How Republicans Conned The American People Into Giving Them Control Of The Senate

mitch mcconnell wins reelection
The lazy explanation from the media and political chattering classes is that Democrats lost their Senate majority because of Barack Obama. The truth is that the Senate Republicans ran a years long con on the American people that resulted in the GOP’s election win.

Republicans originally had a plan to obstruct everything that President Obama attempted in order to make him a one-term president.

Here is what Sen. Mitch McConnell told National Journal in 2010,

McConnell: We need to be honest with the public. This election is about them, not us. And we need to treat this election as the first step in retaking the government. We need to say to everyone on Election Day, “Those of you who helped make this a good day; you need to go out and help us finish the job.”

National Journal: What’s the job?

McConnell: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

It was the last sentence about making Obama a one-term president that got all of the attention, but it was his second sentence that was revealing. Republicans had a plan to take back the government. Step one was to win back the House, which they did in 2010. Step two was to win back the Senate, which they accomplished in 2014. Step three has always been to win back the White House in 2016.

The genius of the plan was that it was a hostage situation. Republicans took the legislative process hostage and refused to pass anything. Senate Republicans obstruction legislation big and small all with the goal of building frustration and discontent with government. After the American people had become enraged by “broken Washington,” Republicans promised that Washington could be fixed if they were given control of the Senate.

Never did Republicans admit that they were the reason Washington was “broken.” Instead, they blamed the people who were trying to get things done. Republicans blamed Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama. The GOP ran a con on the American people. They created the problem then promised to solve it.

The bad news is that the con worked like a charm. On Election Night, Democratic Senate candidates never had a chance. Candidates who ran good campaigns were defeated, and in every state the Republican message was the same, “Elect us and end the gridlock in Washington.”

It was all a scam that has led to Republicans being two-thirds of the way towards accomplishing their goal of a government takeover. The problem is that the Republican plan may have worked a bit too well. The American people are expecting action from the Congress, and Democrats are now poised to whip up outrage as the Senate minority.

In 2016, it won’t be red state Democrats, but blue state Republicans who will be on the ballot fighting for their seats. Republicans won’t have Obama to blame anymore. The GOP will be held accountable by a bigger electorate.

Given these factors, it will surprise no one if the Senate confidence men and women meet their 2016 demise at the hands of their own con.

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  1. The one problem with this story is that you are leaving out the chicanery and outright fraud that took place today in polling places in states around the country (Georgia’s 40,000 missing voter registrations is just the tip of the iceberg). You also left out the slew of voter suppression laws following the 5 man SCOTUS ruling that enabled them. You also left out the unbelievable gerrymandering the Republicans did.

    You also didn’t look at what we learned in Scott Walker’s recall election: that the major companies that run and maintain voting computers were found to be run by Republicans who contributed heavily to Republican campaigns.

    Yes, this election was psyched on the voters—but it was also stolen.

  2. Not for one minute do I believe that voting machine fraud was not rampant throughout the country in this election. The American People deserve fair elections and there should be centralized voting system in place for state and national elections. In addition, we deserve to have a system which validates/verifies our vote. Need to put in place to avoid further thefts of elections. We all know that machines can be programmed on large scale and votes can be redirected. Voting machine fraud is not acceptable because it completely strips American people of their right to vote in a fair election.

  3. After all is said and done old white folks turned out strong, young people and minorities did not.

    Democrats who ran away from Obama’s successes should ask themselves if selling out their supporters values was worth it.

    Really, how’d that strategy work out for y’all?

  4. There were over 380 Bi-partisan bills sent from Congress to the Senate and they are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk but he won’t bring them to the floor for a vote. Obstruction you say? You may want to look a little closer at why things are not getting done. Good night for America.

  5. I love your optimism but for me right now I’m feeling like a mule kicked me in the head. 2 more years to pass voter suppression laws nationwide. I don’t see it, 2016 will be another rubber stamp. Just wait until Roberts gets more extreme right wingers on the court. Elections matter and democrats didn’t turn out. By 2016 it will be “of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.” We asked for it and now we’re going to get it.

  6. My gawd this is thee most blatant stripping of votes I have ever witnessed in my life! The gop do not care about Americans! They bold faced STOLE OUR VOTES! THEY DID NOT WIN. People were not fooled. OUR VOTES were out and out STOLEN!!!! They gerrymandered the districts. They made voting impossible for AA minorities & all dems. How do you figure you won? All these repubs should be in jail. But watch..not one democrat will say anything. Just like the last two years..they said nothing while the GOP lied. The GOP does somethin awful ..turn around on all news channels and say DEMS did it. DEMS never came back to correct any of their lies. And that’s the other reason we lost. And then grimes acting like Obama had ebola..but not the clintons. I never gave her money. She made all our constituents run from Pres Obama the way she denied him. WTH is wrong with her? They gave the GOP all the seats. Thanks for nothing Dems. For never speaking up. For letting the GOP carry the message endlessl…

  7. How in the hell did all these repubs win in dem states? Seriously. Something stinks, because people are not this stupid.

  8. Also, are poeple so stupid they don’t realize repubs have obstructed this president and the dem party from 2009?

    It’s one of the most irritating things I’ve endured watching.

    And now, they’re going to make things happen, on their terms? ARG!!!!!

