The Rest Of The World Tries To Explain To Republicans How Good They Have It Under Obama

Canadian Brunts Letter

Being informed, or apprised, means being aware, having knowledge, or perception of a situation or a set of facts to make decisions that are conducive to a person’s well-being. Since the world has existed in the “Information Age” for over twenty years, there is really no apparent, or logical, reason for any human being in a technologically-advanced society to make uninformed or detrimental decisions.

According to those conversant in the benefits of living in the information age, the valuable phenomenon is the product of the digital industry that created a knowledge-based society aided by a high-tech global community. One of the greatest assets to any society in the Information Age is a population armed with a wealth of knowledge to make well-informed decisions for all aspects of their lives, but this is certainly not the case in America. In what is a damning indictment of American willful ignorance exceeding stupidity, the results of the midterm elections informed the world that Americans are stupid religious fanatics steeped in racism.

Over the past couple of days, an open letter penned by an informed Canadian that calls into question the intelligence of the American voters has been making the rounds on social media. The title of the letter, “You Americans have no idea just how good you have it with Obama,” summarizes a sentiment that is not unique to Canadians puzzled at the results of the midterms. This author has colleagues around the world on five continents, and within a day of the midterm elections messages poured in asking, “what the Hell is wrong with Americans, and why do they hate Obama?” The biggest fear of these colleagues is that with Republicans running Congress, they will create the exact same economic conditions that sent their nation’s economies into dire and still ongoing recessions. Where the Canadian writer differed from foreigners astonished at the results of the midterms was not citing the racism, religious fanaticism, and rank stupidity driving hatred for President Obama.

The Canadian writer, Richard Brunt, wrote that “Many of us Canadians are confused by the U.S. midterm elections. America is leading the world once again and respected internationally — in sharp contrast to the Bush years. So, Americans vote for the party that got you into the mess that Obama just dug you out of? This defies reason.” Yes, it does defy reason, but reason, logic, and rational thought is woefully lacking in a great number of self-inflicted low-information Americans despite they live in the nation that pioneered and advanced the Information Age.

First, it is noteworthy that most people living in foreign nations are more informed and educated about America, its government, economy, and myriad social diseases driving the preponderance of stupidity that produced the irrational results of the midterm elections. For example, where over 47% of Americans cannot name the three branches of government, people across the world can name the three branches and cite each party’s leaders in both houses of Congress. They also have a firm grasp on the tenets of the U.S. Constitution and understand Republicans and the religious right are on a crusade to restrict other American’s 14th Amendment equal rights with a high degree of success due to the Republican Supreme Court. Most Americans could not possibly name even one feature of the 14th Amendment if their lives depended on it.  However, the Constitution is old, and it is the people’s pitiful lack of unawareness of recent and current information that boggles the minds of people around the world.

For example, most citizens of Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, including Islamic nations, are well-aware that America’s economy is leading the world still struggling to crawl out of the Great Recession Bush-Republicans created. They are also informed that the austerity plaguing their nations, preventing economic growth, and driving more of their population into poverty, is a policy Republicans lust to impose on America despite the damage it continues to wreak on people and economies in many European nations. The Canadian, dog bless him, attempted to inform American imbeciles just how fortunate they are to have President Obama as their leader.

Mr. Brunt noted in his letter to stupid religious racists that “the United States’ gross national product growth is the best among all member nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The dollar is at its strongest levels in years, corporate profits are at record highs, the country’s adding 200,000 jobs per month, unemployment is below 6%, and the stock market is near record highs.  Gasoline prices are falling, there’s no inflation, interest rates are the lowest in 30 years, U.S. oil imports are declining, U.S. oil production is rapidly increasing (and leading the world), the deficit is rapidly declining, and the wealthy are still making astonishing amounts of money.” After noting President Obama’s major economic successes, Brunt reminded Americans that, “Obama brought soldiers home from Iraq and killed Osama bin Laden,” but he failed to note the President resisted persistent Republican calls to invade several other nations.  The Canadian ended with a familiar refrain from people around the world; “When you are done with Obama, could you send him our way?”

It is a damn wretched commentary on this nation’s voting public that people around the world are better-informed about America’s economic situation, and why it is leading the world still suffering Bush-Republican economic malfeasance and ineptitude. The situation is made worse when one realizes that there has been nothing but good economic news readily available to even the stupidest religious racists, and still they turned out in droves to put Republicans back in power.

What is stunning, and tragic, is that these moron’s have heard and believe Republicans’ six year-claim that Obama is seizing their guns, preparing to close churches, and imprison Christians that drove them to elect Republicans. The real measure of their stupidity is that there has not been any gun safety laws passed since 1995, and they have been empowered by the Papal-contingent on the Supreme Court to establish and impose their vile version of Christianity on the entire nation even as they decry the assault on their religious liberty.

