John Boehner Plans To Help The Middle Class By Taking Away Healthcare and Raising Gas Prices



Speaker John Boehner outlined his plan to “help” the middle class during the Republican weekly address today, and his plan involved taking away health insurance from 1 million people and raising gas prices.



During the weekly Republican address Boehner said,

Republicans are humbled by the trust the American people have placed in us.

We’ll honor that trust by listening to you, by making your priorities our priorities.

That means focusing first on helping middle-class families still struggling to pay the bills and find good-paying jobs.

We’ll start by debating and voting on the many jobs bills the House has acted on with bipartisan support.

We’ll work to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families and more jobs for American workers.

We’ll advance the Hire More Heroes Act, which will encourage employers to hire more of our nation’s veterans.

And we’ll take on ObamaCare regulations that threaten the 40-hour workweek and the pay and peace of mind of so many Americans.

These types of common-sense solutions, so long ignored by the outgoing Senate majority, offer a good starting point.

Here is what Boehner’s agenda really means.

Speaker Boehner’s jobs bills aren’t really jobs bills. The 40+ pieces of legislation that the House calls jobs bills are a collection of regulatory rollbacks, tax breaks, and benefits for corporations. These isn’t a single job creation plan in their list of jobs bills. What the Republican jobs bills are missing is jobs.

Rep. Boehner was lying about the impact of the Keystone XL pipeline. The project would do the exact opposite of what Boehner suggested. Keystone XL will only create 2,000 temporary jobs, and it will raise the cost of gas by ten to twenty cents a gallon in the Midwest.

A return to the 40-hour work week is a stealth attack on the Affordable Care Act. The impact of what the Republicans are proposing is that 1 million working Americans would lose their employer provided health insurance. So far, Republicans have offered the American people tax breaks for corporations, a loss of health insurance and higher gas prices.

The American people are about to get what the Koch brothers paid for when they bought the Senate for the GOP. The Republican agenda is focused solely on benefitting their donors, and Boehner’s efforts “for the middle class” will almost certainly make millions of lives worse.

53 Replies to “John Boehner Plans To Help The Middle Class By Taking Away Healthcare and Raising Gas Prices”

  1. There will be a RUN on barf bags now.
    Hope you went to Costco for the economy 30 pack, because you’ll need many of them.

  2. “fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”

    Hope the tea bag/repubs provide the vaseline for their ignorance in voting these idiots in.

  3. John Boehner is a real piece of work. He has learned how to twist words and lie without flinching. What he should have said is that he will make his objectives your objectives because he is listening to his benefactors and NOT the people of this country.

  4. what a bunch of bs we serve u the people u serve only ur own bank accounts u can give an elephants ass on the middle class as long as ur getting ur own

  5. If they really wanted to help, then they should quit tiring to help. Or try taking pay cuts and pay for their own healthcare.
    Wait…. “yawn” “snort” What…. what the heck. Oh just a another dream.

  6. Mr Speaker,

    what makes you think that your plan is going to help the people. First of all, we didn’t put our trust in you – you won by lying to the people. the president brought back the economy, unemployment is down, stock is up, jobs up, ACA seems to be working and its a law – you said so yourself – so why are you making changes to something that is already working. you are not helping the middle class – never will – not your forte. I cannot wait until 2016 when you and your cronies get pounced by a woman.

  7. Oil is only for the rich. We can’t afford it. How about if we spent that money on solar/wind? How many new jobs? And we loosen oil’s grip on our throats.
    We could build infrastructure, rather than trashing the place. Oil rents from us. Congress writes the lease and manages our property. The renters are trashing the place and sub-leasing it BACK to us.

  8. and just think of the irreversible environmental damage, oil spills, increased cancers and tumors.
    Thanks tea bag/repubs for insuring a quicker death to us and hopefully someone from this era will tell your children/grandchildren EXACTLY what you did to RUIN their lives. Have a GREAT day!

  9. I don’t see the problem here. 1/3 of the American people voted for this. The other 2/3 couldn’t be bothered to vote. Now they are going to get exactly what they voted (or didn’t vote) for. Elections have consequences, and now we all start to pay them. Maybe they’ll vote in 2016, though I doubt that as well!

