Now that the GOP Has Won, Don’t Expect the Crazy to End

Are you tired of Republican war mongering? Try to pace yourself, because we are going to be hearing a lot of it in the coming days, now that they have won control of both houses of Congress. And given how many of them are religious extremists, well, let me tell you…

Hold that thought. Let me put it this way: Will the Republicans turn sane again, now that they are no longer the opposition party?

Short answer? No.

Let me explain why.

David Brooks assured us Thursday in a New York Times op-ed that, “every party in opposition goes a little crazy.” Then he turned comedian and told us, “Fortunately, serious parties eventually pull back from the fever swamps. That’s what’s happened to the Republican Party.”


I don’t need to remind Brooks, because he ought to know, that the Republicans just elected a whole slew of crazies. Brooks says, “Look at the Republicans who were elected to office on Tuesday.” He then completely forgets to mention Gordon Klingenschmitt, Joni Ernst and Michael Perouttka, and rather than telling us all the crazy things Thom Tillis has said, settles for giving us his employment resume, because, you know, having worked at Wang Laboratories and IBM sounds a whole lot more sane than ranting about Ebola-infected Mexicans invading Texas.

Tsk, tsk, Mr. Brooks. Ethics, ethics. Lying is a no-no. And that includes lies of omission.

Bryan Fischer, who hosts many of these self-same and allegedly currently sane Republicans on his show, embodied all that is evil in the Bible on Friday. While Pope Francis is condemning those who use religion to justify violence, Fischer is pushing a Bible-based just-war theory.

(I just want to be clear here before we go on: the election is over. The Republicans kept the House and won the Senate. Officially, controlling two-thirds of the government, the Republicans are no longer an opposition party.)

So following Brooks’ logic, the crazy is over now, right?

Wrong. We’re not even at the high-water mark of crazy yet.

Case in point. Stripped of its false sordid sanctity, Fischer’s theory – and remember, Fischer has already declared himself in theological accord with genocidal ISIL – goes like this:

if you want something, just say God says he wants you to have it. If you kill the other party, who is going to argue with your justification? They’re dead.

It’s a pretty neat system. And the fact that you won proves God wanted you to have it. The ends do indeed justify the means, even when those ends are utterly, unrepentantly evil.

First, Fischer justified the destruction of Israel’s Pagan population, as well as its Pagan neighbors, with some crude, bathroom metaphor, setting the stage by explaining if you’re not civilized enough, you have no rights:

This is why it was right for the nation of Israel, under God’s direction, to come in and displace the Canaanites. The Canaanites had been so corrupt, they had so lapsed into superstition and paganism, and idolatry, and sexual immorality and savagery – and you know, God gave ’em fourteen hundred years. God said to Moses, look, this land is yours, but I’m not going to be able to bring you into this land for another four hundred years because, he says, ‘The sins of the Amorites is not yet complete.’

Rutroh, an incomplete sin! Is this sort of like not interrupting your enemy while he’s making a mistake? Don’t interrupt him while he’s sinning?

No…it’s just “God’s patience,” says Fischer.

God said,

I’m going to be patient with the Amorite people for 400 years, and if they continue to sin at the rate they’re sinning, every time they sin they’re putting a little more slop in the slop bucket, and if they keep doing that the slop bucket’s going to get full, and I’m going to have to empty out that slop bucket.

Can you imagine the effrontery of those Canaanites, thinking they had the right to their own customs and traditions, their religion, society and culture! How dare they!

Nothing like digging up a little religious justification for genocide.

Needless to say then, it’s quite alright in Religious Right thinking for Israel today to engage in the same sort of genocide, as sanctioned by the same Old Testament. After all, according to their own claims about the Bible as the unchanging word of God, those who don’t believe in the “right” god have got to make way for those who do.

If this gang of thugs ever gets in control of all three branches of government here, don’t expect any sympathy from the United States, Palestinians: “Whoa! Wrong god! You’re on your own.”

Not that the US has shown much sympathy as it is. But things are never so bad that they cannot get worse, as the Jews themselves discovered in the 1930s when they found themselves on the wrong end of a little God-ordained ethnic nationalism.

Moving on from the Old Testament and the previously chosen people, Fischer turned his attention to the new chosen people, the Americans, justifying our genocide of the indigenous population:

This may even be a part of American history, when we think about the moral right for the nation and the peoples that God brought into this land to exercise sovereign control over this land. Part of that equation may have to do with the immorality of those nations that were exercising sovereign control over this land at the time.