The effect of god and guns on the results of the midterms, although substantial, was entirely driven by the real reason Republican voters hate this President; sheer unbridled racism. Many pundits rightly cite apathy and delusion as the reason religious psychopaths and corporate-whores easily won Senate seats, and it may have been a big factor, but it is only a factor because the base reason is those teabag maniacs are white. It has been said before, and is worth reiterating; if any white Republican male had achieved even a fraction of the economic achievements and success as President Obama, their image would be on Mount Rushmore, their birthday a national holiday, and every coin in the realm would be imprinted with their head in profile.

What most people around the world have not said, likely to spare Americans further shame and humiliation, is that never before in American history has an entire political movement attempted to thwart America’s success as a surrogate for its President. Before Barack Obama was sworn in as President, conservative pundits were openly announcing they hope he would fail, and to make sure their hopes were realized, a cabal of Republican leaders and conservative pundits met in private and plotted a concerted effort to derail the economy. That is not, as President Obama says, a political party that loves America, it is a party steeped in racial animus like the gun and god crowd that cannot accept the simple fact they have no idea how fortunate they are that Americans twice elected an African American as President.




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  1. That’s because the Reich Wing is just a cabal of ignorant fools who only feel happy when they can cause people harm.

  2. We know what the Reich wing is about but its time to start looking at our own house. Why did the democratic leadership decided not to contest 21 seats that Obama won? I want to know why and since they fleeced us for over 172 million dollars I think we deserve an explantion

  3. The GOP recognizes that the American public are trained consumers of info BS. They poured more money into the campaigns than Democrats but also they have the hate machine BS machine that they have put out consistently and without fail for 6 years. Their spin machine just outdid the Democrat’s ground game. Not only that but the Democrats did not support or back up President Obama. People and specifically Americans EXPECT that to vote for somebody, they have to have backbone. Fear of losing an election is the exact opposite of what the public is looking for in a candidate now! It is a hard to find quality. The GOP doesn’t have it either but they did not have it on display this time. It is not all the Democratic candidates’ fault. Democratic leadership was lame. The Democratic leadership is “OK” and on our side but inadequate. There should be much stricter messaging. Historically the Democrats are too undisciplined. When they have been disciplined such as in 2008, they have won.

  4. Every November the vast majority of voters goes into the polls and votes to “throw the bums out”. It doesn’t matter who the candidates are or which party they belong to. And the reason it doesn’t matter is because the vast majority of American voters are ignorant assholes.

  5. Hatred blinds people to the truth. I travel a lot abroad and the international world thinks highly of Obama and his family. Britain, for example, is still trying to recover from the recession brought on by Bush & Company in 2008. Just like Greece, the Conservatives/Tories think austerity is the answer, but that doesn’t work.
    It didn’t work for Greece, yet, austerity is on the table with Cameron. It’s not working and never will

  6. Someone needs to explain to the lovely Canadians that most of White America is extremely racist, bigoted and childlike. They would vote for any White person against this President because of their evil prejudices. It doesn’t matter that this President has got these childish, immature cretins out of the hole that their former White Presidents dug, it doesn’t matter than this country is better than it was in 2008 thanks to Obama’s policies, these nasties don’t care. They’d vote for the most illiterate, uneducated White man before they support this President. They’re the cause of the downfall of America.

  7. The Deep Empty in the Heart of the Republican Victory The vacuous tautology at the center of the Republican victory last week is most fully, if unintentionally, explained by Bush leg humper and Washington Post scrawler Marc Thiessen. In his latest “column” (if by “column,” you mean, “A simulacrum of a parody of a satire of a farce of an opinion, covered in shit”), Thiessen focuses in on the Republican winning wave in state legislatures and governors’ mansions: “A conservative revolution has been taking place in the American heartland. And that revolution will have lasting consequences in a number of areas.” – See more at:

  8. Don’t ya just hate it when the rest of the world knows more about your own country and government than you do.

  9. We owe our fate to the presstitute corps and to spoiled young EmoProgs who decided to sit this election out, heedless that, by so doing, they might have guaranteed that this was our last real one ever.

  10. I emailed that article to an American friend
    living in Scotland and married to a dear friend of mine. He said that everyone overseas is saying the same thing, he is absolutely disgusted with what is happening in NC, he was (before he left NC) the ombudsman for the families of patients in nursing homes in the Piedmont Triad area of NC, he talked about one nursing home in particular that had patients with one certain illness (I forget which one) and said they were so caring and efficient and did such a good job for the patients and now he hears they are closing down because of the republican Gov.There are several small hospitals and nursing homes closing. Needless to say he is glad he lives over there.

