Republicans Celebrate Veterans Day By Dishonoring Veterans In Word And Deed

Veterans Day is the official holiday to honor Americans who have served in the United States Armed Forces, but it is clearly not something Republican congressional representative acknowledge. Oh, they give lip service to Veterans, and abuse them regularly and use them for their own agenda, but they clearly have no respect for their valiant service and sacrifices. In fact, for well over a decade, at least, Republicans have done everything within their power to dishonor their service.

The idea of using members of the Armed Services for their own agenda began in earnest during the lead up and throughout the unnecessarily wasteful Iraq War. Bush, particularly, was fond of claiming that any American opposing the invasion and occupation of Iraq was “not supporting the troops” and blatantly unpatriotic. Bush was able to keep opposition to the war relatively silent because no American in their right mind wanted to wear the label of not supporting America’s fighting men and women.

What is telling, is that it was the Bush Administration, and over the past six years, Republicans who have dishonored “the troops” service after they laid their lives on the line and returned home to an ungrateful Republican Party. Just last week, Republicans John Boehner and Mitch McConnell announced that as part of their “storied” jobs agenda, they expected President Obama to sign a so-called jobs bill; “Hire More Heroes Act of 2014.” It certainly sounds like Republicans support Veterans and are on a crusade to help them find gainful employment, but like every so-called Republican “jobs bill,” it is just another ruse, and gift to big business and the Kochs, to abolish the Affordable Care Act.

The bill, H.R. 3474, consists of one amendment to the Internal Revenue Code to give large employers authority to exclude former service members from having access to employer-provided healthcare. The estimated number of jobs for Veterans is zero, and in the less-than one page text of the bill, there is not provision in the legislation to hire “more heroes” whatsoever and the word jobs or hiring are not to be found; that should not surprise anyone. Republicans could not care less about Veterans, or as they call them, “America’s Heroes,” except using them for a title of a bill inspired by the Koch brothers.


For the past nearly six years, Republicans have adopted extreme measures, and proffered outrageous arguments, to oppose President Obama and congressional Democrat’s myriad initiatives and legislation to help Veterans find any kind of work, access job training, or get the benefits a nation that “supports the troops” would provide. In fact, after Republicans blocked several of the President’s jobs initiatives for Veterans, he had to take matters into his own hands and announce that 50,000 Veterans would receive training in the growing solar panel industry. When Republicans take control of the entire Congress in January, the President’s order will go the way of every other Veteran’s jobs initiative from this President; straight to abolishment. It is the Republican idea of how not to hire, and dishonor, Veterans they call “America’s Heroes.”

Two years ago, when Republicans could have demonstrated their commitment to “Hire American Heroes” by supporting a Democratic bill proposed and championed by President Obama, they blocked it using their favorite weapon; the filibuster. Republicans claimed the bill establishing a veterans jobs corps to employ veterans in conservation, recreation, and resource management projects on public lands; and as firefighters and police officers was a waste of money. This was after they argued vehemently that the very thought of eliminating tens-of-billions in free money (subsidies) for the highly-profitable oil industry was just downright un-American and traitorous. In fact, one of the largest recipient of oil industry money, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), warned that helping “America’s Heroes” find jobs or receive job training “will undermine the nation’s economy.” But giving the oil industry more money in one year than the ten-year jobs bill will not undermine the economy because it is the American, and patriotic, thing to do.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (ARK) went a step farther and said that Senate Republicans blocked discussion on the bill because, “Americans don’t trust us, and why should Americans trust us when we use gimmicks (code for money slated for the rich)” to help Veterans, or as Republicans call them, American Heroes find decent jobs. It is noteworthy that Republican never used “gimmicks” to enrich the oil industry that profited wildly from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars; they just claimed they were “supporting the troops.”

In February of 2014, Republicans blocked another Veteran’s bill paid for with expiring overseas contingency funds because “the money we were going to spend on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we never had because we were borrowing it, and now we are going to use it for something like this?” That was according to the senior Republican on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee Senator Richard Burr (NC). So it is perfectly acceptable to borrow a few trillion dollars to execute an unnecessary war that killed and maimed “American Heroes,” but not to care for them once their usefulness to Republicans’ oil industry and military-industrial complex donors was outlived.

The bill introduced by Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  contained a rash of benefits and program changes Veterans’ groups advocated including improved services for military sexual assault victims, new fertility treatment options for wounded veterans, and an extension of health care coverage for recently returned veterans. It also contained provisions to ensure in-state tuition rates for all Post-9/11 GI Bill users that would have saved tens-of-thousands in tuition costs for Veterans using the GI Bill to attend out-of-state public schools.

Veterans groups, those “American Heroes” Republicans claim to honor, labeled the Republican obstruction over Veteran’s benefits another Washington embarrassment. According to the National President of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Bill Lawson, “The partisanship in Washington has left this important veterans legislation in its wake. We are deeply disappointed that the Senate Republicans could not support the men and women who have already sacrificed so much for this country.” That is the problem Veterans will continue facing with Republicans; if they could hardly support their sacrifice when they were sent to war, then why do they think they will support them when their service is finished?