    So infuriating I can hardly stand it.

  9. I hate to break it to you, but people in this country ARE that stupid. Remember the guy before Obama with the intellectual disability? Yeah…after he was elected, and the country had four long years to witness, time, and time again, how stupid he was, what did the voters do? They reelected him to another four year term. Now that’s damn stupid. In fact, we’re #1 at stupid, but at least we’re #1 at something. USA, USA, USA!

  10. All I can say s “Please proceed, GOP.” Your wet dream has come true. You can’t blame Harry Reid now when there are no jobs bills passed. No wage equality. No women’s health care except LESS health care available. More wars? All on you. More deficits? All on the GOP now. More lies and fraud? All on the GOP. So, Mitchie, enjoy your power while you can. Because we will fight tooth and nail against the Koch agenda, and you will lose.

  11. No my friend C, they are that stupid !!! We were hoodwinked and shammed. We had the bodies, but not the brains. Look not a One of the these right wing lunatics had a agenda to promote, other than there hatred of Obama. But because of Democrats literally running away from the President, and not promoting the great economical numbers of the day,the ACA,the drop in Gas prices,and a host of other accomplishments. They instead chose to run away and let these right wingers and the Media (Especially the Media) literally beat Obama with a false and misleading propaganda campaign. (But that’s another story) SO WE LOST BIG TIME !!! The only good to come out of this, is they now have to govern (They suck at governing)so they will try to compromise with the Democrats, which will split these losers in half. This is after the bullshit impeachment proceedings, which will not go well with most of America. By this time it will be 2016, the black guy will be gone, and Hillary will be PRESIDENT !!!!.

  12. The American people have spoken; once again proving they don’t know what they’re talking about and have definitely ended that stupid assumption that man learns from his past mistakes.

  13. Yes, Democrats lost today, but America lost more. So congratulations to all you who voted some of these nuts in office. You’ve just been bought, hook, line and sinker by the 1% Koch Brother’s and organizations like Citizens United, now y’all bend over and ‘Cough.’

    The truly sad thing is these people who voted for these nuts don’t realize they’ve been pimped by the Koch Brother’s who have their grand plan and it doesn’t include you or me unless there’s money to be made for them.

    Heck, they already pimped the Supreme Court. By the way, if they are the pimps, then you must be the…
    Yes watching the next 2 years unfold is going to be interesting. Be very careful what you ask for, be very careful. Lol

  14. C’mon people. You have to admit to the fact that this loss was the democratic voters NOT coming out to vote. Minorities made me laugh today when I listened to them say it was Obama’s fault and that was the reason they did not vote.
    Until all Dems vote we don’t have a chance in hell in 2016.

  15. Of course they have to cheat to win there are few people who are down with an ever increasing wealth gap. It’s not enough that the top one percent have enough money to support an army several generations, they need more. We don’t need clean air, water and land. Banks should be able to charge anything they want. We should fight endless wars all over the world. We should restrict peoples civil rights, women’s, workers, minorities, religious (except 7 mountains) and voters rights and they call President Obama a tyrant and dictator.

  16. I can’t believe we Pennsylvanians were the only ones with the intelligence to rid ourselves of a failed Republican Governor. Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Scott, Brownback and Snyder? What is wrong with the people in those states? Wait until Kansas goes bankrupt. The people in that state deserve everything they get.

  17. I refuse to watch any news shows for the next week, even MSMBC will be disingenuous lying about President Obama need to work with the assholes.

  18. That’s two years too long, because the government can (and just might be)shutdown at least once before 2016. Good ol’ Mitch said that if (and when)they’d take the senate that if he and the other Republicans don’t get their way on anything that we can expect another shutdown(quite possibly longer than 16 days).

  19. Yes, machines can be hacked. In Guilford Co. NC it happened that a voter clicked on Hagan and the vote came out to be for Tillis. It was checked out and found that the machine did this 3 times. Wonder how many voted and did not realize their vote was changed? This machine was removed but I wonder how many other machines were hacked.

  20. When you run on a platform that “government doesn’t work”, what incentive have you got to help make it work?

    Your incentive is to make completely useless, and that’s what the GOP has done.

    It was blackmail/terrorism all along!

  21. I am heartbroken and confused…why are Americans so easily misled by big business…do they think the big guys will now get generous to the little guy ? what on earth have they achieved…I think that immigration reform may be the hidden fear from the masses…they are very scared that huge numbers of people being given an amnesty and rights will cause a massive number of new applicants for the very jobs they are trying to get…that is a very valid fear..but it has not been now we have to watch these morons and hateful people get cocky and destructive of everything that Mr. Obama has managed to achieve in spite of them ! The problem for the future is that all they can do to cement their position for next time WILL be done, legal or not, they are masters of deception !

  22. I disagree.
    Obama has no option but to veto GOP initiatives.
    Thus, he becomes “the party of No! ”
    He becomes the obstructionist.
    He becomes “what’s broken”…

    …And the GOP takes 2016 on an angry wave of “reform”.

