McConnell and Boehner Announce Plan to Take Health Insurance Away From 1 Million Americans

Republican leaders Senator Mitch McConnell and John Boehner speak after a bipartisan meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have announced that one of the first things that the new Republican controlled Congress will do it take away health insurance from 1 million Americans.

In their Wall Street Journal op-ed McConnell and Boehner wrote,

We’ll also consider legislation to help protect and expand America’s emerging energy boom and to support innovative charter schools around the country.These bills include measures authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families and more jobs for American workers; the Hire More Heroes Act, legislation encouraging employers to hire more of our nation’s veterans; and a proposal to restore the traditional 40-hour definition of full-time employment, removing an arbitrary and destructive government barrier to more hours and better pay created by the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

A return to tradition sounds nice, until one understands what that means. Republicans are trying to take private employer based health insurance away from one million Americans. House Republicans tried this same move in February 2014, and the impact on healthcare was spelled out by the CBO.

The CBO concluded,


Republicans have mastered the art of making legislation that would harm average Americans sound beneficial. McConnell and Boehner aren’t going to come straight out and say that their aim is to make sure that fewer people have health insurance, but that is their intention.

Congressional Republicans know that they can’t repeal the ACA, so they are going to try to chip away at the edges of the law in order takeaway health insurance from as many people as possible.

During his press conference yesterday, President Obama made it clear that he will veto any legislation that took health insurance away from the American people.

It took Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner one day to show the American people what this Republican Congress will have in store for them.

President Obama better get his veto pen warmed up, because, by the looks of things, it is going to be a very busy two years.

108 Replies to “McConnell and Boehner Announce Plan to Take Health Insurance Away From 1 Million Americans”

  1. Well it started…the two supposedly “leaders” of Congress are planning their scorched earth policies by beginning with the ACA/Obamacare that seem to be Kryptonite to them. Expect more dismantling, kicking over the Sand Castle that Obama built, razing to the ground unfinished buildings, obstructing infrastructure funding, on and on…..they will get their jollies WRECKING everything in sight, and proposing hundreds of unworthy bills. I dunno, but I don’t like the looks of things to come. The Republican’s Doom and Gloom operating style is depressing. Two more years! Yikes. Lawd help us. Please? !!!

  2. boehener and mitch will get surprised when obama vetos the bills and gop cant get 67 votes to override obama veotes i will laugh, bohner and mitch can try but obama has the veto and that is gop dont have enough votes in senate 67 to overirde obama vetos hehe

  3. …and a lot of line-item vetoes so that he’s “signing legislation” yet, punching the legislation full holes to make sure it’s impossible for it to be implemented…
    which will make them crazy!

    It’s Obama’s turn to say “sure, but nope” in as many different creative ways as possible.

  4. i predict mostly grid lock for two more years and i want dems and obama to fight tooth and nail not budge to gop

  5. Oh but wait, damn…there’s that pesky thing called a Presidential Veto, which means for the next 2 years, these two treasonous ass clowns are going to make fools of themselves trying to dismantled the President’s signature (to date) accomplishment. Think he’s going to sign that? What a pair of stubborn idiots.

  6. alott of gop bills will not become law why even after election gop did not win 67 seats in senate, so most of obamas vetoes will stand cuz republicans will not muster enough votes to overirde obamas veotes in us senate 67 votes, plus dems how the power to filibuster in us senate so no alott of gop stuff not become law, some things will but most i predict will not cuz dems have already signaled they will filibuster in senate and obama has made it clear he will veto if necessary

  7. got news there is no way obama will let them repeal obamacare there is no, obama will even veto bills to weaken the law and they wont get 67 votes in senate to override

  8. I didn’t think we had line item veto, I know some tried to pass it in the past, but I didn’t think it was in effect. ?

  9. any republican that thinks that obama will sign bills to weaken the law, well i will sell the brooklyne bridge for a penny, nah obamacare will survive, its waste of time to send obama any bill to weaken law when gop knows obama will not sign them but veto and they wont be able to override his vetoes, so thus when he vetos obamacare funding continues, when he vetoes and they dont get votes to override that means the funding continues

  10. i found this on the internet >>> Congress attempted to grant this power to the president by the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 to control “pork barrel spending”, but in 1998 the US Supreme Court ruled the act to be unconstitutional in a 6-3 decision in Clinton v. City of New York.

