Conservatives Turn on McConnell And Anoint Ted Cruz The Leader Of Congress

Cruz McConnell

It is a fairly safe bet that next to the Koch brothers, Heritage Foundation, Senate Conservative Fund, and the Club for Growth, no-one in Washington was as excited with the results of the midterm elections as corrupt Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. It is also likely that McConnell has yearned to be Majority Leader throughout his political career, and although he may end up winning that coveted title, he will be Majority Leader in name only because pure conservatives at Heritage Action, Club for Growth, and the Senate Conservative Fund already have anointed Texas Ted Cruz as de facto leader of both chambers of Congress because he will deliver the ideological conservative goods, or decimate the government which is still a win in their minds.

Texas Ted will be the go-to vehicle through which all far-right rage in Congress, in both chambers, is realized and acted upon. He may only be a junior senator from Texas, but as such he quickly parlayed his extremist teabagger credentials into authority as de facto Speaker of the House over the past two years. How is that possible? He has the undying support, and unlimited funding, from the interests of radicalized “pure conservative” groups” such as Heritage Action, the Club for Growth, the Senate Conservatives Fund, Tea Party Patriots and any anti-government groups loyal to Wall Street and the Koch brothers.

What will prove interesting, if nothing else, is how McConnell reacts to being relegated to nothing more than a figure-head after lusting for the Majority Leader designation for three decades. Oh it is true McConnell adheres to nearly every policy Heritage, Senate Conservatives Fund, and Club For Growth espouse, but he clearly understands the damage to the Republican brand an extremist like Cruz can do on the national level. It is important to remember that after Cruz, as de facto House Speaker, masterminded the government shutdown in October 2013, the “official” Speaker John Boehner railed against the outside groups that “tricked our guys” into shutting down the government.

Those outside groups understand that they likely only have two years to enact their anti-government agenda on the nation, and based on their operative Texas Ted’s plans, they will indeed attempt to lay waste to every government agency or shut down the government. Or worse they will allow Ted to force the nation and likely the world into an economic depression by creating a credit default; that is how serious they are about effecting the Koch brothers’ vision for America.

The real conservatives look forward to Cruz’s plan to push “his” Republican-led Senate to be as conservative and confrontational as “his” Republican-led House. The new Congressional leader said his first order of business will be “piggybacking on what House leaders have done for four years and immediately hold a series of hearings on President Obama’s abuse of power, the executive abuse, the regulatory abuse, and lawlessness that sadly has pervaded this administration.” Cruz has mastered corrupt Darrell Issa’s Obama Derangement Syndrome speech perfectly, and will deliver from the Senate the same time and money-wasting effort as House Republicans.

Incoming Senate majority leader Ted Cruz revealed his big plans, and a Koch brother agenda, for both houses of Congress in his first 100 days as GOP leader according to comments in the Washington Post. First on his Republican to-do list after initiating an Issa-like rash of investigations, is orchestrating a House-Senate reconciliation process to pass a quick, and comprehensive, “total Obamacare repeal so Obama can veto it” to fire up teabagger outrage and momentum to do some “serious government reform.” Remember, that in Republican parlance, reform is code for massive elimination: of taxes for the rich and corporations, several federal agencies, and every domestic program the Kochs hate because program or agency that serves the population and strengthens the country must be demolished.

There is good reason the press questioned Koch, Club for Growth, and Senate Conservative Fund teabagger candidates for Senate Jodi Ernst and Tom Tillis about how many federal agencies they intended to eliminate from the federal budget “when” they controlled the Congress. Although they never dared list which agencies are slated for death by Koch vision in public, their major funders and staunch supporters in the Club For Growth and Senate Conservative Fund had a pre-designated high-priority list of federal agencies to eliminate at their first opportunity.

For starters, pure conservatives included the Departments of Education, Commerce, Labor, and Agriculture for immediate and complete elimination that real conservatives consider the first step on the path to “limited government” that exists solely to serve the interests of Wall Street, corporations, and of course the Koch brothers. That elimination list invariably includes at least slashing and privatizing Social Security while raising the retirement age as recompense to Wall Street and financial institutions. Medicare will be transformed into a coupon for seniors over the age of 72, and Medicaid will be reduced to a shell of what it is now if it survives at all.

