A Final Look Back At An Odd Outcome And Maybe Some Mischief

John Boehner

The mischief begins. House Speaker John Boehner is already getting snarky in sabotaging the president’s naïve effort to “bring the two sides together.” That approach has never worked and with the new radicalism of the right, it never will.

The Friday hug-it-out lunch turned out to be more of the same animus, except this time the Republicans adopted a threatening posture of warning the president not to act on his own without congress. The President asked the Republican legislators to bring him legislation he could sign. As has already been chronicled on this site, the right is blaming Obama for not reacting to an alleged “referendum” on his policies, with the strong Republican showing on November 4th.

Let’s put this thing into perspective. Every one of “his policies” were turned back at the gate of the House. All of them. That’s because Obama policies didn’t fit the hateful imperative of keeping the poor struggling to feed their families on poverty wages, voting to repeal “Obamacare” every other day, treating African Americans like a Civil War redux, bowing to the House proxy of filthy rich guys and multi-nationals, ignoring women, except to take away equality in wages and reproductive rights and per immigration, treating Hispanics hatefully and shamefully, never seeking a solution that would give this group that loves America far more than the typical radical right-winger, full citizenship. That would mean a Democratic vote, don’t you know.

So, Republicans blame Obama for not putting policies into effect that either (A) belonged in a fun house or (B) that the House wouldn’t pass, all while cloaked in the garb of wanting the best for their constituents. As so accurately illustrated in Hans Christian Anderson’s, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the Republican House is a sham of lies and slight of hand.

The Emperor (House of Representatives) indeed has no clothes. As in the Anderson accounting, two sleazeballs (right-wing foundations and ALEC) are hired to piece together a fine new suit and other fancy duds that will be invisible to the hopelessly stupid. For the moment, let’s pretend that’s the far-right of the Republican Party fits that description. Of course, the Emperor’s ministers (legislators hoping to retire to million dollar lobbying jobs) continued the pretense that the House, ‘er Emperor, was clothed in beautiful rich threads befitting his position. They knew otherwise, but feared for their positions. There you have the modern-day short story of the U.S. House of Representatives, soon to be joined by the new Republican-controlled Senate.

So, we’ve got a bunch of naked Republicans running around, pretending that their initiatives are spun of whole cloth, when in fact they’re simply the political version of Civil War reenactors at the beck and call of the real power base – MONEY!

As I’ve said before, this is indeed a civil war without the swords and muskets. These have been replaced by radical right-wing state and national office-holders and a compliant extremist, propaganda-driven media, mischaracterized as “liberal”, when every serious study shows exactly the opposite to be true. For Southerners, the GOP symbol of an elephant is perfect. Because the Southern voter never forgets and never stops wanting to marginalize black people. The Civil War ended nearly 150 years ago and yet, it’s as if it was 150 days ago for most Tea Party types.

The president represented the worst of fears realized for a large bloc of the white Southern population. Nothing demonstrates an equal footing more than the ascension of a black man or women to the presidency. And that’s what happened with the 2008 election of Barack Obama. It’s not enough that Obama possessed a sterling CV and a penchant for helping those less fortunate. It’s not enough that there’s been no Clintonesque scandals. Bill was from Arkansas and that’s close enough.

From the moment this black man entered the White House, he has been the object of insidious and deep-seated scorn, hate and ridicule, highlighted by the ridiculous “birther” movement. No sooner was he elected, than top Republican legislative power brokers pledged to destroy his administration. Their version of partisanship meant “My way or the highway.”

His every initiative and policy was challenged. Nothing he did was accepted by the right, even though ACA is of tremendous benefit to poor white Southerners. Everything to do with equality for women is of tremendous benefit for poor white Southern women. You could find endless advantages for virtually all Southern whites prominent in the content of White House Executive orders and Obama’s legislative wish list. So, what else could it be but racism?

It’s clear that Obama had coattails in this last election. But they were coattails that by definition were antithetical to the normal definition of the word. Politically, coattails are supposed to be a positive. A popular president you could latch onto and he would drag you to victory. Not in 2014 as most Democrats ran and hid from Obama. And lost!

