Republicans Are Shocked That Obama Refuses To Cave and Give Them Everything They Want


Aides to Sen. Mitch McConnell are frustrated because President Obama has made it known that he is not going to back down and give the Republican controlled Congress what they want.

Politico reported, “McConnell’s aides are frustrated at the lack of movement they see from Obama after the election-night wipeout. They say he’s still stuck in the same battle lines with the GOP that make deals on tax reform and infrastructure less likely. White House officials say the president will keep making the same case he’s already made for his tax reform and infrastructure ideas, and believe Republicans will eventually have to give ground on a minimum wage hike now that voters in four states approved increases Tuesday.”

Republicans seem shocked that Obama hasn’t bowed to their ability to win elections in mostly red states where he isn’t popular. Remember, all of those promises that Republicans made on the campaign trail? Give us the Senate, and we’ll repeal Obamacare. Not so much. What about all of those bills that Speaker of the House John Boehner claims will now be signed into law under Obama? Forget it. All of those pipe dreams that Republicans sold voters about a Republican congress breaking the gridlock? They were a fantasy.

President Obama has no reason to move. He has been saying the same thing for nearly seven years now. Obama has been urging Republicans to meet him in the middle. Instead of compromising, congressional Republicans keep asking aloud why Obama won’t give them what they want.

The odds are that the new Republican Senate majority is not going to accomplish much. What is most likely to happen is that Republicans will try to pass bills that Democrats can’t support. Republicans don’t have sixty votes in the Senate, so they won’t be able to do much. The only difference is that Mitch McConnell won’t be able to blame Harry Reid. He is going to have to own his failure.

Obama isn’t going to cave. The president is willing to work with Republicans, but nothing in this world is free. The so-called party of personal responsibility is looking to get something for nothing. That’s not going to happen while Barack Obama is occupying the White House.

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  1. And Senate Democrats have no reason to give republicans that “bipartisan” cover, and jump on board their corporate gravy train. By doing nothing that republicans want, they serve up the same nothingburger they’ve been chocking down for the last seven years. Another government shutdown will only enrage voters, and democrats can sit back and enjoy the spectacle of republican anger at Obama at no political cost, knowing the Senate will again be theirs in two years, with little or no effort.

  2. Gee, some mandate. Here in MI, more Democratic votes were cast, and surprise, Snyder and his cronies still ‘won.’ Snyder won by saying that he cares about roads and tax structure. Just like four years ago, when he denied wanting to push Right To Work or emergency managers, and then did both in the dead of night. The GOP lies their way, buys their way, into office, hasn’t a clue how to govern except to lower business taxes while screwing everyone else, and then can’t comprehend why people don’t continue to embrace them as some sort of heroes of the middle class. Stand firm, Mr. President. Just because Turtle and the Drunk are still in charge does not mean they suddenly have a clue what the people want. You do. We are counting on you!

  3. McConnell made it clear after Obama’s first election that the Repubs would stymie him at every opportunity. For those who criticize Obama for not accomplishing all that he could – they are right. He was saddled with a do nothing Congress who were out to destroy him – and make him a one term prez at all costs. And – it has cost this nation plenty.
    To hell with the Repubs sand TP’ers. He can draw a line in the sand and let it all play out to their detriment. Unfortunately – again – we are going to pay a heavy price for this.

  4. I will applaud every obstacle that Democrats put in the way of Repugs. Of course everything they will try that fails will be blamed on President Obama. The Repugs expect Democrats to give them what they refused for 6 years to give, I just hope that there is no caving without true compromise on the Repug side

  5. Maybe now the Repukes will know what payback is. All they have done to President Obama is give him a rough time. So he doesn’t have to kiss their a$$ for anything. Now all we need is for the Dems to get a set and show and tell them control doesn’t mean anything.

  6. Shocked? Why should they be shocked? He has been telling them the same thing for over 6 years now and it seems they are deaf and blind. The POTUS has nothing to lose anymore.

