Disturbed Open Carry Advocate Tells Moms Demand Action To “Put A D*** In Your Mouth”

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

In a video posted to his YouTube page earlier this week, a male open carry enthusiast went on a profanity-laced tirade against the gun control advocacy group Moms Demand Action regarding their efforts to convince supermarket chain Kroger to ban customers from openly carrying firearms in their stores. Robert J. Kinnison, who posts as Raging Rob on YouTube, told the group to “shut the f*ck up” and to “put a d*ck in your mouth,’ among other expletive-filled demands of the group. He also told Moms Demand Action that he would film himself walking in and around a local Kroger with his gun in full view, which he posted on Thursday.

Liberaland posted a censored version of Kinnison’s rant on their site on Thursday. Below is the video:



Below is Kinnison’s video showing himself going into Fry’s, which is an affiliate of Kroger. The video is of poor quality and there is some profanity throughout. Also, while he is technically open carrying his handgun, he has it tucked in his front pocket with his shirt covering it most of the time.


Open carry activists may hate to be lumped in with guys like Raging Rob, but this is the face of their so-called movement. While they would like to make others believe that this is all about protecting their rights and that they aren’t just a bunch of hate-filled white males who fetishize guns and have a disdain for women and blacks, it is hard to make that case when you have someone publicly ranting against Moms Demand Action like Kinnison.

Checking out Kinnison’s Twitter account (he has over 27,000 followers), you’ll notice a very disturbing trend. Apparently, besides being a violent misogynist, Kinnison is also a white supremacist. Raging Rob has retweeted a number of disgustingly racist and homophobic tweets from neonazis and white nationalists. Below is one of the few without profanity or from someone with a racial slur in their Twitter handle.



Kinnison has also started a new pro-gun Facebook group with an extremely offensive title that I won’t even reprint here. However, go ahead and click here if you want to check it out. The thing is, men like Kinnison make up a large contingent of the open carry ‘movement.’ Basically, more and more of the NRA’s enrollment and those involved in Second Amendment advocacy groups are white nationalists and militia and patriot group members. While they tout the need for more ‘good guys with guns,’ it seems like their memberships are filled with a number of dangerous and unbalanced individuals who want to have unfettered access to firearms.

Which, of course, may explain why the NRA and ‘gun rights’ groups oppose universal background checks despite the overwhelming number of voters, including NRA members, supporting the measure. They need to protect a sizable customer base for gun manufacturers. Also, there is likely a feeling of sympathy for the disturbed white ammosexual who feels that his stockpile of guns and ammo is all that protects him from the oncoming race war being perpetrated by President Obama.

As far as Kroger goes, it seems like the writing might be on the wall for those who feel the need to walk around the store with an assault rifle while shopping for Oreos. A poll commissioned by Moms Demand Action in late October shows that 64% of Kroger shoppers feel that other customers should not be allowed to openly carry their guns in the store. Furthermore, 83% of customers feel that Kroger has the right to enact a ban on open carry in their stores. The advocacy group provided a petition and the results of the poll to Kroger investors during a protest in late October.


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31 Replies to “Disturbed Open Carry Advocate Tells Moms Demand Action To “Put A D*** In Your Mouth””

  1. Disturbed? Most definitely. What a scary guy – he is way out there. How the heck do people get this sick?

  2. This is just why we don’t need these open carry laws. People like this have no common sense. They can fly off the handle at anytime. They are a danger to our way of living. When are our Politian’s going to start using GOOD COMMON SENSE.

  3. This is the kind of sht the right creates…sarah is real good at inciting the crazies with guns who then go around shooting and killing innocent people and children..but that’s okay with the right. They are heros in the eyes of their base for showing so much hateful incitement. Every single domestic terrorist was fed by the right. They create these monsters who kill Americans…and people voted for the GOP insane extremist party.

  4. He’s not alone. I feel like we’re in that curious, dark interregnum between the end of Weimar and the commencement of the Third Reich, when the desperate left-intelligentsia of Germany struggled to awaken the public before it was too late…but it already was too late. And even as they struggled, brown shirts, allegedly acting sua sponte but secretly on behalf of the nascent regime, went about terrorizing and savaging whoever they saw as resisting them, while a compliant judiciary and a complicit press sided with the thugs and fanned the flames of oppression.

    This is history. You Are There…

  5. Hey, Kinnison! If anyone wanted your come back, we’d ask your mom. Or dad. Why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier and spare us your bigoted, racist, fearful opinions?

    Too many racist nutcases with teenie-weenies own weapons of mass destruction and act like the two year old dweebs that they are – with impunity.

    This is what you get when you allow corporations to make the rules. It’s not “Big Gubmit” that’s the enemy. It’s “Big Business”. And Kinnison is a prime example what happens when they propagate that education is a bad thing and work at dumbing down the populace.