  11. whoever gave me a thumbs down when i said gop will not have enough votes to override obamas vetoes thru the senate, u can thumb down as much as u want but its reality it takes 67 votes to override a veto in us senate republicans did not win 60 seats so put two and two together delusional gop that thumb me down

  12. So many can’t afford obamacare, it needs changing. Give them time to try to work together, don’t be so negative one day after elections, the people wanted change they can believe in, don’t start politicking so soon. Maybe the 40 hour work week would be better too. It would allow people to make more to afford insurance and taxes.

  13. so go ahead thub me down stupid gop ignorant fact is any president can veto and what is gop gonna do send the military in wh to stop obama from vetoing, get schooled in constitution, ur thumbing me down cuz ur mad and u know in ur heart im right and ur wrong

  14. So now the GOP will spend two years claiming they have sent bills to Pres. Obama but he just vetoes them so of course, it will be his fault.

  15. The Keystone pipeline is also a wonderful lie. Taking midwest oil and sending it over seas will not help Americans, but will help the oil companies we currently subsidize with socialism winked at by conservatives

    I wish it were true, its the Dems job to tel people this stuff. They wont.

  16. Actually the Democrats and Obama should not lift a finger to stop a single thing that we all know to be damaging. And then when people start to bitch and moan and the economy fails then Obama and REAL Americans can say “Hey YOU voted for this now deal with your mistake” Or :Hey you called me “feckless weak leader and now I’m going to play the game if I have to wear the name” Suck it up and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and quit moaning! This is what YOU wanted Now deal with it.

  17. Thats bs. Obamacare insurance is wage/income based. There are tons of subsidies and if you have no income you go on Medicare. Why do you want to spread that ;ie?

  18. Hey I know you been living under a fox rock but more than 90% have paid premiums. Healthcare cost are going down but you wouldn’t know that because as they say, you are an idiot

  19. The GOP has mastered the art of SPINNING, & re-wording everything to appeal to the lowest common denomminator, and making it look as a benefit, then blaming Obama for not agreeing to go along.

    We can not wait for the Pres to do the heavy lifting all alone, we need to get the fire under the feet of everyone of those bums in Congress to step up to their obligations and actually represent the welfare of the MAJORITY.

    I can not imagine that the hospitals & insurance companies are going to stand and have more un-insured cases, that is not good for their business, and that would leave more unemployed health care workers.

    Then if people are un-insured, they qualify for medicaid, that is paid by the government (us) how does that help anything.
    Get the ditto machine warming to start the letter writting campaign….

  20. They’ve been itching to get all of our money from SS Medicaid Unemployment Healthcare..anywhere they can…oh yeah..they already started! They took your UI busted up Unions defintely can’t make good pay! Why are the GOP so dam awful and mean and greedy? They have millions so taking more from you they won’t feel a dam thing! YOU on the other hand will. So for those of you RW dedicated morons who lie to yourselves about the greatness of your GOP party and vote for them no matter what –for a party you never listen to or what your GOP leaders were doing and saying! Your life is about to become a LIVING HELL! And I can’t wait. Blaming the black president which they will as they destroy America and the people’s lives–does not make it fact. Lie all you want to yourselves blame it on the Dems when the GOP gives it to you. I mean, TAKES IT ALL FROM YOU. That lifestyle you like so much? Won’t be for long. You all deserve what your about to witness. The sheer greed and hate of the GOP.

  21. Oh yeah..did you see their list of what they plan for us in the next two years? NOT ONE THING FOR YOU AS THE CONSTITUENT! NO JOBS..NO TAX BREAK FOR YOU. They said Tax reform. Watch them give 0 taxes to the CORPORATIONS and once again fill your empty head with visions of jobs from the trickle down. Joe Scarborough …just cause your millionaire white party won..does not mean the country wants GOP to run it. Your party has done so much to this country and you can sit back and deny that the Koch Bros aren’t they pay YOUR GOP to make the legislation equal to 1800’s! We are going nowhere fast with your party. History has shown…when Dems own the house everyone prospers. When GOP owns the one does. NO ONE BUT THE 1% but keep voting for them you fools without an ounce of common sense to vote for this party. Sit back..get your popcorn. THIS IS YOUR LIFE UNDER GOP RULE! Just watch! Trust me..pretty soon there will be PROTESTS everywhere when they see what the GOP does!

