Ted Nugent Observes Veterans Day By Calling Animal Rights Activists “Subhuman Mongrels”

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Draft-dodging ammosexual Ted Nugent went back to the well and reused a favorite insult of his when he referred to animal rights activists as “subhuman mongrels” on Tuesday. This harkens back to earlier this year when Nugent momentarily got himself and Republicans in hot water when he called President Obama the same thing. The episode caused then-gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott some headaches as Nugent appeared at a campaign event for Abbott shortly after making the remarks. Abbott and his campaign distanced themselves from the NRA board member and Nugent offered a half-hearted apology. The Republican Abbott went on to defeat Democrat Wendy Davis to become Governor of Texas.

On Veterans Day, Nugent filled up his Facebook page with posts declaring his support for the troops as well as a number of pictures of he and others posing in front of dead animals. In one post, the washed-up rocker claimed that “animal rights pukes” want to take away the hunting rights of veterans and cops. He followed that up by calling activists “subhuman mongrels.”



As you can see, Nugent can’t even contain his vitriol on Veterans Day. Considering the man is a well-known draft dodger who admitted to defecating in his pants to get out of serving in Vietnam, you’d think he’d at least tone down the rhetoric a bit on this particular day. As much as Nugent likes to wrap himself in the flag and claim to be a freedom-loving true American who fully supports the troops and hates the enemy, he’s always going to have to deal with his own hypocritical history.

In regards to his rhetoric about animal rights people, it is par for the course for the Nuge. He is just a loudmouth who is always looking for new ways to insult and denigrate those who disagree with him. The main problem with Nugent isn’t that he’ll ever act on his words, as he’s nothing more than a big-talking coward, but that others may take him seriously. Just last month, he essentially told people that President Obama and other influential Democrats needed to be assassinated if they interfered with gunowners’ Second Amendment rights.

Nugent will say he is just commenting on the current American political and social landscape and using hyperbole to get his point across. Obviously, he is doing it for the attention, and he does get it. (I’m writing about him, aren’t I?) However, he is also irresponsibly riling up fans and followers of his to aggressively act out. He knows this as do others who do the same thing. They want to see how much sway they have on people.

By referring to animal rights activists as “subhuman mongrels,” Nugent is telling his supporters that those who want to restrict or ban hunting are less than human and don’t deserve to live. It is a dangerous game he’s playing. By droning on and on and constantly insulting liberals, Democrats, activists and minorities in very ugly ways, he is desensitizing those who listen to him. And it isn’t just Nugent. One wonders how long a large group of people can be bombarded with language like this before acting out in a physical way.

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  1. I feel sorry for the dogs he apparently uses to hunt down helpless animals with. He probably treats them like shit, since he obviously doesn’t think much of animals.

  2. Ted, in the 70s I saw you twice because I liked kick @ss rock and roll in my early twenties. When you came to Portland in the 2000s and did your political crap onstage about our country, I came home and snapped in half every 33 RPM I had of you. I thought you were going to kill yourself or leave the country, you promised!

    Apologies to the politicususa faithful for the rant but I had to post this. I really cannot tolerate him at all after learning who he actually is.

  3. This is why republicans are jokes when it comes to service for this country. This idiot shitted his pants so he can get out of service. He is a coward to the 10th degree and yet they embrace him.

    I just wish on this day we would have honored real heroes that served this country and not this effing coward. He doesn’t deserve our attention

  4. He needs to get a new line.. It’s like wearing the same dress for the Golden Globes and again to the Oscars.

  5. The Gay Greatest Generation Vets and How to Honor Them Even at 92, you can bet that Lt. Rupert “Twink” Starr could kick your ass. Sent over to Europe in 1944, he was helping the fight the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge and was captured by the Germans. “Starr survived a series of harrowing travails as a POW, including eight days in a boxcar jammed far beyond capacity with other prisoners and forced marches in subzero weather.” Yeah, Starr is a motherfuckin’ part of the greatest part of the so-called “Greatest Generation.” And Twink loves cock. He’s a knobgobbler who was together with his interior designer partner, Allan Wingfield, in Ohio for over 50 years. – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-gay-greatest-generation-vets-and.html#sthash.CSVohFCW.dpuf

  6. Don’t forget, he is on the NRA Board of Directors. As such he becomes a spokesman for them. Since I see no effort on their part to either rein him in or at least disavow his insane rants, they must approve of his comments.