  23. This is what Amer. is expected to go thru the next 2 yrs.
    Debt ceilings threats
    More s/d threats
    Hearings on fake scandals
    Escalate on war (ME)
    Iran’s agreement-dead
    Abortion rights-gut
    tax hike for workers/mid-class/poor
    Jobs investment-dead
    Voter rights-gutted
    Civil Liberties-gutted
    solar/wind production stop
    deregulation (big time)
    NO Immigration Reform
    Gay Rights roll back by state laws
    Big Oil deals
    Racist/Religion rants on the rise
    Min. Wages dead
    Big budget cuts in ALL Domestic progs.
    & let’s not forget Impeachment talks
    The only states will barely survive these next 2 yrs. will be states w/ Dem Governors.

  24. Well, will Charles and David Koch show themselves publicly now that they have won the country? Will the mainstream media (joke that it is) finally decide to unmask their chicanery? Have the majority of Americans really decided that “the Great Experiment” wasn’t worth continuing? Even my husband, who has spent much of his time over the last few months canvassing for a very good man running for the House seat of the Tea Party’s “Dr. Dan” Benishek, is angry — not at the electorate, not at the GOP, not at the media, but at President Obama. I do not share his anger. My anger is directed at the people who think there should be fewer voters, that they should be less informed, that the 1% who already own just about everything should own our government lock, stock and barrel too. What made this country great was slow but steady progress towards more inclusiveness. The door was shut on progress yesterday — by cheaters, by lazy reporters, and by eligible voters who DID NOT vote.

  25. I think this puts in doubt Hillary’s chances in 2016. The Clinton cache’ is wearing off and she is getting too old. The GOP not only ‘won,’ they won with big margins. It mostly wasn’t even close. The GOP is full of slime but their BS machine has never been more effective. At the same time, our government has slipped badly and the GOP was happy to put it on display time after time after time on C-Span. All we had was obstruction, the VA, IRS, NSA Benghazi, testifying before congress. It was relentless.

  26. For 2016, twenty four Republican Senators are p for re-election, with ten Democrats. The twenty four includes Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, John McCain.

    At best the Republicans will have two years to do whatever they plan to do.

  27. n Idea whose..a National Initiative for Democracy consisting of a Democracy Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and a Democracy Act, both of which establish a process through which Americans could propose, deliberate on, and directly vote on laws of their own making. This form of direct democracy is viewed as a partnership with the existing representative democracy. time has come… NI4D is proposing a deep, peaceful and powerful reassertion of the sovereignty of The People, in which the citizens of the country, through direct-vote approval of their own Constitutional amendment and direct-democracy law, establish out of thin air their right to directly pass laws — just as was done by the original framers of the Constitution (at the Constitutional Convention in “Philadelphia I”). This initiative is based on what some political philosophers call First Principles — the basic assumptions underlying democracy as a political philosophy — that The People should, can and do govern themselv…

  28. Pres. Obama probably now regrets attempting to work with these Thugs his 1st two years. The only thing these people understand is a Punch in the Mouth. Unfortunately I have a feeling Dems. will never learn, at least not in my Lifetime. We needed more FDR not LBJ.

  29. You talking about those 380 “bipartisan” bills of which a good majority have poison pills hidden in them? Of which I promise you less then a tenth of one percent of the electorate yesterday read one one of them.

  30. I disagree w/ your husband completely & my daughter & niece did a lot of phone banking. But it didn’t happen. This one is on us whether by hook or crook.
    The Pres. didn’t force ppl NOT TO VOTE, that was the ppl choice, plus w/ GOP/SCOTUS help.

    Now we got to own up to it, lick our wounds & come out fighting to protect what we have accomplished these passed 6 yrs & to have this Pres. back. Big time.
    Bottomline: The msm are going to be analysis this to death w/o fault to themselves & ppl who dislike this Pres. are going to blame him & the Dems.
    But the fight have just begun & GOP already got their agenda set ready to go. They cover it up during the election & IT WORK.

  31. When I pulled into my polling place and saw a full parking lot I got excited as a young Democrat(big turnout favors democrats typically). When I stepped inside the polling place and saw a gym full of older white people I said “oh no where are the young millenials”. Not one person under forty did I see.

  32. Yeah it was kinda like how Cheney Fed all that BS to J. Miller and Woodward, then went on The Sunday Talk Shows and said “See look at all these reports about Saddam”. Grrr… Our electorate is getting what they deserve. Wait for all them idiots who voted these Thugs in office get kicked-off of their Health Care Plans, get a Brain Morans and keep your Govt. hands off my Social Security. Double Grrr …

  33. I feel this country has lost it’s moral compass and it’s soul. Well now we will have to see that the republicans will finally have to shut the F up and they will have to actually govern. Stop the bitching and actually govern. This country deserve the misery it is going to get. We longer have a democracy because the republicans cheating their way to victory by stealing peoples rights to vote.

  34. This is to funny. When Democrats win, Republicans whine. When the Republicans win, Democrats whine. The majority of citizens claiming other citizens are stupid based on the ideas that they hold, yet they are above reproach.
    This is the true problem in the United States today. A lack of common belief and mutual respect for what is correct for our country. To much blame and finger pointing and excuses versus responsibility taken and mutual respect given. This is not a situation that one side sucks and the other has the keys to paradise. Working together provides for a better society and a future promise for our Nations children. Excuses display ignorance.