  22. 1st lie: the keystone pipeline will lower energy costs! If it’s built NONE of that oil stays here, it goes over seas to China, we just take on all the risk of a spill!
    2nd lie: healthcare: barriers? More people have affordable healthcare now than ever before. Besides the President is one step ahead sending a Kentuckian to the Whitehouse to spearhead 2nd rollout. ” the mayor for life”

  23. what we learned today from JOE & MICA..nothing as usual. They sit and condem Obama to death..never once mentioning how the GOP was the party of NO all this time. How they destroyed so many lives. They never ever tell the people what the GOP does. They sit there and let others lie about Obama. I won’t be watching joe anymore or mindless Mica the joke. Can’t even stand up for women! She has a daughter right? College age? She’s probably on the pill. Mika why the hell do you just sit there like a dumb blond never saying anything to defend us women from the GOP? You too? Being paid millions to lie about their NO WAR ON WOMEN? as they take ALL of our choices away?? Mica you are a disgrace to young women you could easily be educating and informing on your platform. But NO. You too protect the GOP. Joe brags and brags and brags..enough to make you throw up! No facts. Just bullshit for the GOP for Joe’s & Mica’s salary $$$. Sickening!

  24. McConnell said he wasn’t going to take Kentuckians healthcare away and that’s the first thing he talks about. I guess he figures they’ll forget about it.

    The deficit is way down from Dubya’s, gas is under three bucks a gallon, longest private sector job-growth, millions of people now getting healthcare who couldn’t before (I’m one of them), all of this, and I can now see the GOP taking credit for all of it because they took over. I think I’m going to puke.

  25. I was quite disappointed in the accuracy of this article. It started with Boenher and McConnell taking health insurance from 1 million Americans. Further down, the figure jumped to 10 million, then in the closing paragraph, the number 30 million was mentioned. If you are going to report any news, at least maintain accuracy in the reporting. More objectivity and less partisanship would also be very desirable. Thank you.

  26. Well, you knew this was coming.

    Remember, if any of these bills do pass the House, they can still be stalled in the Senate because the Democrats have the ability to use the filibuster to stall any legislation that is put out there by them.

    See, they failed to realize that the monkey wrench they’ve been using the last six years is not just a monkey wrench, but a double edged sword ready to cut through the BS they plan to make as bills.

  27. Fine. Since America as a whole wanted these asshats, let’s give them full rein: eventually their policies will bite the ignorant voters so hard on their own asses, even they will have to see who’s cutting them out and sticking more money in the pockets of the wealthiest.

    I propose a new slogan (and drinking game): every time one of these ignorant Republican voters complains about something hurting *them* that the GOP did, smirk and say “You can thank the GOP!” and take a drink.

    Or maybe skip the drink—otherwise you might get alcohol poisoning.

  28. To the idiot population of America: This is what you voted back into office–a pack of money-whoring, racist, homophobic, religious extremists whose sole purpose is to take us all back in time 200 years. You’ve all successfully turned America into Nazi Germany. And may you all rot in it.

  29. This is total BS, do you know how many people lost their medical coverage because the work week was redefined? People who had healthcare were fired and hours reduced due to 2 provisions of the ACA, one was the 32 hour work week, people lost work hours (therefore income), because employers cut back hours to not have to pay for medical benefits. The other was the employer mandate, I have personal knowledge of people who were let go because the company was trying to get below the 50 employee mandate so they did not have to provide coverage. Maybe, if we READ the bill before we passed it, it would have become apparent that these provisions were assinine.

  30. Mike-
    The requirements for the Affordable Care Act are income and hours based. There are many occupations where full-time is considered less than 40 hours a week (like 36 hours) , such as almost everything on all levels of education (Teachers, for example). Many jobs in retail are not 40 hours a week either. All of these people need healthcare and work hard every day. By pushing the requirements up to 40 hours, all the republicans are doing is making people ineligible for low cost, health insurance. Why would they do that?

  31. Yeah, going down for poor people. What about the skyrocket for middle to high income earners? Screw the poor!

  32. Your rep had almost a year to read it. The no one read it garbage is just that. Garbage. They had every chance to

  33. I posted earlier that they want to change the rule on full time work from 30hrs to 40 which sound good but then corporations will just have people work 39hrs without raising wages and stop you from getting the ACA.

