Obama Stands Up For Democratic Values By Threatening To Veto Keystone XL Bill


Without issuing a formal veto threat, the White House is making it clear that if Congress passes a bill approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama will veto it.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters,

Julie, as it relates to the Keystone pipeline, as you know, this is a project that is continuing to be subjected to a review that’s conducted by the State Department. That’s consistent with past practice on projects like this.

The President, as you’ll recall in a speech that he delivered last summer, indicated that one of the factors in that review should be the degree to which a project like this would substantially contribute to the causes of climate change. So this is a project that is still under review by the State Department to determine whether or not it’s in the national interest.


But there have been previous proposals that I expect would be consistent with proposals that have been discussed overnight. And in evaluating those earlier proposals, we have indicated that the President’s senior advisors at the White House would recommend that he veto legislation like that. But we’ll — and that does continue to be our position.

In an overt bid to save Mary Landrieu’s Senate seat, Democrats announced that they would be holding a vote to approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline next week. The reversal on Keystone was clearly an attempt by Democrats to replicate their failed midterm election strategy of moving to the right in order to save a red state Democrat.

A vote that senators may have considered a throwaway looked entirely different to their supporters. After months of Democratic candidates running away from the president and his achievements, the last thing that Democrats wanted to see was a betrayal of years long opposition to Keystone XL to try to save a Senate seat in a very red state.

President Obama is not buying into the cynical election year mentality. The president is going to continue to stand up for the things that he believes. Obama knows that the power to approve the pipeline constitutionally belongs to the Executive Branch. He is not about to let Congress hijack his executive powers in a shortsighted move to save a Senate seat.

If the Keystone XL construction bill passed and were signed by the president, Democrats would be giving Big Oil a non-job creating, gas price raising gift that is an accident waiting to happen. This isn’t what the Democratic Party is supposed to be about.

Senate Democrats are still running scared, but President Obama continues to stand tall.

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  1. That’s great news. If true let them have their vote then veto it. There are not enough votes to override the veto.

  2. I hope our Democratic “leaders” grow a pair between now and the next election.

    I will always vote, if for no other reason, to oppose any Republican candidate. I will not willingly vote for a Republican by not voting, no matter what.

    I do have some hope after reading that Harry Reid is working on a leadership position for Elizabeth Warren, we need many more like her in our party.

    No more Republican-lite campaigns, we need to stand up for Democratic principles.

  3. WITH are the Democrats ever going to learn that running Republican lite is NOT doing the party of “hope and change” any good at all.

    The Republicans just stand back and point and say, “Look at the hypocrisy.” That we cannot even stand by our professed convictions.

    Forest Gump was right, “Stupid is as stupid does.” And the Democrats are being unbelievably stupid.

  4. As they are calling me asking me for money, I’m saying NO. I stand with the President, so until you start standing with him united, I will not give you anymore money!

  5. Maxie, you do know the other side calls him Barry as a sign of disrespect! They will also say Mr. Obama in articles or talk as a sign of disrespect.

  6. that’s his nickname, barry. I thought everybody knew that.
    once again the gop have shown themselves for being the sociopaths they truly are. they only prefer the free market/capitalism when it benefits them and their pimps. if it doesn’t, scream socialism/fascism/communism/marxism….

  7. I’m not buying the narrative that Dems are in a fight with President Obama. Consider a better time to take this inevitable vote…when GOP controls all of Congress? GOP already said it was first on their agenda. And if it passes, PresO vetoes a “bipartisan” bill, rather than a party line bill the GOP would pass after January.

  8. Don’t you think this is pretty self-serving for the Dem Senate. They can’t even nominate an AG before the end of session supporting the President.

  9. This pipeline will make lots of money for the koch brothers who own a lot of the land and for John “speaker of the house who has invested a lot of his own money in the pipeline. The “jobs” the repugs claim it will get the American people is 50. While it may be as many as 2000 to begin, the long time jobs are only 50 at best. Meanwhile the Repugs refuse to fix our roads and bridges, that would give the U.S. as many as 1.3 million long term jobs. Just say “NO” Mr. President!!!

  10. these are the facts. keystone will not help America at all. our gas prices will not fall, but they will rise with this pipeline. this pipeline moves the most toxic oil sludge in the world through the grain belt and over the largest fresh water aquafir in America. this oil is offloaded for sale on the world market. we see none of it! our country is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas on the planet. look it up. that’s a fact too. we are well on our way to oil independency. the pipeline would only yield a few hundred temporary construction jobs and after the thing is built, America is no longer involved in any way. Canadians will monitor and maintain the pipeline in our country. the only people who make out on this deal are, surprise-surprise, the Koch brothers who own much of the Canadian land where the oil would come from. so how much will the kochs make if this pipeline is built??? they would make well over $100 billion dollars, almost doubling their wealth. despicable!!!