  11. It is sad that the world knows more about our country then people who live here.

    Now, we’re going to suffer all because they are 100% pure racist bastards.

  12. The writer was far too polite to mention racism as a primary reason for the hatred of Obama and all he stands for. Americans refuse to acknowledge that, just like Canada, they are an immigrant nation. Yes, we have racists in Canada, but the vast majority of us will not tolerate hatred of others because of their colour, their sexual preference or their religion. We have hate laws, and our media are not permitted to lie with impunity. Nor are we prepared to mix religion with our rights guaranteed by the state. It’s well past time for the U.S. to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Oh, and universal health care would be an excellent idea too — you know, like every other 1st world country enjoys!

  13. We know; we just ignore idiots and move on, exactly as Obama is doing. And should be doing more readily.

  14. You all have been GUBERIZED! Too stupid to know better. The administration thinks you are stupid and can’t handle the truth. Hopefully, you will wake up some day. In the meantime, Republicans don’t trust him and have good reason not to.

  15. I agree that many Americans are by and large an immature lot. This is because America, unlike Europe, has not been bruised enough by devastating home-soil wars, extreme starvation and deprivation, mass famines, and brutal jackbooted dictatorships.

    Many Americans still by and large act like a 40 year old gamer, full of false bravado that still lives with his mom while railing against women.

    And if you think I’m exaggerating look up images from groups like Open Carry, Storm Front and other right wing neo nazi groups. You will see the same neckbeards that show up on 4chan.

    These largely untested people believe anything that appeals to their dark cheeto crusted desires.

  16. Please do not forget that a lot of Democrat voters were shut out. Here in Chicago some of our machines did not work, we know who paid to have doors to polling places closed, where Chicagoans had to stand and wait for hours into the night and some places until 3:AM, one place our Department of Justice had to have the fire department tear down the doors for people to vote, and there were robo calls to the judges that they should not come because if they did they would be jailed. This shit has never happened and you know who was behind it, every time a Repub runs, things go haywire. Rauner even paid all of the newspapers here to not run anything but his name. He never told anyone what he was running on. Our Governor was up 50% to Rauners 39%, the next thing I know is… Rauner won.. Things turn to shit when Repubs touch them. This has never happened in Chicago. But now the Republicans are distancing themselves from Rauner. Investigations are starting.. Oh yea…

  17. May I please share your story on FB and elsewhere? I totally believe you and have no doubt there are plenty more similar stories where voters were disenfranchised.

  18. Jak? Don’t you have a little rodent to go chase after??

    Oh, wait… you’re here to try and troll, but you fail at that. See, people like you are the ones that are stupid and can’t handle the fact that a black man fixed all the screw ups, the mistakes, the total fucking errors a white man made.

    The only reason they don’t trust Obama is because he is a black man. They hate the idea of a black man in charge. Why do you think they’ve done everything in their power to prevent this nation from moving forward?

  19. we have a lot of Canadian snowbirds in our development and they say the same thing – they love our president and can’t believe that the hatred for this president is about color. I guess being a smart black man as a president makes the republicans look incompetent.

  20. I have seen on comedy shows that instead of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches, people think the branches are king, queen and parliament.

  21. The fundamental problem with being conservative is, by definition, conservatives are completely opposed to change. I would personally like to call the “liberals” progressives as a linguistic contrast.

    So, Obama’s race isn’t the factor, really. When Clinton was in office, the conservatives found reasons to hate his policies too, and Oh No, He Gave an Intern a Blowjob! And Lied About It Under Oath! (Like any of THEM would have been forthright if they were caught) If the meme were alive then, it would have read: “It’s all about ethics in Presidential journalism.”

    Bluntly put, even if God Himself directly incarnated, ran for and won the Democratic nomination for President, if He wanted any change, the Republicans would find reasons to be opposed to and hate God’s new policies.

    Not to say Obama is God, but I think he’s done a fine job given he started with a brutally difficult position.

