Bernie Sanders Wants To Know If You Are Ready To Stand Up And Fight The Koch Brothers

bernie sanders talks koch brothers on all in

Sen. Bernie Sanders is ready to stand up to the Koch brothers as a presidential candidate in 2016, but he will only run if the American people are willing to join the fight.


Sanders was discussing his potential presidential candidacy with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes when he said,

Well, that’s a question I’m just getting…First of all, I have to decide if I will run, and the answer to that has a lot to do with the kind of grassroots support that may or may not be there. Are people prepared to get engaged in a grassroots unprecedented type campaign in which we are taking on the incredibly powerful billionaire class? That’s the Koch brothers. That’s Wall Street. That’s the private insurance companies. That’s the drug companies. That’s the people who own America.

Is there the energy for people to being to be engaged in that type of campaign, or are people sufficiently demoralized? How do you raise the hundreds of millions of dollars that you need? I don’t get campaign contributions from the billionaire class. Can you do that? So I’ve gotta answer those questions, Chris before I make the decision.

All the people on the left who are pining for Elizabeth Warren need to move on. She isn’t running. Warren has no campaign organization and has done no fundraising for a presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders is looking like the candidate that might oppose Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary.

The big question for Sen. Sanders is will Democratic voters get behind his grassroots campaign? The point isn’t to win the Democratic nomination. Let’s face it that’s not happening. The purpose of his campaign will be to push the related issues of income inequality and the billionaire class that is buying our politicians to the front of the discussion.

If people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren don’t run, those topics will be ignored in the 2016 election. Sen. Sanders is making it clear that he will only run if the American people are willing to fight the Koch dollars with hard work. If voters aren’t willing to stand up to the Koch brothers, Wall St., and others, Sen. Sanders will join Sen. Warren in sitting 2016 out.

The issues that are impacting the middle class the most need to be discussed during the Democratic primary. The discussion will make Hillary Clinton, a better candidate. Only good things can come from a Sanders candidacy.

The message from Sen. Sanders is that if you are ready to fight, he is ready to lead.

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  1. I’d like to see him run. In the first place, as someone who spent my childhood in the same town as Mrs. Clinton, I have my reservations about her. Secondly, an electorate that let itself be whipped up to such a frothing contempt towards the Black Man in the White House will never accept a cnt.

  2. I did. I have been. No one (38%) voted. Will I continue to do so? Of course. But I no longer get the point when people can’t even get off their ass to get an ID and vote when people are dying because they won’t.

    America is a miserable, pathetic Nation.

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s roll President Sander’s. I believe Bernie Sander’s could deliver an enormously powerful message the country is waiting to hear right now and do it in a way that succeeds.

  4. I would support Bernie Sanders IF he becomes a Democrat. Ending up as a third party or independent candidate will shatter the vote and give the election to the GOP. There would not be an easier way on earth to feed the Koch brothers than to hand them the White House on a silver platter. So, the next step is up to Bernie Sanders. Commit to being a Democrat.

  5. is he asking us individually or as a country? if he’s asking us as a country, that questioned was answered two weeks ago. if he’s asking individually, then, yes.

  6. Jonas.
    I am with you 100% on this.
    We will have a Reactionary Christo-fueled Oligarchy of Plutocrats controlling both Houses because these fricken Dems sat on their butts the other day.

    It is inexcusable.
    It is discouraging.
    It is enough to say Fuck It and let the country go to hell.


  7. Perfect comment Maxie. I was just thinking the same thing, if 2 weeks ago was any indication of the Dem spirit, then I would say it has been “sufficiently demoralized” as Sen. Sanders asks.

    I think it has to be all of us or nothing. There can be no middle ground or lukewarm sentiment if we are to do this.

  8. That was a preemptive attack. The moron did it before the democrats could. He just took the Dems thunder away

  9. I’m in. I will donate a portion of my retirement check each month he runs. I know I can scratch out a hundred a month for Bernie.

  10. Sugar and Shiva, this is called passive aggressive marketing! The more you tell your audience something like she’s to old but not in a negative manner, your audience will not take offense to it but will start to believe she “is” to old! They are already starting the brainwashing, let’s see if other MSM outlets breath a word about her age. Conniving lil f ers!

  11. I would love for Bernie to run for President. He would be great for the country and the American people need someone like him more than ever.

  12. Jonas, it does no good to crab & talk down to the Democrats. I voted & backed blue candidates entirely. But when you say “people didn’t vote”, “people were too lazy”, “people didn’t have the energy …”, “people are demoralized…” it sounds like you’re talking to ME. And I did everything I could, so that makes me angry. STOP putting down everybody, or I WILL be demoralized.

  13. If I were American, I would be behind Bernie completely. He tells the whole truth. We need someone like him up here in Canada. Right now we are following the U.S. down the path to ruin.

  14. I think Senator Bernie Sanders is what we need for this country right now to fight big money…he is for the working class and I am with him all the way!

