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Ted Nugent Observes Veterans Day By Calling Animal Rights Activists “Subhuman Mongrels”

Draft-dodging ammosexual Ted Nugent went back to the well and reused a favorite insult of his when he referred to animal rights activists as “subhuman mongrels” on Tuesday. This harkens back to earlier this year when Nugent momentarily got himself and Republicans in hot water when he called President Obama the same thing. The episode caused then-gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott some headaches as Nugent appeared at a campaign event for Abbott shortly after making the remarks. Abbott and his campaign distanced themselves from the NRA board member and Nugent offered a half-hearted apology. The Republican Abbott went on to defeat Democrat Wendy Davis to become Governor of Texas.

On Veterans Day, Nugent filled up his Facebook page with posts declaring his support for the troops as well as a number of pictures of he and others posing in front of dead animals. In one post, the washed-up rocker claimed that “animal rights pukes” want to take away the hunting rights of veterans and cops. He followed that up by calling activists “subhuman mongrels.”



As you can see, Nugent can’t even contain his vitriol on Veterans Day. Considering the man is a well-known draft dodger who admitted to defecating in his pants to get out of serving in Vietnam, you’d think he’d at least tone down the rhetoric a bit on this particular day. As much as Nugent likes to wrap himself in the flag and claim to be a freedom-loving true American who fully supports the troops and hates the enemy, he’s always going to have to deal with his own hypocritical history.

In regards to his rhetoric about animal rights people, it is par for the course for the Nuge. He is just a loudmouth who is always looking for new ways to insult and denigrate those who disagree with him. The main problem with Nugent isn’t that he’ll ever act on his words, as he’s nothing more than a big-talking coward, but that others may take him seriously. Just last month, he essentially told people that President Obama and other influential Democrats needed to be assassinated if they interfered with gunowners’ Second Amendment rights.

Nugent will say he is just commenting on the current American political and social landscape and using hyperbole to get his point across. Obviously, he is doing it for the attention, and he does get it. (I’m writing about him, aren’t I?) However, he is also irresponsibly riling up fans and followers of his to aggressively act out. He knows this as do others who do the same thing. They want to see how much sway they have on people.

By referring to animal rights activists as “subhuman mongrels,” Nugent is telling his supporters that those who want to restrict or ban hunting are less than human and don’t deserve to live. It is a dangerous game he’s playing. By droning on and on and constantly insulting liberals, Democrats, activists and minorities in very ugly ways, he is desensitizing those who listen to him. And it isn’t just Nugent. One wonders how long a large group of people can be bombarded with language like this before acting out in a physical way.

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