Senate Democrats Betray Their Supporters By Scheduling A Vote On Keystone XL


senate to vote  on keystone xl

In a move that mirrors their failed midterm election strategy, Senate Democrats are trying save Sen. Mary Landrieu’s job by voting on approval of the Keystone XL pipeline next week.

The Senate will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to greenlight construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.


National Journal reported,

The vote could come as early as next Tuesday, after Landrieu succeeded in acquiring unanimous consent to move forward. Such a move had appeared unlikely, as Majority Leader Harry Reid, who still controls the floor until January, had repeatedly denied requests to take up the legislation.

But things have changed for Democrats since Republicans won the majority, and the party made clear early that they were not going to stand in the way of a vote. “The Senate has reached an agreement to debate and vote on Senator Landrieu’s Keystone bill,” Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson said on Wednesday.

The vote on the Keystone XL pipeline is an attempt to save Mary Landrieu’s job. Landrieu still needs five Democrats to join her in supporting the bill, or it will fail next week. The problem with the vote is that it is an obvious betrayal of the values that Democrats have been championing for years. With their majority gone in January, Harry Reid is allowing a vote on a bill that he has refused to bring to the floor for years.

The vast majority of Democrats are still opposed to Keystone, but this is an obvious ploy to boost Mary Landrieu’s chances in her Senate runoff. What is frustrating about this vote is that it is another example of Democrats refusing to act like Democrats. Their willingness to go back on years of arguments against this pipeline in order to help one senator save her seat is discouraging.

Democrats lost the midterm election because they adopted a strategy of running away from their president and the successes of the last six years. They have upped the ante on that losing hand by holding a vote on an issue that most of their caucus have spent years opposing.

The message that Democrats still have gotten from their defeat is that their voters want them to stick to their beliefs and principles. Democrats already lost one election by trying to be Republican lite. Now, they are betraying the values of their supporters by holding a vote on Keystone XL.

52 Replies to “Senate Democrats Betray Their Supporters By Scheduling A Vote On Keystone XL”

  1. Let them vote now, at least the Dems are “in charge” so if the House passes and then it somehow passes the Senate, it will fail at the President’s hand. There aren’t enough votes to then override the President’s veto.

  2. Words fail me! To say that I’m disgusted would be putting it VERY mildly.

    Guess all I can do now is beg President Obama to veto. I don’t even know where he stands on this. Damn!

  3. They just don’t get it. They will continue to lose as long as they keep playing these games. I am close to just not voting because there is no one to vote for.

  4. I said it this morning about that so called deal this would happen. You can count Joe Manchin, Claire McCasikal, Mark Pryor as sure votes. Begrich a maybe. I don’t know who would be that 5th vote.

    Not one penny to any national dummycrats organization

  5. You idiots have lost the senate on your own. Saving one senator is meaningless.

    Anyone disagree with me that we need to clean both houses completely?

  6. I will still vote anti-R no matter what. I may not get the candidates I prefer, but I will always at least vote against any Republican.

  7. I am thoroughly disgusted with these Centrist Democrats who are ASHAMED OF ALL THE GAINS made under President Obama. They need to put their tails between their
    legs and get out of the public’s view. Glad the lot of them lost. Next time, ‘Dance with the One that Brung You’.

  8. No on the pipeline,Dems have fought this all along ,now to change. NOWAY, MAYBE I SHOULD DUMP THE DEMOCRATS AFTER 48 YEARS,THEIR ACTING LIKE CHILDREN-WHERE IS YOUR FIGHT TO THE END?

  9. Betray EVERY Democratic voter to save ONE practically Republican Democrat? Pathetic. We need to PURGE the Democratic Party of people looking out for industries or politicians and not the American people.

  10. WTF……..Who cares about Mary at this point! She’s a faux democrat, look what they’ve aloud to happen to Louisiana. Oil spills galore, no healthcare expansion, really, does she even deserve to represent that state? Look at it!

  11. Bullshit. The Dems are looking desperate. What a bunch of spineless people. This is exactly what the GOP wants..division within the base, and the DEMS are handing it to them on a sliver platter. ONE candidate does not matter at this point. DEMS, Get your heads out of your asses and stand up for your constituents.