    The Republicans wanted to rule, well now, guys and hog castrating girl, heres your chance. Show us how well YOU can compromise.

    You were elected from a voting pool of only 38%, yet seem to think people are 100% behind you. Landslide? I think not. You also forget that you, congress, have a much lower job approval rating than Obama. Think about that for a while.

  7. Not just Senate Democrats, but House Democrats won’t have a reason to work with House Republicans, especially if they (the gop) tries to pass their Koch agenda. Unless the gop proposes sensible bills, like increasing the minimum wage, real immigration reform (like the bill already passed by the Senate) and fixing Obamamcare (not repealing it), Democrats have no reason to work with Republicans.

    Pass the popcorn and watch the Republicans fail to govern, and possibly even engage in a civil war between the teabaggers and the establishment.

  8. ole lawdy! they are “frustrated that they are not seeing any movement.” right, karma is a bitch! the gop didn’t make any movement when the democrats controlled two of the three. now that the shoe is on the othet foot, they are shocked that obama won’t move when THEY control two of the three houses. pay back is a bitch, ain’t it?

  9. I’m waiting to see if McConnell caves to the ‘baggers the same way Boehner has. Democrats in both houses will be able to put their feet on their desks and watch the fun. I think there are going to be leadership challenges to both Turtle and the Bone. No easy sailing for either.

  10. Even after another two years of absolutely nothing getting, I still don’t think the American electorate is bright enough to connect the dots. In 2016, Republicans will successfully sell their snake oil and the electorate will probably reward them with the White House.

  11. How many filibusters will the Democrats try before Mitch tries to go nuclear and eliminate that tactic?

  12. Oh, karma… such a good friend.

    The way I see it is this:

    Republicans: ‘We won! We won… Now, bend over and take it up the ass, Obummer!’

    Obama: ‘No. In fact, if you idiots had any decency in you, you’ll help me and my fellow Democrats in making a better nation’

    Republicans: ‘NO! You WILL bend to our will or else…’

    Obama: ‘Else what? You’ll shut down the government again because of a health care law that, by the way, was based off of your side’s ideas. Oh, how about the idea that people should earn enough to make a decent living. That really ticks you off, doesn’t it?’

    Republicans: ‘OBAMA!!!!’

    And end scene.

  13. not sure what 60 votes in the Senate has to do with an override of a Presidential veto… the requirement is 2/3 in each Chamber…

  14. Sen. Dems better start showing they got a backbone & they don’t have to filibuster every bill but they better be throw a lot of monkey wenches. (repubs did it w/ 43-44 members)

    And I want to see how fast the repubs. kill the filibuster or how much they use the nuclear option all over the dems. ___. That the dems. was to scare to get rid of.

    The House is sitting on 40 Jobs killing bills & a lot of crazy house bills sitting in the senate ready to come out of the gate.

    And for all dem. voters who going to be screaming for Pres. Obama to safe them (immig., Gays, vet., unions, women grps., esp. UE).

    Just think if you had gotten your ____ to the polls, this could have been avoided.

  15. Not true. They won’t get the White House. The one thing Democrats are very aware of is the presidential elections. Now, if the nominee doesn’t campaign to ALL of the country, they will lose. I voted for dems and can honestly say, I never heard from or met the people I voted for. NY is a blue state. It’s the ideology that gets the vote and not the nominees.

  16. What gets to me are the people saying the losses are due to low Black American turnout. This is a lie and proven by the numbers. What’s become evident are the republicans that were insulting about the latinos and women, both demographics turned out and voted republican. The President is fighting his ass off for the latinos and they vote for the other side. Ungrateful. They are going to learn that the republican that was smiling at them last week, won’t remember their names this week.

  17. Republicans still don’t get the fact that only republicans voted. The president is not a republican.
    I am so proud of him for coming out swinging. His response showed me the way out of my dark gloom of defeatism. For me, he transformed the moment, and the tone to one of pride and hope.
    He showed me the way I needed to go forward…fighting.

