Obama Drops The Reality Hammer On Republicans, “Nobody’s Stopping You From Passing Bills”

president obama on face the nation

President Obama is turning up the heat on the incoming Republican congressional majority by bluntly telling that nobody is stopping them from passing bills on issues like immigration.


When asked about immigration on Face The Nation, President Obama said,

The minute that they pass a bill that deals with the problems of immigration reform, I will sign it and it supersedes whatever actions I take, and I’m encouraging them to do so. On parallel track we’re going to be implementing an executive action, but if in fact a bill gets passed, nobody’s going to be happier than me to sign it. Because that means it will be permanent rather than temporary.

So,they have the ability, the authority, the control to supercede anything I do through my authority by carrying out their functions over there. And if in fact it’s true that they want to pass a bill, they’ve got good ideas, nobody’s stopping them, and the minute they do it, the minute I sign that bill, what I’ve done goes away.

Beginning in January, congressional Republicans won’t have Harry Reid to blame for their obstruction anymore. Boehner and McConnell are already blaming President Obama’s executive action for their refusal to pass an immigration bill, but the new political reality is that there is nothing stopping them for passing an immigration bill.

In fact, there will be nothing stopping from passing bills to do what the American people want. Voters overwhelming supporting raising the minimum wage, but McConnell and Boehner have already said that it won’t be happening. The same thing with infrastructure spending and other broadly popular ideas.

Immigration reform is just one example of the new world that Republicans will be entering into when they take the majority. The days of hiding their obstruction are over. Their butts are on the line now, and they have a small window to either put up or face losing their new Senate majority in 2016.

67 Replies to “Obama Drops The Reality Hammer On Republicans, “Nobody’s Stopping You From Passing Bills””

  1. nobody was stopping the republicans from passing any bills – they just wanted to obstruct, repeal, vote down anything that the dems/president put in front of them. their days of blaming the president are over. the republicans don’t even know where to begin cutting – repealing – and all they will do is screw the people and the economy.

  2. Here’s a thought: the Senate already passed a bi-partisan – BI-PARTISAN – immigration bill. Just have the House take it up and pass that! I wonder when the press will ask the GOP about that solution, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. The House had 4 yrs to pass bills (immig. incl.). But they decided to go on paid vacation & told Amer. ppl “screw you,” House blew $$$ Billions on cockeyed schemes (S/D, Debt Ceiling, etc.).
    Obama gave Boner 1 yr. to pass Immig. And yet, Amer. ppl. elected them back & put more Hillbillies in office.

    Yet, the GOP/MSM have already turn this interview (which PBO told some truth)its being reported, wait for it… You guess it ‘Obama Fault.’

  4. “I see a set up. obama can stop them with a veto.”

    Well, of course he can, and the message he’s sending is, don’t send me a bunch of bills filled with total bullchit like you’ve done in the past. Don’t send me crap for immigration filled with anti-abortion riders and other such crap.

    I’m loving this. For once, the rubber is about to meet the road. Now, when the GOP refuses to pass a federal minimum wage, the DEM party needs to hammer their arses publicly twelve ways to Sunday on that, on every single thing the American people truly want (not what Boehner *says* they want) that the GOP refuses to do.

  5. I want to see Boehner shit his pants and cry once again. And, I’d rather not see or ear old turtle head AT ALL.

  6. If I was Harry, I would stick amendments like raising the minimum wage to $20 dollars per hour on every cockeyed bill they put up, just like Boehner and McConnell did for 6 years. I would also wear the filibuster out until Mitch goes nuclear, and you know that is going to happen.

  7. Obama will trash anything that the Republicans present, unless it’s exactly what he wants. His way. That’s why the Republicans won the mid-term elections. On immigration, he knows that the majority of Americans do not want amnesty for anyone here illegally. There are laws on the books and they haven’t been followed. He did not do his job of upholding the law. He doesn’t care what Americans want and never has.

  8. Thats hilarious. You see, when you watch Fox you have no idea of what is going on. Most of the country wants the illegals treated fairly and wants a pathway to citizenship. The path is not amnesty, thats another hilarious thing you guys suck up.
    There are no laws that the president has not followed.