  12. They need to get the surgeon general done.They need to vote on immigration.Who cares what happens to her ass.

  13. There are not enough votes to overcome a veto in the Senate even after the election. This move is gutless and it is why the Demos f’d up this whole election. No balls.

  14. Nothing is getting done for the next two years thanks to the veto and that may be the best outcome we can hope for or the GOP will destroy this country.

  15. The Keystone XL pipeline was initially [and forever?] touted as the “road to American oil independence” and a way to create 200,000 high tech American jobs. All we needed to do was ship a dangerously toxic substance from Alberta, Canada to PORT Arthur, Texas. Apparently, there is no other suitable refining facility between Alberta, Canada and PORT Arthur, Texas. By-the-way, PORT Arthur, Texas is located very near the Gulf of Mexico, and as such, has duly earned the name of PORT Arthur, Texas, because it happens to be a…um…PORT.

    From PORT Arthur, Texas stuff can be shipped to…Virgin Gorda, BVI…Cancun, Mexico or…China. But would that lead to “American Oil Independence” or to an increase in some oil company’s bottom line? I’ll just let you think that over.

    And the 200,000 high tech American jobs? I believe that estimate–after initial construction of the pipeline–now stands at, …wait for it, …35!jobs. Yes, thirty-five. Happy holidays.

  16. I hope veto is the way to go.

    But then you have Harry Reid spouting that he won’t obstruct like the GOP did


  17. Oh yes, I would always vote no matter what; and I will never, ever vote for a GOP ever. Never did, never will.

    But damn it, it is my right and I am going to use it, to vote against the GOP every single chance I get.

  18. We aren’t sure the President *would* veto the bill. So far as I know, he has yet to make up his mind about it.

  19. Not so fast, kids…

    By voting on the KXL proposal now, it can be killed and the Fascist and greedy GOP would have to start all over again next session.

    Besides, there’s a court case and a permitting situation that’s gonna derail the thing, anyway, plus the fact that Canada’s politicians approved an alternate route that’s entirely in Canada. So, let the GOP fuckwits have their vote…it’ll resemble their many votes to do something about the PPACA…LOL

  20. Di, google “Democratic Party Official Platform,” and “Green Party Official Platform,” and compare the two. I did that after the election, and was shocked at the difference between the two. The Greens actually address specific points and give plans as to how to reach them; the Democrats spend most of their space patting themselves on the back.

    I’m changing to the Green Party, because they’re active for *everything* the Democrats are *supposed* to be for, but apparently aren’t any longer. It’s stuff exactly like the vote above, and the dodging taking a stand everywhere we turn, that has turned me off the Democrats.

  21. I am perplexed that the Democrats would do this unless there was some really large cash coming from the Koch brothers influencing the dems in congress. What are they thinking? What are they doing? Have they talked this over with the President? WTF I’m almost ready to move out of this country if I knew a better place to go, I would.

  22. Could not agree more. The “democratic leaders” gave away the last 2 mid terms and look like they might lost in 2016, too. I’m 67 years old and always voted for Democrats…but these current Party Leaders are completely without any of the qualities I looked for in the past and I have no interest in supporting them…but I KNOW from experience that any 3rd party is useless.

    We need to get on every Democrat’s email in DC and tell them what we need. I don’t know who they are, but they are not getting another dime from me till I see more of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and less of these lightweights.


  23. If i was the President, i would use it as a bargaining chip or trade off for something i want from the republicans.

  24. Suddenly trying to pass the XL pipeline after opposing it for years is a transparently political hail Mary Landrieu pass, though actually a very good thing for our country (and Canada) if it passes and Obama signs it, but fortunately such weak tea is too little, too late to save Landrieu. She’s toast in the Bayou State because the voters there are too smart to fall for such blatant pandering from such a 99% Obama toady as Landrieu.

  25. They betrayed us by not standing up for a progressive platform and kowtowing to the rapeublican propaganda about Obama.Now Pelosi is hoping Boner will treat dems fairly.Does she not remember the last time they controlled both the house and senate? Spineless and stupid,we need new leadership.

  26. Oil and natgas prices could fall another 20-50% per some experts. If so, many of those jobs will go bust along with shuttered projects. As for coal – cheap natgas and sustainable solar will kill once king coal with free market capitalism.

