Editorial Cartoon: Capitol Dome Turtle

Ol’ turtle face Mitch has some plans for America.


5 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Capitol Dome Turtle”

  1. We live by MAN’s laws! I do not believe a supernatural being created man and the soul; I do not believe the laws created through myth and superstition benefit man. Man created a mythological supernatural being and his fictional laws to control other men.
    I prefer the laws formed by rational men, laws that result from knowledge gained by the study of our natural environment, laws created for the benefit of man, laws that allow our society to flourish. These are the laws we must live by!

  2. I went to sleep in America and woke up Wed. morning in 1930’s Nazi Germany. Of course a few bloggers here had an issue with the repeat of history. Conservatism and strict dogma can only lead to a fascist state, this has been proven time and time again by weak minded despots of which this nation is full of. I guess now I look pretty smart in my prediction of the election results, every result came out exactly as I had foretold….

  3. Glad to hear you feel that way, however the fact of the matter is there are people who do believe in some higher power but are nothing like turtle face up there and his ilk and still wish to proceed laying down the law like rational people. I don’t see many people regardless of their ideology who want to do anything for the betterment of humanity beyond their own selfish ends, so instead of denouncing anyone who isn’t like you as cut from a different cloth and one in the same, I suggest you change that tone lest you want to be no different than the ingrates you’re against.

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