    The president will negotiate. The republicans will not. Remember the shutdown your hero cruz created? No negotiations he said

    Why dont you go out and get new sources of info? Then maybe come back and not make a fool of yourself

  9. Foreign universities are starting to offer American students free university educations, and I believe more and more are going to take it…and not come back. Fifty years ago, it was the other way around. I wish we could rewind and do things right (starting with not getting embroiled in Vietnam) .

  10. Lest ye forget the democrats changed policy not to allow filibusters. Now the house and senate are the majority, they can pass pretty much anything they want to. Yet another dirty deed that has backfired on them.

  11. It was not a dirty deed. And it only applied to certain circumstances. The filibuster still exists. Had the Dems filibustered the gop would take away all filibusters

  12. Do you practice being ignorant? Google filibuster rules and when you do then come back and explain to us why we shouldn’t laugh at your goofy ass

  13. I know the republicans are not going to compromise on anything President Obama puts forth, unless it is in their best interests.

  14. Democrats keep hammering Boehner for a vote on that immigration bill, not only a winning strategy but the right thing to do. I’m a big big fan of “the reality hammer”.

  15. The press are a lazy bunch of a-holes who would rather increase their ratings by getting the gop base all riled up.

  16. Good Grief!! Where do you get this crap from? Do you seriously believe that the Dems went into a back room somewhere and changed a policy on their own. If they could do that they would have passed every Bill they wanted to pass already. The Dems can’t change any policies without help from the Repubs. Just like the Repubs can’t change anything without the Dems. It is called checks and balances.

  17. NOW IS TIME 4 OBAMA TO TURN HEAT UP TO BURN-OUT. If Congress does not give an Immigrations Bill to Veto/Sign in 30 days, I will act by Exec Order. Give a Vets Services bill by @ Dec 15 for veto/sign I act by execu Order. If Congress present Bi-Partisan Bill or my VETO in like manner as Sen McConnell used the Filibuster. Now the time to force Congress to Legislate.. now is the time for Congress to put their vote on record each over-ride of Veto. Congress over-rides Veto then Congress owns it. Time Congress pass Budget Bill which I intend to VETO. Congress over-ride the Veto, it then be Congresses Bill… Congress will own it. Time for Veto to make everything passed by veto over ride. Next 2 years totally belongs to congress… it be their congress and their laws. Force congress to work together to over-ride vetos and take responsibility for all laws. Spending Bills belong to congress… they own them.

  18. Pam. Please explain why we don’t have Single Payer or even a Public option in the ACA (Obama Care)? See, these were things we compromised on trying to work with the Republicans. Please don’t forget, Obama ran on on fixing health care and won, twice.

    Next. Lots of American think those those who were brought here as little children, by their parents, could be given special consideration, especially if they served our nation. Now, When Reagan signed TRUE amnesty into law in the 1980’s, without anything to fix the system going forward, I was pretty angry, but then, I didn’t vote for him. He might as well had said “Come on in!”

    Now, go back to your sofa and watch Fox News.

  19. Start to work together, US need to make a strong presence on an international scenario or someone else will fill the void
    Both parties must be resilients to the other needs, witch hunts doesn´t works, is more efficient create a new politics integrating what you have

    Have FORCE

  20. For the next 2 years the Republicans in congress (both houses)are going to campaign
    for reelection by dogging the president and screwing the middle class! I know because that is what they have been doing for the last 50 years. I pay attention to what happens in Washington.

  21. wrong johink, the filibuster still exists in us senate, harry reid and dems did not take filibuster away completely i sugeest idiot get ur facts straight dems can still filibuster like spending bills that gop brings up if dems feel the spending cuts are to deep then dems can filibuster alott, and to stop a filubuster in us senate gop would have to get 60 votes in us senate to stop filibusters meaning mitch mcconell would have to have help from dems in senate to stop filibuster and remind u at the most gop only won 55 seats also johnk obama can veto bills and in the us house that means to overirde obama vetoes gop would have to get 290 yes votes in us house to overirde obama vetoes and 67 votes in us senate to overirde obama vetoes so no ur wrong johnk dems and obama can stop gop from enacting alott og legislation