Don’t get me wrong, there were a great number of appealing Democratic candidates, some of whom were comfortable with their president. But most of them lost as well. That brings me to my last point. In many cases, there’s something haywire with the vote. Often, legitimate and objective polls would have the Democrat and Republican knotted up in a tie or a one or two percentage point margin just before November 4th. Then, after the votes were counted, the Republican surprisingly wins by double digits. A case in point is the victory of Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, a man of few accomplishments who barely recognized a huge Detroit water problem, largely impacting poor black people.

The Snyder race with Democratic challenger, Mark Schauer was another example of a contest being polled as too close to call. Excluding Independents and third party candidates, the total was Snyder 57%, Schauer 40%. Snyder was supposedly ‘closing’ at the end, but closing means you’re behind. A very dramatic voter switch. Even more dramatic given that Detroit voters chose Schauer by an incredible 93-7 margin. The Detroit turnout was supposedly a miniscule 31%. Sounds highly unlikely given the passionate feelings about the water issue. In Oakland County, once a Democratic hotbed, pre-election polls showed a dead heat. Snyder won by 12 points.

Moving to the Kansas U.S Senate race, incumbent Pat Roberts, a 78-year-old veteran Congressman, was supposed to be in a close race with his Democratic businessman challenger, Greg Orman, 43 years his junior. Several polls showed Orman slightly ahead. Final tally: Roberts 53%, Orman 43%. Another questionable swing in a matter of a day or two. And there are plenty of other examples.

Election Systems & Software (ES & S) is the power player in the voting machine business with their iVotronic DRE Touch Screen Voting Device. In my area, the memory card comes from Omaha. I would strongly recommend that this election be intensely investigated for such turnarounds as I’ve just mentioned. Greg Palast would seem the obvious choice for the job. The only investigative reporter who anybody has heard about, Palast is not welcome by the American “liberal” press. He freelances for the BBC and reports for the British newspaper, “The Guardian.”

Find him!

24 Replies to “A Final Look Back At An Odd Outcome And Maybe Some Mischief”

  1. Obama got quite a bit accomplished even though he has faced a domestic blockade.
    Maybe some disagree with the order in which he got them done but as with healthcare he’s been proven correct to have done that first. He never would have gotten it through if he had waited.The sheer malevolence of the gop towards this president shows how much they are threatened by his success.

  2. If we want an investigation of actual voting results versus polling numbers, we’ll have to devalue the polls. But that is a tough nut to crack. You see, pollsters make big money for their work. If that big money were threatened because the election fraud skewed the actuals way out of range, the pollsters would bring the money to the table to finance an investigation. If the justification of even lower turnout than 2010 sticks, there is no investigation. And so far, it looks like Democrats are satisfied to blame each other, unfortunately.

  3. If they stole the election (and I wouldn’t doubt that possibility for a second) it is a very dangerous game they are playing. The purpose of a system of fair representation- something which the Republicans seem bound and determined to destroy- is to prevent the buildup of pressure, of animosity and resentment from the lower classes. At this point the lower classes also includes much of the middle class.

    Even the facade of a fair system can usually suffice, as we have seen for some time now.
    However, when the ruling class- the very top of the social pyramid – removes the process and the pretense so openly, it is only a matter of time before it will lead to anarchy. It’s practically inevitable.

  4. A large discrepancy between poll results and vote results is a reliable indicator of a stolen election. When elections are observed in other country this is often the reason for the oversight.

  5. Nate Silver admitted the Democratic electorate was over estimated in polling for this midterm election. Bottom line is with a pathetic 37% registered voter turnout nationwide democrats cannot win. And if the democratic base is uninspired come 2016 the GOP will own all three branches of government(yikes).

  6. I too agree with you Dennis. But and this is a big BUT, If you believe for a nano second, this election will see a day of investigation, You have very big rose colored glasses on. Not a chance in HELL WILL any form of investigation be made. The thugs have what they have wanted and planned years for.

  7. I can only hope, and it is probably an empty hope, that somewhere in the background there is a group quietly checking on voting protocol used, and gimmicks that may have been used. If cheating proved to be in play, then wait until their ducks are in order, and then come out publicly with the dishonesty from the GOP that was put in place.

    That said, since so few Dems voted, we might have still not won the election; however, it would expose the GOP if they did cheat in any capacity. I would not be surprised if somewhere along the process the GOP did cheat, but without solid proof we cannot open our mouths, because we need proof to back it up.