If Americans thought the Paul Ryan Path to Prosperity budget was harsh, Cruz’s Club for Growth and Senate Conservative Fund masters have a plan that makes Ryan’s budget look Christ-generous and will settle for nothing less than ending food stamps, unemployment insurance, and the federal minimum wage along with any anti-poverty program “pure conservatives” and the Koch brothers consider intolerable in their ideologically perverse libertarian vision for America.

If any of the racists, religious right, and discontented morons who voted for Republicans and their promise of “pure theocratic conservatism” believe for a nano-second there will be even a semblance of practical governance, like funding any part of the government or preventing a credit default and bankruptcy, their celebratory mood will be short-lived. However, for the “real conservatives,” with Ted Cruz leading both the House and Senate with his vicious Koch-teabagger anti-government thugs Mike Lee, Jodi Ernst, and Tom Tillis at his side, their wildest “drown the government” dream will be realized.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have already laid out their opening salvo to rape Americans out of their health insurance and privatize public education. But those are inconsequential compared to the real damage on the horizon. Even as harsh as taking healthcare away from a million Americans seems, it is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Club for Growth, Heritage Action, Senate Conservative Fund, and Koch brothers have in store for America, and with a “real conservative” leader like Ted Cruz running Congress, if they don’t destroy the government they will decimate the Republican brand for at least a decade.

70 Replies to “Conservatives Turn on McConnell And Anoint Ted Cruz The Leader Of Congress”

  1. Is Cruz even a citizen yet?
    For the best run down on the election, read Brad Friedmans analysis on The Brad blog, it makes me wonder who really won.

  2. Well if the homeschooled yahoos who are giddy as a prostitute when the navy has a port call when their welfare checks are cut off then they will know.

    So as much as I don’t want to see my country destroyed I say Please Proceed and whatever god they believe in may he have mercy on their idiotic souls

  3. The Dems need a radical party like the Teabaggers. We need to move hard left because I think that is what America wants. I want God to make my arm like a thunderbolt. [WINK]

  4. OMG!LOL.What a thought….after Mitch went ahead and anointed himself n’ all… this would be hilarious!
    On a more serious note Inhofe on an environmental committee gives me the worst
    kind of nightmares imaginable.

  5. This is scary.

    I have a Mom on Medicare.

    Rmuse also forgot the crown jewel of the Tea Party’s agenda…IMPEACHMENT.

    Mc Turtle better watch his back….or is it shell??

  6. I knew it was only a matter of time before the fight started between “establishment” Republicans and the “lunatic fringe.” There’s almost no difference between the 2 factions,and it’s a case of being careful for what folks wish for. I’m quite sure that the Turtle never anticipated this in his wildest dreams.

  7. Certainly. The first step is to primary some conservative Democrat incumbents out of office. You find a way to do that, I assure you you will get their attention and respect and have a voice at the table to affect policy. Until then you can be safely ignored, they have other voters to worry about.

  8. the democrats giveth
    the republicans taketh

    this is very sad – everything that Obama has worked alone to achieve (unemployment down, gas down, economy is good, etc) and these morons are going to undo it all. they want to cut welfare, changes to social security and medicare, healthcare.

  9. From time to time, private companies and corporations find it necessary to go through a period of re-engineering their operations. I believe this practice would be very helpful at the federal government level.

    The high cost of government and over regulation are the fundamental reasons our manufacturing jobs go off shore.

    Until our federal government reduces the overhead cost it saddles on every American, our manufacturing jobs will continue to move off shore. The high corporate tax rate is only a symptom of the actual problem. The real problem is that we spend too much money.

    Re-engineering the federal government would necessarily require about half of all departments and agencies to be eliminated. Then, our cost of government can and will come down.

    Also, we need to roll back nearly all government regulations initiated since 1990.

    By doing these things, American business will create jobs at an incredible rate. Middle class incomes will rise. Poverty will come down….

  10. Bull.

    But then again you are the koolaide drinker who like poison air and water.

    Well done with the libertarian corporations first above people talking points.

    Complete and utter bull

  11. Charlie Koch, where do you find the time to troll the internet? I thought you were too busy raping America?

  12. I think Mitch would side with the President before he would let crazy Cruz swoop in and take his crown! This could be his finale. He may want to go out big!

  13. And whats funny is the tea bags think this will lower their taxes. It wont, whats left over will go to corporations and churches. the bags will end up as screwed as the rest of us

  14. Have you bought your ticket out of country yet? Going to the Cayman Islands to keep your money warm? With a common name like Smith can we call you smiley (for a short time anyway)? Find a hole; you may need it.

