Running Away From Obama Backfired: Grimes Got Fewer Votes Than The President in Kentucky


Joe Sonka of tweeted Saturday that the votes are in in Kentucky and guess what? Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes got less votes than President Obama did in 2012:

This should be sobering for red state Democrats, although it’s too late for a redo. In an election year when once again Democrats stayed home, Democratic candidates could have ridden the coattails of Obama. Yes, the media keeps saying he’s unpopular and sure he’s unpopular in Kentucky, but the man can get out the vote.

The media told us Obama was unpopular in 2012, too.

This is a sad conclusion to a race where Alison Lundergan Grimes gave it her all and put tons of effort into a get out the vote campaign. In fact, in the early hours of election day, the turnout was noteworthy in some Democratic strongholds. But she never got enough to make up for McConnell’s dominance.

And now the votes say she underperformed in comparison to President Obama, the Republican boogeyman. If it weren’t for President Obama, Mitch McConnell would not have had a platform, since he refused to tell voters what the Republicans platform was other than to paint Obama as the devil. Yet the media tells us that it’s Obama who is divisive.

Another midterm squandered by Democrats, and a good candidate learning a tough lesson after a hard fought battle. Alison Grimes will be back. But will Democrats ever learn to stick together and stand by their leaders?

It’s good to have vigorous disagreement on policy; but let’s not confuse that with pandering to phony Republican narratives.

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  1. I worked phone banks for her a few hours and found that women (dems) with children did not like her because she did not have children. I guess they did not see her as one of them or connect with her at all. These days in politics you better have a baby or two before running!

  2. The pathetic spineless cowards need to lose their jobs.Their belief that not backing THEIR PRESIDENT was pure cowardice and ignorance.

  3. I had donated to her campaign, retweeted her, supported her… Then she refused to say she even supported the president or even if she voted for him. She started that “I don’t agree on many things” Bs that Clay Aiken did. I stopped donating or supporting her. I don’t want a spineless leader who’ll crumble the moment we need her to actually stand up for us. Next.

  4. I think she might have fared a tad better had she not dodged the “who she voted for in 2012” question.

    While a person’s vote is supposed to be private and while that question never should have been asked (especially by an editorial board), the fact is she WAS asked and she blew it.

    All she had to say was: “Well you don’t think I would’ve voted for Mitt Romney do you? He’s the man who wrote off half the country as being takers.”

    But she didn’t do that and she even had another chance to right that wrong and she didn’t take it.

    SHE sank her own campaign.

  5. Alison and all the Dems that lost forgot who their base is: African-Americans! They campaigned as if their base were white, Republican, gun loving, anti Obama zealots!
    The Republicans NEVER forget who their base is, unfortunately!
    African-Americans are the strongest support of the Prez, but these white Democrats threw him under the bus! African-Americans saw this and many stayed home!
    Unlike the GOP voters, African-Americans are not stupid! If they wanted Republican representation, they would register as Republicans! Grimes actually did an ad with a gun saying she wasn’t Obams! Speaking for myself, I thought WTF!! And I bet many African-Americans said the same thing, and stayed home!
    When Grimes threw Obama under the bus, she was throwing African-Americans under the bus! As did the other Democrats! You want the African-American vote, but throw a President who is half black under the bus and expect the Black vote still? That’s delusional! The African-American voter stayed ho…

  6. Obama should have countered the democrat’s campaign rebuffs by campaigning instead in the reddest states in the union, laying bare the gop’s matrix of lies.
    At the very least, one and all would have had to agree ‘this man has some mighty big balls’. The media would have been riveted.
    Just my opinion.

  7. I think the white democrats you may be referring to are Hillary loyalists who let’s face it never really got over Obama winning the primary.
    I’m a white democrat and I remember the bitter disputes with friends when I decided to back Obama instead of Hillary.

  8. Poor logic in this article.

    Voter turnout is always lower in off-presidential election cycles. While, I detest Grimes’ cowardice, and a complete failure to link KYnect to Obamacare, she cannot be held solely to blame for the power voter turnout. It happened all across the country.

