Midterm Madness – Meet the Latest Republican Crazies to Hold Office


Readers sometimes don’t understand why I talk about the Bryan Fischers and David Bartons of the world. It is because people like that promote, and make possible, people like this:

Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt was once just another Bryan Fischer wannabe. Now he is Colorado’s newest state senator, having defeated Democrat Lois A. Fornander, or, as Wonkette calls her, the “sane Democrat lady,” in District 15, 69.87% to 30.13%.

Michael Peroutka of Maryland, thinks “Dixie” is the national anthem. And he not only wants to secede, but he is concerned, he says, that the “biblical view” of government should “survive the secession.” On November 4, he was elected to the Anne Arundel County Council in Maryland.


You might remember Klingenschmitt for being the demon-obsessed guy who,

And that’s just the start of the list. But fortunately for you the folks at Right Wing Watch have made an in-depth examination of Klingenschmitt’s absolutely insane views.

Klingenschmitt was so outrageous during the primaries that even the GOP, where crazy has become normative, tried to distance itself from him. The guy he replaced, Mark Waller, said, “Obviously, he does not speak for me or the Republican Party.” And in the September 3 issue of the Colorado Springs Independent we find that,

Although El Paso County GOP Chairman Jeff Hays told KOAA that Klingenschmitt is “part of our team,” party executive Daniel Cole says via email that “In parts of the KOAA interview that did not air, Chairman Hays indicated, and now wants to emphasize, that he does not condone Gordon Klingenschmitt’s comments. Klingenschmitt does not speak for the party or for other candidates, and the party does not speak for him.”

Like it or not, Klingenschmitt does now represent the Colorado GOP. He was elected by a rather wide margin, after all. He is clearly not speaking only for himself, but for the majority of constituents (at least among those who bothered to vote) in his district.

And he is going to be making laws.

And that is frightening. Needless to say, without people like Bryan Fischer and David Barton, people like Gordon Klingenschmitt would not be able to mainstream batsh*t crazy, and not only that, but get elected to public office while doing it.


In the case of Michael Peroutka, we have a Confederate secessionist holding office in the state of Maryland, albeit at only a county level. You might remember Maryland remained loyal during the Civil War. Clearly, that loyalty has now been called into question by the treasonous Peroutka.

Peroutka, as Right Wing Watch reminds us,

So here is a guy who is every bit Klingenschmitt’s match where crazy is concerned, yet he was elected to county council in an affluent Maryland county (not only one of the wealthiest in the state, but in the entire country) comprised of a presumably well-educated citizenry.

These examples are not two exceptions to the norm. Gordon Klingenschmitt and Michael Peroutka are now the norm. This is a point which, with the victories of fellow-extremist Joni Ernst, and in North Carolina, Thom Tillis, can no longer be contested.

Please realize that Joni Ernst – along with a lot of other lunatic stuff – believes in the neo-Confederate process of nullification of federal laws she doesn’t like. And just a quick reminder: Iowa, like Maryland, remained loyal to the Union in 1861.

Thom Tillis is considered a mainstream, establishment Republican, and for that reason, he also is living proof of how extremism has become mainstreamed in the GOP.

The Religious Right, left for dead by critics on an almost yearly basis, is a clear and present danger to American democracy and to the United States Constitution. And a whole bunch of their people just got elected to office in states across the country.

This is not 1861. There is no Mason-Dixon line to protect the sane and loyal among us.

I was asked on Twitter yesterday if I wasn’t being just a little too melodramatic in my morning post. I will say here, categorically, that on the contrary, I was rather too reserved in my expression of dismay over the results of the 2014 midterms.

Welcome to the next two years, America. I wish I could say that I’m joking when I say, break out the tinfoil hats. They’re going to be all the rage for a while.

25 Replies to “Midterm Madness – Meet the Latest Republican Crazies to Hold Office”

  1. As awful and terrifying as this is, we need to make the connection to voters ( AND NON VOTERS!!) that this crap show is what YOU VOTED FOR! Even if someone says, “Not my fault, I didn’t vote.” YES IT IS! They made a choice by NOT making a choice.People have to spend some time to educate themselves about the issues they will be asked to vote on. They need to spend some time educating themselves about the candidates, without the spin of others. We are the same F’ed up souls that think nothing of waiting in a sleeping bag outside a Best Buy for a new phone for 2 days, but can’t/won’t spend some time educating ourselves about candidates and issues that will affect our family and futures for years to come. Shameful.Well, America, time to Wake the F Up! YOU VOTED FOR THIS!

  2. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. It is still mind boggling to me that supposedly intelligent people spout this stuff. There are too many uneducated people in America that believe that crap and what is even more sad is that the way people treated Obama- what other non-white citizen will ever try to be President again after they villified him simply because he is black and a democrat and got elected twice. I am looking forward to seeing all these ring wingers who voted find themselves getting more freedoms taken away from them bit by bit……. please hope 2016 more will see sense.

  3. Q: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
    A: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

    This is possibly our biggest problem with the voting electorate today. It’s another reason the GOP’s war on education needs to be ended. Civics/Government classes are almost non-existent anymore.

    If we continue to learn how our government works from houses of worship, Faux news, Limbaughlian type radio or TV ads our country is doomed to become exactly what the movie Idiocracy portrays.


  4. When Negro Republicans talk about the Klan being an offshoot of the Democratic Party,
    Double H, I’ll remind them of that idiot in Maryland still fighting the Civil War.

    A very painful thanks.

  5. I find this thoroughly disgusting! The voting public, specifically, white voting public, since they are the majority in the republican party are a bunch of uneducated, bigoted, hypocritical morons! We have to put up with these Senators for six years! OMG!#!