    So now you know what the NRA stands for.

  7. That was my name for him! Mr. Poopiepants.

    I think it’s time he found a new insult, this one is pretty used up.

    He’s a real brainiac that one, no wonder the right loves him, he’s a disgusting, lily-livered, yellow-bellied coward.

  8. Nugent realizes he’s getting old, and soon he’ll be just a memory. Few will mourn his passing, none will respect his legacy. Like the embarrassing fart, in a roomful of people, all that will be left is a lingering odor.

  9. Again, this is not me. If I can see Ratfink’s email, someone else may be seeing mine. Please handle.

    Knock at my green castle and inquire for

  10. Dj…you got that right! My dad, uncles, Siblings, all served! The Repugs around here, RW radio, ie Rush, Beck, former administration, Cheney, are all “chicken” hawks.

    Nugent, well I’m surprised he’s still alive and hasn’t sir come to a accidental shooting on one of his hunting trips!

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  12. The NRA is not anything like it was when it was founded. They are now nothing more than part of the gun manufacturing lobby. They no longer deserve the respect nor membership of the American people. Ant member who renews their membership with this outfit are only funding the gun manufacturers political lobbying.

  13. I used to crank out Ted Nugent albums back in the day and thougt he was an American rock god(he is). Nowadays after years of his neocon rants I cannot stand to hear his voice anymore. Kind of sad he could of went down as one of the all time great rock guitarist but he turned off half his audience. There is quite a few(millions) liberal R&R fans in case he missed it over the decades.

  14. I used to be one of those people who never wished ill will on anyone, but oh, I am so much older now. I will this idiot would drop dead. Sorry, that’s how I really feel.

  15. So in other words ANYONE who has ANY compassion for animals, the poor, the sick and the homeless and even handicapped are “Subhuman Mongrels” according to the nations leading and foremost “Subhuman Mongrel” I predict and hope that Turd Nugget is accidentally killed by one of his own substitute penis’s, or mauled by an animal who has been bound so this coward can murder it.

  16. When any of your NRA member family claim Teddy Boy didn’t dodge the draft print and give them a copy of his actual draft card. It is at: http://www.newshounds.us/2007/08/26/proof_ted_nugent_is_a_draft_dodger_will_hannity_keep_defending_him.php.

    When they claim they do not know what the codes mean, send them to http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/wars/a/draft2_3.htm. It has the current and old codes.

    He only had a student deferment for 2 years. He was 1-A (eligible and available) the rest of the time until he went for his physical when he was rejected and only to serve in time of war. Some war hero!

  17. Teddy is the personification of the insanity taking over our country. It’s going to get worse. I used to be an optimist and still have a small corner reserved for it, but hope is fading fast.

  18. The way this idiot sees it, he pooped his pants for our freedom, since people like him live in a storybook world where he’s always the hero no matter what.

  19. Perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. Anyone who supports this piece of garbage is just as crazy as he is.

  20. A person who is a friend of our family was the contractor for Turd’s log home. He stands by Turd 100% even in the face of the FACT that my brother Mike enlisted rather than be drafted in Jan.1969. He was murdered in the motor pool at Ft Jackson on Aug.10th 1969. My brother along with thousands of BRAVE men and women served and died to keep that POS Turd Nugget free and he insults them. Bob even stands by Turd and denounces the any reason to hate Turd even when it comes to my families sacrifice of my brother Mike and Turd’s cowardice. Bob thinks that Turd Nugget is as brave and proud of an American as my brother Mike who actually SERVED AND DIED for his freedom. Bob is a conservative..and an Obama hater.

  21. did I miss something or did this draft dodger call somebody who served in the military a “blood brother?” talk about hypocrisy. this is just more oral diarrhea from a “patriot” who refused to serve when he had the chance…….

  22. Nugent/Frein 2016

    Oh wait Nugents comrade just got charged with terrorism.

    $arah/Ped 2016
    Quitter/Shtter………that’ll work too.

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