  27. Looking forward, I live in No. Mn. walk every morning,(around6-630a.m.) during my walk, every day, there Are trains that are nothing but oil tankers, heading south. (counted 100 one m0rning) Trains with two engine’s because the train could not over come a hill one time,It was too heavy, was blocking all road access into town. Latter in the day you can see another train going north again all oil tankers. So I’d say yes, Mn is already being used, once again. It’s not enough we used every bit of our natural resources in two world wars, now we must also take the chance of being contaminated.

  28. Hope you are right Andrew. regardless of where this pipe line heads, Bonehead and the Kocks will still make the money they wanted.

  29. Great and informative post!

    The pipeline has nothing to do with American oil but will be exported.

    Also, the pipeline will go through Native American land, poison it as well as the entire environment, and once- again breaking another treaty with the Native Americans.

    And I remember that 20 jobs would result from the pipeline, “thousands of jobs that the President noted a week of so ago.” He needs to check the facts given by those who oppose this poison project!

    President Obama has been misinformed and he needs to check the FACTS not the TGOP fantasy that includes lies.

    This is about the recipients of the green stuff by the oil company greedy puppets and the “power” of the oil polluters!

    Grrr. It makes me so angry!!! We need to get $$ out of politics. Have you heard of It’s Ben Cohen’s website about overturning Citizens United…

  30. Just to show you how stupid the leadership of the dummycrat party is when it was time to truly effect the election they begged Obama not to do anything on immigration. What that did was depress Latino turnout and those who did vote, 35% went to the teahadist!!!!

    Now they will give the go ahead for a policy that will further depress the base and the funny thing about it the pipeline will not go to any refineries in Louisiana. YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP

  31. Heidi Highcamp is your 5th vote FOR the Keystone Pipeline. If you remember she and Manchin were against the gun vote. She was on the floor this morning praising the pipeline as was Landrieu. Their is petion at the WH that people can sigh, under We The People to stop the Keystone Pipeline.

  32. Trying to put the best face on this but maybe Obama and Reid made a deal to let the vote go forward just like the climate deal give the finger to the republicans and the dummycrats by vetoing the bill. There are not two-thirds to override it. They know Landrieu is toast anyway so let them have their cake they just wont get to eat it.

  33. Hell, they have moved on, they are at 2016 and ALL those Senators are behind Hillary! And they are counting on All the groups of people Hispanic, Asian,Native Americans,
    White and Black that President Obama brought to the polls in 2012 and won. The Democrats have abandoned Obama and they think they can move on,
    They are in the process of saving their OWN JOBS!
    NOT looking out for their people who put them their!

  34. The keystone pipeline should be a no brainier. if we do not build the pipeline the Canadians are going to have a shorter pipeline and the oil is going to china. Yes china. The Canadians are not going to wait forever. this is not going to save landrieu. Why is harry reed bringing it up now. For five years he has blocked a vote

  35. I know you are slow with parents that name you Ovid but that oil was going on the world market anyway and last time I look China is part of the world. Now be free to correct me

    Why is Reid bring it up now? So you kochsuckers can vote for it then the President will veto it then its dead for good

  36. hj,

    you are so right – the problem that I think we have is that we truly only have a one party system that pretends to be a two party system. The Democratic leadership at the moment really is enabling the republicans to do all the stuff that they have been doing. The only way this system changes is to break the system completely.

    The Democrats are weak and ineffective on anything – in fact they run away from proven winning issues and a very popular President. The Democratic party is really becoming a disappointment that’s not representing the people that they should be.

  37. Maybe the Republican lites will be weeded out as a result of this. I hope Mary Landrieu loses, just like Alison Grimes did. Let’s get some real Democrats.

  38. Mary you are not supporting your president and are just adding to his ineffectiveness in a Congress that should be helping him to confirm his nominees and support his new deal with China so the US can become less oil dependent! What are you thinking? you are not thinking of your constituents and the nation Dont you feel responsible to the future generations? Given the facts,the science, you still want to be ignorant. Vote no on the pipeline and be a hero instead of a failure to your countrymen !!!!!

  39. It’s a shame she is only worried about her job and not the slow destruction of our environment. She deserves to lose, she has no moral compass, only self-righteous needs.

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