  18. Are they serious? When the Democrats had a majority they never gave them everything or anything they wanted. They must be joking! This is the same president they have spent day and night trying to stop from getting anything done. They vowed to oppose anything he tried to pass even if it was their own idea. They have blamed him for their own failures and refusal to do anything positive for this country. They want to sue him and impeach him for being president. GMAB!

  19. Bernie Sanders just gave me hope in this revolting darkness of Repub stench. If we can remember to focus on the serious issues that need to be addressed, we can ask what they are going to do to alleviate the suffering they have caused. Unfortunately, as Mr. Sanders pointed out, they used negativity to point the finger away from anything meaningful just as the corporate media does. I want the issues talked about and meaningful resolve given to those issues. I want smart, caring public figures making the decisions for this country, not the stupidity and grotesque comedy of individuals such as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, only two among too many like them. I believe those two women, in particular were propped up in the public eye to deter people from voting for a woman for public office. Backfired. We look to women such as Elizabeth Warren, Wendy Davis and Gabby Giffords, among many more of like mind. I’m hoping to see Fox News implode upon itself for being so destructive.

  20. Going nuclear only helps if there is a republican in the white house. They get a bill through, but they don’t have the votes to override a veto. (67 votes)

  21. I still don’t understand how those demographics could be so STUPID. How on Earth could a person cast their vote for a group of people that have insulted, offended, and shown 100% disrespect toward your demographic?? What parallel universe are these people living in?

    It just boggles the mind.

  22. Hey McConnell — don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Just because you made promises to the Koch brothers doesn’t mean you will be able to keep them. If that’s what you thought then I guess you really are from Kentucky. You really are a DUMB S H I T.

  23. The Turtle will be constantly having to fight off Cruz’s attempts to usurp his leadership. Boner gave up a long time ago. I’ve popped the corn and plan to sit back and watch the fight. Figurative blood sport, such fun.

  24. again people if mitch and gop gets rid of filibuster in us senate the gop and mitch are only shooting themselves in the foot why cuz when dems retake senate the gop will want the filibuster back then the dems say nope we will not reinstate the filibuster bitches gop tea baggers, so if mitch and gop knows whats good for them they better leave filibuster there cuz if not and they get rid of filibuster then when dems retake us senate then it will be payback time to mitch and the gop cuz the dems should not reinstate the filibuster to help gop and also the gop qand mitch cannot get rid of the presidents veto power why cuz veto power is in the constitution, so even if old fart mitch and ted cruz and joni earnst idiots get rid of filibuster obama can still veto and mitch and gop do not have the 67 votes in us senate to override obamas vetos and they will not have the 290 votes in us house to override obamas vetos so obama and dems still win capeshe

  25. they cannot get rid of veto power and mitch tea baggers cannot lower the 67 votes in senate and 290 votes in house to override obamas vetoes why cuz it specifically says in us constitution to override a presidents vetos a two thirds majority in each chamber so mitch cannot get rid of veto power and cannot lower the numbers down to override, right here is a link to the constitution, and those that want to thumbs me down i suggest u get schooled in the us constittion >>>>>>>>

  26. Supergreen:

    I think circumcision is more appropriate. Circumcision is the procedure of removing excess flesh from the region around the head of the penis.


  27. If Dems don’t get the repubs voter supression under control, their lies and propaganda will allow them to steal the White House in 2016 too. Republican voters believed the lies and it appears that Democratic voters did too. Republicans have mastered the devils technique of lies and deception so you can bet that they have nothing but evil intentions for the people of this Nation.

  28. They think because they have a majority in Congress that this means they control the entire government.

    Doesn’t quite work like that.

    Let them go stand in a corner and hold their breath and stomp their little feet all they want.