  15. Yes. Of course we’re in. Now. But dems who think that Get Out the Vote starts the day before the election and who “just hate to make phone $5 a month so county parties can have a year-round headquarters, who won’t fundraise for their parties and think “Passing the Hat” at the end of the monthly meeting is going to cut it, need to start thinking they have just been transported to another galaxy and get with the program. Make a weekly Democrat Do List and do something,, anything every day or 3-5X a week from now until the election that isn’t just re-posting on Facebook. You know who I’m talking about. You also need to cultivate local candidates who excite your local party and voters and you need to mine the vulnerabilities of GOP/TP candidates. Everything you normally do at a certain stage in campaigns needs to start 6 months earlier than you think. You also need to drop any traditional activities that take more time and effort than they garner votes,etc. It’s your new PT job. G…

  16. Yes. Of course we’re in…right now. But Dems who think that Get Out the Vote starts the day before the election & “just hate to make phone calls” & and won’t give $5 a month so county parties can have year-round headquarters & won’t fundraise for their parties & think “Passing the Hat” at the end of the monthly meeting is going to cut it, need to realize they’re part of the problem & get with the program. Make a weekly Democrat Do List & do something—anything—3-5X a week from now until the election, that isn’t just re-posting on Facebook. You know who I’m talking about. Drop traditional activities that take more time & effort than they garner voters or volunteers. Recruit local candidates who excite voters & mine the vulnerabilities of GOP/TP candidates. Don’t make GOTV calls to known Repubs no matter what OFA does. And everything you normally do needs to start 6 months earlier than you think. It’s a PT job to save us all. Get it?

  17. Absolutely! Bernie Sanders is a rare individual in politics, someone who truly cares about the people. I believe he is exactly the kind of person my ancestors, who came over here nearly 400 years ago, would want in office.

  18. Punctuation where it is not needed — “The discussion will make Hillary Clinton, a better candidate.” — and missing when it is: “Let’s face it that’s not happening.”

    Most liberal-minded people find grammatical blunders off-putting. And what is up with: “Is there the energy for people to being to be engaged in that type of campaign, or are people sufficiently demoralized?” It appears in italics as a QUOTE!

    Clean it up.

  19. I love Burnie Sanders! I tope he runs! He has the knowledge, experience and guts! To take on this fight against big corporate America! And the corrupted few that have held the “billionaire” POWER over AMERICAN POLITICS/CAMPAIGNS (which have plagued Washington for years!). ONLY BERNI CAN DO THIS MAJOR TASK, AND HE IS THE MOST BRAVE, CARING AND HONEST SENATOR IN AMERICA! GO BERNIE! PRESIDENT 2016!!!!!!!

  20. I would love to have President Sanders for eight years. He should pick Warren for VP then she could be president for the next eight years after that. If only everyone of them served the people like they do America would be great. There are far to few who do and of course there isn’t one of them that is a Republican. A lot more damage is coming with so many Republican controlled states. I try not to think about it too much because it’s so sad on every issue. I hope it’s not to late for the nation the oligarchy take over is nearly complete.

  21. I’ve been looking forward to a Bernie Sander’s ticket for years. I would vote for you…we need someone who will look out for the people…Please run, Bernie!

  22. Sadly the midterm elections show how wek the Dem. Party is; and are there enough Ind. to win any war? I am in but; I don’t think were going to get help from the Dem’s.

  23. I’d support Bernie 100%. Like any Vermonter, I love a good fight. He was a great mayor for Burlington when I lived there, he has done great work in Congress. I think he’d be a great asset to the nation in the Oval Office.

  24. I am happy to learn there are many people who agree
    with me, that Senator Sanders would be the salvation
    much needed for America. He must become President
    to save us from a dictatorship of billionaires.

    Jean George

  25. Well, I have been sending him donations for over a year. NOW, all you supporters send your donations to him starting today. Bernie wont run on the Democratric ticket which means the big bucks wont be coming from the DNC> Last year I encouraged him to declare himself a Democrat to get their financial backing. I don’t want Hillary,,,,,,,,do you? well, start to do something about it!

  26. I pray Bernie gets the democratic nomination. That would mean a certain GOP victory in 2016. The person I am most afraid of is hillary clinton. She would probably win. What is all this talk about the Koch brothers. Sure they are GOP doners , how about the 70 million dollars that was spent on the kay hagen campaign out of a total of 115 million by both candidates. Where do you think that money came from. There is one democrat I would vote for. That is Evan bayh of Indiana. There are just to many extremists in the Democratic Party.

  27. Now that’s quite a comment from the biggest mole I have seen on the internet. do you realize that this world is full of different opinions and beliefs.

  28. I am with you 100% – You and Elizabeth Warren – Go Bernie go! – I’ll support you all the way.

    Thanks for all you do on our behalf!!!!!!
    Peace –

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