  15. Obama will bend where he can, but if it comes to the school yard fight, the veto punch will win. Of course, there will be a house-led impeachment which will be killed in the senate, but in the meantime, there will be 2 more years of nothing being accomplished while the GOP destroys itself. It’s just going to be more of the same crap until 2016.

    Cruz is a bag of gas. He steamrolled boner, but he might just have a little problem in controlling the senate. The only way he gets total control is if turtle removes filibuster completely. The GOP tactics of the last six years wasn’t lost on the democrats and what goes around will come around. Turtle is faced with his own obstructionist tactics and the democrats won’t have any problem shoving it up/in wherever…

  16. Roll back regulations? Are you serious? I was almost waiting for a punch line with that one. Under your plan how many people would become unemployed? The jobs went overseas because of greed. They need to tax the companies who ship jobs overseas when they want to sell to Americans. We need more made in America products and people need to stop buying made in China.

  17. Tim is an advocate of no worker safety. Like all libertarians who think they can achieve the ron paul “freedom”, he drinks koolaide heavily. No one told him that the freedom was the freedom of corporations to overrun his ass

  18. Or blow them up like what happen in west Texas in that plant explosion. But what makes them hypocrites when shit happens they turn into the welfare queens with their hands out begging to be bailed out by the taxpayers

  19. “…conservative Democrat incumbents…” Where are they? Hiding out with Elvis, Jim Morrison and the unicorns?

  20. Actually, I don’t think the dems need do anything but sit back and watch the show for the next two years. Kinda reminds me of the Colin Powell/Pottery Barn proverb: You break it you buy it. Well…

  21. “The high cost of government and over regulation are the fundamental reasons our manufacturing jobs go off shore.”
    Manufacturing jobs? Bullshit. The reason those jobs got moved offshore is because of cheap labor elsewhere. If you are referring to the bankers, the guys like Romney whose companies make their money in a non-labor manner, they move offshore to avoid paying their fair share of the cost of creating and maintaining the infrastructure that their companies use here in this country.

  22. Dems should have passed a law that when a state gets to a certain debt, no more federal funding would be available

  23. Idiots like Tim Smith carry the Koch’s water and are partly to blame for destroying America. Take an article I read recently where the new off shore money storage is in Luxembourg, they hid like 89 billion KNOWN taxable dollars there last year, I say known because there is a gray area around their banking policies. Idiots like Tim Smith doesn’t realize that this traitorous tactic enriches the hiding places overall economy, that is why America is lagging in education, jobs, good healthcare, while having an increase in poverty. But as long as idiots like Tim Smith sit back and let Fox News, Rush Limpballs, Glenn Beck and others tell them they like it they will continue to like grabbing their ankles for Charlie and David.

  24. Rmuse seems to forget that the United States Senate is not a rag tag goup of light weights like the House Republicans. Each Senator can stop any legislation it wishes, object to and halt any nomination, filibuster forever until 60 votes stop it (not going to happen) and pretty much get his/her way by doing exactly what Minority Leader McConnell did for the past two years.
    So, before you pop the cork on that bottle of cheap champagne, you might want to review the Senate rules again.
    Republicans do not have to votes to override a veto, either. And, it is highly unlikely that any amount of money is going to persuade Democrats in the Senate to join in an override vote.
    I find it outrageous that Ted from Texas is so shallow that he responds to money from Heritage Foundation, et al to do their dirty work in the Senate. I think he will be pushing censure if he tries to reprise what he did in the House.

  25. What the Hell is wrong with you? You either work for the Kochs or Texas Ted. Eliminate half the government? Which half as*hole? Oh, that’s right; the half that works for the people right? Who’s going to build the roads and power grid? You really think the Koch brothers give a shit about clean water or sanitation? Or education? You take your f*cking Libertarian bullshit someplace else cause it ain’t flying here. It’s your type that are driving this country into third-word status. You may love it down in Dixie, or stinking Kansas, and we all hope you’re a bunch of happy campers, but there is a bit more to life than survival you half-witted moron.

  26. And who in a GOP-led Senate is going to censure Ted? Nobody’s censured Issa in the House. It’s a nice thought, and a dream, but it ain’t never going to happen no matter how out-of-line the fascist gets. There’s a reason it’s called The Senate Conservatives Fund; every Republican is beholden to their whims, and way more that three-quarters of them want exactly what they’re pushing. Ted will come out of this a national conservative hero.