  22. gop only won about 250 seats in us house and also 55 seats in senate to overirde vetoes in us house it would take 290 votes in us house meaning bohner would have to get 40 dems to vote in house to override and 67 votes in senate to override vetos so conclusion, impeachment will not happen and throw obama out will not happen cuz gop does not have the two thirds majority in each chamber to throw obama out plus obamacare will stay will not be repelaed why again cuz gop does not have the two thirds majority vote in each chamber to override veto to repeal hint when will the gop learn that they are not God, also some advice to gop and mitch do not get rid of filibuster if u know whats good for u cuz if gop and mitch does then when we dems retake the us senate again down the road and it will happen again it always flips back and forth, we dems will refuse to reinstate filibuster when we dems take back the us senate, PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH MITCH GOP TEA PARTY, we dems will play hardball

  23. cuz gop tea party and mitch if u get rid of filibuster in us senate u better think twice cuz if get rid of filibuster then when gop tp mitch ur in the minority again in us senate u will not have a filibuster gop to mitch cuz whats good for the gander is good for the goose and im one person that plays dirty to win

  24. GOP obstruction? Really? I guess you need to stop watching MessNBC Annette.
    Currently, 352 bills that passed the House are awaiting action on Harry Reid’s desk. Of these bills:
    – 98% passed with bipartisan support
    – Nearly 70% passed with 2/3rds support or more
    – Over 50% passed with no opposition at all
    – And 55 were introduced by Democrats
    And still, Harry Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote.

    The only Party obstructing is the Democrat Party.

  25. You don’t even know what was in those bills and you are too ignorant to find out but I will give you one
    H. R. 1526
    AN ACT
    To restore employment and educational opportunities in, and
    improve the economic stability of, counties containing
    National Forest System land, while also reducing Forest
    Service management costs, by ensuring that such counties
    have a dependable source of revenue from National
    Forest System land, to provide a temporary extension
    of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination
    Act of 2000, and for other purposes.

    In other words clear cutting our forest

  26. Well, Phil..your comment is what happens when you drink the koolaid and don’t think for yourself or know how to use Google.

    Luckily for you, I can Google. Searched one phrase…EPA. Your Teabaggers in the House think we all should be free from those pesky regulations that keep your air and water clean…they ucare one little bit if your tap water lights on fire or you kids can’t breathe from the emissions from coal fired plants. Not their problem! Wise up, Phil…they’re trying to kill your family but there you are trying to blame the guy that’s trying to save your ass…all because you drank the koolaid and can’t do research on your own. High price that ignorance.


  27. While reading the comments, it’s evident there are a lot of Republican haters here. As a Republican, it may suprise you that I agree with most of POTUS’ comments. I’m excited that conservatives are getting the opportunity to lead the process. I am concerned, however, that their egos may get in the way. Just one further comment. I don’t believe their is a conservative anywhere who would want to clear cut forest for the sake of profit. Greedy corporate demon? Of course! But the demon could arise from either party

  28. Oh please…stop watching FOX and do some research on your own. You’d see that all those bills, every one of them, had some onerous poison pill rider stuffed into it. People like you (pretty much all right wing hacks) really piss me off. You can’t take the time to do even a modicum of research and cull data from an unbiased source. Breitbart, Heritage and WND don’t count. What is it about RWNJ’s that makes them such docile followers, so easy to manipulate? Facts have a liberal bias. I’m going to give you a precious gift, something I’m quite sure you’ve never had before-a clue. Take this clue and (after you pull your head out of your ass) try to get it to function in your brain. Don’t squander it, it may be the only clue you ever have! If you can figure out what to do with it, you may have an epiphany and realize what the rest of us already know…you’re a moron.

  29. Who pays when the minimum wage is raised? The business owner, who then must raise prices to cover the extra cost. Or he has to shut down his business, putting his workers out of work because he can’t afford to pay them exorbitant wages. Where in the world did we get the idea that $15 or $20 an hour is something we should pay those who flip burgers. The entitlement mentality astounds me.

    Same goes for mandatory health care. Businesses that can afford healthcare will give it, but those that can’t put their workers on 30 hours or less a week so they don’t have to provide healthcare. Not to be mean or cruel, but to survive.

