Bernie Sanders Delivers A Gut Punch To the Republican Agenda To Screw Ordinary Americans

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 01:39 pm

bernie sanders republicans out to make rich richer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went there. While the media is basking in the glow of Republican victory, Sanders predicted that the Republican agenda will focus on doing the exact opposite of what they American people want in order to make the wealthiest Americans more wealthy.


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Sanders said,

Here’s the interesting point. You talk about Republican principles. The Republicans forgot to tell the American people what their principles are, so let me make a prediction. Let me make a prediction, and a year from now invite me back and we’ll see if I am right or wrong. This is exactly what they will do. The American people want to expand Social Security. What the Republicans will do is attempt to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporation. They will do exactly what the American people don’t want them to do. You talked about raising the minimum wage. They don’t believe in that. They want to do away with the concept of the minimum wage, so people will work for five bucks or four bucks an hour.


They will make the effort, and you talk about the Republican principles are to make the very richest people in this country richer at the expense of working families.

Bernie Sanders delivered a gut punch to the idea that since Obama is president, Republicans can’t do anything, so they won’t try. The Republicans worked so hard to keep their agenda a secret for a reason. They know that with control of Congress, they can try to force the President’s hand on budgetary issues in order to get things that the Republican people don’t want.

Congressional Republicans are going to try every trick in the book to cut social programs, and give benefits to corporations and the wealthy. Republicans are hoping that they can continue to disguise this agenda for the next two years. If they could keep the American people in the dark long enough, Republicans hope that they can retake the White House in 2016.

For congressional Republicans, it is all about dressing up their agenda as something that it isn’t. With just a few sentences, Sen. Sanders called out that agenda and delivered an example that the left should follow. The left needs to attack and expose the difference. The Republican language needs to be debunked and explained.

The process of educating the American people on what they really elected begins now

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