  35. You all are forgetting one thing, Obama is still POTUS with a mighty pen. If he has any cojones at all he will not allow the Republicans to ride roughshod over everything. He still has the veto and to override his veto needs 2/3rds yea votes in both the House AND the Senate. The Republicans do not have the numbers in either House to do that.

    Of course I might be a little too optimistic, he has caved before and might do so again. So far he has kind of held his own, but time will tell.

  36. Hmm, I wonder what the total amount of “Dark Money” was invested in these GOP Senators who make about $ 174,000.00 a year … Hmm, I wonder.

  37. Ideas… Ideas my Friend ? I’m afraid You have not been paying attention. Half-Truths, Lies and Dirty Tricks do not = Ideas.

  38. In defense of my husband I must say that he reads the New York Times a lot. I don’t; I don’t trust any part of the mainstream media. Given that the New York Times and other major media outlets have failed to investigate the GOP’s big money since the Citizens United decision, I consider them a party to it.

  39. Well, here you go. Now you can FIX EVERYTHING, Republicans. Everything will be perfect. *sarcasm*

  40. This is all true and well said but leaves out the complicity of the Democrats in standing by and letting it happen and not calling out the Republicans loudly, plainly and often enough for people to recognize the GOP’s destructive and cynical tactics.

  41. It finally dawned on me a few days ago that the reason the GOP House and the GOP in the Senate want virtually nothing to come to the floor is because then they would have to defend and advocate for their positions on issues like equal pay for women, health care, jobs, immigration, climate change, etc. And their positions are either non-existent or downright stupid. So now we’ll have two years with absolutely nothing coming to the floor in either the House or the Senate and the media will blame President Obama for it all.

  42. Unfortunately, the U.S. has a totally toothless and thus totally useless Federal Elections Commission.

  43. Don’t you wonder how so many senior citizens vote for Republicans who want to dismantle Medicare and Social Security? I’m seventy years old now and I cannot fathom it. The GOP has a stranglehold on the minds of those who should never ever vote for them: the elderly and the poor. In rural Michigan you’ll see campaign signs for GOP candidates in front of falling apart farm houses. These people are so hypnotized by the GOP that they follow like lemmings over the cliff. Unfortunately they’re dragging us over too however much we kick and scream.

  44. Maybe, but I doubt it. Boehner couldn’t control the whack jobs in the House, and Cruz will make sure McConnell faces insurrection in the Senate unless they try to pass ideologically “pure” legislation. Don’t expect a GOP legislature to get much of anything to Obama’s desk, and their chance to prove they actually can govern (they can’t) will be on full display. In ’16, when the GOP will be even more vulnerable than the Dems were this year, the Senate will go Blue again.

  45. The republicans tend to be better liars and marketers. The MSM…not sure what was us with them this election cycle, not watching them any more, maybe PBS, that’s it, or Brian Williams. On a up note some states rejected personhood, upped minimum wage…the people will speak over the politians….so, we as a party lost, but we won some core convictions in red states…and that’s what it’s really about!

  46. Yeah, you should try reading those bills and you’d understand why. Every one of them had some ridiculous ideologically “pure” rider stuffed into it. I guess your definition of “good” is greater wealth and income disparity, a weaker middle class, unfettered pollution, a crashing economy, more wars, weakened civil rights for women and minorities, banks recklessly gambling with your money, and more guns for everyone. I’d hate to see what a bad night looks like for you.

  47. First of all, let’s put this into perspective. The Senate was lost by 250,000 voters in 4 states. All Democrats who were expected to win in the Senate won. The tossup candidates didn’t win, and that was the problem. The 40,000 missing registrations in Georgia wouldn’t have changed a single thing, not that it isn’t a problem.

  48. Bizarre BS. Reps were the ones who created the obstruction and gridlock , now they are acting like they are the saviors ? BULLSHIT . Something stinks of big corrupt dark money, Rep fraud , and rigged elections.

    Democrats were suckered because they allowed the Reps to bully them into turning on President Obama.This is what you get when you turn on your own party and stab them in the back Democrats.. you get divided and conquered.
    Democrats. had no backbone , no courage , no convictions. they caved to the Reps and lost in the end anyway. Democrats should have stood up for the President touted his successes.

    Democrats didn’t talk about any of those things .. they didn’t want to be seen with a black president,. Democrats bought into the Rep`racism and sold out their President and their base. Screw em Democrats deserved to lose they didn’t even try .

  49. The bizarre red wave … did Reps rig the midterm vote and steal the election ?

    Chris Christie Advocates For Election Rigging By Republicans Controlling The “Voting Mechanism” Christie’s blatant support for Republican governors overseeing voting restrictions is not unique among Republicans who have no qualms advertising their anti-democracy agenda.

    ALEC, and Koch brother war on democracy through restricting working-class Americans’ opportunity to participate in democracy is also blatant.

  50. That has been the whole plan. Make the Pres. veto bills, they over ride with the newly elected and wal-la, who is the cause the obstruction? Suddenly, it’s not the rethugs! They become the best of the best. All done with the flip of the wrist and slight of hand and maybe just a large bit of voting manipulation. All to put fear into any Black person or Women who think they may have a chance to run in the future. Their message,(look what’s in store for you)

  51. I agree with you Callen. However I have a question. With the control in both arms of the Gov in the hands of the rethugs, what chance is there of any change? The Supreme Court is of no help.
    The rethugs have been planning for this take over for years. spreading fear, hatred, anger, distrust all for their own benefit.
    Dem’s have made a bad decision in not retaliating in the same manner. Thugs only understand the same language as they talk.