  8. Funny how the so called “liberal media” have not even said a word about the voter suppression which gave the election to the rethugs. These scum followed their corporate masters demands to work hard to give the senate to the rethugs.

  9. Recipe for bringing down a president –
    STARTERS: A big bowl of birther and Benghazi BS.
    MAIN COURSE: An arsenal of arrogance. Add a dollop of delusion and a drop of deception.
    Throw in a rasher of racism and sprinkle in a hopper of hate.
    Stir in a slew of slander and a ladle of lies, topped with a portion of perjury.
    Spread over a mold of misinformation and serve in a crock of cruelty, crudeness and crap.
    BEVERAGE: A flask of foolish fallacy would be fine.
    DESSERT: A diabolical diatribe of directions for dumbasses.
    Serve to every naïve, knuckle-dragging knothead the Tea Party can produce. Then call Ted Cruz and tell him to bring plenty of Pepcid, piety and platitudes to pollute the polls.
    And that’s how you bring down a president who brought most of the troops home, lowered unemployment and the national debt, gave us health care we can afford, cleaned up the VA scandal, took the stock market to record highs and gave us energy independence.
    Burn appettit![WINK]

  10. How could it be a dangerous game? How will the people you mention find out that there is an issue? There will be no coverage of the problem broadcast by rant media outlets or corporate media outlets.

  11. Since when have the rethugs ever, had proof of any charge they make?
    This policy works only when both sides play fair. As I said, when have the rethugs ever…played fair????

  12. Gsb, I hear you loud and clear. However, Dems are always held to a higher standard than the GOP. Only the GOP can break the rules with no punishment. The Dems on the other hand, have to account for every breath we take.

  13. It is said Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line. There can be little disagreement that the Right has been able to motivate its base to vote in every election. This is because the Right, especially Right Wing media, have been able to portray Democrats and liberalism as existential threats.

    By doing this, the Right has been able to not only get its base to the polls but also to motivate its base to turn out and vote for candidates they personally find odious; for their base believes their freedom depends on it. In order to motivate the Democrat base to vote, the left, especially left wing media, must portray the GOP as an existential threat to the American Dream. Since the GOP actually does present an existential threat to the working classes, this should not be a high bar to clear. Otherwise, we will continue to be disappointed by midterms results.


  14. That would mean a whole new media strategy. Because there is no mainstream liberal media. The left has excellent writers on this and many blogs but what difference would it make if we are in are in own little media ghetto?

  15. True. We have good writers and blogs, but if we are just heard among our own, its preaching to the choir.

  16. I read somewhere that it was closer to 30%, as in, 33% of eligible voters bothered to cast their ballots in last election.

    It’s so sad to know that, after the sacrifices in deaths and copious amounts of bloodshed for our right to vote in this country, a majority of Americans have taken a laissez-faire attitude toward this vitally important civil right and duty that’s the only thing stopping a hostile corporate takeover of our country. Real sad.

  17. Absolutely! Pres. Obama is a prime example. He has been called everything by the rethugs blamed for all thing possible. Yet Bushie,(shrub) did more to bring this country down then any former Pres. AND. we may be looking at another bush in 2016. My question: will this nation wake up, will the Dem’s grow some courage? Will the red states gain some knowledge? In two years, I doubt it. The rethugs have learned masterfully how to win ,Dem’s don’t have the thirst for blood the thugs do.

  18. We need to stop blaming voter suppression, gerrymandering, computer glitches etc… While they do have an impact the blame for this debacle has to laid at the feet of the leadership. Just sheer incompetence and for the 172 million that we gave them highway robbery

    Ros-Lehtinen, a close friend and political crony of DCCC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has protected her in the past, was a member of Steve Israel’s Center Aisle Caucus. Charlie Dent was a member of the same centrist caucus composed of Blue Dogs and other Wall Street-owned Democrats and relatively mainstream conservative Republicans. One of the premises is that the members don’t oppose each other– which was certainly a good enough reason for Nancy Pelosi to have not made him head of the DCCC. But she did. And tonight she’s reaping the whirlwind– and so are more rational Democrats and the American people
    Read More

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