Conservative Pundit Ben Stein Says Poor Black People Are “Pathetic” And “Self-Defeating”

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Former game show host and bit-part actor Ben Stein appeared on Newsmax TV Monday afternoon and declared that the biggest problem with race in America is that we have a “very beaten-down, pathetic, self-defeating black underclass” that can’t get out of its own way due to a reliance on drugs. The former staffer for President Nixon was discussing a news report with host Steve Malzberg regarding possible charges that might be filed against Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden. Malzberg brought up the subject as apparent proof that the liberal media was trying to hide the thuggish nature of blacks in Ferguson.

Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski first reported on the segment Monday afternoon and provided a video clip of Stein and Malzberg. After Malzberg had brought up the alleged incident involving McSpadden, Stein pointed out he had not heard anything about it. He then spewed out a hateful little rant where he suggested that America didn’t really have a race problem years back and it is only the “scourge of drugs” and “pathetic” poor blacks that are exacerbating the problem.

“If you read the liberal mainstream media, that the main problem with race in America was poor innocent black people being set upon and mistreated by the police. It’s just nonsense.

I mean, the real problem with race in America is a very, very beaten-down, pathetic, self-defeating black underclass that is…umm, just can’t seem to get its way going in the way that blacks were able to before the scourge of drugs and the scourge of gangs.

I mean, it’s an amazing thing. Blacks were on their way in this country, even after the horrors of slavery, and then drugs came in, the destruction of families came in, and the crisis in the black community is just absolutely unbelievable. And that, it seems to me, is something that Mr. Obama could have addressed, and he just ignored it completely.”

That is just some pure, unadulterated, racist bullcrap if I’ve ever heard it. Sadly, it is the kind of thing we’ve been hearing more and more from the conservative noise section since the unrest in Ferguson started. Essentially, President Obama has made things worse when it comes to race in this country — mostly from having the audacity of getting elected while black. But, conservatives also claim that the President isn’t addressing the ‘issues’ that they think need to be addressed in the black community. Which, oddly enough, never really center on the true problems of disparity that blacks deal with in this nation but instead are all about marriage and family and rap music.

As for Stein, it appears that he’s carving out a niche for himself as the go-to racist in conservative media. Just last week, he was on Fox News asserting that President Obama’s “the most racist president there has ever been in America.” Of course, that is a ridiculous statement that cannot be even remotely taken seriously. But, it makes old, white people feel better and gives them something to nod approvingly to.

Media Matters’ Oliver Willis sent out a tweet after Stein’s tirade on Newsmax that summed up everything perfectly.


Give him time, Oliver. Give him time. He’s just warming up to it.

26 Replies to “Conservative Pundit Ben Stein Says Poor Black People Are “Pathetic” And “Self-Defeating””

  1. Moral values are NOT ENOUGH!!!

    You must have the RIGHT public policy in order to help impoverished people.

    Investing in job training, education, good paying jobs with healthcare will help the impoverished. Giving tax breaks to multi-millionaires and billionaires will only get the rich richer and the poor austerity.

    As for Rap music, it’s no different than heavy metal, acid rock, and Country music that wallows in adultery and alcoholism.

  2. Ben with no soul and lots of scorn and hatred. It’s people like you, Ben, who are the example of the worst of the human condition. You think you have it all, when actually you are full of hate and worthless.

  3. It is getting increasingly permissible to say the kinds of things that might have made Orville Faubus blush, and this is not a good sign. Eight Stages of Genocide, q.v.

  4. “A very, very beaten down underclass.”
    One should ask themself, who is guilty of beating down African Americans from time passed up until today?

    The wrath of God is a terrible thing. And someday people like Stein, will surely feel it.

  5. LMFAO, nobody gives a RATS ass about what comes out of ben steins piehole!! I NEVER thought this jerk was funny! think about it, his claim to fame is saying, Bueller, Bueller, farris Bueller and that DUMBASS quiz show of his where the directors picked high school dropouts to challenge the high and mighty big brain!! It’s sad, in my 53 yrs on Earth, I’ve NEVER seen so much open racism since Obama got elected! These pathetic white republican males are losing their minds about Obama being elected president, TWICE!!

  6. BTW, maybe someone should tell that ignorant BASTARD, if he wants to talk about DRUGS in the black community, A- how did the drugs get there in the BEGINNING???!!! try J. EDGAR HOOVER!!! B- WHO are the VAST majority of people BUYING those drugs?? try LILY WHITE suburbanites looking for DOPE and girls. white republicans are beyond delusional and hopelessly IGNORANT!!

  7. Funny thing is one of the states with the highest percentage of poor people on welfare and food stamps is Kentucky. And they just happen to be white and republican to boot. Republicans like this person will always find a way to point a finger at a black person while hiding the fact that white people are more likely to be on welfare. They do this with everything. It’s always the blacks this and the blacks that. But it’s different when that person is white.

  8. …who can’t keep their mouths shut but prefer to open their mouths to show their stupidity!

    Great post!

  9. Ben Stein is supposedly an intellectual conservative and yet he keeps spewing the most stupid things. I propose that in the history of this world that there never has or ever will be such a person as an “intellectual Conservative”. The ideology itself prevents any such achievement of an enlightened person. Not even William F. Buckley in my book fit’s the bill.

  10. …he should check his own kind and would find there are way more white domestic terrorists who kill lots of people at once in America!rapists who even rape their own daughter..I give you a white millionaire who got off for doing just that…while a white teen can get high and drunk and run over and kill 4 people and he gets sent off to sweden to a camp to think about what he did…the white wife abusers and rapists know they can get off due to GOP not voting for VAWA they rape and beat…or get only two weeks jail time for raping a teenager who commits suicide ..well, because he’s white. SO mr stein can kiss every royal black persons ars as far as I’m concerned, And if anyone is “SELF SERVING” and PATHETIC its the whole GOP PARTY! Uncivilized cold blooded bastrds!

  11. I wholly agree with a the comments on here. By the way, you can’t get much whiter than me…blond hair, blue eyes skin so fair it’s almost white…Ben Stein is an ignorant jerk; think about this, if a black commentator said something Anti-Semitic, the Fox/Newsmax world would erupt into “OMG did you hear/read what he said about Jews?” Think about it!!!!!!

  12. Ben Stein has a Problem. Ben Stein, as a Jewish person, wants to be loved by People who DON’T love Jewish people to begin with. What’s his pathological game? Look at me, I am bashing the folks you despise, so….do you love me? Can I get a pass?
    Ben Stein is the worst kind of racist: The kind that will bash his own people or other minorities to please the Bigots, in order for him to be considered one of THEM, in spite of his being in a “minority” class, despised by the Anglo Bigots. He is the class buffon, playing to the rowdy classmates in order to keep his lunch money at recess. Ben, it ain’t gonna work. Who are your friends right now? Do you know what they are saying about YOU, behind YOUR spineless back! ?

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