    What makes this more stupid is get ready for it…. They will add 83 billion to the deficit with this change.

    Fiscal conservatism my ass. The next time any bagger talks about the deficit tell them they are full of shit

  34. Don’t be surprised when they attach something that President Obama really wants for the middle class to the ACA.

  35. Have you asked yourself why gas prices are going down? Perhaps you’re unaware the Saudi’s are dumping cheap oil into the market. Their intent is to get the price of crude down low enough so it’s not economically feasible for US companies to frack. That is about $77 a barrel for crude, which is right where it’s at now. If it drops lower and looks like it will stay there, the US will stop production and that in itself will cause gas prices to increase.

  36. And stopping fracking is a bad thing? You must like your water catching fire if you have any water at all

  37. The US is now the worlds largest exporter of oil. Dont think for a second that US corps will stop drilling

  38. Stop making shit up, Jackie Lawson. No where in the article does it mention all those numbers you “quoted”. You sound like you studied at the school of Sarah Palin. Take your masters in lying to the public and shove it where you like it.

  39. I downvoted you because you are wrong. Just 2 hours ago MSNBC Republicans projected it to go lower in the first quarter of next year to to an oil glut. With Iranian oil and Northern Iraqi oil coming back on line will make supply way ahead of demand, also OPEC is meeting the 27th of this month and the Saudis are going to keep it low, It is going to really hurt Venezuela as that is their economy basically, but the big dog that is getting hurt is Russia. I don’t know if that is part of the Saudi plans, as Russia backs Assad and other enemies of Saudi Arabia. Just so you know, Larry Kudlow is a neo-con.

  40. I’m with you Joseph, sign everything they pass. The dumb asses that voted for this shit will get just what they voted for. They wanted to punish the president, now it’s pay back time.

  41. This is the part where we find out whether what wants us to think that it is a “3rd Party”, under whatever fad label it’s currently wearing (Libertarian, “the Left”, Greens or whatever) will kill the PATIENT PROTECTION and Affordable Care Act or not, or if they’ll just try to squeeze something out of the Republicans . . . and what that something might be.

    This is just one of the ways that the people are being triangulated and it’s anti-diversity, because it turns us against one another in order to maintain economic fascism.


  42. Congressional DEATH PANELS. For heaven sakes, lets call them on this EVERY time cause they have absolutely no alternatives to their constant calls for depriving the neediest Americans of healthcare…I sure wish the Dems had the cojones to stand up to this crap…good grief…

  43. Watch the first order of business be to get rid of the filibuster. Mitch knows payback is a bitch, plus he has already threatened it, knowing full well that they stand to lose more than the 60 seat super majority in 2016. They just want to finish off working America within the 2 year time frame idiots alloted them by voting them in.

  44. Gary, Now time for a reality check. Here’s my prediction for gasoline prices through till Dec.31. The pump price will fall to no lower than the average $2.75 and will fluctuate 2-5cents for about 2 weeks and rise before Thanksgiving and remain around $2.90. Then they will lower and steady until Xmas week and go above $3.00. By New Years eve they will again be over$3.00 and remain in a 20cent range +or- REGARDLESS of the price per barrel.

  45. Mike, it is called ACA for a reason. Affordable Care Act.

    It is not expensive, it is based on income.

    Before this, buying insurance independently, if you could even get it, it was about $1000/month for indv. here in NY.

    No, it is not unaffordable.

  46. Thanks Larry. Once I had a girlfriend who acted like that and I let her go on her way and even gave her money to go. She didn’t like the bed she made and begged to come back to mine…I told her to hit the road…

  47. Obamacare needs to go. No real fix for healthcare unless it is shut down and restarted, and that would not be that good. But, we need rid of Obamacre and to fix the looming reductions to doctors who don’t get paid much for treating people.

  48. You are an idiot. Doctors still get paid they just cant double dip on YOUR TAX DOLLARS!! Just STFU

  49. Typical Liberal BS. You cram this monstrosity down the throats of the American people against their will. This law is not only making health care cost skyrocket across the country, but millions of people are losing it already. The destruction of the health care system happened way before the Republicans took control away from Democrats.Now it’s up to the Republicans to fix the mess the Dems made of this country. And that means scrapping the disaster that is aptly named Obamacare. After the disaster in chief.