  29. I hope he gives them a taste of their own medicine, along with the Congressional Democrats. Now, McConnell is finding that the nutcases in the Senate want fellow nutcase Ted Cruz as their leader instead of him. It’s called poetic justice, because they’ll be submitting poison legislation to be approved and won’t have the votes to override presidential vetoes. Meanwhile, there will continue to be a power struggle between establishment Republicans and the Tea Partiers. Those are silver linings in what I see as a bleak indictment of the rank stupidity of too many Americans–either for voting Republican or not voting at all.

  30. What’s the old saying? “Do as I say, not as I do?” Well this game works two ways and now we’ll be the ones sitting on your so called Agenda which they do not have anyhow. The GOP Agenda is to figure out how much more they can screw the middle and low class, try to stop minorities from doing anything for them, figuring out their next recess plans since they aren’t in session most of the time anyhow and just plain doing nothing but hurting the people (stupid people) that voted for them. Pick up your Veto Pen Mr. President and Reid you better get on your game.

  31. Except when the gerrymandering practically places the win directly in the laps of Republicans. Except for the voting machine rigging, the voter suppression, the purging of voters from the lists, the cumbersome and costly voter ID laws, the LIES spread via the corporate-owned media, the ROBOCALLS and MAILINGS giving FALSE information and veiled THREATS to voters telling them they probably will be in trouble if they vote, REPUBLICAN THUGS and intimidation at the voting locations. Have I covered everything? Oh, and thousands upon thousands of voter applications NEVER processed or discarded (this is the REAL VOTING FRAUD in this country, ACCOMPLISHED BY REPUBLICANS). It isn’t just “voter apathy.” It’s the CHEATING REPUBLICANS who are “out of favor” with the majority of Americans.

  32. The GOP are a bunch of losers who feel “entitled” to get everything they want by threatening, bullying, and cheating their way to what they want.

    President Obama will say NO when needed, not out of spite either, but because he knows what the GOP wants is not good for the American people.

  33. The GOP have been playing this get everything they want game since Nixon was outed.

    They are gangsters.

    They want to play….I say bring it on.

    Hold out, let them fry. Repeat images of GOP fillibuster and shut downs in the press 24-7.

  34. The only problem with that plan is we don’t control the press. Since the election how many stories have you heard that Ebola was going to kill us all? I wait for your answer

  35. Anyone who voted Republican is either a moron or defeatist in nature because the GOP is nuts. With Republicans your either getting screwed or your in their pocket, clearly something is wrong with that. And the people who don’t vote, just shut up, you lost your right to bitch about it when you gave up your vote.

  36. The heavier price would be to allow Republicans to remain in control and continue to trash the middle class and promote The Koch take over of business and government. Republicans think they are above the Common Man and promote the Constitution and its COMMON GOOD as theirs alone. Two years – we can do this!!!

  37. …And because he (Obama) reacts like a grownup concerned about the people he serves and not like a low information voter, promoting the Koch agenda because they mistakenly believe he is helping them.

  38. Does anybody else remember hearing that, on the very first day when the new Senate organizes, they can set up a different arrangement for a filibuster? That the majority can demand that, instead of merely threatening a filibuster and thereby winning, they can require of the minority an actual standing, peeing into a tin can, talking until they drop old-fashioned filibuster? And that instead of just not playing games on certain Presidential appointments — as the Democrats have required — the minority must put up or shut up on all Presidential appointments? Is this the sort of thing Republicans would do if they had over 50% of the Senate? I’ll almost be more surprised if they don’t.

  39. It is just natural for a democrat president not to bow down to the opposite party republicans for he is a democrat, for if he did bow down to republicans the democrats will abandoned him, but no president can use any of his powers to stop congress in passing bills, Unless he declares martial law and demolish congress and senate and make a parliamentary government… the house of congress people are not appointed by the president as well as the senate, they are elected or mandated by the people whom believed these people they elected can represent them in congress and senate to make laws for the welfare of its citizens the american people…. you can expect a disagreement from the president but it doesn’t mean he can get what he wants, unless congress and senate approves of what he wants….. but it seems it will not happen… so better that democrats will participate in deliberation in congress and get their point in opposing bills to be passed by republicans.

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