  11. JUST SAY NO MR PRESIDENT!!! if the righting whacko birds think that the 20% of registered voters who voted in the recent midterms represents a mandate or some sort of American majority or total rejection of Obama and the dems, they are sadly mistaken!!!

  12. PBO’s press sec. immigration EO will save 5M from deportation w/ broad over haul: https://twitter.com/metaquest/status/532951831379341313

    Also, U.S. Gov’t expect $5 Billion from program funded Solyndra: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-12/u-s-expects-5-billion-from-program-that-funded-solyndra.html



    This is why I stand by this Pres.. Now let’s see which Dems. run w/ Repubs. Let’s see if the repubs moves on immig. & will Latinos hold repubs. to the same standard or will they still play that ‘both sides’ BS GOP/MSM game.

  13. Let Trans Canada re-route this monster through their own country and build a refinery for their filthy tar sands. We don’t want poison aquifers and rivers here!

    I stand by the president 100% and love the way he’s taunting the GOP lately. I’m also sick of Democrats pretending to be rotten republicans.

  14. Used to demean President Obama by republicans, the nickname ‘Barry’ was rejected by the president as a young man,preferring instead his proper name Barack.

  15. Thank you. I was about to enter the same info. The average person is not AWARE that this matter is being piped for EXPORT and more bucks in the pockets of not only the Koch brothers, but the many electorate in DC who are shareholders Mr President stick to your guns and preserve our environment from this disasterous(about to happen) intrusion!!!!!!

  16. Colossal waste of time! Did’t the president say on Nov. 5th that he would wait for the report from the state department to be completed before he made up his mind on this issue? So this is the first priority they choose to deal with? Holy sh**! Talk about kids that just wont listen.
    Mary Landrieu if you need a pipeline to your state to win then you didn’t do a good enough job governing. PERIOD.

  17. But the pipeline is not going into her state and the icing on the cake is the tar sands that the pipeline is transporting are going to Texas. Louisiana has no say so in the matter

  18. Actually, using the “nickname” Barry is considered a “derogatory” name that has been used by Republicans to demean him and make him look small and insignificant. You NEVER hear a Republican call him PRESIDENT. And every word they use for him and regarding him and his policies are hateful and disrespectful. So any of us seeing you refer to him as “Barry” believe you are being sarcastic and nasty.

  19. Canada is giving up on Keystone XL. There’s a push to move the oil east in under utilized natural gas pipelines.

  20. No, I didn’t know that. Why is ” Barry” frowned upon but not “obamacare?” And why are you allowing the GOP to be the messenger? Turn a negative into a positive. That’s why the Democrats lost two weeks ago, they always allow the Conservatives to bear their messages. Instead of campaigning on all the positive news, the Democrats ran from Obama and they lost, because they, stunningly, believed the lying GOP! Aren’t you doing the same thing?

  21. No, Barry is used in a very hateful way. If you wish to use it you will be more comfortable at breitbart. Obamacare was coined by the gop and it turned on them. Barry is very personal and quite frankly just wrong

  22. Mary Landrieu is the PERFECT first fake Democrat to purge. Move this freakin’ party WAY to the left.

  23. Good, keep it out of the Canadian Rockies too…Canada has probably developed enough of God’s country.

  24. Any democrat that votes “yes” on the keystone, I hope we go after them in their re-election efforts and put them in the unemployment line!

  25. I think the ones who would vote yes are not worried. When the vote comes in look at the states they represent.

  26. On the election night, pundits and commentators on MSNBC were talking about this issue and all seemed to agree that the pipeline would become a reality. I’ll be really happy if Obama proof them wrong… but I have my doubts. If he wants to get something done, he may have to approve it. I wont be happy, but wont turn my back on Democrats either – there are too much at stake.

  27. I’d love to do that – if that wouldn’t mean a defeat in those states. I hate this pipeline, but hate even more that possibility to have House and Senate again in Republican hands. we should all remember that there’s a lot more at stake. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen…

  28. Vani…..I will turn my back on everyone of them that vote yes and will keep a Tally….. So will a lot of environmentalist, including Bold Nebraska, the native Americans, the land owners, Sierra Club members…..

  29. This will show which Democrats have been HAD by the Kochs and their ilk…I agree, let it come to a vote.

  30. Do bear in mind that the Koch brothers own most of the oil leases for the project, and that the oil would be earmarked for export.

  31. A lot of us did reject the name “Obamacare” in its infancy because the term was created to be negative and derogatory. However, that changed, at least for me, when the Prez decided to adopt the term himself. He was proud of his legislation and the enrichment of American lives it brings and had no problem with his name being attached to it.

    So I get where you’re coming from about changing a negative in to a positive. The difference is PBO himself is cool with “Obamacare”. Not so much with “Barry”.