  50. Yes, stopping moves towards energy independence must happen LOL.

    The Saudis are driving the prices down not to get at the US (although I am sure they see it as a side benefit), they are doing it to take profits away from ISIL as they are getting most of their funding through black market oil sales.

  51. They don’t like to hear the truth that it takes 67 votes to override a presidents veto…remember they are the tea bags with lower IQ’s.

  52. What planet do you live on?
    Doctors make a FORTUNE with OR without Obamacare.

    Please learn to READ and understand how Obamacare works.

    You really are an idiot.

  53. LOL, too hilarious!

    ACA is no disaster, its a life giving bill that you hate. its working as advertised and you cant see it. Healthcare costs are going down, millions have insurance and no one is losing it.

  54. Health care stocks are showing record profits because of the ACA. I’m sure Wall Street will be happy with the repeal. What a show of compromise and cooperation by morons.

  55. Those of you worried about ACA being repealed, here is a fact with link:

    In 2017, each state will have the option of implementing single payer system in their state, providing it meets all of the ACA requirements.

    Vermont is already preparing to do this in 2017.

  56. I knew it was going to either Obamacare or the EPA that was their first thing to gut.
    But remember Mitch said that KYNECT will still be around when Obamacare goes bye-bye. And he’s supposed to be the “smart” one to lead his ignorant flock.

    President Obama will just veto everything.

  57. And with Texas staying blood red WITHOUT ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS, just think of all those cancers, tumors, polluted aquafir water that can be ignited and the air they will enjoy.
    Well that’s one way to get rid of the stupid.

  58. I see you don’t know the meaning of the world or in your idiotic mind the free market of oil. All oil is produce for the world. There is you produce you consume. Everything goes to the market. So if your dumbass hit it rich in South Dakota, your oil will go on the market. Meaning for your homeschooled ass it could end up in China, India or f*cking Timbuktu.

    People this is the idiocy we have to deal with. Baggers don’t even understand the simple economics of supply and demand. You are a dumbass so just STFU. You are what’s wrong with this country. Ignorant f*cks who failed summer schooled and now they think they know how industry works.

  59. Frank, cut the BS. You are probably getting paid 5 cents a post. You are wrong. Healthcare costs have increased the LEAST in decades due to ACA.

    Go find your GOPT bubble blog to spout on. We deal with facts here, not tea party toxin. Scram.

  60. It is true. No money per post. But, Democrats will have to take what is left if it gets its cuts. It will likely not be taken off of the law, but it should be cut back. And, until they make you have to, doctors do not have to accept it. Rumors of what they want to make doctors do, but it could be a big legal battle to force someone to take something they don’t want to, as a form of payment. And, ask a doctor if they get paid by all of these forms of payers. The answer is a lot of high deductibles for patients and they have to pay the doctor and their premiums.

  61. Did Faux Nooze tell you it’s skyrocketing?
    Do you live in a red state that refused the medicade expansion? If so, BLAME YOUR SELFISH GOVERNOR OR LEGISLATORS WHO COULD CARE LESS about you. Have a wonderful LIBERAL BLUE day.

  62. “restore the traditional 40-hour definition of full-time employment, ”

    Yeah, about that, I guess they’ll exempt themselves seeing as how on average they work maybe 4 hours a week? Oh wait they get taxpayer subsidized healthcare courtesy you me and everyone else. Never mind. Our government is so rife with open corruption incompetence and deceit, they seem to have no fear of repercussions because most Americans aren’t paying attention. If even a tenth of the population showed up on the Mall and dragged their asses into the Reflecting Pool, how many DC cops would it take to actually stop the citizenry from holding their heads under water until they capitulated?

  63. 40 hour work weeks, eh! Because that’s Gods way! John Calvin said so! Those Frenchies work what 30? Enjoying their wine, cheese and socialism I guess.

    Seriously we will have to wait to give the Democrats to improve the ACA now. Yes it does have it’s negatives for the middle class. But the haters never point it out like that. Nor do they consider all the Americans who now have insurance because of it–like me. It needs to be improved. But it’s a start to something better. The Republicans in this country, gee. Calvinism 101. Protestant Work Ethic and American rugged individualism. Now I know why I changed parties.

  64. When someone cries about losing their healthcare coverage and can’t afford to go to the doctor…I’m going to say, “Did you vote Republican.”

  65. They really don’t understand what the American citizens want. They think the reason they won is because everyone agrees with.