    Nothing is free. Someone always has to pay for it. This is a concept that seems lost on too many.

    Despite what Hillary says, businesses do create jobs. With unemployment down to record levels, doesn’t seem like gov’t has done such a wonderful job, on either side of the aisle. Where are all those “shovel ready” jobs Obama promised? They never existed. An…

  30. Well it seems that Australia and Denmark found a way
    I’m making $21 an hour at McDonald’s. Why aren’t you?
    I work for McDonald’s and I make $21 an hour.

    No, that isn’t a typo. It’s really my salary.

    You see, I work for McDonald’s in Denmark, where an agreement between our union and the company guarantees that workers older than 18 are paid at least $21 an hour. Employees younger than 18 make at least $15 — meaning teenagers working at McDonald’s in Denmark make more than two times what many adults in America earn working at the Golden Arches.

    So you can take your ALEC talking points and shove it

  31. Leave it to liberals to change the subject. Or maybe their reading/comprehension skills need honing. This article implies that the Republican lead House did nothing. That’s certainly not true with 352 bills it passed that died on Harry Reid’s desk. The fact that libs may not like all or some of these pieces of legislation is a red herring. Hey, I may not have liked some of them either. The current president is right, we don’t have Harry Reid to stop us now. So,now he can expect to find a plethora of bills arriving in his office for him to act upon.

  32. How the hell did I change the subject? I gave you an example of what is in those bills and it wont benefit the American People one iota. Now maybe you are one of those people who OKAY and don’t read what you are signing up for… Oh wait you are an republican so nevermind

  33. So how would you explain the 300 bills sitting in the Senate? One bill had 0 no votes in the house..Harry Reid sat on every bill they passed. I swear some of you Libs don’t pay attention too much.

  34. Those bills were repealing the ACA and corporate welfare giveaways. Another dumbass who don’t know what he is sighing up for

  35. Harry Reid has had 356 bills on his desk that passed through the House, but Reid has obstructed passing them due to his totally partisan ability to obstruct. Let’s get the facts straight and realize that Reid WAS Obama’s puppet and perhaps now things can really get done that reflect the wishes of the American public.

  36. Lets get the fact straight that all those bills were bills that took taxes away from the rich, got rid of environmental laws that saved you and your childrens lives and did nothing for you. Everyone of them was for the 1% and you support that.

    Thats the facts. Go find the bills. Not5 one of them reflected the wishes opf anyone except the tea party and the very richest people as well as large corporations

  37. Stop it Phil..thats the BS that the GOP feeds its constituents’ little brains. So the poison pills your GOP leaders dropped into these jobs bills is okay with you? See how you people just deny and lie for the GOP? Reid hasn’t passed any bills because of the poison pills in them that NO ONE seems to mention articulately. Not even Reid or any democrat! That’s why your stupid ass really thinks your party has a jobs bill ….hundreds of them on the table just waiting for you! Really? Keep lying to yourself..sheeze there truly is no getting thru you RW people. You just lie to yourselves and for yourselves. My gawd fkn wakeup to how they lie to you daily. They have not helped this country move forward..everyone else is progressing but the Unite States. And that doesn’t bother you? We are behind so much its not funny. Because the gop INSISTs on sheer stupidity and nothing for America! WTH is wrong with you folks who lie lie and lie some more just to make the GOP “SOUND” GOOD!

  38. The main problem is that there’s no real leadership in the Republican party on a state OR federal level.

  39. you don’t just get to pass bills without compromise and send them to the Senate and then Have a license to complain about nothing being done. Divided government is about compromise. That means you actually have to work with the other party instead of counting 1 vote from the other side of the aisle as being “bipartisan”.

    Sorry, your 352 bills argument isn’t wearing any clothes.

  40. Good it needs to be repealed.
    Once again we have lies from the liberal claiming they will do nothing against. They have and are and will do against and say well they were not good bills. That is exactly what the republicans said about the liberal bills they stopped. Go look in the mirror. Just because you don’t like something in the bill doesn’t mean your stopping it doesn’t count. So its is an outright lie to say you won’t interfere and then do so because you dislike part or all of the passed bill.