  10. Currently thirty hours or more per week qualifies as “full time”, and hence receives benefits., such as the ACA. By “returning to a forty hour full time week, “, Boehner is redefining “full time” to be forty or more hours, not thirty or more.

    Why can’t you say this explicitly, Jasln?

  11. this is the same Boehner who has refused to work with the president and democrats for years, then accused Obama of “poisoning the well”…..Boehner the American people want an increase in the minimum wage. if you are truly listening to the American people you will pass that. if you don’t we know you haven’t heard a word we’ve said. I loo forward to the gop falling flat on its face in 2016. democrats, it’s time to grow a set.

  12. oh, and about that keystone xl pipeline…if this is to benefit the American people then why is it designed to move oil to texas, where it is not needed, instead of to the east coast, where the domestic market is? 8-10 trainloads of crude oil a day through Pittsburgh, destined for east coast refineries, traffic that wasn’t there as recently as 5 years ago, is the proof of where the oil is needed. could it be keystone xl is designed to EXPORT our oil, rather than use it in this country?

  13. Did you all not hear a word he said? He is for military and for veterans, he isn’t saying take away anything. You all are so blinded by stuff, listen for once. So, read and listen and wait and instead of judging before you even see what someone will do or not do. Just saying. Everyone is so negative before finding out anything, and it won’t do any good to judge now.

  14. 2016 may be way too late. Obama’s veto of the bills placed on his desk by the rethugs will give them another bullet to use against him. They will the say, See we told you he was the problem. Setting the stage for the next round of elections. Unless the rethugs are soundly beaten there will be no change. The fact we have 30 newly elected Gov’s and the gerrymanding done by the rethugs, until 2022, I don’t see much progress. Progress yes, for the rethugs not anyone else.

  15. Everyone is so negative before finding out anything, and it won’t do any good to judge now.
    Look at his record. Passed out checks from the tobacco industry to other members on the floor to protect big tobacco.

    Now concerning vets. Were Harry Reid to restore the cuts, he’d need to get the House back from Christmas vacation.

    Republicans are going to have to own this. Paul Ryan drafted it. John Boehner pushed it through and didn’t give even the 72 hours he promised he’d give for people to look through his legislation. Maybe had John Boehner spent more time reading through the legislation instead of blasting conservatives for opposing cuts to veterans’ benefits and tax increases he could have done something.

    Oops did I just hear your ignorance bubble pop? Then again I guess you really don’t follow politics if you think his drunkenness has anyone’s interest at heart but his own

  16. To all of you unhinged haters that voted for the geopigs because you HATED OUR BLACK PRESIDENT,you will deserve what they do to you… Enjoy that health care while you have it.

  17. He needs to start by realizing AMERICA didn’t reelect him, 30% of Americans, mostly white males, elected him, so he doesn’t represent most of us. Secondly, the Keystone pipeline won’t give us even a drop of oil, as it is for EXPORT only. It will just pad the Koch bros pockets even more. It will provide temporary jobs to build it only, then 35 permanent jobs, so his argument is really ignorant. People need to educate themselves to the issues and stop this crap.

  18. As I see it the next 2 elections are critical. If the Dems can’t win back some statehouses in 2016 and 2018 the next round of redistricting will be controlled by the Repubs and that means control of the house until AT LEAST 2030. Now add the voter suppression that will happen between 2014 and 2016 and you can pretty much predict which party controls the white house. A couple of supreme court appointments and the deal is sealed. The Repubs are playing the long game, The Dems not so much. Control of the federal govt in the face of 30 Repub controlled State govts is pretty much meaningless. Dems fought to keep the senate, Repubs fought to take over the country.

  19. Yeah, buddy, that’s what we need is your help now that you’ve got the stupid vote on your side. Honestly, the state you represent is the only one that is not in the top 10 as far a poverty goes but I’m sure you’ll get there soon like McConnell and Cruz. I thank God I don’t live in Ohio, Kentucky or Texas where I have to see my fellow citizens denied decent wages, health care, etc. Now that the gas prices are down I’m sure you’ll help them go right back up again. No thank you. Please don’t help…..please!

  20. OK, someone has to explain this to me: How does raising gas prices help the middle class? You see, lower prices on gas means more money in a person’s pocket. More money in a person’s pocket means they can spend it and make the economy better… but I highly doubt the 30-40% who did vote in the midterms are able to figure that out. Let’s face it, most of them are from states where you could get away with doing your sister.