  66. Really – there’s nothing wrong with this country that a few guillotines meaningfully placed in front of the Capitol and the Supreme Court couldn’t fix…

  67. You do realize it does not mean companies like Walmart, Burger King, etc. will give employees 40 hr work weeks .. most companies call someone a full time employee at 34 hrs a week .. that wont change .. it’s that even though that is all the hours they will give the employee, the employee does not get full time benefits like health insurance, sick leave, etc. Sheesh. There is no federal law defining full time with the exception that you go into overtime at over 40 hrs and the requirement via ADA that employees working 30 hrs a week will be considered full time employees for insurance benefit purposes. That 30 hrs was chosen since so many companies only give employees 32-36 hrs a week.

  68. McConnell said he was not going to take the KNECT website away. I read it three times just to be sure. He is taking away the insurance/subsidies/ medicaid, but not the website. When you click on the website when he is through, nothing happens because the ACA is gone. He was laughing when he said it. The state could pick up the medicaid, but can they afford it?

  69. Off the subject but this just made me go ummmm. Just read that Republicans have filibustered over 500 bills since Obama took office. Question are these the same bills that Repugs have been bitching about that are supposedly on Reid’s desk? Because Boner is also saying that they are going to start passing job bills that have been sitting/stalled in the senate. another Question can you re introduce a bill that had been/previously filibustered?

  70. Looks like the GOP leaders of House and Senate need a lesson in Civics — no matter what they pass, the President has a veto pen and you can be sure he will use it to save ACA and it takes 2/3 to override – 67 in the Senate and 291 in the House if my math is right. There is not even close to those numbers to override so you have the new majority annoying GOP telling the base they can repeal when they know they cannot. They never quit playing politics. Unethical to the core and one of the reasons I left the GOP in Sep – refuse to be a member of a party with liars and cheats owned by wealthy donors!

  71. The republicans had 6 years to come up with a new plan. Instead, they shutdown the government and took long vacations. Every time this party take the white house we going into recession.

  72. C’mon now. Don’t you know that when the price of a barrel of oil gets lower than the oil companies have determined is acceptable, they leave the oil tankers parked offshore until the price increases to their predetermined amount?

  73. They will have to defy their handlers (lobbyist) in the insurance, pharmaceuticals, and medical industries to roll back the ACA. I’m betting they don’t have the stomach for it. What will likely do is try some halfbaked bullshit to sate their rabid right base.

  74. FYI your dumbass wont see a drop of it and when not if, there is a spill your dumbass will have to clean it up as a taxpayer since the oil lobbyist wrote the rules saying tar sands is not oil. The idiocy just keeps amazes me

  75. FYI yes, to Texas refinerys on then on board tankers to China and Europe.

    TransCanada already confirmed that. It will also take oil from the US used in the midwest to China. Prices will skyrocket here

  76. There is no way the US is the largest exporter. The US is the largest consumer (its military alone consumes more than some countries). The US is the largest consumer, and now a net exporter. Big difference.

  77. Work all employees 39hrs 55mins every week by giving them one extra minute on their lunch breaks. Then they will have NO “full time” (40hrs) employees.

  78. You point out some reasons that gas prices. These are also many of the same reasons that they go up. Yet when they go up, somehow Obama is blamed.

  79. Did they remember qualify their statement “These bills include measures authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families”

    TO CLARIFY the word “Families” was referring to families in China and the Europe, which is where they are planning to export the tax free finished product to LOL [WINK]

  80. For thousands of years Prostitution has been illegal but here in America it’s been legal for 227 yrs. They don’t call it by it’s true name they call it Congress.

  81. For all those who voted GOP and won’t have healthcare…”This is what you wanted, this is what you’re getting. I have no sympathy for any of you.”

  82. Ok, This is some Bull~Shit that needs the peoples attention….. If these Ass~Holes do take away peoples health insurance, I say RIOT !!!!! It’s about time that the people stand up and show congress that they are sick and tired of being fucked over………….. One day, One day there will be a civil war in the Separated States Of America, and it will be caused by the republicans in congress. And to all you people that agree with these ass~holes that want to take away the insurance, YOU are ASS~HOLES to !

  83. If the GOP selfishly takes away health insurance from over one million Americans, I hope they realize their actions will most certainly anger & alienate that number of Americans into voting against them in the elections of 2015 & beyond!

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