Harry Reid Is In Talks To Create A Special Senate Leadership Post For Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth-Warren banking committee

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) star is on the rise. Future Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is in talks with Warren to create a special Senate Democratic leadership position just for her.

According to Politico, “The incoming Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, is engaged in private talks with the Massachusetts freshman to create a special leadership post for the former Harvard professor, according to several people familiar with the matter. It’s unclear exactly what the new job would entail — but luring the populist liberal into leadership could inject fresh blood into a team reeling from significant midterm election losses.”

Warren would be a fresh face in Democratic Senate leadership who would bring her fiery style to the Democratic message. The desire to elevate Sen. Warren suggests that Democrats are going to be strongly attacking the Republican majority, and are looking for a powerful voice that can sharpen their message.

The fact that Reid and Warren are discussing this new position is another indicator that the first term senator is considering a run for the White House in 2016. Instead of hiding in the corner, Democrats appear to be coming at Mitch McConnell with everything they’ve got.

Democrats are going to be able to go on offense now that they are in the Senate minority. Democrats will no longer have to answer for why legislation is not being passed. The gridlock that Mitch McConnell created is the Republican Party’s problem now.

Sen. Warren is the perfect opposition voice to have out front and center in the lead up to 2016. Senate Democrats need change after their 2014 defeat, and Elizabeth Warren is the ideal person to lead the caucus’ new direction.

15 Replies to “Harry Reid Is In Talks To Create A Special Senate Leadership Post For Elizabeth Warren”

  1. I hope this is true. Democrats need Elizabeth in the Senate. She won’t take the GOP’s BS. If they attempt to kick her around, she won’t be like the other democrats, sit back and ask why are you kicking me around, she will kick back.

  2. It all depends what this new position entails. If she loses her ability to partake in voting in the Senate, then it feels more like an agreement with the GOP to sideline her. I’d like to hear more about this deal before I’ll feel comfortable.
    The way everything else is going, it almost seems like a wholesale give-away to the Koch brothers while maintaining a shadow government for looks.

  3. They should Vote for Elizabeth Warren to become the Next Senate Minority Leader. Both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have had their turn at The Leadership Roles and should ”step aside”.

  4. She would not lose her vote. They’re talking about a position within the Senate, like Minority Leader, Minority Whip, etc. No Senator loses their vote because they hold a leadership position.

  5. That is not what leadership positions in the Senate involve. Reid has a leadership position, and he can still vote. A senator’s fundamental constitutional duties can’t be changed by creating a leadership position. The position would go along with her normal Senate duties.

  6. Though not a resident of Massachusetts, I have followed her campaign from day one. She is a leader, articulate, intelligent, a hard fisted Democrat. She doesn/t back down on issues important to the 99%. I have contributed to her local campaign. Get on board folks, with this winner. Warren for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. She is not running. If her new position gives her power to shape the debate and recruit candidates in her mold she would have a much greater influence than going up against the Clinton machine and losing. Because you can bet Clinton wont make the same mistakes again, at least I would think she wont

  8. I hope elizabeth warren gets the senate majority leadership seat from harry Reid. I want her name to be well known by the 2016 election. My strong wish as I have stated before is for her to get the democratic nomination. This will ensure a GOP victory. I believe her to be even more progressive than obama.

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