  6. Needless to say, if you go to his unnamed FB page and click the “…” button (next to the “Like” button) you can report the page and get it deleted.

  7. The only thing we can hope for is that someone at Kmart takes him as a threat and offs him on a stand yer ground defense. after wall that’s what guns are for. Not for taking away the right of others to free speech

  8. I would say at this point, that you sound like some of those right wing conspiracy theorists, but the irony is too great and the resemblance of that era is too close. You may actually be on to something real and dangerous. The media has already become complicit and the Faux News zombies soak in and repeat whatever they are told.

  9. He’s a sad little man child that will be dead by his own hand or someone else’s …….a 911 caller, domestic violence disturbance or man holding up grocery store..or so they thought…Tick tock!

  10. Oh boy… how did this psycho get a gun at all?

    These are the kind of people that shouldn’t have firearms anywhere near them. I, myself, am one of those people. Why? Because I know very damn well that I could do great amounts of harm with such a weapon, not only to the people I love, but to myself.

    There is NO place in this world for a dinosaur like this guy. None. If anything, he’ll just fade back into obscurity.

  11. My thoughts, exactly. The right has followed the entire playbook of the fascists in Germany that brought the Third Reich to power. They obstructed everything the Weimar Republic attempted to fix the problems, denied any responsibility for the problems their party had caused, made it impossible to govern, and blamed the Weimars for nothing getting done. It’s frighteningly consistent. Looks as if we refuse to learn from history.

  12. Well Rick the NRA has bought and paid for legislation that makes it possible for mentally disturbed people to purchase firearms. They claim that they are against mentally disturbed people having guns but they block every attempt to do just that. Because they must realize that if you cannot sell firearms to mentally disturbed or criminally insane people..then you have no customers. I would say that this particular a$$wipe is comfortable with a penis in his mouth because doesn’t mind walking around with it strapped to his hip. Open Cary is Open CRAZY!!!

  13. Dustin, if what you typed is true,thank you for sharing. You are a brave man! A lot of people I know have feelings and reach out to professionals to talk and help them understand. You’re not alone….

  14. It’s been a steady incremental drift towards fascism. Unfortunately, America may need to get it out of its system because the US is still untested when it comes to hyper paramilitary regimes, dictator ships and bruising home soil civil wars that devastate the public over and over again.

    In many ways the US still acts like a 40 year neckbeard who still lives at home with mom, playing video gsmes, full of bluster, false bravado, and Cheetoes and rails against women.

    Notice that is creep is threatening pacifist women.

    What a brave heart.

  15. There’s no way I would lie about myself. Yeah, it’s the internet. I get it. You can be whoever you want. But, I deal with real life… and in real life, you are who you are.

    I’ve felt that this place is one of the few where my political feelings are accepted and liked. In a way, people like you have made me feel welcome and I respect that.

    Now, what I said about me causing great harm if near any firearm is true. I have some mental issues that would compound things. To me, it’s a far safer plan of action to avoid firearms at all costs. Plus, violence doesn’t solve a thing… we, as people, should know that by now.

  16. Wow! You hit the nail right on the head. I have felt for a long time that the rightwing here in so many ways mirrors the Nazis of Germany.

  17. Your synopsis is terribly accurate and the very same thing that most cogent historians would agree with. I have been saying this since high school in the 70’s. But with all of this factual history we still have people who gorge themselves on lies and conservative propaganda. We have morons like Ben Carson who claim that the Nazi’s were Liberals despite the obvious history. And the NRA is feeding them this on a daily basis along with Fox News. The revolution that these heathens want will not turn out the way they want! We will fight them with all we have.

  18. He’s white. No questions asked. I wonder if it hard for a black man to get a gun or do they do background checks on them only?

  19. Im scared about what they plan to do in Ferguson. KKK said there gonna be there with their white sheets and guns to protect the white folk. He was on Chris Hayes the other nite. Chris never called him out like he should have. Why did he even have him on his show?
    He gave him a platform to advertise to get message out to all white supremacists and white guys who are itching to use their SYG
    rights to kill a black kid then get stardom treatment from the right. RW totally support this stuff. hannity oreilly palin cruz king bachman are just some of the main culprits who incite them! They have alot of nerve talking about black on black crime. Excuse me i haven’t seen one black domestic terrorist killing a bunch of innocent american people watching a movie in a theater.. an elementary school killing kids! White on white domestic terrorists created by your very own GOP! They will die by their own gun.

  20. Would a background check forbid him the purchase of a gun or two or three? Has he a history of mental illness? Does he have a full time job? Is he married(God forbid) siring children..Just exactly what is the information required on a background check? Because of Freedom of Speech this wingnut can say whathe wants without reprisal

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