Conservatives Hatch An Illegal Scheme To Repeal The Affordable Care Act


Conservatives want to use the budgetary process to repeal the ACA. Repealing the ACA would increase the budget deficit, which means that it’s illegal to use the budgetary process to repeal Obamacare.

According to The Hill,

Conservatives in Washington are adamant that Senate Republicans should pass a full repeal of the healthcare law next year, even if it means a certain veto from President Obama.

With Senate Democrats likely to filibuster any stand-alone repeal bill, conservatives say incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should use a procedural maneuver known as reconciliation to muscle through a bill with 51 votes.

There are two problems with this strategy. First, President Obama would veto any budget resolution that cut funding or repealed the ACA. Secondly, the Byrd Rule prevents lawmakers from adding anything to the budget that increases the deficit. Since the CBO has already concluded that repealing the ACA would increase the budget deficit by $109 billion, Senate Republicans can’t legally use the budgetary process to repeal Obamacare.


In order words, Republicans are trying to pressure Mitch McConnell into illegally repealing the ACA.

The conservatives who are pressuring McConnell don’t care about facts, reality, or legality. They want Obamacare repealed. If Senate Republicans pursue this strategy, they will be setting the country up for another government shutdown over Obamacare. The president would veto the budget; Republicans wouldn’t have enough votes to override the vote, so they will either have to back down and give up their ACA repeal or shut the government down.

No matter how one slices it, the Republican hatred of Obamacare is going put Sen. McConnell and company in a very sticky situation. The Senate majority will already be in jeopardy in 2016. Another government shutdown over the ACA could big a step towards returning control of the Senate back to the Democrats.

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  1. the Republican hatred of Obamacare will hopefully be the one needle that pricks people to understand what is happening. There are many brain dead people whop follow the tea bags who think Obamacare is an insurance, who know nothing about it and dont understand their healthcare costs will go even higher without it.

    Not a one of these bags cried when their insurance costs went up 3 times a year in the past, that cost was mostly absorbed by the corporations. But the swing now is to put more and more of that cost on the employee. Without the ACA the government health costs will skyrocket back to where they were before the ACA. Remember just go go to the emergency room? Herr Bush never told you that the YOUR taxes paid for that.

    The corporations will no longer absorb the raises in healthcare without the ACA. Republican stupidity is at a zenith

  2. Yep, all President Obama and the Democrats need to do is put their feet up on their desks, lean back in that swivel chair and watch the Republicans twist and turn. Should be a fine show.

  3. See if the teahadist would think and I know that’s a very big IF they would wait till June when our corporate bought SCOTUS rule on King v. Burwell.

    The Supreme Court’s sneaky scheme to destroy ObamaCare

    With the help of some spurious legal reasoning, the court appears poised to dismantle the Affordable Care Act

    I said in the past that I didn’t think Roberts would do it but this is their holy grail and the very poor whites that the ACA helped but didn’t vote, for candidates who supported it they will now reap the whirlwind of their idiocy.

  4. If nothing else over the next two years, it’s going to be interesting to watch the Republicans try with all their might to outdo the president. They have been trying for 6 years and how is that going for them? The defeat of the Dems on Tuesday was just that, a defeat of the Democratic party. It wasn’t an indictment of the president at all! There is nothing for him to be embarrassed about or apologize for, His performance has been magnificent. He had been the wind beneath their political wings for 3 elections and the Dems as a party got lazy because of his star power and political savvy – they just didn’t run bright enough newbies.

  5. The question is how many times can Conservative voters shoot themselves in the foot before they start to feel the pain ?

    It’s a battle between ideology and brain cells.