  52. That’s certainly true. This Congressional campaign should have been all about the GOP’s obstructionism, day after day. Most Americans have no idea how Congress works so they’re perfectly willing to blame President Obama for every seditious act done by the GOP in Congress for the past six years. Every single thing.

    And then there’s the media which willingly worked in tandem with the GOP every step of the way. So some blame goes to Democrats who are so unwilling to fight hard for what matters and a lot of blame goes to the mainstream media and to the delight the GOP takes in cheating.

  53. “Hillary will be president” The rethugs will NEVER let that happen. Count on it!They (the thugs) have had years to learn how to manipulate the country. While the Dem’s tried to work with in the law, and keep the country together BRING PEACE(which the thugs hate),living wages, medical, education, homes and the well fare of those with less. As much as I’d like to see this happen, I have doubts it will. Way too many stupid people who fall for the thugs line.

  54. The Dem’s are spineless cowards and allowed the rethugs to steal the election. There is no way that the polls were so close and then the pigs win with such large margins. Their corporate masters now own this country.

  55. Tall, yes the Repugs stayed on message….even when it was a lie! Perception then comes reality! Dems better get better at deceiving people just like the Repugs….hopefully they learned how to twist the facts then say it over and over to brain wash the public!

  56. I don’t think the American electorate is bright enough to figure that out. That combined with the millions who sit at home with their thumb up their ass not voting pretty much guarantee a hold on all three branches.

  57. Or simply just tell the truth as if talking to small children over and over until you drill it in people’s head!

  58. McConnell got reelected because he CHEATED!!! He sent out bogus letters claiming that whoever voted for Allison would be arrested for voter fraud!!! WHAT A POS!!!

  59. Just wondering, does the 62% of the electorate that didn’t go to the polls have any responsibility for this travesty?

  60. One thing Rodriguez. The veto over ride by 2/3 is possible. there are some Dem’s who vote with thugs on a regular basis. Will, can, the Dem’s in office make blue dogs stop? If they can the veto will hold, if not, there goes the ball game.

  61. Can we leave the 2016 race out of it for a day? I’m tired and I’m angry and I don’t have it in me to debate it today.

  62. Wouldn’t be easier just to accept the defeat by understand that, indeed, people just got tired of Obama’s-Democrats 8yrs in heading the country, than just trying to justify the disaster of their administration?

    Why all democrats alike are trying always to justify and make absurd excuses when the answer is just simple and plain?

  63. By all rights, the GOP should still be in political Siberia after the disaster that was Curious George and Darth Dick. Yet two years later we gave them the keys to the House. In that time, they’ve done absolutely NOTHING to help move America forward, acting as the spoiled two year old that stomps its feet screaming NO, NO, NO. Now we REWARD their behavior with keys to the Senate.

    No wonder the rest of the world just laughs and shakes its head at us.

  64. You mean doing the same the gop did after 2008 and 2012?

    Disaster = stock market at record highs, millions with healthcare that the gop would rather see dead, unemployment under 6%

  65. Let’s put the blame where it belongs–squarely on the shoulders of the democratic party strategists and candidates who would not take credit for being better off than we were 6 years ago and back it up with the facts. Alison Lundergran Grimes took down a lot of candidates with her nonsensical answer about who she voted for–turned a softball question into a strikeout that provided fodder against other dem. Her candidacy sunk like a heavy stone after her stupidity.

    Did everyone forget Al Gore? Forget about not wanting Clinton to campaign for him. He ignored democratic successes and lost. Rewind and repeat is not a strategy.

    Also the strategists completely ignored the ground game of AFP, which has been working non-stop toward this election for years. Obviously nobody learned anything from Citizen Koch. The AFP ground game was discussed in detail, and laughed away. Who now gets the last laugh?

    Dems snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. We will now pay the price for years to…

  66. It’s worse than we think guys because if the majority of humans cannot grasp and rally around climate change and are easily manipulated by wedge issues then it will be nearly impossible to overcome huge money manipulations.

    Which also means that the “smart” humans who have the huge money also seem only to care about their immediate comfort and status, nothing else not even the end of civilization as we know it.

    Take health care in America for example. We were paying twice as much than the rest of the industrialized world, allowing corps to rescind policies, and Democrats used a Republican policy, the ACA to make needed change. It is still an unpopular program even after spectacular improvements.

    Take Kentuckys’ coal workers. They fight to keep burning coal, and feel victimized cause Obama requires new regulations so hate liberals.

    Money in politics, not enforcing anti-trust laws, hugely ignorant populace who make snap decisions based on third grade thinking.

  67. Why didn’t all the Democrats stand with President Obama and his policies during this election cycle. No Backbone? Or more worried about getting re-elected than standing for what you believe in. Or maybe you really don’t believe in his policies. Either way the pendulum has swung the other way and wait and see what happens.