  6. Glen Grothman was elected to represent Wisconsin’s 6th district.

    He will give any other Conservative wingnut a run for the money.

    Pure bat shit crazy.

  7. Hraf, you forgot to mention that “Talk2Action”.org has been following this cretin around for a long time. He has a long history of making trouble at the Air Force Academy. I believe he was kicked out of there for his role in pushing the bible around base and trying to create a “Christian Air Force”. He’s the mischief behind all the controversy that has gone on with christians bullying “the other” on campus.

    I am simply dumbfounded that voters in Colorado did not DO SOMETHING, like put down the bong, and vote just so this cretin did not get anywhere near public office…they let the minority of evangelicals around Colorado Springs bully the rest of the state…sorry Colorado, I know you’re all busy getting rich on your new cash crop, but, this guy WILL come after you, and, you never looked up to see him coming.

  8. The bright side is this: these nut jobs will be the ones who are utterly intransigent in Congress. They will never vote for a bill that doesn’t pass the purity test, they will make ridiculous demands, push generally unpopular and probably unconstitutional bills, and refuse to cooperate with Boehner or McConnell. Cruz will urge them on. Expect a lot of noise, and nothing of substance from Congress to reach Obama’s desk. IOW, same old, same old. Boehner and McConnell will want to kill them within a year.

  9. The question remains of just what is America’s combined threshold of tolerance of insanity before even Republicans stand up and say NO with the rest of America? I predict that you will see more Americans protesting the boarder house reach of these heinously ignorant people. But we Sane Americans<Dems. Libs. must not join them in spittle spewing psychotic piffle and get down to their sub-gutter level.

  10. You got that right. As a white person I am so embarrassed and disgusted by white repubs. The good thing is that they are dying out daily. That’s why many in the rank and file point out that there are less white repub voters with every election. They are too stupid to realize why that is. In 2016 the repubs will have to defend more seats than the Dems did this time. Can’t wait.

  11. This is an indication of how deeply the rot has entered this country. Electing Klingenschmitt and his kid sister is so far beyond what this country is that its indescribable

    This is sadder then can be described and shows the intellect of the Americans who elected them. Time will tell if they admit their embarrassment of whats coming for them.

    On the bright side these guys will be shunned by their own party until needed

  12. Dru, did it ever occure to you that maybe people don’t like Obama because he is a bad president and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin? This racial thing is getting really old.

  13. Maxie, calling somone all those names is mean spirited in itself. I hope your just venting because your party lost and don’t seriously mean all that mean stuff.

  14. Wait did you just call me a racist because I disagree with the policies of the president.. WOW! That’s all I can say is WOW!

  15. I linked to Right Wing Watch because there is simply too much to mention in a single post. Getting into his troubles with the Navy by wearing a uniform during a partisan political activity, is another post in itself.

  16. Justme, perhaps if you looked at the accomplishments and statistics instead of toeing the party line you would see we have had a very good president. One vastly better then the lord god reagan.

  17. The crazies won’t stop. They’ll double down on stupidity. The GOP realizes it’s put up or shut up time and try to at least do the minimum. But the crazies won’t let them. Be prepared for more obstructionism and gridlock. That’s all we’ll see for two more years.

  18. If you think 63 straight months of economic expansion the longest in history, enjoying the longest period of private sector job creation in American history, the deficit is shrinking something you disagree with then yes I stand by what I said unless you are just an idiot. Take your pick

  19. So much for weeding the tea party and extremists out of your party Mr. Rove, Mr. Gingrich and Mr. McConnell. Hahahahahaha.

  20. thank you…i just wanted you to know that i appreciate U taking Time 2 put down UR thoughts…it’s made me take the first step 2 get my own thoughts out by responding even if 2 ONLY SAY…I’m totally agreeing w/you..it baffles me THAT i NEVER gave much thought 2 mid-terms. now I have grandchildren ages: 13 9 7 2. some things do affect me…it affects my aging Dad @ i try 2 care 4 him across miles east/west coast. I tell my girls U NEED 2 WAKE UP & SMELL COFFEE-WAKE UP!! Ur raising thez precious ones PAY ATTN. i’m so sure neither one went 2 vote yesterday so why bother 2 ask. it scares me but I also believe we have 2 rise from ashes dust ourselves off keep marching stay involved & hope we can pass the baton …i thought we did that…but apparently somehow peeps didn’t like progress in America all thoz pasty old white men…a dying breed…there’s alot of work still to be done…so don’t punk out…we need u…thx

  21. Is it mean spirited even if it is true. Example, the white guy holding the “Moran” sign.

    When one of these idiots are elected, yes, it does reflect on all those that voted for him. Logically what else are we lead to believe, that the USA is exceptional, and we have the best health care in the world? I think not.

    On the bright side…www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo

  22. Oh, is this racial thing a little old? LOL this little act you people are STILL pulling after 6 years of your photoshop-filled discussion threads on Breitbart, Fox Nation, Freerepublic, Red State, etc., hate rallies and dog-whistles, code words and outright threats and insults toward this President…this is what’s really old. You aren’t fooling anyone. He is a very successful President in reality. Try to remember, “I can’t stand that guy” is not the same as “bad President.” He has done monumental things during his time in office and run circles around your side at every opportunity. But the media doesn’t report it and you wouldn’t pay attention if it did, cause Fox told you not to. So go back to whatever hate-site full of dumbasses you regularly inhabit and tell them how you PWNED us, already. You’re little pretend game is really boring.

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