It is true that Republicans hold the entire population in contempt, but naming legislation that is a gift to corporations a jobs bill to “Hire More Heroes,” without providing one job has to be the ultimate act of contempt. Members of the Armed Services deserve unrestricted support during their service to this country, something Republicans oppose unconditionally; including suggesting giving Veterans a coupon as a replacement for V.A. benefits. It is shameful enough, and an abomination, that thousands of active duty service members require food stamps to support their families, but to be used by Republicans to enrich corporations is despicable.

The President and Democrats have honored Veterans from day one of Obama’s first term by fighting to provide them with jobs and their well-earned benefits. Conversely, Republicans have dishonored America’s Heroes in both word and deed for over a decade, but particularly since a Black man is in the White House. If nothing else, every American should thank a Veteran to assure them that all Americans are not like dishonorable Republicans.

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  1. This Democrat is here. God I wish a could cuss on this site. And I can’t believe that that Ernst person is on board with this. Jeez I just want to cuss so bad. Excuse me while I step outside.

  2. Once again, Dems have made the mistake of thinking that because Democratic leaders spell out reasonable & commonsense proposals & explanations, Republicans will listen and respond accordingly. Dems should know by now that Rs will never entertain such reasonable proposals & will instead spout (& repeat constantly) whatever lies suit their purpose.
    Democrats need new talk radio stations and a new TV channel dedicated to repeating the truth, in simple terms, 24 hours a day–and piping it into all our military bases the way Rush & FOX have been piped in for hours every day, decade after decade. We need wealthy Dems to fund such a channel the same way Rupert Murdoch & the Kochs fund FOX & talk radio.
    Stop with all the complicated, intellectual explanations and tell the simple truth–the whole truth & nothing else. Every time Rs misrepresent the truth, knock them down with the truth–over and over, 24/7. The Dem stations should hire people from Daily Kos,…

  3. I have no problem listening to both sides of an issue but when every story is obviously anti any single party, there is no equality or pure truth

  4. Exactly what I been saying… they let them carry the lie for years..then try and explain the day before the election! WTF!

  5. We need some kind of truth requirement for the naming of bills, Republicans are the masters of deceit when it comes to naming bills. Republican bills read nothing like they sound, it should be illegal to lie like that in matters of government. America is going to become known as the land of the liars, by the liars, and for the liars if we don’t start demanding honesty from our leaders.

  6. But that’s exactly what we’ve had all these years–nothing but right-wing lies dominating the “public” airwaves. NOTHING has been “fair and balanced.”

    Don’t you think it’s time to fight fire with fire? If we still had the Fairness Doctrine, we wouldn’t have this problem; but why should Dems continue to roll over and play dead and let FOX & Rush rule the media?

    If Dems could combine money from wealthy Dems with the money spent on political ads and inundate the airwaves, more people would be exposed to the truth and maybe stop letting the GOPTP get away with all their nonsense.

    I know Air America failed; but if we could get pundits from politicususa and all the other liberal outlets to staff the new media, the message would go out loudly and clearly. There would still be the right-wing media, but now there would be TRUTH out there to refute them.

  7. Agreed, Terry LF! We have so-called “Truth in Advertising” laws for PRODUCTS, but no such thing for POLITICIANS.

    If a bill is introduced whose title misrepresents what is actually in the bill, the first order of business should be replacing the name of the bill with an accurate title.

    There should also be NO RIDERS on any bills; each bill should stand alone on its merits, without attaching riders unrelated to the bill itself. No more pulling the wool over the eyes of American citizens regarding the true intents of our laws.

  8. For some reason the Dem’s do not punch back. They should! give back what has been handed out to people who believe in the Dems double time.
    Every time the thugs hand out a false statement, the dEM’S SHOULD GO ON THE OFENSIVE, hit and hard.

  9. Shiva, those radio programs are a good start–but still no match for the many, many right-wing radio outlets. And there is no constant, unrelenting TV presence for liberals comparable to 24/7 FOX–just a few people here and there on various channels.
    We need the combined forces of people like Rmuse, Ariana Huffington, Joan Walsh, etc.–and they need to be our “rapid response” team (not just expounding liberal ideas in general, but EXPOSING what the righties said & did that very day, and RESPONDING the SAME DAY instead of after a few weeks or after an election!)

  10. CNN, the only cable news channel I have left, chose to honor Veteran’s Day by covering the live G.W.Bush book release/bogus tribute to his father. The rehabilitation of GW in the media has begun. Jeb is going to run. If America falls for this and these clowns in 2016 then truly we are the dumbest people on planet Earth.

