Bernie Sanders Delivers A Gut Punch To the Republican Agenda To Screw Ordinary Americans

bernie sanders republicans out to make rich richer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went there. While the media is basking in the glow of Republican victory, Sanders predicted that the Republican agenda will focus on doing the exact opposite of what they American people want in order to make the wealthiest Americans more wealthy.


Sanders said,

Here’s the interesting point. You talk about Republican principles. The Republicans forgot to tell the American people what their principles are, so let me make a prediction. Let me make a prediction, and a year from now invite me back and we’ll see if I am right or wrong. This is exactly what they will do. The American people want to expand Social Security. What the Republicans will do is attempt to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporation. They will do exactly what the American people don’t want them to do. You talked about raising the minimum wage. They don’t believe in that. They want to do away with the concept of the minimum wage, so people will work for five bucks or four bucks an hour.


They will make the effort, and you talk about the Republican principles are to make the very richest people in this country richer at the expense of working families.

Bernie Sanders delivered a gut punch to the idea that since Obama is president, Republicans can’t do anything, so they won’t try. The Republicans worked so hard to keep their agenda a secret for a reason. They know that with control of Congress, they can try to force the President’s hand on budgetary issues in order to get things that the Republican people don’t want.

Congressional Republicans are going to try every trick in the book to cut social programs, and give benefits to corporations and the wealthy. Republicans are hoping that they can continue to disguise this agenda for the next two years. If they could keep the American people in the dark long enough, Republicans hope that they can retake the White House in 2016.

For congressional Republicans, it is all about dressing up their agenda as something that it isn’t. With just a few sentences, Sen. Sanders called out that agenda and delivered an example that the left should follow. The left needs to attack and expose the difference. The Republican language needs to be debunked and explained.

The process of educating the American people on what they really elected begins now

40 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Delivers A Gut Punch To the Republican Agenda To Screw Ordinary Americans”

  1. Republicans “helping” the people? You would have to be a total idiot to even consider that. Their plan is to raise the age for social security while cutting benefits, eliminate the ACA, end the EPA and cut ALL social safety programs while cutting taxes for the very rich yet again and taking individual rights and freedom from the regular Americans. The GOP liars, thugs and criminals leading fools

    Bernie For President 2016!

  2. It’s amazing how many people can’t see through the wool that the Republicans are pulling over their eyes.

  3. His words need to be echoed over and over again by each and every politician that call themselves a Democrat or Independent. Repetition seems to work..look at the fear mongering republicans have been spewing for 40 years. Devoid of fact or reality, but works on the attention deficit folks. Akin to how a shiny lure works on fish.

  4. Adore this man. I’m going to vacation in Vermont just to support their state and say Bernie sent me!

  5. Graw……you are absolutely correct. Dems/Ind need to work on messaging. Keep it simple, to the point and consistent so a fifth grader can understand it. And say it over and over and over and over……perception is reality!

  6. They’ve already admitted that they are going after ACA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. They do the same thing as the debt ceiling, by attaching repeal amendments to budget bills. That they know have no chance of being sign by the president. All the blaming the president for obstructing.

    Republicans are to privatize every school in America, they’ll break the unions even more,then people will wonder why there’s a shortage teacher.

    Thanks a lot republican voters!

  7. It starts with a Constitutional amendment to limit the amount of money any particular candidate, and their advocates can spend in an election cycle. And that’s a total amount, for PAC’s and parties. Say, a single donor can’t spend a total more than 1 million dollars. If the Kochs want to blow it all on a single candidate or issue, fine. But that’s it. This million will also represent the total they can spend through foundations, think tanks, and advocacy groups. No more astroturf, or dark money funneled through organizations they fund.

  8. His comment is right on – and now the House and Senate have more nut cases to achieve their goal.
    I love this man.

  9. Thanks for the Republican voters, and the millions of people too damn lazy to get off their ass to vote.

    Of course it would also be helpful if Democrats in Congress actually had principles, a backbone, AND actually stood for something. Instead they cower in the corner, avoid talking about successes of the last six years, and are always trying to pass themselves off as GOP lite.

  10. I find it astonishing that people are stupid enough to believe Republican crap the spew. How can anyone be idiotic enough a) to vote in the party that will make the poor poorer, screw the middle class and the rich richer ( unless u are rich of course) and b)to believe they are for the people They are no. One hopes these voters are fried by the Repubs and would love to hear them squealing about how the Repubs are ruining their lives but the rest of us have to suffer as well.

  11. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot–at least four states voted for increasing the minimum wage, supporting abortion rights, schools and same sex marriages. But at the same time, they elected republicans to represent them in their state and federal legislatures, politicians who are outspoken in their opposition to things approved by the voters. How do they expect to get anything done if, on the one hand they vote for it, and on the other hand they vote against it? Mark Twain would have a grand time trying to explain this. Will we hear something from John Stewart?

  12. Looking Forward, Vermont is absolutely beautiful, I hope you get to vacation there. If you do get there, I recommend you visit Equinox Mountain, it is breathtaking. However, it is closed during winter months.

  13. And still he says nothing in defense of President Obama.

    Bernie says a lot of good things, I just wish he’d shame those- Republican AND Democrat- sitting politicians about the way they treat our twice elected president.

  14. They are still trying feverishly to make that ‘uppity N’ bow down to them; and it seems they will continue to follow the paths of degradation and self destruction to achieve it.

