Senator Ted Cruz Complains About President Obama’s Unannounced Potential AG Nominee


On Friday, CNN reported that the White House had apparently made up its mind on Eric Holder’s replacement for Attorney General. It is being reported that Obama will tap Brooklyn prosecutor Loretta Lynch to be the nation’s top attorney, making Lynch the first black woman to hold the post. While there wasn’t much of a dust-up over the news of Lynch likely succeeding Holder, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had to stick his nose in it just because that’s what he is programmed to do.

Lynch has a stellar background and a number of signature cases to her credit. She is the prosecutor that tried the New York police force in the late ’90s for the sexual torture of a suspect they had recently arrested. Lynch is also the attorney that indicted recently reelected Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) on fraud charges. She did pro-bono work in Rwanda in 2005. She helped investigate allegations that witnesses of the genocide that plagued the country were being threatened.

Under every other presidency, someone of Lynch’s stature and credentials would be a slam dunk to be nominated. Besides her obvious qualifications, she doesn’t have any ties to the current administration and hasn’t really been that active in Democratic politics. A number of organizations have spoken positively about her and how she would make a good AG. Currently the US Attorney in Brooklyn, she’s actually held the position two separate times. Both times she was confirmed by the Senate without issue. Between her two stints as a US Attorney she worked in the private sector and also worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The White House has not confirmed that Obama will indeed replace Holder with Lynch. At the same time, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest didn’t deny the report by CNN. It is expected that Obama will announce his decision when he returns next week from a trip to Asia. Meanwhile, prominent Democrats, and even some Republicans, have spoken highly of Lynch and her ability to serve as the nation’s Attorney General. Per Politico, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Lynch “would make an outstanding attorney general.” The other Democratic Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, sent the following tweet after CNN ran the story.


Even Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), definitely no friend of Obama’s, had no real problem with Lynch or the possibility of confirming her during the lame-duck Senate session. CNN reported the following after Graham learned that Lynch was the expected nominee.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, told CNN’s Dana Bash that Lynch “seems to be a solid choice” and is qualified. Graham said he doesn’t have any problems with her being confirmed in the lame-duck session, noting that other Cabinet picks have been approved during such periods.

However, while Graham seemed to have no problem with the potential nomination, a fellow member of the Senate Judiciary Committee felt different. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) predictably made a stink about the likeliness that the White House will try to have Lynch confirmed before the new Republican-led Senate takes over in January. Cruz sent out the following tweet after the news hit.  


Obviously, Cruz wants to make a big show trial of the confirmation hearing and have a Republican majority, stock full of some new extremists, get a chance to create some mischief while allowing Cruz to hog some much-needed limelight. Cruz wasn’t alone in his complaints. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who is likely to be the new chairman of the Judiciary Committee come January, whined that the White House hadn’t given a head’s up to anyone on the committee.

Hopefully, Cruz isn’t able to get what he wants, and a qualified candidate is allowed to be confirmed with no problem. Lynch has few enemies in the political world, Republican or Democrat. By all accounts, most Senate Republicans have no issue allowing her to sail through the confirmation process, especially considering that she’ll replace Holder, a man almost all of them truly hate. However, if Cruz has his way, he’ll draw out the proceedings so as to make it appear that Lynch is a radical Socialist bedfellow of Obama that will help push the usurper’s leftist agenda.

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  1. Cruz is a disgusting human being. How he got elected to anything is beyond me. But the thought of HIM thinking he is now Top Dog of the Republics (if he can insult Democrats, I can call him out) is sickening. I suppose next he’ll be whining there is no Surgeon General, ignoring the fact that he and his posse refused to confirm one? What the hell has this man ever done for this country besides tie us in knots? Nada. Not a damn thing. He and the GOP are nuts, and now they think they are better than the rest of us because they cheated their way to a majority again? We were just told here in MI that Dems got far more votes than Republics last week, so how did they grow their legislative majority? They cheat. THAT”S who we have pretending to govern, a bunch of lying cheats. I bet McConnell lost the popular vote too. As did Bush..twice. But oh, clutch the pearls, President Obama is trying to pull a fast one? Who listens to this nonsense? Who cares what Cruz thinks?

  2. I’d call Cruz a Manchurian Candidate, except he knows he’s the bought and paid for whore of the Koch brothers and the Religious Right. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long he gets the power and attention he so desperately craves.

  3. I am tired of hearing that the current congress shouldn’t try to do anything because they are lame ducks. Following the election, the new congress will be sworn in in January. Until then this is the duly sworn in congress.

    In Michigan, the republican-controlled legislature routinely passes legislation during lame-duck sessions.

  4. Buckle-up voters we’re getting ready to take a trip down KKK-Crazy sh@t hole with Grand Wiz Rafael. Here come KKK loonies from the House.

    Sunday’s KKK chat show should be one for the Oscars.. All members will be on full display.

  5. Bu||shlt, Ted. They’re sworn into their seats until the next person is sworn in. It’s not as if you and your friends didn’t take enough PTO already this year.

  6. If President Obama pick someone like John Bolton, Ted Cruz would say something like this, “Its about the time that Obama has found the honorable man to be our attorney general in John Bolton. He is good man because he lied to America into Iraq. He lied about WMD. He is hundred percent supporting 1% for being above the laws which is important to create the minimum wage jobs that will make people stay at work then go to home, then wake up and go back to work. Trust John Bolton!”

  7. these idiots need to be stopped. they are going to ruin this country. we are in for a looong ride until Hillary takes over.

  8. ibwilliamsi,

    Good comment.

    EvangeliBaggers, of who Teddy is ‘Dear Leader’,are Clueless as to what PTO is!

    That is for us ‘worker bees’and they do as they please…

  9. This sorry piece of crap should keep his pie hole shut. He doesn’t realize it, but one day and hopefully soon, the American people is going to wipe that smirk off his face. The president doesn’t have to tell this communistic clown anything. So he can search out his communistic daddy and they both can go to Cuba or better yet, HELL!

  10. Now that these cretins won, they are going to try and bully POTUS even more than before.

    Barack Obama is still President, you fools. Suck it up.

  11. Lets face it. The president is the only one actually working. Cruz et al flit about gratifying their egos making media appearances.

  12. Don’t understand all the hate for Ted Cruz? What has Ted done to produce all of this venom? Obama and Dem polices have been completely rejected by the voters. If the Dems ever want to get back in power they need to REALLY digest what the voters told them Tuesday.

  13. Look you may want to live in a theocracy but we don’t. You may believe the bible is the basis of laws of the United States we believe in the Constitution. You may be a homeschooled idiot who drools and handle snakes and consider that education we do not. And what 36% of the voters said is not a effing mandate but being an idiot you think 36 is a majority. Damn fools will lead us to destruction because they are just ignorant

  14. Ugh, Texas…what dipshits you keep sending our Government. Duhbya, Gohmert, Cruz and Cornyn, just for starters. What poison is in your water that you keep voting for and electing these un-American dictator-wannabes to legislate and/or lead this country? How stupid can you people be??

  15. Your post, at its very core, shows that all, and I mean ALL, Republican politicians are Manchurian candidates.

    They don’t have any say-so and are programmed to do the bidding of powerful corporations who own them.

    They just need the useful idiots who continue to vote for them to get into office, and those billionaires are more than happy to pay out of pocket to ensure that they do.

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