    At least the republicans never lied and said they weren’t stopping bills. They fully admitted they didn’t like bills and were going to do everything they could to block them. Have some integrity liberals.

  41. Sorry I have a brain I know what the cost of living is there and what the tax bracket is. You may make $21/hr but you don’t live like someone making $21/hr in the US. Not even close.

    Every time you raise minimum wage you raise cost of living and you push into a higher tax bracket. So the government wins, IE can you say hidden tax hike ;) Oh wait that requires a brain for you to look up statistics and crunch numbers.

  42. You’re right its not even close because they have healthcare, free college education ,infrastructure that’s not falling apart etc….

  43. I’m guessing that you only listen to FOX and therefore have no clue as to what’s been going on with the House and the Senate. That tsunami of bills the House sent up there all have poison pills in them and their intent is to clog the pipeline in the Senate, stall any activity by the Senate other than dealing with that bogus batch of bills. The intent was twofold: clog the Senate and make it look like the House was working. Bullfeathers! What about the bipartisan bills that the Senate sent to the House that Boehner won’t bring up for a vote? It’s a two-way street and Republicans have been trying to make it look like it’s all Dems.

  44. I suggest you read some of the replies to the “300+” bills issue. There’s more to the story than FOX bothers to tell….as usual.

  45. FOX viewers just love their little piece-meal news. They can’t hold a long thought and have no idea what ‘context’ or ’cause and effect’ mean. Since FOX caters to ignorance, that follows. That tsunami of bills had a two-fold purpose: Make it look like the House was working and clog the Senate to keep them from doing any work on their own. Initially, Harry Reid would bring the bills up, clean out the poison pills, hold a vote which always passed in a bi-partisan manner, send it back to the House for a re-vote where John Boehner would not bring it up. After doing that for awhile, Reid realized what the game plan was and started scanning for poison pills, finding them and knowing that cleaning them up would be a waste of time so he let them stack up and went on to do other Senate business. None of the bills the Senate either cleaned up and returned for a revote or any that they introduced were ever brought up by Boehner for a vote in the House.

  46. Businesses do not create jobs ALONE. If there is no consumer base, they’ve got nothin’. Raising the minimum wage improves the economy. More money to spend. More consuming. Get it?

  47. So is it out of convenience or ignorance that you omit all of the bills that the senate approved that the House is sitting on???

  48. Maybe you should do some honest research. Goggle the bills that the house is sitting on that the senate passed

  49. It was hard for me to imagine what it would take to make me wish for the return of “W”.

    Now I know.

  50. Well no one say liking pain is a bad thing. But I wonder did you have a talk with your retirement fund after bush got through with destroying it. Idiot

  51. Wut? What drugs are you on? Your response is nearly unintelligible. Let’s all try to use words everyone can comprehend; maybe a little punctuation wouldn’t hurt. Whatever your argument is, you automatically lose because its unreadable.

  52. I’m also excited that the Republican party will own what happens over the next 2 years. Maybe, then, American voters will see their obfuscation & belly-aching for what it is. I say ‘perhaps’ because I don’t have a lot of faith in the voting public’s ability to actually know what’s really going on. Too many listen to only 1 media outlet & don’t do their own research to determine what the facts are. They simply parrot what they hear in 30-60ss blurbs or fall prey to partisan ranting.

    Yes, perhaps the Republicans in Congress will show their hands: that their primary goal is to gut the middle class & make the 99% believe they have a chance to make it into the 1%. Ex: I know an Afghanistan veteran who spends $120/week on lottery tickets so he can win $$ to buy a house. He’s been doing that for 19 years to the tune of $118k+. If he’d saved that money for just 5 yrs, he’d have had a good down payment on a home, living in it for 14 yrs! His magical thinking won’t l…

  53. “the republicans are not going to compromise on anything President Obama puts forth, unless it is in their best interests”

    Sadly, they won’t compromise AT ALL. And that mindset is reflected in voters repeatedly voting AGAINST their own best interest.

  54. Even if we wanted to stop them, the reality of it is that we couldn’t anyway; they control almost every aspect of government at this point, except the White House. The President could veto bills, but Republicans would probably just take it back for a two-thirds majority vote, and pass it anyway. Republicans literally have no scape-goat for this one.

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