Republicans Are The Ultimate Takers Who Only Want To Give To The Wealthy That They Serve

Boehner McConnell
There are several synonyms to describe the tendency, no habit, of Republicans’ idea of what it means to govern. Specifically, their habit of taking everything from the American people they can lay their grimy paws on. If Americans cannot recall, and it is likely their gross ignorance has taken what little memory they have left, that over the course of the past four years Republicans have attempted to seize, confiscate, rob, deprive, impound,  and snatch any and everything from the people. Regardless if it is their pensions, clean air and water, decent wages, healthcare, or religious freedom, Republicans have worked tirelessly to take everything from the people.

Even if some Americans do grasp the concept of Republicans as the ultimate takers, they likely fail to comprehend that the GOP are ultimately monumental givers; it is that spirit of generosity that drives their habit of robbing the people. Of course, over the past two decades and  leading up to the present, Republicans have never had any intent to give anything to the people, but it is important for the population to understand that their only motivation for taking from the people, besides sheer hatred and contempt, is to give to the people they serve; the rich.

It did not take more than a day after the midterm election results were reported for Republicans to announce in an op-ed the first things they intend to take from the people. No-one but an idiot really expected otherwise. However, if the main stream media were doing their jobs, they would have reported that in their written admission of stealing from the people, Boehner and McConnell were actually announcing what they intended to give to the Koch brothers, big business, and school privatization crusaders; gifts they were promised as recompense for their undying support and millions of dollars in campaign contributions. And, gifts they have attempted to hand over to the filthy fascists since the took control of the House; under the guise of “jobs bills.”

Americans should not focus so much on what Republicans will take from them, they will have plenty of years to look back in remorse and regret putting them in charge of the Congress,  what they need to give their undivided attention to is what they are giving their wealthy masters. The three items Boehner and McConnell listed as “job creation” measures, abolishing employer-provided healthcare for part-time employees, violating the Constitution and approving the Keystone XL pipeline, and privatizing education under the “more charter schools” scam, will provide nothing for the people and everything for their corporate masters.

GOP, and some Democratic, supporters are convinced that gaining an extra ten hours of work each week will lift them out of poverty and make them rich because giant retailers like Walmart, McDonalds, and Target are not required to provide basic healthcare insurance coverage. However, they will still be earning minimum wages until Republicans get around to abolishing it from the law; which will likely be relatively soon, and whether their pea-brains have figured it out yet, they are actually taking a wage cut. Walmart and McDonalds are not going to increase employees hours, and if they do it means they will cut their workforce; less jobs. They will also not provide healthcare that means if a worker wants it, they will pay out of pocket and it means their compensation is reduced. Oh, and for the trailer-park crowd in the former Confederacy assuming that because Walmart and McDonalds pays poverty wages they will still have access to Blue-state-provided food stamps and healthcare, the GOP has already passed legislation in the House to eviscerate those government programs with extreme prejudice. The gift to big corporations is they still get to pay poverty wages and avoid providing healthcare insurance and pad their bottom line. There will be no new jobs, over a million poor Americans will lose their healthcare, and corporations get a gift from Republicans.

There are many ways the Republican plan to violate the Constitution’s mandated Presidential authority is a gift to the Koch brothers, oil export industry, and Speaker of the House John Boehner. Never mind that unilaterally authorizing the immediate construction of Canada’s KeystoneXL pipeline is a monumental violation of the Constitution, as this column has reported for three years, the only beneficiaries will be Koch Industries’ refineries, exporters shipping Canada’s refined tar sand to Europe and China, and John Boehner’s stock portfolio. Remember, prior to taking control of the House and promising “hundreds-of-thousands of American jobs” in early 2011, Boehner bought stock in seven Canadian tar sand companies in 2010 in anticipation of the windfall from the pipeline’s construction.

The benefit to Americans is nothing.  In fact, it was refreshing, that except for one sentence buried in an interview with President Obama, Bernie Sanders is finally telling Americans fuel costs will rise because the Koch brothers will drain Midwest diesel reserves to expedite Canada’s tar through the pipeline on its way to the Gulf Coast and China to profit the foreign export industry. Americans will not see one drop of Canada’s oil and according to the oil industry, at best 1,500 to 2,000 temporary jobs will be created; for Canadian pipeline specialists and not Americans. Even the steel used in constructing the pipeline comes from Korea, so there is no benefit to American industry. What Republicans are taking is any hope of an environment whether from exacerbating climate change to pouring poison in the air and water when the rupture-prone pipeline begins leaking as every iteration of it has in Canada and America.

