Missouri Governor Says He Will Use National Guard In Ferguson After Grand Jury Decision

National Guard - Ferguson

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon held a press conference near St. Louis Tuesday afternoon to discuss contingency plans surrounding Ferguson in the wake of the upcoming grand jury decision regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. During the press conference, Nixon and the heads of local law enforcement stated that they will do anything and everything within their control to ensure violence does not erupt in the area once the decision is handed down.

The governor pointed out that the state’s National Guard is part of that plan and will be on standby until they are deemed necessary to support local law enforcement with security in and around Ferguson. When pressed on that point by reporters, Nixon stated that he will be ready to give the order to send the National Guard into the city and possibly beyond. There will be a unified command that will carry out the governor’s contingency plan regarding any post-decision demonstrations. The chiefs of the St. Louis County and St. Louis City police departments, as well as Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, will head up the command.

During the press conference, while Nixon spoke about the need to peacefully protest, he spoke in a terse tone and reiterated throughout that “violence will not be tolerated.” He stated that 1,000 local police officers have received over 5,000 hours of training in preparation for protests. Nixon insisted that there will not be a repeat of the property damage or violence that occurred in August. Overall, it seemed that Nixon wanted to assure St. Louis area residents and business owners that protesters will be dealt with in a harsh fashion should they gather in large numbers and voice their displeasure if Wilson is not indicted.

Below is an excerpt from the press conference, courtesy of AP:



Obviously, based on the tone and content of the press conference, Nixon and local authorities are fully expecting Wilson to be cleared of any charges. Even if recent media leaks hadn’t showed that is the direction the grand jury proceedings are going, it seems likely that St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has apprised Nixon and others of the outcome. There was no point to this ‘news’ event Tuesday other than to get the area prepared for the inevitable.

While Nixon may have felt he scored political points with area residents by showing he is on top of the situation, activists, protest organizers, journalists and some local leaders didn’t think much of the message he delivered. Many especially took umbrage with the notion that all violence was directly caused by protesters. Another point of contention was the mobilization of a thousand police officers and National Guard under the assumption that protesters need to be contained.





Of course, if Darren Wilson is indicted of a crime in his killing of an unarmed black teenager and immediately arrested, then there will likely be no large-scale demonstrations. However, if you were to ask those who have been protesting for nearly 100 days now, Darren Wilson’s fate was decided a long time ago. In fact, it was baked into the cake due to the current power structure in the area. That is why these are no longer just protests by people who are angry and hurt. It is a movement.

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  1. Its going to be a pretty wild night in town if there is no indictment, and if there isnt, the police may get the picture they can do anything and there may be reprisals from them.

    Not going to be pretty

  2. Maintain the level of fear.It’s all part of the rapepublican agenda to keep Americans subservient.We must remain defiant.We must demand justice.Regardless of it being Wall Street or the streets of Ferguson.We demand justice.

  3. What bunch of crap. This man already know that there is going to be no indictment. Why call in the troops if prior knowledge is not known? Sure they are those that are still under the illusion that this so called fair justice system works. But, the only thing fair in our legal system today, is when it done on a “fair” weather day, and that is a matter of debate of what fair weather is anyway. The shame is that a non-indictment sends a message across this nation that the police can kill without any repercussions. A true example of a precursor for the establishment of a police state. And this so called governor for the people and by the people is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

  4. He has to call in the national guard if there is no charge against this cop, who killed and unarmed teenager. All hell will break loose. We are tired of seeing our children guned down like animals in the street, because their skin is dark. If this guy is let go the United States Government is sending the message that it’s open season on young men of color. Not just to the United States but around the world.

  5. Bin Laden may be dead, but he won and he won big.

    A couple of planes flown into buildings and we collectively allowed our nation to turn into a police state.

  6. PERHAPS if the people of this town got together, and started doing VIOLENT ACTION AGAINST THE NAZI-LIKE BULL that goes on from the Police state that the HITLER-ESQ “Governor” is doing, then the Feds will come in and REALLY do some investigaton—but, it’s ONLY a Black Male that was killed, so as per the ‘good ol’ ‘american way, NOTHING WILL BE DONE, THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE, AND SOONER OR LATER, THE POLICE WILL KILL OFF SOMEONE ELSE!!!

    Perhaps if people started bombing the police stations in this town, something would’ve been done…………

  7. This is not America this is Fallujah
    ◾Military assets such as heavily armored vehicles are being stored at Scott Air Force Base and McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas.
    ◾The Missouri National Guard is on high alert and last week reserved 100 hotel rooms in downtown St. Louis.
    ◾A Northrop Grumman Global Hawk RQ-4 arial drone has been assigned to monitor and possibly block communications.
    ◾There are 300 homeland security vehicles parked in a three-story underground garage in St. Louis
    ◾Ferguson is reportedly being monitored by Fusion Center. The center acts as an early warning station for terrorism in Ferguson.
    ◾There are 24 agencies getting orders from federal agencies.

  8. They had no intention of indicting him in the first place-corrupt from Gov on down

    They care more about property then what DW did

    Money is all they understand-boycott (if possible)

  9. African Americans jailed much more than others.
    Voter suppression in Republican states.
    Media’s obssession with “Amber” alerts on white kids, but never with African Americans.
    The hatred of President Obama.
    That whole, slavery-Jim Crow Civil Rights thingie.
    The media’s coverage of looters in Ferguson instead of the mainly peaceful, correct Americans who are outraged.
    The recent pumpkin riots where white kids were just blowing off steam, and blowing up property. But hey, they’re just kids.

    Then, the newly published letter to MLK.

    And, then another white man bringing in tanks in case African Americans march and protest peacefully.

    Not to mention, there are people who will privatize water, then deny it to us if we can’t pay for it.

    Banks who were saved by our money, who take that money and charge us interest and give themselves huge bonuses.

    And the ruling class just can’t figure out why there’s unrest.

    Democratic leaders just can’t figure out…

  10. Nixon is a republican in Democrats clothing. By not relieving the prosecutor, who has only showed evidence that is pro Wilson, and by Wilson already buying a new house with the money the idiot rubes sent him tells you that he will walk free. My guess is he will never be free in Mo., he will, like Zimmerman live a life of fear of what is around the corner, or a dark street or alley.

  11. Republicans are always sounding the alarm that President Obama is going to round people up and kill them when they are the ones that do just that. They are who we should fear not President Obama.

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