too late. If Americans had a quarter of the enthusiasm for politics as they did Sports, there is no telling what we’d achieve.

  56. History repeats itself over and over again. Whenever the party running during a tough season decides to distance themselves from the POTUS at that time, those candidates lose in big ways. In looking at individual state initiatives that passed, such as minimum wage increases and rejection of personhood amendments, it isn’t a rejection of the President’s policies – he was very big on those items. It is the appearance of disloyalty, weakness, and being ill-prepared to continue the fight. Allison Grimes took a nose drive right after she couldn’t even admit she voted for Obama. And other candidates that didn’t want the President to appear on their behalf lost in big numbers.

    Elections matter all the way around!

  57. Two Years will roll by with much not passing and maybe a gov shutdown or two but we can look forward to 2016.WINK

  58. Well, those of us who survived Bush will most certainly survive this atrocity. Let those who voted against The President eat crow, because I tell you, the Repubs don’t care about them either. The Democrats have got to get their game on and the time to start is… NOW!

  59. I believe you are confusing Nazism with Fascism. Nazis were Fascist, but Fascism is not Nazism. Capitalism in the U.S. is now on the cusp of Fascism With the Republicans and Tea Party leading the charge. People must be made aware of this before there is no turning back.

  60. I got tons of emails from the DNC – all of which began with the most negative comments: “We’re in trouble..” “All is lost.”

    All over the media was reports: “Will this election be a referendum against Obama?”

    “Republicans already celebrating days before election.”

    This is not right – and is part and parcel to the nefarious and effective manipulation of the masses.

  61. We just need to pick up our selves, and move forward. Not look back. I know easier said then down. I lived through the Reagan/Bush, Sr./Bush, Jr. years. We need real democrats that will stand up to the bullies. (e.g., Warren, Baldwin). We are lacking in strong leadership. Reid and Pelosi? They need to be replaced with fresh new faces with new ideas. Democrats never turnout during mid-terms. They have to be convinced that mid-terms are just as important as presidential years.

  62. Added to: All the thug money spent by the Kocks went down the drain. Mn went blue!!!The seats they wanted were kept by the Dem’s!!!! Now Mn. stay that way, don’t lose all sense, think for self. Dem National, get some courage and fight these creepy, selfloving thugs , teach them(if possible) some plain manners, and thought of country. Now that, would be an accomplishment. Learn to fight in the same manner and same way the rethugs have used for years. dirty, down right nasty. They have no quarrels with this type of election. Think the Dem’s should learn to hit back HARD!!!

  63. Yes Andy, it will be fun to watch what happens to those who voted this in. But, I wonder why good people who did not agree, will be forced to suffer along with the fools? That has been my question for a long time. Why do so many have to suffer because of the idiots?
    My Husband was laid off, by his Comp. before he was 62,( because of age, it was told to him) regardless that he never once missed a day of work, for any reason. worked 14-16 hours per day. Had no health problems. He died in Jan 95 a few months shay of his court case. In the court proceedings, I was told, this Comp had not injured me in any manner, so was not awarded any large payment. Lost med, retirement, and the amt of S.S. paid. was not old enough to collect yet. Went to work in a hard ware store, and a casino. Managed quit well for a while. Then was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer stage threeA.
    had very large med. bills. 5000 per treatment, for 8 months, beside the hosp stay( three – four day each time) and
    clinic. Fu…

  64. Some Fun Andy!! I was so ill thought and didn’t care if I survived. I did, and with the death of an Aunt, I managed to pay all medical bills bought a car. as mine was going on 100.000 miles. will be 81 in dec. Survived because I finally decided, I was not going to let the selfishness of the world get me down. Even tho, after all this I was once again diagnosed with breast cancer, and had open heart surgery.
    I am still here!! It’s not fun, Andy but just plain will!!

  65. I too am eating crow. I knew we ran very bad campaigns, but I really thought we could pull it off again in a national election. I’m shocked, sad and surprised.

  66. Obama has no reason to not let them shut down the gov’t. They’ll reap all the blame. They can’t accuse Harry Reid this time.

  67. Hey Rey. I take exception on your comment of 80+. Not all of us live in the old folks home and drive a hover round. I’ll be 81 in dec. still live in my own home, mow my own grass and the grass of a neighbor, shovel my own snow, vote ever time and will continue in to 2022 if need be. Regardless of what my individual circumstances are. I still have ability to think, make decisions and don’t have any new friends. Meaning I don’t have dementia!!

  68. Yep, this is a huge disadvantage. Somebody’s got to educate Dems, blacks, young people and Latinos that turn out is key in mid terms. They can’t just show up during 1/2 time and bail in the 3rd quarter.

  69. When we already knowwhen and where voter suppression has been perpetrated where is the Department of Justice in violation of civil rights? I find it despicable that no penalties have been imposed on these violators of our freedoms.

  70. McConnell ran on Coal, knowing China has drastically taken steps to reduce all of their coal imports even to the point of tariffs to countries who import it!
    It’s insanity at it’s best! And they were hoping you were all stupified enuf to vote for him again….It Worked! LOL

  71. It is amazing to see the crybabies come out after the election. The GOP wants an affordable healthcare system which serves ALL the people. The AFA is not affordable ! People act like it is the only way we will all have healthcare and the lies and deception that was used to ram it through congress is now made public by the designers. Let the GOP now actually be given a chance to contribute to a healthcare bill!

  72. The gop in all these years has not had one plan to replace or modify the ACA. If you think the gop wants healthcare for everyone you are smoking banana peels.

    The ACA is very affordable and your saying it isnt indicates you know nothing about it except what you hear on Fox or whatever you get news from.

    It IS the only way we will all have insurance unless we get single payer. The gop would go right back to ever higher costs in a heartbeat

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