  68. One thing I took away from this midterm is that the quality of the candidate matters, and that nationally Democrats best get behind a cohesive positive economic agenda. Most of what liberals stand for passed in deep red states(minimum wage, advancing marijuana legalization) yet the party against those policies won. Democrats can no longer just assume because were the good guys that women and minorities will show up to the polls, democrats need to get in the ring and engage these typically socially liberal constituents on a more personal level. Conservatives as much as I am against their agenda stayed on message and had a plan to get out their electorate in droves.

  69. I can make zero sense of the American voting electorate currently. In every poll that matters overwhelmingly voters claim the economy and partisan gridlock are their biggest concerns for voting. So what does the American electorate come out and do? Vote into the majority the ideology that owns partisan gridlock. The American voters have lost their mind’s. I truly fear for the nation now.

  70. Even if the R’s add a couple more to their side, there is NO WAY they could get enough cross overs to get to 67,

    What makes you think the Dems won’t use the Filibuster ?

  71. The media has put the onus on the president thus making HIM the bad guy.

    “Why can’t Pres. Obama convince the Republicans to do …?

    According to the media, the president is at fault for not making Republicans work with him. It’s insane & sadly, very convincing to an inattentive electorate.

  72. Are the majority of American voters stooped or what? They brought the same guys back to power who almost wrecked our economy and are War Hungry. The economy is on the way up, stock Market thriving, unemployment way down, The Auto Industry back on its feet, thanks to Obama and Co. AND THE FICKLE, DUMB AMERICANS want the sly old FOXES back in the Chicken coop to plunder and wreck everything. Then slither away from the scorched earth and blame the Democrats or Obama’s mama.

  73. Thing is, Democrat strategists already know this. I’m confident that every option has been planned and modeled based on possible outcomes. Steering through the minefield that GOP legislation will become will prove difficult, but not impossible.

    The one good thing about the Republicans taking the Senate is they can’t blame the Democrats for gridlock anymore…they’re gonna own this one and we need to make sure they remember that.

  74. True, but the thing about old white folks isn’t that they’re conservative, or white. It’s that they’re old. It’ll take a while but eventually the demographics will shift. There’s no choice in that.

    My bigger fear is the control of the government by vested interests (corporations mostly) and dumbing down of the populace so that raising another crop of red-state robots will be easier for them to accomplish.

  75. My bigger fear is the control of the government by vested interests (corporations mostly) and dumbing down of the populace so that raising another crop of red-state robots will be easier for them to accomplish.
    That Rubicon has already been crossed. I cant stand the man but Ralph Nader made some sense today. The whole Democratic leadership needs to be purge. Their incompetence over the past 3 cycles is just astounding and we keep rewarding them.

    A 50 state strategy, gone. It has come to the point where they will support some bumbling idiot who couldn’t even win against Michael Grimm who BTW is going to jail. WTF!!!!

  76. gsb Very astute observation. The american people, middle class and poor who voted for teapublicans do not realize they have been fooled.

  77. But Dems didn’t need to lie. We are better off than we were six years ago. Dems should have proclaimed that loudly and clearly.

  78. Tony, yours is the fifth comment I’ve seen on various sites in just the last two days which states that claim as if it were true.

    In fact, it was originally made by Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.) this past July. Why it’s become one of the top memes in the “Koch Brothers Trolling Manual” is simple: for the next two years, Democrats MUST be portrayed as “obstructionist” — regardless of the fact that Republicans have spent the past 6 years doing precisely that.

    Per Politifact:

    “Ultimately, Jenkins places all the blame on the Democrats and the Senate, but experts agree that it takes two to tango. Both parties and chambers have played a role in creating the current legislative dysfunction. On balance, we rate the claim Half True.”

    Hope you’ve made your monthly quota of propaganda-spreading comments — so you’ll finally shut up.

  79. They won’t have the 67 votes required to override the vetos…there will be MANY of them along with endless hearings.
    Raphael Cruz will stomp his communist feet until he gets what he wants.

  80. fear and loathing won this election, proudly sponsored by Repubs. You can blame lazy voters all you want but its the entrenched election cycle pattern and irresponsible news garbage , currently controlled by right wing conservative outlets that swung voters conservative this time. Oh and of course the huge advantage of dark money that has outsourced our election process locally. yada..yada.. Democrats will soon wake up if its not too late.

  81. The sad thing about this article is they also conned the Democrats running for office. They should have welcomed the President with open arms and said yeah I voted for him and things are way better than 6 years ago, unemployment is under 6%, gas prices are lower than they’ve been in 8 years, the stock market is great and millions more people have health insurance, yeah I voted for him!!!

  82. But here’s the thing, OBama wants to do what the GOP wants… he wants to cut corporate taxes, improve “cybersecurity” (so more spying), make a “Grand Bargain” (which means cuts to social security, which, tbh, will kill the GOP base if they do push that since the GOP base is all old people) and ya. People didn’t realize it was the Senate Dems keeping stuff from Obama he wanted to pass because they didn’t want to see it happen.

    I’ll bet that most of what gets to his desk will be signed just fine. And then the government will be more corporatist.

  83. This isn’t exactly true. The FEC has tried hard to deal with these things in the past, but our shitty Supreme Court are pro-Corporations and anti-Constitution so they always side with the corporations against the FEC.

  84. There are a couple of statements in this article that are seriously flawed and will spell additional future disasters if too many people actually believe/rely on them.