  9. No, I am referring to the Democrats that just lost. They campaigned as if they were Republicans, when their base is non white. It is as if they took the Democratic base for granted and thought they would vote because they asked them to, while campaigning like Republicans.
    Hopefully, if Hilary does run for office in 2016, she will learn from this. NEVER take your base for granted, and campaign on Democratic issues, not Republican issues.

  10. Grimes distance herself from the president.
    Now she is paying the price. Don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

  11. Grimes like most of the Demo candidates were in reality like the republican candidates. Full of disdain for the successes of the POTUS but nothing on their political resume to offer othewise. Repub. voters had their hatred to drive them to the polls. With that same “old pie” in the sky political rhetoric, and in Grimmes, a pretty face with no substance behind it, truly got what they deserved. Sadly, the same thing is going to happen to the dems in 2016 because of this spineless selfish nature that runs so deeply through Dems political souls. Quickly letting this nature counter their own common political senses. Falling to see the POTUS sucesses reelected him. With a nose ring the Repubs and their media lead them to believe only in their hatred formula. Dems selfishness helped the Repub. hatred throw this election under the bus. Again, Grimmes and Dems got what they asked for. Unfortunately, now it is “we the people” that have to suffer the results of their dumb stupid selfish acti…

  12. So correct. National party and their so-called leadership and strategic brain trust git it 150 percent wrong. Time for wholesale change and bloodletting at the top. Their arrogance and loss of touch with the base was staggering and shameful. They could all been on the republican campaign payroll for all they did during this election cycke

  13. What President Obama has accomplished – and thwarted in the GOP nutter agenda – has truly been astonishing. The near depression state of the economy when he came into office, the high unemployment, the depressed market, including the housing market, has been resolved in a quite remarkable turnaround. Health care has become available to millions of low income Americans who never had access before the introduction of Obamacare. He has reduced our foreign war obligations in great number, both in military and dollars assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan. It hurts to think what more we could have done as a nation to alleviate poverty and take up the challenge of climate change had the country had a decent, responsible Republican Party instead of the hateful, racist, totally irresponsible gang of blooming idiots the President has had to deal with during his term in office.

  14. she’s die hard clintonista —> didn’t vote for obama—-> told that to someone —-> couldn’t lie in public for she would be caught.

  15. exactly!
    i never have, never will, vote republican. ever.
    if a democrat candidate wants my vote, they had better be 100% democrat.
    allison grimes was an obama delegate for gods sake, and she wouldn’t say if she supported him?

  16. I thought that ad wasn’t in good taste either, saying I’m not Barack Obama. It just did not seem appropriate. But, no use crying over spilled milk. That was like a really big FU

  17. You can’t disrespect and run away from the President of your own party or be ambivalent about a successful healthcare program that signed up 500,000 people in your state and say you gave it your all.

    Maybe Grimes was not going to win no matter what but from the way she ran her campaign to the signals she sent out there is no way you can say she gave it her all.

  18. So glad you wrote this, because if you’re a party member, be proud. I’m sure the Republicans are standing up and saying I’m proud to be a Repub and I supported Mitt Romney.
    Shame on her. Hope she learned her lesson.

    But the comment about her not having children — that’s hogwash. Those women just didn’t want to vote for a pretty intelligent woman. Jealousy?

  19. She was just a poor campaigner. She should spend some time under the mentorship of Elizabeth Warren.

  20. Grimes was a spineless coward who ran a bad campaign and she didn’t have Obama’s back have so she deserved to lose!

  21. Exactly Maxie! Alison didn’t deserve the office. She would have continued the dismissal of Obama through her term just as she did while campaigning. I don’t think anyone will back her again. I certainly won’t, I have no use for cowards.

  22. Well, McConnell got less votes than Romney did. I think it has more to do with less people voting in general, than reaction to Grimes’ strategy. I didn’t like her “distancing herself” from Obama, but I can’t really say that that’s the reason she lost the election. For all I know, it could have been worse. The thing is, she went up against a 4 term Senator, who happened also to be the Senate Minority Leader. A win for him would likely get him the spot as Senate Majority Leader. He was running in a red state. Every person in our Congressional Delegation except Yarmuth is Republican. Given those facts, I’m impressed that Grimes did as well as she did.

  23. Huh! Your theory doesn’t pass the smell test. She was an OBAMA DELEGATE in 2012 for crying out loud. Of course she voted for him.

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