The greatest takeaway from the population, and gift to corporations, Republicans listed in their op-ed was robbing public school funding to increase the number of woefully inadequate and horridly underperforming charter schools to profit the private education industry. Republicans claim it is a gift to parents who want their children to be as ignorant, and biblically versed in science, as they are, but it is a huge gift to the privatization advocates. This is most troubling because President Obama said he and Republicans shared a desire for “education reform” that, according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, privatization advocate Michelle Rhee, and President Obama includes transferring funding for public education to the charter school industry. More on this grossest of American abominations in another article.

Americans will learn that anything the emboldened Republicans are proposing as helping the people” is not-so-subtle code for taking something away. However, they should be well-aware that although Republicans exist to take everything from the people, they are taking it to give to their money-machine. In the case of the Keystone pipeline, Boehner is giving his stock portfolio a big boost in worth. The real travesty is that Republicans are just getting started and if the people are conscious, they should cringe every time the new Republican Congress announces they are helping the people. Because the primary reason they are “helping” by taking something away from the people is to give it their corporate masters; it is what they tried for four years in the House and now that they control the Senate, their largesse to the rich at the people’s expense will be epic.

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  1. I refer to that bit all the time in my mind. I think its the driving force for the fundies and tea bags

  2. It took the African Americans over 100 years to be free from slavery. I wonder how long it will take the GOP to be free of their masters, the Koch brothers.

  3. Is anyone here really dumb enough to think Obama will actually sign off on this wish list? He’ll veto everything listed here, except possibly KXL. The GOP doesn’t have the votes to override a veto, and doesn’t have the balls to impeach him. “Sound and fury, signifying nothing” will be the GOP modus operandi for the next 2 years. Cruz and the Wingnuts will stymy any bill that doesn’t pass their purity test anyway. This is all just noisy pandering to the base so that in 2 years they can say “we tried to do something, but Obama wouldn’t let us.” They will get nothing done.

  4. I hope President Obama is as stubborn as he can be. Unless it helps the middle class, stall it.

    Better nothing gets done in these 2 years, than damage by the GOP for 2 years.

    We have gone this long with government gridlocked..heck, what’s 2 more years?

  5. Republicans are interested in governing only when it benefits corporations, wall street or the rich.

  6. People should realize that the Koch brothers own the Canadian property they are destroying. Under that company, they are destroying a vast portion of the Canadian wilderness creating an environmental mess. Since it is under a separate company, they can claim bankruptcy, fold up shop and walk away. The Koch brothers own the Keystone pipeline which they are dieing to finish because they have contracts with China to honor. The Koch brothers own refineries and/or have agreements with the major oil companies to refine the sand oil which in itself is an environmental catastrophy waiting to happen. All these articles fail to mention that this portion of the energy industry is controlled by the Koch brothers. They have made a huge investment and expect huge profits from it. So, don’t be fooled when the media talks about this company or that company. There is only one owner: the Koch brothers.

    Mitch McConnell has made promises to the Kochs that he might NOT deliver. Too bad.

  7. That Supergreen is exactly why I wonder how any working man or women can vote republican?(rethug). WHY??? None of them would have unemployment,medical,schools, roads,bridges,food stamps, all the benefits available when ever the rethugs get in place of power, to take them away. All good things the Gov has been able to give to those who are at the lowest income are there, because of a DEM…..
    If the Latinos (who voted rethug)think for one minute their vote for the thugs will make a for change for them…. think again please!!! If you believe Bush….boy you had better think again a Bush is always a bush.

  8. You cant make this shit up
    The number couldn’t possibly be right, Marc Gosselin thought: $160.
    That was the total discretionary budget he was handed as the brand-new principal of Anna Lane Lingelbach Elementary, a public school in Germantown.

    That’s all he’d have to pay for a whole year’s books, supplies, staff training, after-school activities, and incidentals — small but important items like postage and pizza parties.

    “You can’t even buy groceries for $160, let alone run a school for 400 kids for a year,” Gosselin said.

    Welcome to your America

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