    “Republicans won’t have Obama to blame anymore.”
    No, Republicans will continue to blame Obama (and Democratic representatives generally) for opposition to their legislation as the reason for anything and everything that goes poorly in the next 2 years. They will make the argument for a Republican Executive in 2016 based on the ongoing lies.

    “Democrats are now poised to whip up outrage as the Senate minority.”
    This is something that too many in the party just will not do, or do with sufficient force; too much playing nice.

    “The GOP will be held accountable by a bigger electorate.”
    I would suggest that the general American voter is dangerously uninformed about what goes on in our government to expect useful accountability based reactions.

    Other answers are going to be needed to provide a better futu…

  85. Beaglemom. sounds like my Daughters house! Her husband called her at work and asked if he could come home tonight? He too is a working man and told every election time he has no right to be voting rethug. He always does and he always gets nailed by my very smart daughter. Seems, men in general love to be screwed by the thugs. Some Women too. Just know BEAGLEMOM YOU ARE not ALONE!

  86. Two years is way too much time. In those two years the rethugs can get more on the court system by way of all the rethug Gov’s elected this time. Our Supreme court has a couple of older members, the rethugs will never place anyone who even smells like a liberal, They can pass any and all the bills they want, place them on the Pres. desk and wait till he vetos. Then call him the being the one who obstructs. And they can gerrymand to their hearts content.

  87. I am far more fearful of Republican GOVERNORS than what’s going on with Senate. History shows the 6-yr midterm is always a swap.
    Re-election of villains like Walker, Brownback, Snyder, Scott is inexplicable and frightening.

  88. Easy. Just cut taxes for millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

    That’s the GOP solution for everything.

  89. Tony, your comment or variations of it are all over today and have been all over for the past few months. I don’t know how many posts you personally have made under the same or different names, but I would suggest that you look for a different line of work. The economy is, despite the Republican attempts at obstruction, growing, and you may be able to a get job that pays better than a penny a post.. or is it up to a nickel yet?

    And any of us who have any sense have actually looked at those bills… Not sure about that number 380 or the “bipartisan” in them.. They maybe got ONE Democrat to sign off?.. But most of the bills I have read are nasty.. anti-environment, anti-labor, anti-regulation, anti-ObamaCares (in other words, pro “Let people who can’t afford health insurance or have pre-existing conditions die” legislation)
    Do you really think that people posting here don’t know that? Now, please, collect your nickel from your Koch gods and go crawl back in your troll hol…

  90. This is just another reason why I think that both congressmen & senators should have term limits like our President. Some on both sides have made careers living in Washington,

  91. Anyone elected to the Senate yesterday won’t have to run again for six years. So, for the next six years, we have no hope of getting an increase in the minimum wage, getting anything done to forestall climate change, preventing the Keystone Pipeline from being built through our biggest natural aquifer (because, as we all know, oil is more valuable than water). All the republicans have to do between now and 2016 is start impeachment hearings on Obama and collect money for the next election. Cause, after all, it was money that won this election for them.

    If the republicans win the presidency in 2016, liberals should start contemplating emigrating to another country cause we will be doomed.

    I can’t help but feel like the democrats in the Senate should filibuster every piece of legislation the republicans try to pass just to give them a taste of their own medicine. I guess we’ll have to lower ourselves to republican standards in order to get respect (which makes me gag).

  92. You misunderstood what they’re saying. Voter verification means we get some sort of paper receipt verifying how we just voted. As it is now, who knows if they even really count anything and if that little plastic card containing your vote really contains correct information. I know that when I handed my voting card to the guy whose job it was to take those cards, he was holding a bunch of them. To me, no one should even touch those cards — I should insert it into a locked box directly. But that’s just one of many things wrong.

    Does anyone know how they go about reading those cards to determine how folks voted? It sure does seem like it would be a mammoth task to scan all those cards once the polls close, and in some places, they were announcing results just 30 minutes after the polls closed.

  93. Revenge?! That is the problem right there. Your attitude. Whatever happened to actually working to better our country? You get all pissy about the DNC getting a very clear message from voters about their inaction (check out the stack of bills on Reid’s desk that he wouldn’t bring to the floor) and on the direction they are taking the country, and all you can say is “revenge in ’16”. YOU are a big part of the problem.

  94. It was a con job with the complicit support of the news media. CBS news lost its objectivity the second it hired Republican Strategist Frank Luntz as a contributor to put his spin on poll numbers. NBC tossed integrity out the window by hiring Chris Todd who openly states it’s not his “job to educate the public.” The right-wing has been launching a full assault on mainstream news with organized campaigns to send dozens of letters of complaints about coverage. Because of this, the network news entities have moved farther right in their coverage.

    With the GOP fueled deregulation of the media, they’ve abandoned their civic duty to separate fact from fiction to chase ratings & advertising dollars. Before deregulation, the news was considered a “loss leader,” done in the public interest, regardless of ratings. No more.

    Progressives need to fight back. Write, call and complain about the lack of coverage on the successes of this administration.

  95. I want the teabagging repubs to overreach big time. Let the American people really see who they are. McConnel, Boner et al will not be able to control them either.

  96. Politics is more important to Republicans, who mostly have politics, business, guns and bibles, whereas Liberal-minded people are more diverse, spanning science, nature and the arts. It’s no wonder that the group that takes a disproportionate interest in politics has disproportionate influence.

