John Boehner Makes A Veiled Impeachment Threat Towards Obama At Press Conference

boehner obama burned
During his press conference, John Boehner responded to a question about the potential for an immigration bill with a thinly veiled threat to impeach President Obama.


Boehner was asked if Obama’s executive action immigration reform could be a catalyst for the passage of an immigration bill.

Speaker Boehner answered, “No, because I believe that if the president continues to act on his own he is going to poison the well. When you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself, and he is going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. The American people made it clear Election Day. They want to get things done, and they don’t want the president acting on a unilateral basis.”

The question that the mainstream media hasn’t been asking is how could Republicans possibly “burn” Obama”? They have spent years obstructing his agenda and refusing to confirm his nominees. Boehner can’t find a law firm that will take his lawsuit, so it appears that the legal option is out of the question. Republicans could punish the president by shutting down the government, but that would be a suicidal move so close to the next presidential election.

There is one way that Republicans in the House and Senate could strike back at the president. They could launch a series of coordinating investigations with the intent of building a case for impeaching the president.

Since the summer, Fox News and other conservative media have been trying to stir up impeachment talk over President Obama’s potential action on immigration. Speaker Boehner was speaking in a bit of right-wing code with his talk of Obama and matches.

Republicans won a majority in the Senate on Tuesday night, and by Thursday they were already making veiled threats towards the president.

President Obama is out office in two years. There is very little that congressional Republicans can do to him. The one thing that they will gain in January is control of Senate committees. It is expected that Republicans launch a barrage of Senate investigations into the president.

When President Obama issues his immigration executive orders, the Republican calls for impeachment will grow. Boehner was careful not to use the I-word, but it was easy to see what he meant.

If President Obama doesn’t give Republicans what they want, impeachment will be on the table.

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  1. Would this be the same threat when you threaten to sue and your lawyers laugh your orange ass back inside the bottle?

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    Please proceed

  2. It’s all posturing and hot air. They can’t do a darned thing except waste the tax payer’s money. If they want even a remote chance at the White House in 2016 then they’d better play nice in the sandbox.

  3. Yet again I agree with Mr. Easley.
    This is the real gop agenda:
    Repeal the Affordable Care Act
    Impeach Obama
    Gop strategy to undermine the president has already begun, suggesting Obama is “dangerously going it alone with Ayatollahs in Iran”. Step one make the president appear like he is committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Anyone still standing with Obama on that ‘island’ better find out right now who REALLY has his back.

  4. let ’em impeach… a lot of good it did with Bill Clinton… impeachment is like a Grand Jury indictment…

    the trial is in the Senate and it takes 67 votes to convict… how is that gonna work?

    and even if it did Joe Biden would be president… do the Republicans think that the country would stomach ANOTHER impeachment and trial to get rid of Biden and let Boehner be president?

    do these people even think behind the next glass of wine and a smoke?

  5. I’ve never heard so many lies, clichaes, inuendos, and bullshit in my life. But, consider the source. Keep asking the right questions. Keep up the heat. You can melt this turd if you keep at it long enough. I salute you.
    The ACA has been in force for over a year and I’ve watched the stock market climb. How much are the insurance companies paying you to be the asshole you are?
    I can’t wait to hear you explain to the millions of voters who will lose insurance because of your actions, just why you did this. I guess you’ll just reach into your joke book and pull out a doozie.

  6. The republicans will not impeach Obama because than Biden would be President. If he decided to run for president in 2016, he would have the advantage of being the incumbent.


    Please proceed mister speaker.

    It will lock in his place in history,
    PROVE just what the gop agenda is, AND
    gin up the Dems for 2016***.


  8. It’s a bit difficult to do that when (a) it’s a bogus charge (b) law firms know it’s a bogus charge (3)boehner knows it’s a bogus charge (4)this lawsuit is going nowhere.

  9. President Obama could give Republicans everything they want. They’ll still impeach him. Just because they can.

  10. You have to remember that the Tea Party rank and file does not think of impeach AND convict. They think as soon as the House impeaches, armed officers will march Obama out of the White House at gunpoint. They are going to be plenty pissed when they find out that the House can impeach but the Senate still needs to convict.

  11. President Obama could give Republicans everything they want. They’ll still impeach him, just because they can.

  12. The last time I checked impeaching Clinton
    a) didn’t live up to articles of impeachment
    b) wasn’t good for the american people
    c) didn’t benefit the republican party
    But that didn’t stop them did it?

  13. Could someone please put up a money clock on this web sight how much money the republican congress is costing( wasting) the American tax payer?
    Also, I’ve been following Bold Nebraska, they post daily all the oil spills in America that go unreported by the MSM. Our water supply is really under assault by greedy Koch et al.