  27. You can bet Cruz will abuse the position to the max for self-gain and expect us to believe he’s doing it for freedom and liberty.

    He wants a cult running this country and him running the cult and this would be like one step forward to achive it.

  28. The Kochs are out to turn America into a country like the one in Soylent Green, with the 99% living in almoas t medieval poverty, and ruled over by the reclusive plutocracy, cowering behind their gated community walls and electronic surveillance systems and brownshirt “police.”

  29. Bull, Tim…how- bout we bring home the many many trillions in off shore tax havens and close loophole and tax such money fairly…at least up to the Clinton 39.5%….he managed to hand over to GW a surplus ( which he proceeded to squander)….trickle down is a dead economic theory…even Noble Prize Laureate, Paul Krugman, is praising Obama’s economics-as are many other noted economists….

  30. As much as I hate to admit it, I hope that the ultra conservative agenda is fully enacted. After 4 years of the mass deaths, increased prices, homelessness, increased rate in crime, crack down on religious freedoms of non christians, they would be voted out of office and we will no longer hear about the marvelous utopia that is the far rights view of america. four years, and it would be gone forever.

  31. Straight from the GOP/TP Playbook. Please find some new legitimate reasons for the greed of the parties. Your argument is trite!

  32. Oh c’mon, Mitch is the primary one responsible for getting every Republican to vote against Obamacare. That’s gotta be worth some payback.

    And as it is, Ted Cruz isn’t a natural-born citizen by the Birthers’ definition anyway, so there you go.

  33. You know, the American people were stupid enough to vote for these asshats (either directly or by not voting), they deserve to feel every single ounce of pain as a consequence of their actions.

    It’s just unfortunate that millions of normal, rational minded people are going to suffer in the process.

  34. This is going to be really good for the progressive movement. Those idiots are going to blow there own brains out and I will love it. We will suffer for a while but it can’t help but happen. God pray for these retards.

  35. End of Democracy

    Dear God,
    these people are going to destroy this Nation and it’s people. And that includes the gullible republican constituents who think they somehow will be sheltered from these evil people. Evil has taken root in this Nation so the wrath of God and His judgement is not far behind.

  36. RJJB Granda 1 is right, when republicans take over us senate in january the democrats will be in the minoirty, but democrats can filibuster any gop bill in the us senate and it takes 60 votes to stop a filibuster, when gop takes over senate they will not have enough votes 60 to stop a filibuster by dems, plus it takes 67 votes to overirride presidential vetoes in us senate so grand 1 is right, some things will get done, but i got news for gop they will not succeed in repealing obamacare as long as obama is president cuz he will veto any repeal bill period, the gop will not get everything they want, and i got news for ted cruz and the tea baggers they will fail in pushing mitch mcconnel around cuz the majority leader new will have the power not ted cruz, so let the tea baggers and ted cruz and joni eanrst say or do what they want but they will not be the majority leader in us senate, mitch will be the leader the others like cruz will not, and i can tell u right now mitch will not put

  37. up with any bullying, again grand1 is right, gop won the senate but dems still have filibuster and dems can also bring up another tactic called a point of order, and as grand 1 said obama vetoes will not be overidden cuz gop does not have 67 seats in senate to override and thats a fact and the bottom line, obama will sign some things but i got news for gop they think dems in senate and obama will let them gut social security foodstamps medicare medicaid and so forth, the gop has a surprise coming when the dems filibuster alott of budget cuts and obama vetoes alott of bills to gut and make deep cuts in programs, obama and dems will not go along with alott of it, some things will get thru yes but the gop is mistaken if they think they will get all they want cuz that will not happen

  38. You’re assuming that these evil agents of Satan won’t do everything in their power to steal the White House. Between the supreme court and a conservative congress, they may outlaw the voting rights of the poor and working class. Government was created by God so that man would have order and a vehicle to answer to here on earth. Without government, people would become lawless and chaos would follow.

    The door is now open…..