  32. It stands to reason that he would veto it. He can’t be a champion of the realities of Climate Change and approve something that is completely anti to that idea.

  33. All of those 35 jobs that they are promoting might not even happen

    The so-called “heavy oil” extracted from sand in Alberta, which the proposed pipeline would carry to Nebraska, en route to refineries on the Gulf Coast, will cost between $85 and $110 to produce, depending on which drilling technology is used, according to a report in July by the Canadian Energy Research Institute, a nonprofit whose work is often cited by Keystone proponents. West Texas Intermediate crude oil traded today at $76.67.

    Now for you keystone ballwashers tell me what does that mean since you went to teanut U for your economics degree

    Economics no longer make Keystone pipeline viable

  34. Obama needs to introduce legislation to remove THC from the Controlled Substances Act, and let the Department of Agriculture deal with cannabis.

    This way, hemp could be used to make fuels to replace fossil fuels. For example, hemp charcoal can replace coal. That would be a boon to Kentucky’s economy as more jobs would be created by transitioning to hemp fuels and migrating away from fossil fuels. Too, there would be no need for an earthquake-causing Keystone pipeline.

  35. How ironic that you Obama worshipers complain that Republicans wont give a hand up career wise into the Capitolist World. when they make an attempt to create a job that pays good and requires virtually no educational background to do, you all shoot it down. Pipelines would give tons of jobs to the lower class.

  36. Have you ever use that noggin of yours that there are already people who know how to lay pipelines already? What are you going to do? Hire someone with no experience or hire people with experience? Don’t answer you have already proven you cant think

  37. The President, in Myanmar earlier today, in response to a reporter’s question:

    “I have to constantly push back against this idea that somehow the Keystone pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the United States or is somehow lowering gas prices. Understand what this project is: It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. It doesn’t have an impact on US gas prices. If my Republican friends really want to focus on what’s good for the American people in terms of job creation and lower energy costs, we should be engaging in a conversation about what are we doing to produce even more homegrown energy. I’m happy to have that conversation.”

    This boondoggle aint seeing the light of day

  38. Saving the environment is not a democratic or conservative value; it’s a moral imperative…and it wouldn’t be the first time this President broke a promise. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  39. Introducing the Dirty Thirty – House Democrats who voted for Keystone XL
    House Democrats who backed Keystone

    Terri Sewell (D, AL-07) PVI Index: D+20

    Patrick Murphy (D, FL-18) PVI Index: R+3

    Sanford Bishop (D, GA-02) PVI Index: D+6

    John Barrow (D, GA-12) PVI Index: R+9

    David Scott (D, GA-13) PVI Index: D+16

    Dave Loebsack (D, IA-02) PVI Index: D+4

    Dan Lipinski (D, IL-03) PVI Index: D+5

    Cedric Richmond (D, LA-02) PVI Index: D+23

    Tim Walz (D, MN-01) PVI Index: R+1

    Collin Peterson (D, MN-07) PVI Index: R+6

    Rick Nolan (D, MN-08) PVI Index: D+1

    Bennie Thompson (D, MS-02) PVI Index: D+13

    Mike McIntyre (D, NC-07) PVI Index: R+12

    Donald Norcross (D, NJ-01) PVI Index: D+13

    Albio Sires (D, NJ-08) PVI Index: D+24

    Carolyn McCarthy (D, NY-04) PVI Index: D+3

    Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) PVI Index: R+0

    Bill Owens (D, NY-21) PVI Index: R+0

    Robert Brady (D, PA-01) PVI Index: D+28

    Mike Doyle (D, PA-14) PVI Index: D+15

    Jim Clyburn (D, SC-06) PVI Index: D+21

    Jim Cooper (D, TN-05)

  40. Pipelines and oil are going the way of whale oil. They are obsolete. Further investment in oil, outside of environmental concerns and maintenance, is pissing money away.

  41. For the last time for the less informed. All oil goes on the world market. I know you probably failed geography in summer school but there are more countries than the US. So it makes no difference if its from the Middle east, Canada or Texas where the oil is pumped from.

  42. You win. It will be a huge economic success…for Canada and the Koch Bros. It’s Canadian oil, it’s a Canadian pipeline, and it will be sold on the open market…not here. It will cause fuel prices in the mid-west to rise $.20-30/gallon, which will cause transportation and food production costs to rise. If you eat, KXL will hurt you.
    DJChefron nailed it. You’re an idiot.

  43. Judging by your comments, you are an idiot-no education-no class-just tard posting on a blog.

    secondly, Canada doesnt get the profits. Trans Canada and the Koch brothers do. The US gets none, the people get none unless they are drilling on your land

  44. That is exactly why the GOP can taste this pipeline they want so badly, they have promised Koch masters to do right by them for buying the GOP their wins;

    in addition, Koch can use the money from the pipeline to buy more American politicians and totally destroy our democracy.

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