So of course, God sent in his new chosen people, the Christians, to clean up this newly discovered nest of “superstition and paganism, and idolatry, and sexual immorality and savagery.”

Obviously then, Christians are entitled to whatever they say God wants them to have, because nowhere in the Bible – Old Testament or New – is there any mention of the New World or of Native Americans or of Christian rights to destroy in a comprehensive, Old Testament sense, those people.

Here is where we see how pretending facts don’t exist gets dangerous. A premise has to have some foundation in reality, yet David Brooks tells us that,

If the party is to fully detoxify its image, something will have to pass next year. Midwestern Republican governors will have to develop a compelling governing model. And the volcanic effusions of the Palin era will have to look like 1970s neckties – inexplicable oddities from another age.

It’s extremely unlikely that we will see any “compelling governing models” given some of these governors have had years to run their states into the ground – and have – but I think Brooks is missing the most important ingredient here: the GOP needs to stop sounding – and acting – crazy.

So far, we have seen no sign THAT is going to happen either. And I don’t know about you, but I shudder at the thought of all the evil Republicans are going to do in God’s name going forward.

No, folks, the crazy is pretty frikking far from over.

32 Replies to “Now that the GOP Has Won, Don’t Expect the Crazy to End”

  1. all this warmongering in the service of a god who has commanded thou shalt not kill?

    who has clearly stated in the bible, beware of false prophets, you shal know them by their deeds?

    it seems to me pope francis has it right, and that the others have it wrong.

  2. The only thing holding the crazy’s at bay right now, is the fact we still have a Dem as Pres. If, in the next election the White House is captured by the crazy’s look out. All hell will be the next chapter in the U.S. Nothing will be in the way of what they, want.

  3. I’ve been waiting since Reagan for people to wake up, and they never do. We cannot compete with the now corporate-owned media, and the amoral, lying right-wing. Until we do something about the the fact that lying is legal, and money is god, we will not progress. I guess things are going to have to get really bad before people wake up, if even then.

  4. They keep throwing Old Testament theology and vengeful Jehovah at us. I thought that for Christians the arrival of Jesus negated the OT and started a new theology based on his teachings.

  5. The white evangelicals aren’t interested in the NT; not enough blood and guts and vengefulness and smiting etc. in it. The NT just doesn’t fit in with their philosophy, whereas the OT conveniently provides excuses for much of their behaviour and thought processes. If you want followers of the NT, look at the African American churches.

  6. Very little is known about the Canaanites, including what sins they may have committed. First Fischer lie of the day.
    Basically Fischer is saying the US and Israel have the right to attack everyone not of their god. THAT crazy will ratchet up big time. Will the congress run with it or from it? With Rafael Cruz saying its the responsibility of the government to bring the spoils of war home to the priests, who knows?
    The religious fruitcakes will be out in force

  7. Next up: a new “Council of Nicaea,” to separate “true” Christians from heretical cultists, and completely excise the New Testament from the Bible. Lutherans? Methodists? Catholics? Episcopalians? The line for excommunication forms to the left. You’ll all feel the heat, as evangelicals define and enforce their specific dogma. Tax exempt status will be removed, as Catholics on the Supreme Court make deals with the Devil, to carve out their own immunity from Evangelical persecution – but once their work is done, they also will be tossed on the pyre, shrieking “But we had a deal!” One religion. One acceptable version of that religion. No exceptions, no refunds.

  8. The Religious Right wants America to become a Monarchy where the leaders profess themselves to have a direct line to God and to speak for God. Ever heard of this? – we got our Independence because we chose to never become like the English Monarch Rulers. Frankly, your religion has nothing to do with casting an intelligent vote but the problem is ignorance and the Religious Right has been duped into believing that the Republicans, who want their vote and to keep them in poverty, represents your God. You in the South need to wake up before your wages, that are below minimum wage, go even lower and your schools are taught by idiots who are barely paid to do so. Just look at the poverty household map and you will see that you all vote Republican because you are dumb, dumb, dumb. You vote to lower your own wages; cut funding for teachers and schools; limit health care to the wealthy; stop funding for poverty stricken children, etc., etc. Dumber, dumber and dumber!

  9. The Bible DOES say we are supposed to have a king:

    1 Samuel 8:19-20 (NIV)

    19 But the people refused to listen to Samuel. “No!” they said. “We want a king over us. 20 Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles.”

    No, democracy is not biblical, David Barton

  10. Again, the OT. That ain’t the Christian part of the Bible. We need to double down on that, to remind the majority of Christians where they are SUPPOSED to be coming from. WWJD?