  22. The few people who did vote decided to keep the bums in by 96.4%. Go figure. Willful ignorance can’t be educated!

  23. Fox News and the Republican Party has spent six years telling people how evil the Kenyan Socialist in the White House is. The other media outlets have also chimed in with too bad President Obama is a failure. The Democrats cowered in the corner afraid to stand up and shout about all the policies that would help the middle class. The President himself does not communicate his wins effectively. Those are some of the forces working against us. I love the President and hope history will be kind to him, be I am very frustrated that we have gotten to this point…

  24. I am a US Navy Veteran and I have seen Europe, Canada,North Africa and meet many really nice people and the fun part was the language boundaries. But I would never live any where else in the world except in the US (Texas). Now y’all are right about our young adults they are very ignorant when it comes to politics and the history of our on country. The real problem that is happening in the US today is socialist that are trying to brainwash our kids with their America hating thoughts to bring this country to its knees. Can you just see a world without the US where the American people give charitable to the rest of the world. See the problem with the US is that both political parties are greedy and corrupt and only look out for themselves. The political parties play us against each other to keep us in the dark.There’s racism in this country and other countries as well but we get along and the majority don’t put with hatred.Our government has got of control and some us is working on it.

  25. Well you started out good, but I have no idea where you get the “socialist” crap from.

    Its obvious you have no idea what socialism is, and that it has nothing to do with making people hate their country.

    Please dont go to other forums with this tripe, it has to be embarrassing for you if you ever learn what socialism is

  26. Hey Chris,if memory serves, it was the intern who gave Clinton a blowjob, not the other way around. But, maybe I’m underestimating the the extent of the priapic POTUS’ appetite. Do you know about other stolen moments of tender passion between Clinton and a male?

    And by the way, conservatives don’t dislike all change, they just dislike “social engineering” on the part of the government. Is it wrong to resist paying the bill for changes that undermine ones way of life?

  27. Social engineering? Yes, conservatives hate change. You see we all live in a social world. And it changes as time goes by.

    However you are now free to go back to 1886

  28. Actually if we look outside the glass, we can see whats happening inside, seeing the corners , in between and all, the reason why neighboring countries knows what is happening in USA. but not all see what is inside and their commentaries depends on their intentions,is Brunt,Richard not bias in writing the article? everybody knows that, in bush time even there is a deficit, because of the war in Iraq and katrina… the Americans did not suffer as they suffer under Obama time, there were no government shutdowns, there were no massive layoffs , food stamps and others, and it is a common knowledge USA economy is not good under Obama government wherein loans from IMF is on the ceiling and counting…. and the growth of the economy that they are saying was not based from the bush era, but on the worst Obama era , of which Bush era has positive economic growth, while the Obama has negative economic growth,, and from that negative growth is the basis of the 6% growth… meaning not good.

  29. The aim of the rethugs has and always will be is to destroy any legacy this Pres. may have in the History books. Started and claimed by the new speaker of the thugs the night he was inaugurated. Then, they made the mistake of calling the ACA “Obamacare”, insuring a place in the history books. Now that they have 30 m0re Gov. ships, it’s time to double down with destruction of this man’s place in History. It’s what rethugs do best, Destroy!! For some reason the destruction of our nation is…an aim.

  30. I wonder where this country would be or could be IF the rethugs had not tried so hard to stop any and all suggestions made and tried by this Pres. to improve living standards for all?? While THEY did all in their power to stop, delay and obstruct. Had they worked with the Pres. Apparently, this thought was not a thought, that could be tolerated.

  31. “When you are done with Obama, can you send him our way.” I love that!

    History will teach Americans what they can’t seem to grasp right now. (I hope.)

  32. “And what reason would that be? Because he wears a hoodie?”

    Nope. Because it irks the dumb ass conservatives he’s infinitely more cerebral, compassionate, empathetic and diplomatic than they can only dream of ever being … and he has a kick-ass sense of humor to boot.

  33. Conservatives still haven’t figured out that Andy, Opie, Barney, Aunt Bee and Mayberry are fictional …

  34. Come on, Dougie … you’re slipping. You know damn well that POTUS is an Islamofacistfeminazimarxistsocialistotalitarianhomolesbocommie.

  35. I read this the other day and it is perfect. IN THIS AGE OF INFORMATION, IGNORANCE IS A CHOICE. It sure rings true for America.

  36. Mr Canadian says what he says because he accepts status quo as excellent. When America is excellent the rest of the world is excellent. Today America is stagnating and the world is worse off. America is the best of a very bad socialist situation world wide. America is the last best hope for humanity. If America goes socialist, the world will back down to poverty. Communists (China, Vietnam, Cuba and Russia will win — that means that government rules and individual rights are vacated by all governments)
    have demonstrated they cannot succeed for all their citizens – ever!

    When governments rule people, people lose. Governments are run by politicians who have only political greed in their blood. Political greed is a thousand times worse for humanity the money greed.

    I prefer Koch’s over Obama any day. Koch’s over Xi, Castro, Putin, Saudi Idiots, Venezuela idiot, Vietnam idiots, and any other “government knows best AH”.

    Do you folks know anyone who you want to rule your life?

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