  15. There’s NO fixing stupidity! Those middle class people who voted for the Republicans & the Tea party are, without a doubt, devoid of being able to think without some damn source, like FOX Channel, telling them how and what to think! They listen/watch day after day after day, all the while they are being brain-washed by the Republican propaganda that’s spewed out hour after hour on that ghastly Channel! And these same people listen to that racist tub of lard, Rush Limbaugh, spew his poisoned hatred of minorities, non-wealthy people! These stupid people CANNOT tell the difference between propaganda (false information)and what is the REAL TRUTH! They don’t have enough intelligence to question what they hear/see on these obviously biased/slanted reports on that vile FOX NEWS, and also by their lying pundits!!!! INTELLIGENT people don’t just believe everything they hear and see on various news sources, they question if something they see or hear doesn’t seem just right to them &amp…

  16. If you ski, Vermont is great as well!

    Believe me, you would not want to be on Equinox Mt. in the wintertime! Vermont winters can be treacherous. Renting a cabin, though, if you ski would be a nice winter vaca!

  17. I can’t imagine how the volunteers feel that worked on GOTV. They put in endless hours, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, registering people to vote, and then only 36% of Dems voted.


  18. show me A certified honest count of the votes and tell me just to counted them??? How are we supposed to know the results are honest??? I personally do not believe or trust anything that is been touched by a Republican! They will lie through their teeth right in your face. There only interest is to preserve and grow their own wealth at the expense of everyone else. True scum of the earth

  19. For years I have classified theGOPers not as the Grand Old Party, but Get Our Profits. The Repulshricans are only interested in making themselves richer and richer. The Keystone pipelins must have many in the Congress and Senate who are share holders in the Canadian oil company.When this disaster puts the firstshovel in the ground, let’s not forget the ruination of the environment which the GOP cares less about.They will try to shut down the EPA< OSHA< and Consumer protections.

  20. What is the DOJ doing about all of those who were deprived of their right to voteI, backed by the Koch bucks Is this not considered to be a Civil Rights issue? Certain groups were singled out by GOP electorates, not Democratic electorates in too many states. The GOP became judge and jury in order to block DEMOCRATIC votes. t

  21. I agree he would make a great president but he is not electable. His nomination would be another cluster f*ck strategy after a whole host of cluster f*uck strategies the last few years by Demos. The only thing more frightening than the republican agenda is the idiots running the f*cking Demo party. Those SOBs couldn’t put a coherent strategy together if their mommas held their hands.

  22. Then there must be a lot of total idiots out there, since so many of them gave the GOP the Senate and let them keep the House.

  23. Yes, it is like Rain Man saying, “Stay back at Wallbrook with Charlie Babbitt”. Classic cognitive dissonance :-)

  24. in addition to those limits, how about a truth in advertising law for political ads. in addition, we should make election day a paid holiday, with the proviso that your employer doesn’t have to pay you for the day unless your produce a voting stub.

  25. I could not agree more. Why do Dem candidates over and over try harder to win Republican votes instead of exciting Democrats enough to get them to come out and vote? It drives me crazy!!
    It’s almost like they don’t want to win. We are on the right side and the popular side of every position yet we can’t seem to turn that into a victory. Why? Because we refuse to stand by these positions and principles and explain them to people. Instead our candidates cower away and end up seeming like they don’t stand for anything. UUUGGGHHH!

  26. Funny that these 2 socialists are already predicting that all will go down the crapper because the republicans have won the election.
    Where were their predictions before they got their asses spanked in the election?
    They are handing us 2016 with a ribbon around the presidency
    their refusal to bend to the will of the majority of the majority will be there demise.Thank GOD for the people

  27. huebler you have a good start there. a constitutional amendment! Just the thing the rethugs will do first, on there list? Wouldn’t that mean, they are thinking of country?

  28. Of course I agree, but getting such a Constitutional amendment passed is about as likely as Repubpigs flying.

  29. These same people have been making these same predictions for YEARS! Where have you been?

    I think I’m going to lose it if I hear one more ignoramus throwing around the word “socialist” without having a clue as to what socialism actually is.

  30. LookingForward ~ literally might be reviewing what works as a model…Denmark 89% of people voter. This country has ‘Power Sharing’ because of their trade unions. Minimum wages are assured allowing for a common reality of human dignity and self respect. Democracy working at best to avoid Capitalism, Fascism, Communism, and Church State. It’s power to the people. We acknowledge their free health care and higher education as stipulated in a link on the web. We have lessons to learn.

  31. Rep. Boehner thought he was in charge of the Republican party when they took Senate to an he got up their an said: “We are NOT shutting down our Government”! Now we got old Mitch McConnell thinking he’s in charge of the Republicans he Senate, forgetting that Cruz an a few other’s there are out to make a name for them selves an get a Tea Partier elected in 2016! Were in for a bumpy ride the next two years, but the Republican party will show their hands! Mitch says he will repeal the ACA act, but forgot he can’t do it with out Obama signing that an he won’t! They want to Raise tax’s on the middle class, an not the rich——–but Obama has to sign that too!

  32. I think Bernie should go for it.
    I’m still pissed off at Hilary for prematurely trying to dump my man Obama to suit her political aspirations.
    I would definitely give Bernie serious consideration.

  33. There are. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. When people don’t have a clue they vote for the one making the most noise. The Dems need to learn how to make more noise. The Repubs don’t care how they win. They will lie, cheat and steal votes to win.

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