  6. On one hand, it is hard to believe that people still think the ACA can be repealed. Its amazing how ignorant people are just to prove a point and try to gain political points. On the other hand, you have the republicans who continue to embarrass themselves with the myth that they will continue to try at our expense. But we knew this would happen. Give them the rope for 2 years so they can hang themselves. There is no way to repeal the ACA without bankrupting the country,..,,

  7. joan republicans only have 55 seats after this past election in us senate, democrats have over forty seats in us senate, to stop a filibuster joan the republicans in the us senate would have to have 60 votes to stop a filibuster, ok but then mitch illegally passes it with only 51 votes only one problem obama will veto then it goes back to us house were republicans have to get a two thirds majority vote a total of 290 votes in the us house to overirde obama veto in us house the problem republicans only won 250 seats in us house so republicans would need 40 democrats in us house to help republicans override obama veto in us house so not gonna happen in us house, in senate it would take 67 votes to overide obamas veto after election republicans only got 55 seats so republicans would need 12 democrats in us senate to overide obamas veto so thus not gonna happen, so obamacare will stay so republicans tactic will backfire

  8. also as a democrat myself we dems are not in the mood to compromise with republican losers in the congress and we do not want obama to compromise either we want obama to get the veto pen fired up

  9. Boy, this story certainly has gotten my panties in a twist!

    I do believe I’ve succumbed to the vapours!

  10. Yes these Hillbillies rebel wannbes are coming out the woodworks. The GOP/MSM is just getting to the ppl. that are going to be effect by their policy choices.

    Second example of the s!#%-nuttery, Herr Rand Paul, can’t remember where he stand concerning on ISIS. He now proclaim that its illegal & PBO need to come to congress for ‘Declaration of War’. When 2 months ago he support military actions against ISIL.

    This is what they elected? Even one of our ally & neighbor is speaking up.

  11. The first thing they will do, the one Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats failed to do, when it was ultimately necessary, is eliminate the filibuster. They couldn’t care less about those they hurt because Democrats don’t vote for them and don’t have the unlimited funds to buy them. On top of all that, Republicans don’t vote for what’s good for the country and ALL our citizens, they vote for what harms minorities the most and then blame everyone but themselves when they get caught in their own traps.

  12. Yeah, they could eliminate the filibuster completely, but they don’t want to do that. What happens when they don’t control the senate? A democratic president and a democratic senate could undo everything the Kochs want in the blink of an eye. The filibuster is the heart and soul of GOP strategy.

  13. They’re so busy trying to bash Pres. Obama that they’ve given nary a thought to the repercussions there would be if they somehow did manage to repeal ACA.

  14. Don’t want to appear stupid but why would they want to eliminate the filibuster? After the loud hew and cry when the Democrats made it again correct (that a simple majority is 51%, not 60%) I remember the Republicans craziness vividly! Where did I go wrong in my thinking? :))

  15. Republicans will have at least 52 Senators in the 114th Congress. Louisiana will be decided in a runoff December 6th and Alaska will probably be done counting around mid November. If the GOP takes those two their total will go up to 54. There will be at least 44 Democratic Senators and 2 Independents.

  16. “The question is how many times can Conservative voters shoot themselves in the foot before they start to feel the pain ?”

    A whole bunch of times, remember:

    No Brain, No Pain.

  17. Your last sentence is so true – there is no way to repeal ACA without bankruptcy the country.

    If premiums go sky high, no one will buy insurance and Republicans will have to put the millions of people who can’t afford it in their Republican private run jails.

  18. Its amazing how many ignorant selfish slime there are in this country.
    They actually get off on the thought of taking health care away from millions. The best part is they actually believe they are christians. What kind of God would want millions to lose health care???

  19. You may have hit on the GOP default plan, pattipea. Incarcerate all, in a place where you get “3squares a day, a place to sleep and medical care.” It gets those pesky people out of the way, gags them and prevents them voting; and best of all, it enriches the privatized prison industry.

  20. Although I would love to agree with the article, as far as the repigs screwing themselves over the ACA, but giving the fact how the repigs,independents and yes even some dems voted, I wont put anything out of their reach they will lie,cheat and intimate to get their way just witness what they to win this election.

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