Unlike Much Of The Country, California Still Solidly Blue After Midterm Elections


After a not-so-really-heated contest between the Republicans and Democrats, California still remains blue, and our State elected leaders are all Democrats:

Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Insurance Commissioner

While our State Ballot Measures- Statewide Results had mixed results and the Democratic Party is no longer the super majority as the Republicans won a couple of seats in the Assembly, the Democratic Party is still in control.

The only downside to this is that Republicans can be obstructionists. During our quest to get a high-speed rail from San Francisco to California, Republicans stirred up the state and said that the rails were on fault lines and can be a hazard to the State. Yet earlier this year, we had an earthquake centered in the Northern Orange County City of Brea. A 5.1 earthquake caused $2.6 million in damage…possibly due to fracking.

Still, we, in California, got it easier than most. I’m hearing that Washington State’s Senate went red. Friends in Maine are considering moving here…even the Democratic members on Facebook are fuming. Many are preparing for what may come to pass after two years…some are even registering people to vote and getting voter I.D. from the police department…yes, from the police department and not the county registrars office. Meanwhile, very few are jumping ship and becoming Green or Peace and Freedom. Some are looking into IRV (Instant Runoff Voting). This was not a good voting season for Dems, because those who wanted change did not vote.

In California, we had a couple of failures, like no longer having a Democratic super majority, people voting down Proposition 45 and 46, because the corporations who backed this said that it would cost the consumers millions…yes, we have idiots too…but all-in-all, we did well.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News:

the state’s more than 17 million registered voters, only 5.3 million went to the polls — a turnout of 29.9 percent.

Yet through the 29.9 percent, we remained Blue. My prediction for California? If we manage to make it through the drought or avoid a major calamity like an earthquake and its after-effects, even prevent a man-made disaster like a Bomb Train, California will remain blue for a very long time.

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  1. CA is blue, but in name only. Jerry is as conservative and pro-business as Arnold. His disdain for those in dire poverty is manifest. CA ranks No.1 on the nation’s poverty index since the gap between pay and cost of living is HORRIBLE. Kamala Harris is indifferent to the suffering of people, will NOT pursue hate crime reporting or enforcement, and many of the other Dems are looking at only their next office. The poison of “practicality” has infected the Dems who hold on mostly by succumbing to pressure from business for tax breaks, incentives, deregulation. We are no longer a leader. We aren’t even a follower since we’re deluded that we’re still great and cannot face our terrible fall from leadership. Living here is not all bad, but much more creative leadership can be found now in the Rustbelt among people who have NO other option but change. We are smug, complacent, and clueless. Ohio is more interesting now.

  2. Now work on getting rid of Duncan Hunter, Kevin McCarthy et al. Darrell, Joe McCarthy reincarnated, Issa must be #1 on the hit list. He’s a absolute disgrace to the entire political process.

  3. CA. Dems. produce surplus $$$ budgets — min. wage will be increase to $15.00, they got Obamacare, ahead in Clean Energy investment– implementing prison reform.

    Every Repub. (except for 2 or 3 states) run state have produce a deficit — min. wage $7.00 & they ready to do away with min. wage all together.

    Must be the food. Those damn Democrats..

  4. Yay, California. Except I don’t like the way my San Diego is going. Both elected reps are R’s and the mayor is R, too.

    Plus, look at liberal issues like gays and weed: we weren’t the 1st ones to approve LGBTQs’ marriage and we shut down the weed amendment.

  5. Who’s that and why does he matter? We ran Dave Peiser against Issa and he lost by a huge margin 61% vs 39%. Must be all the low-info voters in Orange county.

  6. I’m one of the unlucky Wisconsinites with Scott Walker for a governor. MaybE we should move to CA.
    Totally agree Tani.

  7. Well after what Arnold did to the state the voters finally woke up and said enough.

    The rest of the country will soon find out what we already know. Republicans will f*ck up a wet dream when given a chance

  8. Hard to feel chipper as a progressive after this disastrous midterm result. It’s been a few days since Tuesday and looking at the results has me absolutely dumbfounded. How does a nation give the president and his party who halved the unemployment rate a big middle finger? I mean I expected a tough election with so many red states in play but good god this was way worse then 1994 or 2010. With a GOP super majority in the house democrats at best would need two possibly three elections to take back the house majority.

  9. Oh look, yet another wonderful reason to move to Oregon.
    Unless British Columbia would consider Americans fleeing this insanity refugees…

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