  11. They consider religion a part of everyday life and politics?

    Wow. They’re really partying like its 1699.

    And remember that part in the Bible when their messiah said “I’ll heal you. But it’ll cost your house and/or your life savings”? Me neither.

    Jesus, if he existed, was the first Communist. He’d hate the Republicans.

  12. You lot are wasting your lives wondering what the Bible says. Here’s something you mat have missed.

    Nowhere in the Bible (or any religious scripture for that matter) does it say “this is a true story”. Its about on the same level of fact as Harry Potter.

    Its not supposed to be taken seriously, much less play a part in political debate. Religion is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.

    You have one life. Live it. Enjoy it. When its over, its over.

  13. Like the Politico Right-Wing extremist commenters and Fox News ‘Anal’ysts, the Republicans will drown in their own
    vicious lying stupidity

  14. So when does Grimm go on trial, he has 20 indictments for racketeering, tax evasion and fraud.
    How about that Purdue who is bragging about all the jobs he sent overseas from factories and businesses he shut down.
    The still have diaper Vitter,
    Appalachian trail Sandford, and where has Christie put all that Sandy money?
    Yet poor old Anthony Weiner had to resign in disgrace.
    There is one republican whose name I forget who has a habit of exposing himself,
    another (doctor) who forced his mistress to have abortions. The list goes on and this is the pure as driven snow party!

  15. The list goes on, a republican elected in Montana had been sent to prison for 4 years
    for child abuse, he abused his children and his wife who lived in fear of him.
    This info was kept quiet till after the election.

  16. I expect the crazy to just begin. Now we have to add aggro glance to the list of the two year derpathon.

  17. Please believe me when I say that not all of us in the south are dumb. I am a democrat and always will be. There are a few of us scattered about. We are looked at as stupid, but I know better. I was brought up in a christian home and these things the rethugs are saying in the name of God and the Bible are not what I was taught all my life. I cannot believe that relatives and friends that I know really believe the way these politicians are turning everything around to suit them. If I do have relatives and friends that believe all of this, I don’t want to be around them. We cannot give up. We must win in 2016. Let the “crazies” hang themselves with their stupidity! I refuse to believe that all people are too far gone to see the light.

  18. There is crazy on both sides. I am thinking of alan Grayson debbie wasserman schultz, Maxine waters, and many many more democrats. This is a center right country. I predict big changes in the years to come.

  19. If the states do the work and they can vote during an election year to have citizen united revoked. just like the gun legislation, if congress refuses to act on it, then the people of each state shall vote on it. Take a look with the state of Washington. And I am happy about that.

    There is a lot to be joyful for. The republicans in the deep south (Arkansas or Alabama) voted for progressive policies even though their GOP rep campaigned against it. it doesn’t make sense, but then again the people of the south really are sheeples for the GOP manic wave.

  20. I really hope and pray you are right. I know not all people in the south are far right crazies. but in all honesty, the majority is what overshadows the good sane people of the south.

    I don’t know what will happen over the next two years, but based on what I have seen and heard over the last six years tells me we’ll see more of it, and it will get crazier.

    I deeply love Barack Obama, and I can’t stand what the GOP are doing to him. It’s just utterly cruel and I find it embarrassing.

    I pray that the real genuine God start listening and please find a way to remove the Koch’s ilk and co-horts and forever.

  21. What Bible is Ficher reading? When in the Bible did God tell Moses that it would be 400 years before the Jews would move into Israel?

    While we are at it, what history book is he reading? “Part of that equation may have to do with the immorality of those nations that were exercising sovereign control over this land at the time.”

    Apparently, God gave white people control over America because native people were immoral. The white settlers were not exactly paragons of morality.

  22. Oh, the Faux christians believe in total control by the patriarch, submissive wives, and obedient children. Or by “god” they will beat the disrespect out of them.

  23. Very clever of the GOP pundits to claim that liberal/progressive laws are “not what the American people want.” Almost every time the speaker is contradicted by polls and common sense. Republicans are delusional and they want all Americans to be, too.

  24. …” Religion is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark…”

    There is a saying, a quote that I cannot reference, but it goes something like this:

    “Those who live in the dark are there to hide their face”.

    OT christians cannot come out into the light of reality because they believe in a fairy tale that smothers them; they cannot penetrate their own soul’s darkness as they are born in “original sin”. They will never come out and show their “face”; they are too ashamed, guilty and full of “sin”. They would rather smother themselves (and everyone else) by worshipping fear than live in a world full of reality.

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