  39. the senate is completely different to be honest the senate has more power than the us house ted cruz and teabaggers in congress will not be bullying mitch mcconnel cuz if they try old mitch the old lion will bite there ass hard, what will happen is dems will be filibustering allott and obama will be using that veto pen alott capeshe

  40. i will say this if they ever try to gut and eliminate social security retirement ssi ssdi and medicare and the social security administration it will be politcial suicide for gop tp, if they gop tp tries they will never get elected for any office and u can bank that cuz me they will put my ass in prison if they ever try to touch ss and medicare period, and also u see riots on tv in other nations there will be massive uprsings and revolt and massive riots, so the gop tp is warned fuck with ss ssi ssdi and medicare and the ss admin and gop and tp will be done with it so they better not touch those programs if they know whats good for them it would be political suicde for gop tp to mess with those programs

  41. i mean it if they touch my ss and medicare any program i am on i will force them to lock me up in prison and cost them a humdred thousand dollars a year to keep me up in prison and u can believe it cuz i will not fuck with them i will not play games

  42. I say the quickest way to end the madness it to let the bastards have free rein. I’m serious… let em kill social security, Medicare, the EPA, Education, the federal parks system… all of it.

    Within a year they and their friends will be hanging by their necks from the flag poles. And the dumb shits who voted them into office will be leading the riots.

  43. But of course nothing of the sort will really happen because it takes 67 votes to overcome a veto, nothing in the crazies’ agenda will make it into law- except for what Obama bargains away.

  44. If you want to repeal all regulations, think very carefully about that. Environmental regulations are what keeps our air, land, and water usable – otherwise we’ll look like China. Business and commerce regulations are needed to keep banks and businesses honest and to protect both the consumer and the economy. Calling for universal repeals of all regulations since 1990 shows a lack of knowledge of the history leading to those reforms as well as forethought on the consequences.

  45. This what we get when there are no regulations and only profits matter
    China has been the given green light to start shipping chicken to America.

    On Wednesday, the Agriculture Department told stakeholders it had certified four poultry processing plants in the Shandong province of China to export fully cooked, frozen and refrigerated chicken to the United States.

    If there’s one thing, we can count on, it’s the safety and sanitation of imported Chinese goods.
    Mystery of pet deaths related to jerky treats made in China continues to stump FDA

  46. “He may only be a junior senator from Texas, but as such he quickly parlayed his extremist teabagger credentials into authority as de facto Speaker of the House over the past two years. How is that possible?” If you don’t know why this is happening, then you don’t know Cruz’s resume. This guy is one of the smartest persons on the planet, with an impressive career path. Don’t underestimate this guy.

  47. A voice of insanity but then again I guess you would be happy living under a Christian version of sharia law

  48. I beg the differ, Mitch had sold his political career to Koch/TP to stay in the senate. That why in their press conference Mitch & Boner couldn’t give any specified of their so-called priorities. Most important words that came out that press conf., “We have to confer w/ our members b4 we can giveany more details.

    But the real proof for me when Cruz step over Mitch took Boner balls & took control of the house & force a s/d. Neither Mitch or Boner could stop him. & the GOP/MSM safe Boner & Mitch from total embarrassment & being label impotent leaders. So-called moderates folded like a house of cards.

  49. The incoming repubs in the house are so dumb, they ran on repealing government healthcare (including the dumb Mark Walker)
    so I guess this means none of them will take the government health care, we should watch this!
    Let us call them the Koch Tea Party, not the republican party!
    How about a petition to ensure that no state gets more federal dollars back tan they pay in taxes, the red states would be screaming!
    Also a lot of really red states have more government facilities than blue, think Utah, with a massive IRS complex and bases. Also think Texas, they all feed of the government.

  50. CA was the guinea pig during Reagans 2 governor terms when he began lowering taxes between ’67-’75 and then school funding began to dry up. Then prop 13 almost put the last nail in the school coffin. CA began to fund schools through bonds, every election we had to say YES or NO to these bonds.
    Due to Reagan, our schools began to decline and our state economy declined from 5th in the world to the 8th where it is today. I’m a product of the CA school system in its heyday and graduated just before the funding really dried up. CA had the BEST school system, but now forget it.
    TX governor good hair said in hi CPAC speech that wants the US to get out of the education business…my guess is he wants to keep everyone ignorant
    So yes CA has done all this before with disastrous results.

  51. There is nothing conservative about these flame throwers, they are radicals in every way. They should not be honored by referring to them as conservative, which actually is defined as: holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation

  52. Ted Cruz…thank God for people like Ted Cruz…Politics would be so boring without him and Democrats have to be secretly thankful because he is going to be a big pain in the as$ for people like Mitch McConnell and established Republicans. We just might see more moderate Republicans make a come back and crawl out from under and speak out. Compromise…statesman…these are words not spoken anymore. They have been replaced by words like gridlock and dysfunction.

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