Sen. Al Franken Praises Obama’s Push for a Free and Open Internet


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Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is one of the main voices of net neutrality, having equated it to the free speech issue of our time.  The Democratic Senator believes  that “net neutrality is the principle that the Internet belongs to the people, not huge corporations“. He’s not a fan of Comcast either, but today he is a fan of President Obama’s push to get the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make stronger net neutrality rules.


Franken issued a statement Monday, “I welcome today’s news that President Obama is pressing the FCC to maintain a free and open Internet. He joins a chorus of more than 3.5 million Americans who have told the FCC that killing net neutrality is a terrible idea, and who strongly believe a very simple principle: there shouldn’t be one Internet for deep-pocketed corporations and a separate Internet for everyone else.

“What the President is asking the FCC to do—to reclassify Internet service as a utility—is simply common sense, and it would ensure that rich corporations couldn’t pay for an Internet fast lane. That’s why over the summer, I and several of my colleagues urged the FCC to do just that.

“Net neutrality is a simple concept: all content on the Internet must travel at the same speed. It’s been the architecture of the Internet since it was created. It’s made the Internet a platform for enormous innovation and economic growth. And it should stay that way. I hope the FCC agrees.”

In May of this year after  the Federal Communications Commission passed newly proposed net neutrality rules  that would allow broadband providers to charge companies for faster delivery of their content, Franken warned  that it could lead to fast lanes on the Internet and hand the Internet to corporations.

In June, Franken responded by introducing the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act, which would ban the use of paid “fast lanes” on the Internet.

Net neutrality means that all legal content on the Internet is treated equally. President Obama was one of the earliest supporters of net neutrality.


9 Replies to “Sen. Al Franken Praises Obama’s Push for a Free and Open Internet”

  1. Tragically, many persons of color don’t have access to the internets. Sadly, the game is rigged in favor of privileged White males.

    Free internet access is a constitutional right. 0bama is right on the spot with his analysis.

  2. There is no such thing as free internet access. I am not well versed on the subject but from what I understand is everyone has the same access. It would be like to get on Politicusa would cost you more than to access the Wall street journal. I have no problem with paying for access just don’t charge me more for sites that don’t get as much traffic

  3. Internet is a public utility. We own it. We pay contractors to distribute and maintain the network. They do not get to say how we use it. Like water. Comcast and other jackals are a middle man, not a boss.

  4. They do not get to say how we use it. Like water.
    I hate to be a Debbie downer but that ship has sailed. Just ask the people of Detroit

  5. For everyone that screams we are number 1, most of Asia, Britain and other country’s have far faster internet with far lower costs. This is us, sliding back into the 1800’s once again.

    I think that eventually the corporations will get what they want, limit our ability to communicate and eventually put them selves out of business for short term profits.

  6. You’re right. You knew the game was rigged when some communities tried to offer free Wi-Fi. You saw how far that went.

  7. Legislation action Net Neutrality
    Petition: GLOBAL – Stop The Internet Slow Down
    Petition: Signature needed: Urge these two Democratic FCC Commissioners to save net neutrality.
    Petition: FIRE FCC CHAIRMAN TOM WHEELER! Replace him with someone who isn’t a former employee of the industries the FCC is supposed to regulate.
    Petition: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler sold out the Internet, let’s get him fired.
    Petition: Tell the FCC: Preserve Net Neutrality!
    Petition: Save Net Neutrality

  8. I am happy to see at least one politician praising our President for his good work.

    I’ve just about had it with everything dumped on our President.

    This country is very sick.

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