    I hope that they realize that now the spotlight is on them. Every little screw up they make will magnified 100 times over because of this last election. Everyone will see what they are really for: The creation of a right wing bitch state where you must bow to the will of Jeebus (TM) and the corporate gods are your leaders. We must work 24/7 just to have enough food to last for a day and when you get sick… too bad!

    I don’t want that. That’s why we must call them out on every move they make.

  21. Since when did the republicans work a 40 hour week, should they keep their government paid health insurance?

    At most they work a 2 day week.

  22. We can thank the dumb and ignorant for these “new regulations”. Of course we will get nothing from them,they are the “take away, party. If only those who voted these morons in would be made to suffer twice as much as everyone else. Sure isn’t fair to the rest of us but that is this country. Maybe those who were too lazy to register and to vote will get some little surprises because they screwed the rest of us.

  23. Apparently youy haven’t been paying attention lo these past few years, Boehner’s actions which can be found in the Congressional Record have been of TOTAL servitude to his corporate masters.

  24. I hate that man even more than I hate my ex husband. To even hint that he will try to get rid of the ACA shows what a low life scumbag creep he is. As far as Im concerned, if he makes things worse for the middle class than they already are, he is nothing but a bully who’s main goal is make the poor even poorer. To me thats a form of mental terrorism, we have enough to worry about now and if he has his way we will never have a day when we can truly say we aren’t worried about our future.

  25. You are absolutely right! In fact, I heard that there will be only 20 jobs. And the oil isn’t for the USA but for export only.

    This is more TGOP B.S./lies to the American public. They care nothing for the electorate but for the money they can stuff in their own pockets. The TGOP are puppets for the oil industry.

    “…We’ll work to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families and more jobs for American workers…”

    We’ve just been through six years of nothing but obstruction and TGOP B.S. With due respect to sheep and wolves, the TGOP are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They haven’t changed but are still the same old “pseudo-representatives” they have been.


    The pipeline is dangerous to the environment — human, animal, water, land, air …and will be going through Native American land, thus breaking yet another government treaty made with them in the past.

    Yes, the liars worship the Almighty Dollar at…

  26. Well, to begin with, being “for the military” is a long way from being “for veterans.” I wish it weren’t so, but the republicans have proved it again and again. Where the devil have you been living?

  27. here we go again with the reps bs….I don’t think there is single politician in Washington that gives a damn about the American people…they are all out to fund their campaigns…all of these career politicians need to be out…they should serve no more than 8 years….I don’t care whether they are rep…dem…or ind…someone is linig their pockets to get through their own agendas….Not one of them knows what it is like in the “real” world….for the most part they are all millionaires and a damn about the regular person… the repsf you keep giving corporations tax breaks and expect them to hire more people you are out of your will all go to the profit of the company so they can computerize everything and replace the worker which then loses jobs…they like it was n the 20’s when you had the wealthy and the poor…if the poor cant buy your products then there is no need for it and your company goes under which in turn hurts the guy supplying you…

  28. Give him a chance because we don’t know what he’ll do or won’t do? You must be kidding! He’s been speaker long enough that his record speaks loudly enough for itself. He’s made himself quite clear, thank you.

    You, clearly, are the one who hasn’t been listening.

  29. That’s crazy! One leak over the Sand Hill underground spring waters in Nebr. from that pipe lines carry’s down into Rivers an spring water that feed our live stocks an water our crops!! It’s NOT worth the damage it could do for a few Temp jobs it would make like it did in Alaska! Look at what those leaks have done to the hunting grounds up in the Alberta Canada Providence already an other Area’s. Those Tar Sands can an will destroy thousands of our area’s like they did their home lands in canada an the spills in S.D! It won’t regulate our gas price’s or bring it down either or create good long term jobs———-it isn’t even a band aid! Like to see them take 12 million people Health Care Ins. Away with out replacing it first! Then they have to get past Cruz before we have another Gov. shut down! It’s all they are goign to be able to do to keep their heads above water!

  30. To those Democrats -or anyone with a brain – who did not vote, this is all on you.

    To those teabaggers who voted for these traitors, their bad laws will affect YOU and yours, too…along with millions of others who tried to tell you the truth. I hope someday soon you actually learn something.

    You haven’t yet.

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