  14. The GOP has already shown itself to be completely unethical in all ways imaginable. With such a lack of morals, it is not beyond reason to think that they would have cheated in this recent election. In fact, reason does not explain such a victory. Nixon led the polls in 1972 when he cheated and he won too.

  15. Boner is such a tool for the Koch brothers black money. All he cares about is how much money he can get off the backs of the middle class and how much he can keep for himself and the 1%.

    The Umpahloompah will go down a loser!!!

  16. …”Boehner can’t find a law firm that will take his lawsuit, so it appears that the legal option is out of the question” ….no, it means that they have not offered enough money to overcome the integrity of some lawyer.

  17. President Obama ain’t nobody Punk, They want to try to impeach him. Try it, and get laugh at… GOP= Group of Punks…

  18. Right-wing ideologues seem to think impeachment is listing all of the Fox News talking points since 2008, reading them aloud on the House floor, then they vote President Obama off the island, like on Survivor. You can’t get them to articulate the high crimes and misdemeanors he allegedly committed, much less explain their understanding of how impeachment works.

    It’s as if they have a Fox News word of the day calendar and the only word is “impeach”.

  19. Here’s a history lesson buddy…Bill didn’t get impeached…but Dumbo and his cohorts sure should have. It’s all hot air and more gridlock from dummies elected by more dummies.

  20. It’s not going away…yet they think it will and neither is the low unemployment or the rise in the market…how can the President’s approval rating be so low? these peoples’ head are not only in the sand but up a certain oravis

  21. Boehner is out of logic. The Republicans are guilty of stalling Congress. He should be more respectful of POTUS. It should be more ratious to kick Boehner out of the House for obstruction to the democratic process.

  22. This is/was their agenda all along, it was just undercover for the election. Everything they did, everything they promise before the election will be on the top of their agenda.
    They going to throw every trash bill at the President and dare him to veto. Then run to the cameras, and said “see, we tried to work with this President, he have no common ground.”

    And all GOP/MSM will bend over backward to accommodate KKK/GOP. Thus, you have the birth of “Why can the Pres. compromise?” for the next 2 yrs..

  23. As is typical of the TGOP…the few times that they manage to win an election, the “win” goes to their heads and they say, “we have a mandate to do what the American people want…, blah, blah, blah!”

    They then proceed to do exactly the opposite of what the people have been saying all along while the TGOP continues merrily along, promoting, fulfilling and enforcing their own agenda on the American people, completely contrary to what the electorate has been saying all along.

  24. Another question: what makes you think or believe Biden would survive? rethugs are very dark people capable of anything, nothing is impossible when thinking of anyone of them. I have worried about Pres. Obama since he was elected. There have been more threats against him,then anyone even guesses. These people will let NOTHING get in the way of accomplishing their goal. That includes elimination. EXAMPLE: Wellstone in MN.

  25. You need 2/3 and if any Democrat sided with the teahadist and impeached the first black President dummycrats can kiss any hope of getting elected again

  26. Boehner I guess is a bit nauseated and exhausted because of the tightrope walking he had to do in this last year, to keep the balance between Republicans, Democrats, President. And now he has a little revenge burst-out. I hope he stops that immediately and lets others do the nasty jobs. Boehner has very much consideration and good nerves. He should save them for good. The US will need people like him.

  27. Boner must want a second civil war if he plans to impeach President Obama. He obviously doesn’t have a clue what the American people want. Several of the red states that elected (selected?) a republican governor voted for an increase in the min. wage which Boner & his goons have fought from day one. This fool needs to be impeached & put out to pasture where he can go ahead & drink himself to death.

  28. They’ve been doing this- and worse- for the past 6 years and they STILL won the midterms.

    They think they are invincible- and with a lazy, complicit media and even lazier, stupid voters- they actually seem to be invincible.

    Rather incredible when you think about it.

  29. Unless the Democrats decide to turn and run back to the center, fearing their jobs in 2016. They already stabbed the President in the back, I wouldn’t doubt a lot of them vote to repeal Obamacare so they don’t have to campaign on it other than to say “They took away your healthcare”, giving the GOP a veto proof majority and bye bye ACA. We shall see.

  30. I don’t think so. The one voting block that Democrats depend on are African Americans. Piss us off they will never win again.

  31. The orange blowfish. Keep threatening John,no one really listens to you,that includes your own party. Hope Nancy Pelosi doesn’t allow him to help him get votes because with the wacko gang they elected it will be another “do nothing” 2 years.

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