  11. Trust me friend, I live in the south. From pamplets to radio you cant get away from right wing drivel. I never listen to local radio or tv

  12. Demicans and republcrats are 2 wings of the same satanic beast.Anyone who holds any esteem for either party, is mentally defective. As a veteran, I see the business end of that hatred that both parties have for the military. I noticed someone lionizing that putz Obama. He doesnt even salute his marines that guard him. Bush at least did that and continues in his private life to honor us. If you go to any VA hospital and do an opinion poll comparing the 2, by and large we vets will flip obummer the bird and salute Bush. That only happens in a direct comparison. We can reasonably assume that were obama the prez on 9/11, he would have found a way to minimize the muslim part in the attacks. I have never seen a man with so much hatred toward his nation.

  13. Just stop the phony military hero worship. They are NOT heroes. There is nothing heroic about killing babies. They don’t keep us safe or protect our freedom. They are a drain on our finances, not to mention the moral character of our nation. This hero worship of the military is a fascist idea.

  14. Bush started a war on the basis of lies, and sent soldiers to fight, without body armor, or armored Humvees. When they returned, he wouldn’t let their caskets be photographed, for fear that it would undermine his war effort. The wounded were allowed to lie in their own waste, at Walter Reed. The soldiers in battle were given inedible food, tainted water, and showers that sprayed fecal waste. He also kept secret the soldiers who were injured disposing of old chemical weapons, until after he was out of office. Obama signed an executive order creating jobs for veterans, to install solar systems on military bases. Your racist hatred of Obama is quite clear for all to see. Your inability to criticize the worst president in modern history is also there for all to see. You respect the sacrifices of America’s soldiers as much as Bush, which is zero.

  15. Actually the republicans has no intention to suppress the veterans, of which when a person becomes a veteran they already are under the government health care, for they serve in the american people as veterans, meaning they have already health care, compared to those whom doesn’t have any healthcare, and these refers only to those whose people whom are employed meaning, if you are not employed as veterans employers will not include you in their health care, and there is a choice of which should be presented to people, will the veterans choose the employers health care or the government health care, what is beneficial to them, which they prefer……. in an employee employer relationship…. benefits ends when your employment ends… with retirement benefits and others and most health care ends when employment ends… so better choose government health care than employer health care, and whats the use of multi or double health care , when others doesn’t even have one.

  16. First of all Veterans do not automatically receive health care so the rest of your post is bullshit like all your other post. How does it feel to go through life ignorant?

  17. Proudvet, I am a service connected disabled vet who considers Bush a deserter. If you wish to honor a deserter, be my guest, but don’t think that all of us vets think Bush is a great supporter of the military. He is a deserter.

  18. Ging, that is the longest single sentence I’ve seen here. What exactly is the point that you are trying to convey?

  19. To ProudVet:
    1)There are vast, stark differences in policy positions advocated by the parties; they are definitely NOT the same! And, if you bothered to study any competent accounts, you would know that Obama has done many good things to honor the military, including veterans & the fallen.

    2)You say Bush “continues in his private life to honor us.” Bush has been IN HIDNG in Texas, indulging in his painting hobby. GOP leaders & candidates NEVER EVEN MENTION HIS NAME, b/C they know what a terrible President he was. Compared to Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton, who devote their retirement years to good works, Bush is an embarrassment to this country.

    3)You speculate about what Obama would have done if he had been President on 9/11. If he had been, I’m confident that 9/11 would NOT HAVE HAPPENED, because President Obama would have have taken seriously the Presidential Daily Briefing on his desk entitled “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK THE U.S.” rather than throw it…

  20. (Cont’d from previous post):

    [If Obama had been President on 9/11], I’m confident that 9/11 would NOT HAVE HAPPENED, because President Obama would have taken seriously the PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) on his desk that was entitled “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK THE U.S.” rather than throw it in the trash as Bush did. Even if the attack HAD happened on Obama’s watch, he would not have sat in a kindergarten class for SEVEN MINUTES after someone whispered in his ear that we had been attacked—and then boarded his plane to fly in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION as if trying to save himself and avoid the disaster.

    BTW,you only need 2 read Rmuse’s piece above to see how GOP DISHONORS veterans!

  21. helen , what i am trying to drive at, is that republicans has no intention of cutting the benefits of veterans, democrats just hurdled things which is not true, in order to get the votes of the veterans, without even giving explanations on how and why republicans will cut the benefits of veterans.

  22. GOP blocks COLA on benefits for disabled veterans and survivors

    GOP Voted Against 7 Bills to Help Veterans
    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.

    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act

    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization

    H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans

    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009

    H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act

    H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act

    Republicans Vote Against Increased VA Funding
    You know there is this thing called Google you may have heard of it try using it before you spout more nonsense

  23. The Continental Congress set the tone by not wanting to pay the Continental Army. The GI Bill was an aberration in how this country treats veterans.

  24. The reason why the Reich Wing needs to bellow so loudly, and complain with such blatant dishonesty is that they have a position that is so weak and pathetic and they know it. All of the volume and bluster is all that they have, they are paper tigers…and that is an insult to tigers…Sorry Tigers..

  25. But the people buy it and our side is so demoralize we don’t vote. Propaganda is a bitch and then it will kill you

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