  97. Ok John Boehner and Mitch McConnel PROCEED the floor is yours. DO SOMETHING NOW! Let’s see what good will come out of your Congress and Senate. No BS this time, you can’t blame Harry Reid and the Senate for putting your frivoulous previous stupid bills on “HOLD”. Let’s see some teeth in any Jobs bill, let’s see if YOUR Congress can jump start Infrastructure spending, Jobs -% to lower than what it is now, let’s see if your crazies in the T-Party will allow you to work full time at the responsibility you have snared. GET TO WORK and stop focusing on Obama. We will be watching……

  98. Okay now Boehner and McConnel Proceed. Let’s see you get some work done for a change in the Congress. No time to focus on Obama now. No time to blame Harry Reid. No more obfuscating and blocking. You got both sides in control—let’s see if you can really govern other than Yapping and complaining. Seriously, the bar has been raised, if nothing gets done BLAME YOURSELVES (Ha! Ha!) We are watching.

  99. Americans still don’t realize they have lost their democracy. The Koch Cabal has permanent control of the House and probably permanent control of the Senate and now will teach Dumbass Flat Earth Democrats how to leverage control over the Executive Branch. They did it because they do not deny Cognitive Science like Democrats do.

  100. It makes me sad to read these posts. The blaming/name calling from both sides, the public’s lack of decency towards each other is frightening. If we can’t be civil and discuss issues in a productive way, it’s no wonder the government can’t. We’re all on the same team, and we all have different perspectives. No 2 humans agree 100%. Why does anyone believe Democratic or Republican ideas are ALL the right way? They are not, and both are out of touch. There are a significant number of us that are in the middle, and we’re the reason for the back and forth voting. We dislike both major parties, and right now, that was bad news for the Dems. Next on the cutting block: Republicans, unless they stop the blaming, take some action, and make some changes. Regular people do this everyday. We know we can’t have everything we want, so we discuss, compromise and do what’s best for everyone. So why can’t the government compromise? Reps get a little Dems get a little, we all move forward. I can…

  101. Then guess what? What you sow then you will reap. If you would answer, please tell us what republican policies in the last 35 years has benefited the average American?

  102. Why wait until 2016? Obstruct the Republicans the way they stonewalled the American worker! This hint that McConnell wants to embrace the electorate is like a boa constrictor wrapping itself around its prey until he swallows it whole. That two-faced pig, along with Boehner and Ryan, are the trifecta of evil. They plan to change and reduce Social Security which all of us pay for; who are they to decide what to do with that money? It would be easier for everyone if they just raised the amount of gross income you pay SS tax on — the wealthy would pay a little more into the plan and everyone would get the insurance they’re paying for. As for immigration, the President should not wait for the Republicans to wake up and smell the coffee. They’ve blocked every decent piece of legislation to help people they could. The Affordable Care Act is one of the most successful things done in our history, and the Republicans can’t stand it. If Obama doesn’t step all over them, then WE’LL have to d…

  103. Why not obstruct them the way they did us? They are a bunch of cowards who fear what would happen if the poor people of our nation stood up and got their fair share. By oppressing the middle class, sinking it, they think they’ll have the country to themselves. They are serious poo-poo heads; just look at the stuff that oozes out of Chris Christy’s mouth. Did you ever think a public servant would yell at you, “Sit down and shut up!” Who the hell does that bully think he is? They are all like that, Paul Ryan’s budget is a piece of crap. Boehner’s drunken grin is ridiculous. And Mitchel belongs in a pig pen.

  104. Of course, there are equally as many bills on Boehner’s desk that he refused to bring to the floor also. Reid is not the only one guilty of that little tactic.

  105. It wasn’t just the Republicans and their con; Democrats did their usual skillful give away as well.

  106. Voter fraud is not the issue. It’s that we have a country full of easily fooled idiots. It’s just going to get worse. Pollution, war, crumbling economy, poor schools, war on the poor and middle class, minority oppression, corporate control… Best get your bags packed and move to a more progressive, forward thinking country. The US is doomed.

  107. “Too old”? She’s 67! How is that “too old”?
    I have a feeling that if a 67 year old man was considering running, his age wouldn’t be an issue.

  108. Will somebody tell McConnell to shut up. Standing in the Senate before the people with the same bull he represented before nothing but lies. Blaming President and the Democrats for all the gridlocks he himself played a major part in. Now he wants to portray himself as a leader. He is a leader of lies and the people put these same people back in office. I hope the people that put these dishonest folks back in office get exactly what they deserve. I hope in 2016 you folks vote a republican for president. It seems the people enjoys hardships. I hope the wealthy greedy people cups keep running over. They deserve every bit of victory they can buy. Why not. I sat here and watched that McConnell in the senate speech full of bull made me sick.

  109. Chilling thought,but let us remember,even with the new majority the Repugnants don’t have enough votes to over ride any Obama veto. Plus we only have to wait two years to get the Senate back in’16 there will be 35 seats up for grabs. 25 of them GOP seats,and seventeen of those in Blue states.

    It won’t take that long though for people to realize they screwed up,voting GOP in’14. Once the Repugnants start screwing them.

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